New Song: Justin Bieber- ‘As Long As You Love Me (Ft Big Sean)’

Published: Monday 11th Jun 2012 by David

Get into ‘As Long As You Love Me‘, the latest promo cut by teen sensation Justin Bieber.

Easily his most experimental release to date, the dubstep inspired love song features GOOD Music maestro Big Sean and comes in aid of Bieber’s June 19th release ‘Believe’.

‘Love’ below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. jill June 11, 2012

    At first I thought he remade Backstreet Boys song LOL….I’m tired of this techno pop stuff but I guess it’s an okay song.

  2. JJFan1814 June 11, 2012

    I really like it. It’s different. I just wish he would find something else to sing about.

    Cool track.

    I’m eager to buy the album.

  3. Lax June 11, 2012

    Justin keeps getting paid, his family and fans or
    happy i know, and so is Usher.

  4. Blackman June 11, 2012


    • b**** please June 11, 2012


  5. roman June 11, 2012

    I really hope beauty and a beat gets the single treatment! It will SMASH radio !!! I actually hate Justin Bieber, but that song is hottt!

  6. Shady B**** June 11, 2012

    TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!! @SAM , u all on Justin’s nuts sac

  7. lyric commander lee June 11, 2012

    im not even gonna lie – I AM NO WHERE NEAR A FAN OF BEIBER – the only song I kinda like is “boyfriend”….it kinda grows on you lol but the video and live performances are not for me – HOWEVER – this song GOESSS HAAARRRDDD! from the dubstep to the way he rides the beat – A WINNNER – big sean wasnt needed at all – he didnt attack this beat like he shouldve – BUSTA wouldve destroyed this beat but hey all in all this has got to be the best song I have heard from Beiber so kudos!

  8. yeyay June 11, 2012

    Good song, but doubt it gets a US Single release….it’ll kill in the UK though

  9. Kayla June 11, 2012

    N**** cute and all but your just a f****** wanna be….EVERYTHING…big Sean was NOT big Sean. Shoulda put somebody else…if any of the features are singles, it should be beauty and the beat..

  10. Belladonna June 11, 2012

    This song is Amazinggggg!!!!!!! I will always Love Justin 4 life!!!!! LOVE YOU JB ! #LilMonster&Belieber4Life

  11. The_truth June 11, 2012

    This is the FIRST song that I have actually enjoyed from him since he’s started…its dope.

  12. Jonathan Gardner June 11, 2012

    Oh yas this shits.

    Watch everyone start loving Bieber now – as if he never had talent or put out some decent songs.

  13. Jer June 11, 2012

    Keep on releasing singles to iTunes hoping something sticks. These one-week-wonders are on my last nerve. They shoot to the top of itunes and stay there 5 days then are never heard of again

  14. Ciara’s Prince June 12, 2012

    i love this song!!! Definitely buying the new album!!

  15. Princess Anaa August 25, 2012

    the song is very good bt i dnt like JB…… i only like his songs

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