Watch: Beyonce Beams Behind the Scenes of Revel Concerts

Published: Thursday 24th May 2012 by Rashad

She’s back! (almost)

Fans of ‘Countdown’ diva Beyonce are certainly counting down to her return to stage tomorrow.  The long awaited return of the Queen Bee is all the buzz as the show begins kickoff May 25th at Revel Beach.

To fan the flames, Bey joins her longtime choreographer Frank Gatson behind the scenes in this clip preparing for the showing.  Get into it all after the jump:

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  1. VON TAE’ May 24, 2012


    • Uhh Okaii May 25, 2012

      yaaaaaasssssssss..time to remind people why she is the KING !!!

  2. MONSTERHIVE May 24, 2012

    Prepare to see your fave hairless & scalp free cause the Queen is back to show these girls how to work the stage!

    • Benron May 25, 2012

      When I saw this I was like who is that WHITE CHICK?

  3. BC May 24, 2012

    WOW shes puts so much in her work, a true musician! cant wait to see the result of the show!

  4. BC(@BeyFan3000) May 24, 2012

    What an impact i think it will have!

  5. Girrrl May 24, 2012

    I have her last couple concert dvds and have seen her twice live. It’s an experience. With that being said, I hope she revamps this new concert. I liked the 2nd half of Live at Roseland but the 1st half felt like a repeat of the 2nd half of the vegas show. I hope she doesn’t do the storytelling thing again and performs some of the non single fan favorites and puts it on dvd.

    • jamaican bouy May 24, 2012

      I was sooo dissappointed with Roseland! It was exact repeat I Am…. in vegas! down to the storyline, the moves, the arrangement! BIG BIG let downn…………….Hope well…………..She’s still the best live

      • 100% REAL May 25, 2012

        I agree 100%. Beyonce puts on a good show, no doubt. But, when I can become familiar with what dance step she’s going to do next, or how she’s going to sing a note next, etc., that let’s me know that she needs to change up her routine. I don’t want to see something in a recent performance that I’ve seen countless times before. Each concert and performance should be different from the previous ones. You don’t want people already knowing what to expect. So, she’s really going to have to bring it.

    • ThéLourson May 25, 2012

      Im with you on this one!!! I love her as a performer but she really needs to do something new cause her last shows were really boring, they were all the same, Roseland and Vegas = no difference! I could even speak with her at the exact same time! So I hope she’s going to do something new, no “Crazy In love/Deja Vu” opening, no “Halo” ending, no “If I Were a Boy/Oughta know”, a new ‘DC’ medley, new songs, new choreo, new outfits….

    • whyohwhy May 25, 2012

      I know, I skipped that part we all know what Matt did so I hope this one skips that and moves on to bthe being a mom a grown up Beyonce show. Love her showing but vamp it up. Also, I am a stan but her hair has gone it course and it’s time for a new do.. Love her but ms. Galiath cut it off the talent is not in the hair.. LOVE YOU BEYONCE!!!

    • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

      I mean she was pregnant, she really didn’t have time or even the energy to create something new for the old material, and the new….It was really just a farewell for a couple of months thing. You know cause she was having a baby….

  6. Nick May 24, 2012

    Ill b there Sunday yessssssssss

  7. asauvi May 24, 2012

    omg this is going to be so epic and ill be there on monday the 28rh

  8. Bey Fan May 24, 2012


  9. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. May 24, 2012


    The H** is DONE. WASHED. OVA.

    LEGENDhanna has surpassed 4closure in ww sales with TTT BTW 🙂

    • Uhh Okaii May 25, 2012

      but why u mad though??

    • KingBey May 25, 2012

      How Is It In The U.s. Department Though?
      What’s That Still Gold?

  10. Bey Fan May 24, 2012

    This is why Im a fan …….Beyonce is the bestest. I love Beyonce’s behind the scene footage…..

    This woman is like superwoman

  11. THE GREAT LACEFRONCE. May 24, 2012

    ALSO, all of her performances look the SAME. The h** has no creativity. All her SHITE performances (Roseland etc) were the same

    The H** is so repetitive !

    LEGENDhannas AI Finale performance will SLAY this entire shite Revel show 🙂

    Deal with it!

    The GREAT LACEFRONCE has spoken.

    • huh May 24, 2012

      calm down, kid. Its not that serious

    • D_Christian May 25, 2012

      WHO ARE YOU! trash truck juice. Beyonce has longevity! The one who you stan for is just idk i cant think of too much.

  12. Beyonce forever May 24, 2012

    I will be there Saturday! Omg I can’t wait…

    • Lewie May 25, 2012

      ME TOOO!!!!!

  13. MONSTERHIVE May 24, 2012

    BTW I hate all of you who are going to the show. When she comes to LA I’ll be the first one at the Staple Center waiting for her to give me my life! Have fun!

  14. huh May 24, 2012

    I hope this gets filmed

    • Gilberto May 24, 2012

      It will. Beyoncé is the queen of DVDS. She has sold over 1 million DVDs only in US.

    • AzozB May 25, 2012

      i Hope Sooo ^^

  15. Lies and Deception May 24, 2012

    This was very fake. She tries way too hard to make it seem like she is responsible for every single thing when she obviously isn’t and is again stealing all the credit from the real behind the scenes people. Anyone with a pair of working eyes can see straight through this very fake woman.

    • SUNSET May 24, 2012

      Fake or not this woman performs like nobody else. She has tremendous talent that can not be “faked” it’s clear.

    • Bey Fan May 24, 2012

      Actually , there are quite a few artist who know everything that goes on with their shows. Beyonce is not the only one. Its just that with all the puppets running around, its hard to believe that someone in that in control….

      She clearly knows about lighting, chords, stage setting…..

      you just needed something negative to say

      • Lies and Deception May 24, 2012

        She is “in control” of taking credit all of the time. I remember when she put out behind the scenes video pretending to write “If I were a Boy” only to find out the whole song was already written by another person. She does fake stuff like this all the time. She is very fake woman.

    • huh May 24, 2012

      and you’re so concerned, why? the fact that matters is, she’s still a great performer.

      • Gilberto May 24, 2012

        @Lies and Deception

        You clearly don’t have a single idea of what you’re saying. Beyoncé has been on the business for over 15 years. Actually, it would be very strage if she didn’t know nothing about lighting, stage setting, choreography etc. She takes the direction of the show because it’s her damn show. She knows what is better for her.
        Just because you stan for a basic b**** that have her entire career handled by others, it doesn’t mean that everybody else is a puppet.

    • Teacher May 24, 2012

      LOL okaay! We already know the truth!

    • ThéLourson May 25, 2012

      There have been so much stories about her stealing stuff from other people that watching a Beyoncé behind the scene sounds a bit ridiculous to me…
      She obviously has a certain control on her shows, but she sure doesnt put everything up like she wants us to believe….
      But hey, her fans are the blindest fans….

    • AzozB May 25, 2012

      Shut the F up and have a seat pleez 🙂

      • june May 25, 2012

        Let’s see, the video she’s looking at on Youtube is her own damn video. She’s re-learning the steps to Dance For You.

    • KingBEY92 May 25, 2012

      I guess you don’t have working eyes than.

  16. DIGGER BEY May 24, 2012

    THIS IS GOING TO B EPIC! Anthony from The Beyonce Experience said he was n rehearsals with KING B and he was like WOW! THE BEST EVER!

    • Gilberto May 25, 2012

      Anthony was so hot.

  17. Lies and Deception May 24, 2012

    She also say in video she hasn’t sang in over a year. When Roseland was in August 2011. Why is she trying so hard? She is very fake woman.

    • :) May 25, 2012

      Obviously she was talking about Halo since they’re playing the instrumentals for the song. Last time I checked she didn’t perform Halo at Roseland.

    • Stephen May 25, 2012

      For someone who seems to dislike Beyonce, how come you spend so much time discussing about somebody you “hate”? I’m not even a fan but I hate it when people overly criticise recording acts, knowing full well that they are mere human beings

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 25, 2012

      Why bother? She’s very “fake” yet u are following her every move like a headless puppy. If u made up ur mind she’s fake, what do u care about her BTS footage. Ugh do something productive with ur life

    • KingBEY92 May 25, 2012

      Petty much!!

  18. Teacher May 24, 2012

    I wonder whose Youtube video she was being inspired by at 00:57

    • 0_o May 25, 2012

      Teacher, girl I try to like you & your stanning ways but when you make stupid remarks that are followed with bitter sarcasm you make it very hard. A Rihanna stan questioning someone’s creativity & originality. How contradicting.

      • ThéLourson May 25, 2012

        Don’t be mad, teacher is right… Another youtuber is being stolen but of course if that ever comes out she will be inspired by the video as always.
        That being said, what you don’t understand is what’s wrong is not stealing or getting inspired by other artists, but it’s taking all the credits and dont give any to them… Rihanna never pretended to control everything she does, to write her songs, to direct her videos, or whatever, but Beyoncé did.
        “To the left, to the left”… (I love this Ne-Yo song!)

    • Gilberto May 25, 2012

      I don’t know. But R****** ripped-off those triangles on her wacky and out-breathing performance on American Idol. She stole the idea from Destiny’s Child performance of Bootylicious on BET Awards. Did R****** already pay Lachapelle?

      • Stephen May 25, 2012

        There is nothing NEW under the sun, everything has been done before and everybody gets inspired by somebody

    • Virtuoso Intellect May 25, 2012

      Aww poor dat. A rhitard cant take. U have every reason to be bitter. Ain nobody anticipatin a boreanna concert except the rhitards. No dvd for yall cuz she knows rhitards are useless when it comes to spendin money on anything over 99cents BWAHAHAHAHA

  19. Gilberto May 25, 2012

    Oh! Tomorrow we’ll have the second-week gross of Battleshit. I can’t wait. I heard it will gross around around 1 Diet Coke + 1 Big Mac (without fries).

    • KIMBERLY May 25, 2012

      lmao oh s***…..the navy so pressed right now and you not making it any better.

  20. Lamb of Beyonce May 25, 2012

    I see a few pressed heauxs got a comment in. Bless their poor hearts, they’ll have to wait until the end of time before Katy and Rihanna get a #1 distinction for anything noteworthy.

    Beyonce is going to annihilate all of your faves. She’s Storm except she controls success instead of the weather.

    • Teacher May 25, 2012

      I wouldn’t say that especially w/ the way 4 turned out

    • Uhh Okaii May 25, 2012

      i like that x-men rihanna stans..its like 4 is the only come back they have…its like saying “but..but..but ur ugly” as a lame ass comeback

  21. Marcus May 25, 2012

    I’m killing myself over here for passing up the chance of buying tickets to go see this show! I’ve seen all her other shows live, including Roseland, and figured since I saw Roseland there wasn’t much more to see from this ‘4’ era. But damn, after watching this, my blood went kind of cold. I love how she’s so hands on with her performances like from lighting to what’s on the LED screen. She’s the BADDEST, always has and always will be.

  22. Interesting May 25, 2012

    Great…. More sequins, fans blowin thirty inch blonde wigs straight from the white womans head, oversang notes, new version unitard, half naked faux pregnancy popeye booty under five spanx , great stolen songs, sang by any and every backup singers in the industry besides Kelly and Michelle, and a phony sincerity so the stans ignore all the illuminati signs…again.

    • Dead May 25, 2012

      *Opens Casket*

    • Lady Godga May 25, 2012


    • Virtuoso Intellect May 25, 2012

      Get some sunshine love. It’s not that serious geez. U cant get up there n do better n its not your money paid for the show

  23. Tadiwa May 25, 2012

    what more can i say I hope she come to ZImbabwe one day no wonder why Michelle Obama want to be like her God bless you Beyonce

  24. KIMBERLY May 25, 2012

    Beyonce has been that way since her b DAY ERA when she was putting mathew in the backseat with her own s***. IMSF was all her. This woman is not a puppet and there are lots of behind the scenes to show. Beyonce is the queen of behind the scenes and documentaries on youtube. search and you shall find. I will say this gain. Rihanna can do nothing. Everything is handed to someone. she doesn’t even know vocals and ranges in the studio both, she must have a producer with her! case close. these s**** want to talk s*** on a worst post which highlights the queens talent and everything that make her legendary. strange

    Anyway this show is different and slayonce will slay again. The beehive never have anything to worry about when Beyonce hit the stage. pure perfection. another dvd in the works. more power to her and look out for beyonce on all news stations


    • Stephen May 25, 2012

      Doesn’t always have to be a Beyonce vs Rihanna thing. Even tho Beyonce can sing better than Rihanna, Beyonce isn’t as vocally respected as Adele, Mariah, Christina Aguilera, Jennifer Hudson and Fantasia. And you know why her great vocal performances are usually overlooked? Because of her too much dancing(some people even think she’s a dancer with a mic) and her overly revealing outfits on stage. That’s why her vocals aren’t as respected as they ought to be. If a great vocalist is always dancing, people tend to overlook the voice

      • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

        You got Beyonce confused with parts of Chris Brown and Rihanna’s gimmicks. Beyonce has been dubbed one of the most skillful vocalist in the game (see: 16 grammys) She may not have the poer of Mariah, Christinia, Jennifer or Fantasia. But she knows how to use what she has. She is a better technical singer than Chistinia, Jennifer, and Fantasia. And she is a better overall singer than Adele so i dont even know why you mentioned her. She is an entertainer, thats like saying Michael was doing to much dancing…and Beyonce is a better singer than him. Have several seats.

      • mark May 25, 2012

        @Stephen respected like who? Jennifer hudosn, christina and fantasia are not respected in the game.

        Mariah have an amazing voice, she’s friends with Bey. Adele sings like any other Black soul singer. Try again everyone in the game respects Beyonce. That’s why awards shows begs her to always perform, old Legends praise her work ethic. Patti, Stevie, Tina, Diana Ross, etc. stated she’s going to be around for a very long time, look it up there’s videos of all of them and more saying that.

    • Teacher May 25, 2012

      What u found? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOL U know that’s ur flaming Queen ass in that pic!!! Kimberly? Is that ur Drag name when u hit the stage? LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL #exposed 😀

  25. Virtuoso Intellect May 25, 2012

    I cant wait!!!!!

    This BTS is not long enough. I hope there’s a longer version after the show

  26. Njabs *BEYHIVE* May 25, 2012

    I got emotional watching this, I hope she releases a dvd of the REvel concert

  27. DIGGER BEY May 25, 2012

    LOL @ Kimberely Those are true facts The Rihtards can’t take. They know as long as KING B is around, R**** will never b numero uno! Lmao These Rihtards just don’t know what KING B has n store for R**** and the others. When y’all delusional c**** get ready to hang urselves, make sure u set the recorder first. I want to see it lmao bwahahahahahahaha

    • Teacher May 25, 2012

      Wasn’t the Kang around when ‘R****’s’ yr old album(LOUD) continued to OUTSELL 4LOP?….and wasn’t the Kang around when TTT outsold 4lop in half the time even w/o having sold a milli in the US yet?

  28. Atlpimpc4000 May 25, 2012

    Glad to have her back… she seems well rested and focus. I notice she will be performing the live dance version of Sweet Dreams also love the extra instrumentation during the Halo intro…. I also notice that she is doing similar lighting Madonna did during the Super-bowl…. I am excited.

  29. JER May 25, 2012

    it’s sad that BeYAWNce has been reduced to a touring artist. An artist that has no relevance and is just known for great live performances. Ciara and Bey need to get together on this. Throw Ashanti in there hell and go on the Divas of Yesterday Tour. Sell out all the nightclubs and small venues.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

      coming from a rihanna stan makes it a #MAJAH pure comedy show ….

      continue 🙂 , i wanna laugh so bad and your clowning is all what i need to achieve that goal.

      for relevancy :

      giving her fans a GREAT show with no flaws > instagramming in twitter

    • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

      Madonna is the greatest female touring artist in the world and U2 the best male. The money is in touring …you aint know?

    • mark May 25, 2012

      what? Ciara will out dance and sing (even tho she really can’t) rihanna any day. I believe ciara is about to release music, isn’t that why rihanna started dancing now?

      You sound so stupid. When an artist tour that’s how they make their OWN money.

    • Teacher May 25, 2012

      LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOL ‘Divas of Yesterday’

      Beyonce can get passed at least 1 milli WW so I wouldn’t put her w/ the other two

  30. @BeyonceBeyHive May 25, 2012

    #SashaFierceTheReturn Tonight! Its on!

  31. @BeyonceBeyHive May 25, 2012

    I’m pleased she brought Sasha Fierce back and glad there’s no more intimate concerts or story telling. I love performers/entertainers. I got whole lot of love for singers especially Beyonce. Sasha is back so I’m happy the entertainment is on again and leave the intimate stuff for country singers, adele, etc. #SashaFierceForLife

    • Kingphoenix May 25, 2012

      Need to see some receipts. There is a difference from Sasha whose performance Bey takes on when she performs uptempos who never left (EOT anyone?), and the Sasha Fierece who delivered IASF material (that Sasha can stay where she is at because I am not here for that).

  32. Stans Make Me LOL May 25, 2012

    I do not Stan for Beyonce, but I have a lot of respect for her. She takes her work seriously and does not mess about when it comes to her music. Whenever I watch her video’s I am inspired to be a female Boss!
    I don’t see why you guys even bother to compare Rihanna to Beyonce. They are not alike in anyway, shape or form. Rihanna is that fun, good time girl! Beyonce is inspirational and has musical depth!

  33. Amy May 25, 2012

    I am sooooo jealous of all the ppl goin to see beyonce this weekend,I wish I was there ,she is gona bring it she knows all eyes are gona b on her the show is gona b ace..someone please put it on you tube asap!

  34. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) May 25, 2012

    i’m getting LIFE …. this to say it in a short line.

    haters : U know it 😉 !!

  35. june May 25, 2012

    I don’t know why you haters are on here, if you don’t like her. Even that old crusty the clown KHIA said she likes Beyonce, she’s a hard working performer.

  36. jaquala May 25, 2012

    Whoever said beyonce sings better than Adele *kill yourself bey is good but come on son Carrie Underwood herself could sing bey under a table. Yea every awards show want’s her but as I know its all suckin her ass, cause she damn sure wasn’t racking nothing at the billboards (generated by ACTUAL SALES) I see a lot of under rated artist that actually sell MUSIC. BEY fans need to realize you win some you lose some its cool we know who she is. But Bey ain’t everything. I’m still mad half her s*** was nom for BET AWARDS like Kelly didn’t release a song the world was singing

    • june May 25, 2012

      If you’re mad at anyone be mad at EBT awards not beyonce. Carrie is from Idol need I say more? Beyonce made it all on her own , she didnt need a reality show. Adele ha, monica can out sing her. Adele isn’t all that. She’s praised because no other chick besides Joss Stone can sing like her.

      • Jaquala May 25, 2012

        And beyonce is from destinys child. You must be deaf in the ears. It doesn’t matter how they got in the game I’m pretty sure bey was on a tv show but lost when she was younger so where are you getting too here???? Hmmm I alia never said I was mad at her she collecting checks I don’t blame her.

    • KingBEY92 May 25, 2012

      Why be mad at Beyonce for putting out good music that BET recognizes and love so much the nominated her 6 times? Adele could barely out sing her recorded songs, something real vocalist could do.

      Below is video where Beyonce shows Control, Power, Flexibility, Stamina, Range, Breath Control, and her RUNS & RIFFS. Carrie nor Adele could never.

      Breath Control
      Runs & Riffs

      • Auntie_Jackie May 25, 2012

        Beyonce is awesome, but I don’t think she’s not the ‘best singer’ in the game. She’s the hardest working singer. She does a lot of operatic, acrobatic stuff with her voice that I consider false notes. Jessie J–she’s perhaps the best singer in the world right now.

      • Jaquala May 25, 2012

        That’s all I’m saying I’m not knocking her she knows what she is doing she is ONE OF the greatest but everyone has their own opinion we all don’t like the same music. But don’t expect every female artist to come out and bey like her any post ever made always has to end with comparing her to someone and fussing other hard working women. She can song but with me she is not one of my tops but she can perform her ass off that’s her advantage

    • Bey Fan May 25, 2012

      well she won a billboard music award… how many did any other artist win???

  37. KingBEY92 May 25, 2012

    *GRABS CASKET* I’m ready to be SLAYED tonight via YouTube.

  38. D_Christian May 25, 2012

    OOooh child I cant with these comments. cues in “dance for you” while King B oozes s** all on ya late a**!!

  39. NT May 25, 2012

    When she says ” Don’t over choreograph , i have to sing the song.” >>

  40. chulo May 25, 2012

    Ill be there and cant wait

  41. GHF May 25, 2012

    she needs a reality show

  42. Tru Voice May 25, 2012

    Ok Honestly, I used to hate her lmao!!!

    But Now, I realize I’m starting to like her. She’s great at what she does. Do your thang BEY!

    (R.I.P. Whitney)

  43. Richnblack11(beyonce keep em mad) May 25, 2012

    Yasss b**** GIVE ME MY MUTHAFUCKING LIFE ………who going to the SUNDAY Show

  44. Auntie_Jackie May 25, 2012

    Seems like an awesome show. Beyonce works hard, and she works hard to control her image. She borrows things from other people, yes. She’s not super original, no. But she’s talented, and her talent really, really shines when she’s preforming–her talent is her originality. She can take a routine done by someone else, and make it look completely new. That’s pretty cool. She can take notes from the greats (Diana Ross, Tina Turner, etc.) and do something that’s her own with those notes.

    I’m a fan of Amy Winehouse, M.I.A., Kelis–quirky girls who build their music and style on being original, but even I can see how great Beyonce is at what she does. If you deny that or her accomplishments, you’re just an idiot. World Wide sales of some else’s album, are irrelevant in this post. Beyonce has no equals. Not ONE.

  45. James227 May 25, 2012

    Damn where I wanted to sit the tickets were much to much money. (tears)

    • KingBEY92 May 25, 2012

      Jessie J could sing but she ain’t better than Beyonce those video I posted up top is things other sings lack in. Jessie J is better than most pop singers but not Beyonce.
      NOT to sound harsh but Jessie J over sings w/ her acrobatics, something did in the DC era. OPERATIC tones, really? So your saying singing in your head voice is not really singing. So Whitney, Mariah, Celine are bad singers than.

  46. kelly rowland stan all day everyday May 25, 2012

    I will be watching on youtube!


  47. Antoine Jamal May 25, 2012

    First……someone earlier named Lies and Deception…..said something obsurd like “it’s impossible for someone to be THAT in control of their show” so sit back, cause you knowim bout to EXTRA, EXTRA READ ALL ABOUT YA! ….obviously your aestheitc is in being cynical and not talented or maybe it’s in being ignornant and not knowledgeable. I’m an artist., and i perform. and whether i perform a big gig or churches chicken im educated enough and serious enough about my craft to to know that the singing falls on me! but the whole show reflects ME. there it’s my responsibility to make sure EVERYTHING looks and sounds how i want to be represented and what i want to represent….i said that to say you moron…nobody said beyonce built the damn LED lights or gets there with a hardhat and some nails and says “Let’s build a stage”….no, she’s has been in the game long enought to earn artist control and takes on artist control to the point where she knows what she wants to do… further insult your stupidity. Beyonce like many other great people that have been in their filed of entertainmnet (via TV, or Stage) take on the SAME damn tasks. Im pretty sure Madonna soesnt sit back and let’s ppl tell her where to stand, what to do, and we’re gonna use lime green and purple lights thruought your whole show..and guess what b**** you’re gonna put on ya cone tits and you’re gonna like it”…i dont think someone sits with Oprah and said “Hey i know the name of the show is yours, but um hey that’s all you earned was a title of a show…oh and a book, but no imput or say of it’s content”. I am pretty sure Michael and Janet Jackson, didnt just sit and say sure guess don’t mind me im just here to sing and dance…do whatever u feel..I’LL FOLLOW YOU (did we not see This Is It)….you need to go find you some business and MIND IT!

  48. Scooter@Duke May 25, 2012

    Beyonce is “DOPE” other girl”s just can’t compare……

  49. Another Star May 25, 2012

    Yassssss Ma’am were leaving out and headed her way in a couple of hours:-) Can’t Wait.Bumps “Right By My Side” I’m Loving Me Some Nicki Minaj too.She snapped when she put Nas in her video.Anyhoo I wish I could meet some of the Beyhive members at her concert,atleast the ones that are on TGJ.I’m going to shop and part my ass off.:-) Chow Have A Good Weekend

  50. Another Star May 25, 2012

    Sad , I really wish I was going . This would be a perfect way to kick off the summer :(((((

  51. EBONY CLAWS May 25, 2012

    I wish she performs “Dance for You” : That’s my S***.

    I mean, I live on another half of this earth and it’s abseloutely one of my biggest dreams to see her live….. be only a few miles away from a woman like her..

    I don’t know why but.. When she performs live, it feels like she’s already got every b****’s “top10’s and #1’s and sales” under her sneakers….

    I mean, you seen “Love on Top” (Live @ Roseland), you seen that motherfuckin’ strange kinda ENERGY she destroyed the earth with. You seen “Rather Die Young” ….. You seen it all.

    Nobody beats that b****.

    N**** B 4 LIFE.

  52. Another Star May 25, 2012

    I see my clone is still in love with me.Lmao.Too bad all you can do in your broke down pathetic life is f*** your PC and hide behind my gravatar.I Love It.After your done just remember to go back and sit your ass in that corner and have the best orgasm that you can get.Ya Fuckface Basic Beyotch:-) Chow

  53. Another Star May 25, 2012

    Shady Ass Don’t Hide Reveal Who You Are Witcha Punkass:-) I hope Beyonce gets even richer on you h***.Because the problem you shits have with her is you want to be her and have money like her and looks.Lmao But You mofos will Just have to deal.:-) That S*** Cray.

  54. morgat May 25, 2012

    beyocne-PREGNANT LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. keeka.lee May 26, 2012

    THE QUEEN IS BACK FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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