New Song: Lady GaGa – ‘Princess Die’

Published: Wednesday 27th Jun 2012 by David

Last night in Melbourne, Lady GaGa unveiled a brand spanking new cut ‘Princess Die‘, which may feature on her upcoming studio LP.

Without further delay, listen below…

Reminiscent of 2008’s ‘Brown Eyes’ and 2010’s ‘Speechless’, Die – unlike many of the cuts on ‘Born This Way’– ticks the ‘thought provoking’ box without being overbearing… stifling.

So with that, we can’t wait to hear what else she’s been cooking up for album #4 and are all too pleased ‘Die’ is not wholly representative of the LP.

For, seeing as ‘So Happy I Could Die‘ and ‘Disco Heaven’ did not receive the single treatment, we’re hoping album #4 rights those wrongs with a lighthearted yet politically tinged approach… less ‘Marry The Night‘ and more ‘Alejandro’.

Your thoughts?

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  1. I Judge Flops June 27, 2012



    • Lady Caca June 28, 2012

      LOL exactly. Yawn.

      Lady Caca shouldn’t sing ballads. Leave the ballads to the ones who can REALLY SING VERY POWERFULLY AND WITH EMOTION (example : the ballad queen, the epic : Christina Maria Legendera)

      Once again, Lady Caca is singing about Fame. This lunatic also seems to be obsessed with blond hair and Princess Diana. She is foking DERANGED!!!!!!!

      Lady Caca is a psycho and so are most of her fans.

      A foking MESS! Lady Caca has fans!! Can you beleive that?? LMAO!!!!!!!!! The biggest mess!!!!! I can’t even.

  2. Kingphoenix June 27, 2012

    Lmfao, what happened to her?

  3. SWEETNOTHINGS78` June 27, 2012

    Its ok……

  4. SWEETNOTHINGS78` June 27, 2012

    Actually i take that back its S***!

  5. Alex Thomas June 27, 2012


    • Stefani Germ June 28, 2012

      Lady Trash!!!!!!!!!!!


      Lady Trashy Sh*t is horrible. She needs to form a new boy-band of sh*t including herself, Justin Bieber and Soulja Boy.


  6. Lax June 27, 2012

    On tour and still making it rain, that is exactly what musician
    do they keep the home fires burning on and off tour. This is
    how you rank in the top money spots at the end of the year
    when you keep doing your work, and staying on your grind.
    Now less see if any one comments that Lady Ga Ga is doing
    to much or her album/music is rushed, that tired old bs that
    is bought up all the time about the artists who or working
    their asses off!!

  7. the real xoxo June 27, 2012

    watch how she takes this soulful, simple song and turn it into an overproduced oversynthed mess.

    • Lady Caca June 28, 2012

      There is nothing soulful about this trashy sh*t.

      Lady Caca is demented and crazy. She won’t STFU about blond wigs and fame.

      What the fok is wrong with her??????????

      Every foking album is about fame. Fame this sh*t and fame that sh*t and fame there and fame over there. WTF????

      ROTFLMAO Lady Caca is the biggest overrated piece of Sh*t on Earth these days!!!!!

  8. JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 27, 2012

    Who in his right mind and being a music lover can prefer Alejandro over Marry the Night?
    You can dance to Alejandro easily yes but a better song? Are u serious? And then you demand more mature sounds from Mariah Carey? Do u like talent or not? These TGJ guys are a joke

    This Gaga´s song sounds beautiful by the way

    • Viciousss June 27, 2012

      Why do you assume your opinion dictates music as a law?

      Marry the night was a synthetic overprocessed 80’s mess to me whereas Alejandro had lyrics and composition that were far more thought provoking without being messy.

      Seems you preferred that, it’s cool, just don’t see why you assume you’ve got the standard on what’s good music.

      • Virtuoso Intellect June 27, 2012

        John dival is like a presidential election loser who cant accept that hes not in the corridors of power.

      • ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 27, 2012

        Tbh, I prefer ‘Alejandro’ as well. ‘MTN’ was overproduced. Apart from the chorus, there’s nothing else particularly infectious about that song.


      Because Alejandro is a great song, probably one of the very best from The Fame Monster. Marry the Night is not one of Born This Ways shining stars! Just saying!

  9. mido June 27, 2012

    i hate her ! enough is enough don give this s*** more than she deserves

    • Lax June 27, 2012

      My goodness and she don’t even know you hate her!

      • Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

        Lol @Lax, You Wake Up This Stupid Bich Haha!!!

  10. Marcos O’liva June 27, 2012

    i like just because its a slow ballad type of song from her. the words on the other hand are very disturbing.

    • Guest June 27, 2012

      they’re supposed to be disturbing. they’re about the death of an icon. if you actually had a brain you would probably know that…

  11. Ugh June 27, 2012

    Sounds like Lana Del Rey……………….

    • Guest June 27, 2012

      So just because it’s a ballad that means it sounds like the flop lana del rey? b**** have a stadium of seats!

  12. Josh June 27, 2012

    This song is amazing and so deep! I think it’s the song that she wrote for Princess Diana. Anyway I love it and hope that it is on the next album!!!

    • Stefani Germ June 28, 2012

      Lady Caca is nuts.

      Point blank, bottom line.

      She needs to leave the Princess alone. She didn’t even know her personally!!!!!!!!!!

      And now she’s trying to make money off this fame/Princess/death thing????

      What a shame!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      WTF is Lady caca trying to do?????????? LOL She’s so stupid.

  13. Roman June 27, 2012

    This is messy… Here’s to hoping the studio version is worth something. Either way her “monsters” will still deep throat this …

  14. JFREEEEEEEEEEE June 27, 2012

    I really don’t like this song!

  15. PrettyYoungThing June 27, 2012

    Nice try LG but it’s trash.

  16. Auntie_Jackie June 27, 2012

    Horrible. All of these Elton John-ish songs sound the same.

    • Stefani Germ June 28, 2012


      Lady Caca is now trying to be some epic ballad singer???

      FAIL!!!!!!!! But She can keep trying!!!!!!!!!!!!

      LOL FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. JuanR June 27, 2012

    the real xoxo

    June 27, 2012 at 9:33 am

    watch how she takes this soulful, simple song and turn it into an overproduced oversynthed mess.


  18. Meet The Love Child of Prince- Sterling Infinity June 27, 2012

    I hope this album has a fame swagg

  19. ASAP (As Sincere As Possible) June 27, 2012

    Is it just me or do all her ballads sound the same? If you made an EP with just her ballads included, it would probably sound like one LOOOONG song. I’m not shadin her, it’s just something I’ve noticed.

    • POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 27, 2012

      that’s Right.

    • Stephen June 27, 2012

      You’re right. The thing is, Lady GaGa doesn’t have the vocal chops to pull off ballads. In other words, ballads aren’t really her strongest points. No shade, because we all know she can sing reasonably well

      • Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

        Oh Really?! @ Stephen, A Goat Stan Talking About “Vocal & Ballads” Oh Oh! Lllol Okayyyyy!

      • Stephen June 28, 2012

        Gaaglooo!, I don’t “stan” for ANY artist, only f*** and 12yr olds do.
        GaGa is very talented, but even a fool will tell you that she isn’t exceptionally good vocally.

    • Stefani Germ June 28, 2012

      There are currently only THREE ballad pop artist Queens in North America :


      4 queens if you include WHITNEY HOUSTON!!!!!!!!!

      Lady Caca can keep trying!!!!! That poor wannabe!!!!!!!!


      • Stephen June 29, 2012


      • WHITNEY BE DEAD August 7, 2012

        We do not count whitney because she’s dead. And towards the end, all the crack f**ked up her voice. The dumb B*tch! Just saying!

  20. chaos June 27, 2012

    it must suck to be a monster right now. couldnt even sit through 30 minutes of this video! stick a fork in this b****, because ahe is DONE! never cared for this overhyped tranny.

  21. monstarebel June 27, 2012

    Her songs are so wack! I want the FAME gaga!!!

    • Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

      So, Go Listen To Rihanna, Katy Perry, LMFAO, Tao Cruz, David Ghetta…. Nobody Trowing A Gone Again You To Listen To Her ” So Wack Songs”!

      • WHITNEY BE DEAD August 7, 2012

        Okay gaaglooo,

  22. 327 June 27, 2012

    She clearly said it might or might not be on the new album,I sware Journalists are so stupid!

  23. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) June 27, 2012

    i do NOT like her Slow SONGS , i just Don’t !! all of ” speechless” , “brown eyes” , etc …. are SHITE to me . if it is not as Good as “Bad Romance” OR ” Poker Face” , then i am not checking for her s***.

    She’s talented and a real Musician , i will Give her that , but the Quality of Her projects are on Decline. and Her Tricks to stand out are getting Boring. and once “lady Gaga” bore the s*** out of the music lovers , it will be over for her. only her lil monsters will support her , and well , “MTN” Flopping Hard says a lot about it.


  24. ENOUGH ONIKA June 27, 2012

    WOW! Look at all these now Gaga haters!!! Dang society is full of sh*t. I’ve never been a Gaga fan because she’s not my taste, but most of you were just sucking her cl*t when she was running the pop scene last year, NOW ya’ll wanna tare down tower YOU ALL built her on! Society loves to build them up but you love it more to watch them fall. People are sick.

    • Stefani Germ June 28, 2012

      The ex-monsters went to buy themselves a BRAIN I guess!!!

      It’s a good thing!!!

      They finally see how psycho and useless and wack and corny and boring Lady Caca actually is.

      Be glad for the poor monsters.

    • Mikeeee July 17, 2012

      You know enough onika that’s what the song is about. It not about suicide it’s about the destruction of a celeberty and how the media papparazzi and crowd loves to tear them down. I don’t understand she puts on great shows and her lyrics are better than I seen lately compared to nikkis stupid h** or Rihanna’s cake song or Kathy Perry’s music. Now a days every one just wants to be on bath salt and YOLO all the time. Songs about s** money drugs and power. When gagas born this way album came out i was not in love with i t i like a couple songs and grew to understand each songs meaning. Reading between the line and past the metaphors I understood her great music and appreciated it for its music and meaning.. Ppl may not like but her but she’s better than what this new generatioin of so called “mucisians” like skrilex, rebecka black and justin bieber have done to music. She has talent musicianship, creativity and all you grumpy haters can hate all you want cause it only makes her more famous or more infamous. Be jealous all you’ld like But I guess haters gonna hate

  25. ronnoc June 27, 2012

    i had such high hopes for this when i saw it. i really do want LG to be successful again. i loved the fame/fame monster. but this s*** just put me to sleep. not half as good as speechless. next…

  26. john June 27, 2012

    Lmao @ at the f***. Mad cuz it’s nothing they can dance to. Anyone who’s not Beyonce they hate……..

  27. Suicide Blonde June 27, 2012

    It’s not a bad song, however i don’t see a single material in this one, her best ballads are “Speechless” and “You and I”, say whatever you want of “Born This Way” but that is Gaga best record, “The Fame” was not her most successful album, we all know the sale were combined with those of “The Fame Monster” the album didn’t sell 15 million records worldwide, “Born This Way” is her most successful album and even with all the success, Lady Gaga’s record label declined to provide the album’s sales numbers, i don’t know why because 8 million records Worldwide are great, probably they want to overstate the sales of the album, like they did with “The Fame” and “Alejandro” is not a better song than “Marry the Night”, the first one is a bad imitation of Abba’s song “Fernando” and the other one is a 80’s influence melancholy song, ok is not radio-friendly but is better than “Alejandro”, among all Gaga’s song “Alejandro”, “Love Game” and “Telephone” are the worst. “Born this Way” is a great album, one of the best Pop records of the last 10 years, every song on the album has a different atmosphere, definitely is going to be hard for her to overcome this album.

    • JohnVidal(RIP Whitney-truegreat) June 27, 2012

      Total agreement about your views on the songs

    • Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

      Well Said Onyx!!

      • Suicide Blonde June 27, 2012

        Thank you b******.

    • Guest June 27, 2012

      how can you already judge if the song is single material? It’s literally just her voice and a couple of piano keys in the background? It’s like 1/5 of the song she showed us! Sit your dumb ass down!

    • Mikeeee July 17, 2012

      Yeah suicide blond I think I would like to. Give her bait more credit the that….I think that all her ballads are great including “honest eyes” which was not released and I wouldn’t necessarily say that album sales are the most important factor in ones career….yes it’s the money maker but what one does here on earth and how one can influence others for the better is much more important and I think gaga has done that. I do like marry the night better than Alejandro. I agree about born this way with you it reached across a lot of topics that gone today in America and across the world while remaining relevant to her. Very smart and mature album with a wide variety of atmosphere to every track. As far as princes die it could be amazing I like it a lot now but what we got were lyrics and a vageue chord progression. More could be added to make it a huge hit. Love lady gaga in my opinion she’s the best. To all you haters I respect if you may not like her so respect that I do.


      Actually I must disagree The Fame Monster is way better than Born This Way. Gaga says herself it is a seperate record. So it is not included in The Fame! People you need to get your gaga info straight! FAME MONSTER>BORN THIS WAY=THE FAME

  28. IOTA June 27, 2012

    This is a tad bit Lana-del-Rey-ish

  29. Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

    I’ll Wait The Final Version Before I Judge If I Like It Or Not, I Can’t Appreciate With This Low Qualitty Of The Video!

    Keep Doing Your Things Lady G, There Is Nothing You Can Do With Naysayers, But Your Stans And Fans Will Be There To Support You!!!!

  30. PrettigurlrockD June 27, 2012

    I disagree with that comment saying her voice isn’t right for ballads. Ur very wrong although it is ur opinion. I’ve noticed i love her live ballads a lot more than her studio stuff. She has a beautiful controlled strong voice and her songs are very thought provoking. She may Not be a Whitney or Celine ballad singer but she sounds nice in her own way. She ain’t gotta sound like them to do a ballad. Go gaga!

    • Gaaglooo! June 27, 2012

      Lol Don’t Wast Your Time With Taht Person, He/She’s Rih’s Stan!

    • Stephen June 28, 2012

      Ur post made a lot of sense. When I said her voice isn’t suited for ballads, I didn’t mean it was 100% lacking, at least she has a nice-sounding voice.
      My basic point is that GaGa is a good singer, but not a great vocalist. She can sing better(not by far, of course) than Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha. Those are her peers and contemporaries in the industry

  31. Jer June 27, 2012

    Who knows how it will really sound

  32. FAF June 27, 2012


    • Lady shiot June 28, 2012

      You know what makes a lot of money? MCDONALDS RESTAURANTS.

      But educated people know that MacDonalds is BAD, even though it is popular!!!!

      Lady Caca is pure sh*t.


        Educated people know that McDonalds is not spelled Macdonalds!

  33. Shadiest b**** June 27, 2012

    BTW sucked! Nothing bout that album was memorable (besides the gays ) I’m convinced 80% of the people who bought it Is gay (nothing against gay people) I need my “so happy I could die” “poker face” gaga back Where is she? She clearly aint here If her album is anything like BTW she flopping I’m sorry People didn’t give a f*** bout BTW besides her fans where as EVERYBODY was here for the FAME and MONSTER

  34. Jessica June 28, 2012

    Gimmicks never win!!! Why everyone surprise Gaga is crap???? SHE’S GARBAGE!!! SHE’S DONE!!!

    • Lady shiot June 28, 2012

      The Fame sucks.

      The Fame Monster sucks.

      Born This Wack sucks.

      The new album will most likely suck as well.

      Lady Caca is a good as Justina Biberere or Serlene Gomez or Vanilla Ice. Don’t look for the compliment, it is nowhere to be found here.

  35. SCDAA June 28, 2012

    Lady gaga is on the same record label as Devyne Stephens. He is such a kind man. Many celebrities say they help out non profits and charities but rarely have the time to go through with their promises. But this man with such a busy schedule was able to make videos promoting the texting campaign for Sickle Cell Disease Association of America (SCDAA). Check out the video on youtube

  36. QueenofPopJanet June 28, 2012

    Garbage. Everything Gaga does is garbage. LOL@people saying that they want The Fame-era Gaga back. She was garbage back then too. She’s just bad overall. Weirdo b****.

    • Lady Mierda June 28, 2012

      You make too much sense.

      The MONSTERS, being the monstrosities that they are… they won’t get it!!!!!!!! They are BRANLESS!!!

      Lady Caca is so corny and embarrassing, UGH!!! Who the fok wants to listen to this sh*tty music??? Who related to this bullshiat?????

      A foking mess, Lady Caca’s discography is a complete trashy mess.


        You seem like you care to talk s–t about gaga a lot, go back to your corner and cut yourself you fat b-tch! You’re probably a worthless human being who doesn’t deserve to exist. Do you always point out people’s flaws? Just because you’re probably a disgusting human being who no one will ever love doesn’t mean you have to be rude to others!

  37. Lady Horse Shiat June 28, 2012

    Lady Caca is demented and crazy. She won’t STFU about blond wigs and fame and death.

    What the fok is wrong with her??????????

    Every foking album is about fame. Fame this sh*t and fame that sh*t and fame there and fame over there. WTF????

    Lady Caca is the biggest overrated piece of Sh*t on Earth these days!!!!!

    Lady Caca is psychotic!!!!!!! People say Britney is crazy? Lady Caca is even more nuts, she can’t fool me. She literally is a monstrosity, this ain’t no metaphor.

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