Finally: Lady GaGa Unveils New Album Details

Published: Friday 8th Jun 2012 by David

A new Lady GaGa album is on its way!

Yes, one year after the multi-platinum welcome received by her third LP ‘Born This Way’, the Pop gem has spoken openly about her plans for its follow up.

All the details below…

The tweet above was posted to her Twitter account yesterday, following her arrival to Auckland, New Zealand where she performed her ‘Born This Way’ ball last night.

This, before her co-manager Vincent Herbert told That Grape Juice that the project is set to be ‘insane’, but did not reveal who the singer has lined up to produce the record.

Watch below:

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  1. Davon June 8, 2012

    Who cares I’m done with her. BTW sucked.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 8, 2012

      Born This Way is her best to date

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii John! Let Them Hate and We Fans, Just Enjoy:-)

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        @Beyonce’s Weave,

        I Guess That Make “4” The Uttimate S*** Ever??!
        Lllol, Ciao Ciao!!!!!

    • Miao June 8, 2012

      BTW sucked?

      Oh, she didn’t make any fast food, bubble gum, “rihanna-ohlalalala-autotunecrap-britney” type of album?

      Value and merit of that album will go down in history as one of her best!

      This b**** is definition of a talented superstar!

      Not a definition of corporate overproduced (coughNickicoughGuettacough95%oftodaysmusic) crap!

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 8, 2012


      • jjenn June 8, 2012


      • Beyonce’s Weave June 8, 2012

        Born This Way won no Grammy’s. It sucked big time.

    • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012


  2. HoneyB June 8, 2012


  3. the real xoxo June 8, 2012

    gaga, PLEASE drop the electro-pop b*******. its overused now. i wanna hear her piano more and more soulful songs.

    • Mike June 8, 2012

      THIS. I really want her to showcase her voice on this record. I LOVED the original version of You & I and I really thought she was going to go more of that route for BTW but she ended up ditching all of it for more try hard gimmicky s*** that no one bought into.

      • Stephen June 8, 2012

        THIS. Except for the voice part

  4. Mike June 8, 2012

    It feels way too soon. And why tweet that you’ll reveal the album title in 3 months? She’s just going to end up hyping this s*** again and it’s going to disappoint like BTW did. It was supposed to be the “album of the decade” and it’s anything but that.

    And I have a feeling she’ll struggle this time around too. She had lots of hype before BTW came out, but it didn’t live up to expectations and she pretty much lost all of her public attention with it.

    I’m sure the lead single will go to number 1 and the album will sell well but she certainly will struggle with keeping her relevance with the general public overall, especially since most people have moved onto Adele (who will have a new single out this year and keep her insane momentum going) and since most people are over the gimmicky stuff and even dance music.

    She needs to be careful or it could be a disaster like BTW ended up being.

    • mediacannibale June 8, 2012

      A DISASTER LIKE Beyoncé
      BEE and her team also played up and hyped her album too much
      and it was even more of a disaster than BTW

      But that said aside, GaGa will certainly have more powerful hits to FIGHT BACK Madonna’s (true) accusations and to destroy Rihanna + Katy Perry + Madonna + Aguilera alltogether

      CAN’T WAIT FOR THIS B****’s fight

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 8, 2012

        4 was hyped? This is first time im seeing this. You dont know what hyped is. I will tell u this though its def not releasing an album with a flop lead single. Kii Bey dint even do any tv interviews b4 the album was released. She was in freaking Europe and 4 was not a disaster. Its more critically acclaimed than BTW n rightfully so

      • Stephen June 8, 2012

        Beyonce obviously rules your mind

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 8, 2012

      this right here …………………………..

      • jjenn June 8, 2012

        what!!! beyonce didnt do interview? and 4 wasnt hyped? omg lies!!!! she was all over doing interviews and performing the s*** out of 4 and it still didnt produce a number one hit single! beyonce released 6 singles and not one of them was a major hit! 4 bombed and bombed hard!!!!

  5. I Want New Music! June 8, 2012

    We need a break…..please don’t….

  6. PrettigurlrockD June 8, 2012

    Wow I don’t care what anyone says. BTW wasn’t rly my type of music and not her best commercial wise but u gotta appreciate her musicianship and passion for her music and artistry. She treats it very delicately and puts on quite a live show that makes u really think about her messages to her fans and the song itself. See this is the difference between poptarts like riri, Katy, and nicki. U ppl will never understand. I’m rly into music. I study voices and am around musicians and singers all the time and most of them know what a brilliant performer, artist, and vocalist is. Regular ppl would never understand which I can understand y. The gets up, costumes and illusioned gimmicks seem to turn ppl
    Off. But they are so focused on that try forget gaga DOES have talent.

    • Virtuoso Intellect June 8, 2012

      exactly u can tell difference btw artists who have passion for their artistry and have some sense of musicianship compared to those who are doin it for the numbers. I dont really like BTW sonically but its when i started really respecting Gaga as an artist n saw beyond the outlandish costumes/ props. Same with Beyonce for doin an album like 4. Any 12yo coulda told u, An RnB wasnt gonna be a best seller in 2011 (then again Adele defied odds, but hers is an exception).

      See katy pulling every trick in the book to get those no1s,
      TTT is a shameful carbon copy of loud, save for maybe a tad more grittiness. I cant even recollect how many songs on that album try so desperately to be what’s my name c** rude boy

      • WILD DEBUTANTE June 8, 2012

        Don’t do it b**** because Rated R alone shits on your b**** discography.

      • Stephen June 8, 2012

        Ehm, not only is Adele’s album NOT R&B, Rihanna’s music is better than Lady GaGa’s. Lady GaGa can never be better than Rihanna on the charts nor vocally.

      • NATURALBEAUTY June 8, 2012

        @Stephan Huh? Lady Gaga can never be better than Rihanna vocally. Did I read that right?

      • Benron June 8, 2012

        Loud was a completely different dirrection, The only songs similar to anything is Rude boy sounds a bit like “roc me out” but rude boy is from Rated R, Not even her VOICE sounds the same on most of the songs

      • Stephen June 9, 2012

        NaturalBeauty, my point was that she wasn’t far above Rihanna vocally. Of course she can sing a bit better than Rihanna but doesn’t seem to have much range

  7. NJabzzzz June 8, 2012

    I’m excited abt it

  8. Virtuoso Intellect June 8, 2012

    Omg she’s taking hyper-hype route all over again smh Gaga did u not learn anything from the BTW era? The average person would probably think that album sold 10 million copies, wait till they learn the actual figures.

    Anyways im really curious what direction she takes on this one. BTW was nothing like her prev. eras. If her & Beyonce learnt from the messiness of their respective last eras then there’s nothing stopping them !!!!

    • JJFan1814 June 8, 2012

      4 is a good album. I would have thought it would have sold 10 million…BUT IT DIDN’T. LOL.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 8, 2012

        Pls noone would’ve thought 4 sold 10 million. It was promoted for 3 months and had no hits. BTINH was a moderate hit in European territories and the album sold off that and Beyonce’s name

  9. JJFan1814 June 8, 2012

    She’s about to snatch wigs again!!! Yes Gaga!!!!!! A year hiatus (well not really since she’s on tour) and she’s coming back!!!

  10. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! June 8, 2012

    Im missing her… Need a new song from her soon:)

  11. YouDoRealize… June 8, 2012

    he needs a break. I am thisclose to being done. Since 2008 she’s had an album out except 4 2010. Please Gaga, relax, PLEASE. A new album so soon? Idk… It would feel the same ( even as a bey stan) if bey released a new album….

  12. Mel June 8, 2012

    Whats with all the hate? I like Gaga and hopefully ghis album shows her vocally. Ciara is hyping the mess out hef album too and that dont come out until October. Which I think isnt good, because thats enough time to leak but whatever.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 8, 2012

      ciara was away from the music scene since after releasing “gimme dat”

      gaga was never away since 2008 ………………………………

      there’s a difference between those 2 !!

  13. Mel June 8, 2012

    Oops “this”

  14. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 8, 2012

    it is the same s*** all over again , it is like seeing the beginning of BTW era all over again !!

    i really can’t think of a direction for her. but i liked BTW after several Plays !! i made myself like it not the other way around !! because i like GAGA.

    Great news for her Lil monstas !

    i want it to be Fun Like “The fame” , “Moody” like “TFM” and “Risky and cohesive” like BTW !! but alsoi want her to give me vocals and tone it down when it comes to gimmicks ! she should take it from where she left “beautiful dirty rich”/Poker Face IMO !!!

    and i don’t wanna see overhyping !! 😡

    • YouDoRealize… June 8, 2012

      I agree w/ most of what you said. BUT BTW was cohesive? Really?

    • Stephen June 8, 2012

      And what vocals could you be possibly referring to? Lady GaGa as a vocalist? LMAO

  15. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 8, 2012

    and to try to be original more than that ………………………………………………………………….

  16. Aryo June 8, 2012

    BTW wasnt that bad. It had good songs but she chose the wrong songs for singles.
    Anyway i hope her new lyrics are not so inspirational and about loving urself and s*** like that.
    She should write more songs about s** n relationships n stuff lol
    Btw dj white shadow once tweeted hes working with gaga again on making “house” songs

  17. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 8, 2012

    and to be less offensive to religious people …….
    and to not put herself in embarrassing situations ……
    and to not act as if she’s the best in the industry and that her album gonna be “the album of the decade” , cuz ADELE and her sales whipped her ass for saying this one with NO PROMO , no twitter , nothing at ll !! 😆

    and adele Got 6 grammy’s morover as well ! as if “21” sales weren’t enough for the shade and embarrassment 😆


    • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

      Lol POP R, Always Messy!!!!!

    • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

      HAHA and that’s coming from a Gaga fan, Madonna wasn’t original but in comparison to Gaga, she is almost 100% original, that is supposed to be an excuse to Gaga.

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        @Suicide Please Don’t Wast Your Time With My Lovely Dulusional Monster:-))

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        Désolée, *Delusional*

    • WILD DEBUTANTE June 8, 2012

      Girl….Your reaching.

      Everybody knows Madonna drew inspiration from Marilyn far as some of her stylings….Marilyn was a passed on iconic figure that women admired during that time, the difference with Madonna is she made it her own and clearly was inspired by her grace. Had nothing to do with musicianship. Gaga on the other had copied Madonna’s style, music, image, Art etc. and then shaded Madonna. I could see if Madonna was long gone and she used it as a bases to clearly pay homage….but NO Madonna is still here and she just rips her off like its no problem. Britney and Rihanna for example are also inspired by Madonna but they have there own identity and style in there music and artistry.

      • WILD DEBUTANTE June 8, 2012

        Same with Gwen Stefani…. clearly she got inspiration from Madonna but she made it her own and had her own identification.

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        You, The Dumb Hypocrits Goats’s Stans Can’ty Be Mean, Lears and Basics,Next!

    • DJ TAJ June 8, 2012

      Michael Jackson had to pay all kinds of copy right settlements too. It just comes along with being a massive superstar at their level… Everyone wants to come for you and your money. They settle outside of court not because they are admitting to stealing but because it’s just way cheaper and less time consuming than letting it to court and they know that these people coming for them just want a piece of coin…. So they throw it a little to make them shut the f*** up.

      Now as for Gaga… Madonna drew inspiration from greats of another generation. AND SHE OFTEN NAMED THEM AS HER INSPIRATION TO PAY PROPER HOMAGE! Gaga on the other hand takes from Madonna over and over while Madonna is still hear doing her thing. NEVER gives her proper credit. I mean seriously, she never admitted that BTW sounds like EY!! That’s not paying homage too… That’s just tacky, identify theft! It’s also a slap across the face of fans, who she thinks aren’t intelligent enough to notice. She’s the fraud….

      • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

        DJ TAJ, just brilliant.

      • Stephen June 8, 2012

        And to top it all off, GaGa named Whitney as a her inspiration

  18. Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

    I don’t want to sound mean because i like her but I have not missed her, i mean it’s like she gave us to much and we need more time to breathe, like go ahead Gaga take your time to make another record, take one or two years, it would be good for her and all of us, i’m not ready to another year with her and all her publicity, i feel this way about her right now, too much in a short time.

  19. I Judge Flops June 8, 2012

    Its sad because Gaga is doing the same thing she did with BTW… She is generating all this hype and I’m sure she won’t meet with expectations . She has turned Into a over exposed Rihanna, releasing new albums every year, BTW was over hyped and was met with so so sales, even with all the promotion!

    I think Gaga is full of it. She says she doesn’t care about sales and “being on top” but she is clearly just rushing this album because ADELE slayed her in sales. This album probably won’t even sell what BTW sold, but let the HYPE begin.

    BTW was supposed to be the album of the decade
    Yet it wasn’t even the album of the year.

    • Stephen June 8, 2012

      Except that Rihanna is musically better than Lady GagGa

    • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

      Marilyn Monroe was an actress, Marlene Diectrich, Bette Davis were Hollywood stars not musician, Still Gaga surpass her as the biggest copycat in the industry and has became the biggest Madonna wannabe of all times, Kylie Minogue, Gwen Stefani, Britney, Christina and Rihanna are clearly inspired by Madonna but with their own image and Music, Madonna is a fashion icon, every girl in the 80’s dressed like her, who wants to dressed like Gaga, oh yes! for Halloween, Lady Gaga is Madonna with diarrhea.

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        @Suicide, “Oh Yeah, My Perfect Madge Can Copy Anyone She Want, She’ll Be The Most Original, Cause She’s God!” This Is So Not Double Stantard. Please Give Us A Break!!!

  20. the truth June 8, 2012

    At the end of the day, none of our faves have impacted the Industry the way Gaga did in 08/09. im not even a monster (cringe). i want her next album to have less electronic music its boring. i want soulful music like “speechless” “you and i” etc.

  21. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 8, 2012

    You people have no common sense
    How is it you are trying to shade Gaga cos Adele slayed her????? Buahahahaahah So being the second best selling of the year is bad? And after being the best or the second best selling act for like 3 years in a row? What the hell do u have to say about the rest? Beyonce stans trying to shade Gaga on this post? Really? Ok

    And my opinion has always been this: Born This Way era was perfect. I loved the album, she showed her musicianship more thane ver before and she performed and performed, many of those promotional stops being her on piano sining songs like Hair and Edge of Glory! How is it that she needs to showcase her voice more often? Did u really followed the BTW era at all?
    Who the hell wants to go back the basic The Fame days? Pufff people these days… 🙂

    • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

      The problem to me is not her Music, i think Born This Way is her best album, then The Fame Monster, The Fame was just for make an impact in the charts with dance Music, the problem is that she is too much overexposed, still she hasn’t spent an entire year without the cameras just like 5 or 4 months.

    • justme June 8, 2012

      Plz get ur facts str8 that is the Navy talking crap about gaga.. bey stans luv her cuz she supports our queeen so we dnt shade her.. now the navy who thinks riri can do no wrong are the ones talking crap

      • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 8, 2012

        Ok both Beyonce and Rihanna fans then 🙂 They need to respect people with more musical skills than their idols. Sorry

    • Stephen June 8, 2012

      As a musician and entertainer, she is great. As a vocalist, she isn’t great but good

  22. Peter Griffin June 8, 2012

    She’s run out of artists of good artists to rip off & I almost forgot she existed. If No.4 flops like No.3, this b**** is done!

  23. christinastherealtalent June 8, 2012

    She’s only doing this now because she knows Christinas new album is dropping later this year and her new single around September too. I have a feeling Gagas team is try the same shady b******* that they did with Bionic.

    Gaga is garbage and so is her team!

  24. Ki-Ki June 8, 2012

    I don’t understand why Gaga is getting so much hate. BTW was really an inspirational album. I happen to love Gaga to death, and I will support every album that she puts out, b/c I’m a dedicated Little Monster. Gaga is truly an exceptional artist. If you don’t like her music, then simply don’t buy her album when it comes out…….as for me, I will be first in line to get it. That is all. *paws up b*******

    • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

      Yeah Go Gaga’s Fans!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Ugh June 8, 2012


  26. GAGA ROUND IV June 8, 2012

    Lady Gaga Round IV

    It seems like it was just yesterday when Gaga promised fans that she was delivering the “Album of the Decade” when she started her early “hype campaign” for her multi-platinum “Born This Way”. The album was met with so-so reviews and sales that failed to match it’s predecessors, but it was still enough to keep her in the game. Lady Gaga’s worldwide domination began in 2008 and fans were sure that she would continue to wear her throne as “Pop Queen”, however 2011 was a year that brought much change to music. Beyonce’s “4” failed to produce any “hits” and became her lowest selling album to date, and a from the ashes a London native songstress by the name of Adele quietly took the throne as the reigning pop Queen. “21” was met with critical acclaim and has gone on to sell more than 20 million copies, being released only 2 months ahead of Gaga, while BTW sold a mere 5.5 copies worldwide. Then to make maters worse, Katy Perry scored 5 number-one hits which each sold more than three million copies each, while also releasing a multi-platinum album “California Dreams”. So with Adele slaying in album sales, and Katy slaying in single sales, there was no room for Gaga on either throne. However, times became good again when she announced her world tour, with a impressive number of dates, and boasting theatrical experience of a lifetime.
    Recently Gaga tweeted that she would be announcing her new album title in September of 2012, which is right around VMA time. It seems that she has not taken to being “3rd” place her last era and wants to regain her throne. But what does this mean? IF she announces the album title in September then we can expect it no earlier than March of April, which is when album sales are low. With artists like Beyonce, Rihanna, and Carrie Underwood all FAILING to sell albums like they used to, does Gaga believe she can break the curse? With an exception for “21”, EVERY artist that released an album in 2011 saw sales that were “poor” compared to their previous work. 2012 has proven to be an even WORSE year for sales. With Adele, Katy, Taylor, and Rihanna and others also prepping albums, what does this mean for Gaga? If she takes the generic pop route she will only be putting her own foot in her mouth as she had such a musical epiphany with BTW. NOT TO MENTION that Gaga will still indeed be on a world tour promoting her “Born This Way” album, which gives her little to no time to get on the road and promote her new project.
    I can only promise one thing. With sales as low as they are it would be a miracle if her fourth project sold what BTW did. Gaga’s last first week sales were due to HUGE promotion and a 99 cent deal her team negotiated with Amazon. But even if she is granted the same deal, it’s a 100% gurantee that she will NOT sell a million copies in her first week. I honestly don’t see how Gaga can pull it off, but if anyone can she would be able to. Her career mimics one of the greatest artist in the world. Let’s see what gimmicks and tricks she can pull from her bag of hats to make 2013 her year.

    • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

      Her career mimics one of the greatest artist in the world.

      mmm.. i think i know that Artist.

    • Stephen June 8, 2012

      The best comment on this post

      • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

        Yeah, No Surprise, You Haters Lover Negatives Bullshits! SMH, If That Make Your Full Of Hate ASS Happy!!!

      • Stephen June 9, 2012

        Gaaglooo, just because a person has a different opinion from you, it is doesn’t mean he is a “hater”. How old are you, twelve?

      • Gaaglooo! June 9, 2012

        They Are Haters Since They Always Write The Same Negatives BS! You Are Rih Stan, You Have No Room To Talk About” Copying, Attention W****, Take A Break…” Cause Your Fav Is The Biggest Joke And S*** In The Industry! You Can Be Mad At Gaga Since Her 4y In The Industry, S*** On The Goat Entire Career! You Sound Sad And Pathetic When You Say “She Annoy/Bore You, You Don’t Care For Her” Yet You Keep Posting Shits On Her Posts! SMH, “How old are you, twelve?” Ciao!!!!!

  27. TeamBreezy June 8, 2012

    I hope this new album is more like FAME Monster cuz BTW sucked nut juice!

  28. Kingdom Gaga June 8, 2012

    I don’t get why people think it’s too soon. In my opinion, it’s the right time to make a new album. Think about it, The Fame Monster came out a little over a year after The Fame, and Born This Way came out around a year and a half after The Fame Monster, and this one is coming about probably around a year and a half to almost two years after Born This Way. I feel that if you have the talent and ability to keep creating music non stop, then why not release it? Why wait two to three years just because that’s what’s normal? Obviously people want to hear more music from her. It starts to become bad to put out an album every year when your musical quality starts declining, but if you can consistently put out high quality records, then why not?

  29. Benron June 8, 2012

    Why do I see Rihanna’s name with Gaga’s, they are completely different artist! As “controversial” as Rihanna is in the uk, She is barely talked about by the main (white) media, they would rather praise Gaga’s desperate stunts and try to get her to by into the delusion.

    Ask YOURSELVES this Beystants/Rihannastans/NickiStans/BreezyStans/UsherStans Why is Justin Beiber/LadyGaga/Kat perry so much more popular than your favorite artist? Because they are white and backed by the white media, which is essentially much bigger than urban blogs. Those artist are pushed as being “GREAT” regardless of talent. Would One direction be popular if they were black?

    Lady Gaga is just an attention seeking white girl, she won’t last much longer, she will take it took 2 far and loose fans one by one, until then, All the people I just named can watch there favorite artist fight for the r&b awards while the “pop” (white) ones have many to choose from!

    • Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

      Blah! Again ” The Racial Card!” Ok Please Let Take Off Our Fans/Stans Dress and Keep It Honest and Real! Don’t Be Fooled By My Mame, Like I Already Said, I’m Not A Stan Of Anyone, I’m Just A Music Lover. I Just Take My Time To defend Gaga Because I Think She Hated For Nonsenses Tings. Serously, Don’t You Think Rihanna Is One Of The Most Backed Girl In The Industy?! Merde! she Get Away with Anything she Did! Rih Bashing People On Twitter Or Posting Nasty Pics, “She’s Hot, She’s A Bad B****, She’s Wild And Fun, She’s Young And Living Her Life, She’s Young Famous And Ritch, She’s Real….” If The Others Artist Do The Same Things:” They Are Nasty, Immature, Getto, Unclassy, Unprofessional…” You are A Rih’s Stan And Calling Someone” Attention Seeking” Really?!!? As Much You Hate Gaga, Or She Anoying The F*** Out Of You, It’s A fact That She Better Artist Than Katty, Rih, Beyoncé Even If Their M’usics Are Better Than Her!

  30. Gaaglooo! June 8, 2012

    Go Lady G, We Fans, Waiting For You!! Haters And Fraud Fans, GFYS!:-)))) If She Annoying You, Well It’s Simple……………………………………………….. Just Don’t Wast Your Time On Her Post, Just Click On Next, Or Just………………… Well…… Sip A Tea!!!!

    • Suicide Blonde June 8, 2012

      F*** Yeah! that’s the pic, so Naomi Campbell, you can be a model.

    • Belladonna June 9, 2012

      Amazing pic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It Really is! O and I cant wait for the NEW QUEEN OF POP’s new album to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Gaaglooo! June 9, 2012

        Lllol Belladonna, I woudln’t Call Her Yet ” The Queen”, She Has A Lot Of Things To Do Before, But I Freakin Love Her And I Will Enjoy Her!!!!

    • Gaaglooo! June 9, 2012

      Merci Mes Amours:-)Xoxo

  31. dang June 8, 2012

    She was absolutely AMAZING last night! Can’t wait!

  32. MadBrax June 8, 2012

    I wonder if this album will suck as much as BTW did

  33. umm June 9, 2012

    A lot of yall like to lie when you don’t like something. there weren’t too many bad review of BTW and a lot of the tracks were really good she just released the wrong one. she should had scheibe as a sing or fashion of his love. hell even bloody mary.

  34. CC June 9, 2012

    II wouldn’t spend one plug nickel on Gaga’s b******* music. Hate that h**.

    • KASEY JR. June 10, 2012

      And i hate your mom for not swallowing you.

  35. Kenny June 11, 2012

    I think she only cares about sales award hits and sportlight take a break not ptting out albm every year. Bey had only 4 albums in 9 years.

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