Alicia Keys Shares New Album Updates


2009’s ‘The Element of Freedom’ saw the last time Alicia Keys fans had their hands on new music from the 14-time Grammy winner.  Well, as has been teased over previous months, that is set to change.  Taking to her personal Youtube page, Keys sent fans in a frenzy with news on her highly anticipated 5th LP.

Boasting production from the singer’s hitmaking husband Swiss Beatz and other surprises, find out what Miss Keys has in store for her ever-faithful followers below:


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  1. BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 26, 2012

    Apparently Emeli Sande (who is currently raping the UK album charts) is working with Alicia Keys on her new album so it should be good. Emeli Sande is a fantastic singer/songwriter and her working with Alicia Keys should make of a good album. I cant wait.

    • Noel June 26, 2012

      Well, Alicia wrote one of the tracks on Emeli’s album…’Hope’ if I’m not mistaken. Anyways, I love them both. Can’t wait for Alicia’s new album.

      • BEYONCE’S WEAVE June 26, 2012

        Me too, I love them both. They are fantastic.

    • aishaaguilerakeys June 27, 2012

      Don’t care for Emeli, but I LOVE ALICIA !

      • Lax June 27, 2012

        @BEYONCE’S WEAVE,,,,You make me feel like there or some real people behind these key boards, who have got a life and living it to the fullest. You make me remember that there can be LOVE on the internet even, without acting a complete dam fool like i do Often!!!! lol! but the truth anyways,
        none of us or perfect and neither or the artists but all of us if we or human bleeds when cut and can get a broken heart and the same goes for the artists.
        Alicia is a Gem in the music industry, she can sing, write and she is a great pianist she will get ever so much bigger in the entertainment industry on her own merits!

    • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 27, 2012

      I hope Emeli keeps her best tracks for herself. Her debut was AMAZING!

      • Lax June 27, 2012

        I too dig and respect the Emeli chick
        and i really love her swagg, love to
        see what alicia will cooking up this
        time around.

  2. Ugh June 26, 2012

    I’m glad that Alicia has grown so much but i hope ill be able to relate to her on this album, the masses as well. People couldn’t relate to the last one because most folks arent in love or “free”.

    • 12345 June 27, 2012


    • Marcos O’liva June 27, 2012

      i feel like unless she comes with some wow material or reinvents herself. i feel she has reached her peek. i could be wrong.

      • Carrie June 27, 2012

        That is soo true Marcos O’liva. On the next 1 I feel the lyrics should be stronger. I liked the beat of ‘Try SWABH’ it was fresh, if she can do something fresh like that conceptually but uptempo & possibly feature a high profile male artist I think we have a winner.

  3. MH June 26, 2012

    I’m so excited.

  4. Anita June 26, 2012

    Love this video and Alicia. She is such a beautiful and inspiring human being and so very wise. I can’t wait to hear her new music. Yes, she has grown and changed but she will always be that same beautiful person inside. I wish her continued happiness and success and I hope this album is her best yet. Much <3.

  5. Speaks truth June 27, 2012

    HOME WRECKER!!!!! I hope her album flops as well as Swiss beats.his nasty ass need to keep his d*** inside his pants.Swiss needs to stop going around f****** everything with a v*****.

  6. talk that true tea June 27, 2012

    HOME WRECKER!!!!! I hope her album flops as well as Swiss beats.his nasty ass need to keep his d*** inside his pants.Swiss needs to stop going around f****** everything with a v*****.

    • Jeremy June 27, 2012

      you weak goofy ass b****

      • tha truth June 27, 2012

        if so easy how we forget that the very words she wrote o represent who she was words of empowerment and encouragment to steep so low and contradict everything you portrayed to be about….she let LUST of all the deadly sins distroy her essence. I unfortunately am not so forgivening…in order to make it decent she sholud apologize to that woman. I for one am a strong black woman who never be subdue being number 2 for anyman nor for any amount of time. the better thing to have done was to WAIT until he was DIVORCED and then proceed with the relationship….but to have been RIGHTEOUS she would have never allowed this MARRIED man to manipulate her and seduce. I have NEVER dealt with a married or a married like man because I know I deserve my OWN. but if you Africn American and still wear clothes and drinks products by a person who vocally express that he didnt want you black ass in it or to drink and you STILL buy it knowing very well you are paying for his children to go to college, then you r a very forgiving person and used to get PLAYED..the only one who is benefitting from that relationship is Swiz Beats. Alicia keys tore down a sisterhood she could of had.

  7. aishaaguilerakeys June 27, 2012

    I’m happy that you’re happy, Alicia ! Girl, stop taunting, bring on the album !

  8. the real xoxo June 27, 2012

    Im definitely looking forward to this, Alicia cant release a CD every year because it takes time and effort to write compose and produce real music.

    • Lax June 27, 2012

      @ The real so true and i hear that alicia has one of the sharpest, modern production studios around new york i heard through the grapevine.I suppose in the near future alicia and her producer husband will be over seeing others talents in the near future.
      People did give her a time over her love life, marriage to her hubby and his ex wife it was harder then harsh and some still remember that quite well but they or married and a couple now so i hope the hard feelings will some how find their rightful place in alicia and her family’s life from here on.
      And more love to her and Beatz for raising all of their children well and giving them the best they ever had.

  9. hood_star_06 June 27, 2012

    her first album will forever be my favorite – the hunger the drive the melodies – hands down classic

  10. Sonya June 27, 2012

    Alicia, never stop being the tenacious woman you are. Love it when you say you’re hungry and like an animal and feel caged and how you can’t wait to share your music with us. You are one in a million and we can’t wait for you to share your music with us. Keep smiling and God bless.

  11. Facts June 27, 2012

    Alicia Keys is one of the best artist to date! Can’t wait for this album!!!

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