Hot Shots: Ciara Hits ‘Playhouse’

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Peep ‘Sweat‘ sensation Ciara on her out way of Hollywood’s ‘Playhouse’ club last night.

Sporting her now trademark blonde look and a pair of leather boots, the ‘One Woman Army’ was snapped by paparazzi accompanied by what appears to be members of her security team.

This, hours after gracing the BET Awards pre-show party with Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams and Letoya Luckett.

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  1. xedos July 3, 2012

    why would she need a security team? no one cares enough for her to have a security team. girl save your money

    • STOP CLICKING ME July 3, 2012

      Those hooker heels…i can’t eem…

  2. gavin gavalli July 3, 2012

    Why she not talking about sweat no more and where is this album dang its taking her a long time to s*** I WANT A NEW ALBUM

  3. J July 3, 2012

    Rihamna already did this look. She needs an idenitity. Rihanna really is a fashion icon. Even Miley Cyrus is doing the cut shorts (and flannel around the waist.)

    They really follow everything she does. She had all these industry b****** going edgy and looking stupid. Now theyre going for her new look. Thats why she changes era .. She enjoys having these b****** play catch up.

    • The Shade July 3, 2012

      Rihanna created looks the f***? I don’t know what Grace jones. Madonna etc would say bout that! She stole Rita Ora look “B**** thou shall be dethroned thus” She been rocking those kinda boots Fantasy ride days __/ you welcome she Has her OWN look you will never Miss her ina crowd

      • kelly July 3, 2012

        Rihanna stole Rita Ora look? So…errrrm Rita ora had a black bob? Rita Ora has a short black cut? Rita Ora had short blonde hair shaved at the side? Rita ora had red hair? Rita Ora has long black hair? What the hell are you talking about. Who the hell is Rita Ora? Is she AList? No sSTFU.

    • Rogue July 3, 2012

      YASSS b**** these h***..they all trying to jack riri style…but ain’t no other b**** do it like she does..she’s giving these basic b**** an identity then leaving them in the dark…on to the next.

  4. THE LEGENDARY LAX July 3, 2012

    Where the video??? Where the performance??? where the promo????? She Messing up again….another push back like ashanti

  5. YOOSONDALOOSE July 3, 2012





    • John92 July 3, 2012

      could be possible. the reactions to sweat were not the best… maybe this is the explanation to why it takes so long

    • kelly July 3, 2012

      sweat is a wack song by a wack artist. LA reid should cut his loses. She is not artistic or has anything worth saying.

      She should be dropped and a new, fresh act should get signed.

  6. YepYep July 3, 2012

    I always see pics of her leaving clubs and nail salons. Why isn’t she working? Yes, she might be working behind the scenes, but that won’t mean anything if she doesn’t get out there and sell her product. She needs to release a song and really get behind it. Do a proper video and do performances. Something! She just doesn’t seem as focused and motivated as she needs to be.

    • kelly July 3, 2012

      Even on Twitter, she does not appear to be in the studio. Her image is not stylish or fashionable. She looks like a ghetto hooodrat with her boyfriends credit card

  7. The Shade July 3, 2012

    She looks Really pretty I LOVE LOVE this hair on her

  8. I AM NOXEEMA JACKSON July 3, 2012

    See, Ciara this is why people have been paying you dust since the “Evolution” era. You’re so busy being a damn socialite, partying and all this other fuckshit, when you should be promoting the single you just dropped, and working hard on this album. You were blessed to have a 2nd (and 3rd) chance to get your music career back on track when “Ride” became somewhat of a hit..but for whatever reason, the success/hype didn’t stick and after a couple of months, you were a distant memory. Sweat was a solid track (imo) but that single and your ALBUM need all the promotion it can get because this could very well be your absolute LAST chance to prove yourself and show the world that you still got it girl. Don’t be a fool, Ciara! Stop partying, get your ass in that studio and produce a jammer, b/c if not, you can just hang it up, b/c your career will be a rap.

    • kelly July 3, 2012

      She is not serious. She has never been serious. Her voice is wack ,her songs are wack. LA reid wasted time and money.

  9. An0thrnight272 July 3, 2012

    She looks amaziiiiing! Cannot wait for a video tho – some of you people are just plain stupid- actin like Ciara is a party animal.. She’s a young hot female in her twenties, everybody deserves to play hard when they work hard, have a seat please.

    Ciara give us some news!!!! 🙂

    • ThatGrapefruitJuice July 3, 2012

      COSIGN COSIGN COSIGN 100%. Keep telling them. Say it post that again. …. Better yet, put it on repeat, I think they that dumn they need to hear it repeatedly.

  10. skintightjeans July 3, 2012

    B**** sit down! No one is checking for you! Go make an album that the kids will live for and stop being a tabloid celebrity. No talent t*****!

  11. ThatGrapefruitJuice July 3, 2012

    Wow! Hatttt! Looking @ CiCi right now, who cares about any goddang video, song or album. This right here is enuff for now. Do ur thang CiCi gurl. Woo! Hottt!

  12. bash July 3, 2012

    No shade but does she think she will get more shine if people thinks she Beyonce???

    • jill July 5, 2012

      I think she’s trying to pull a rihanna/rita ora vibe. She dressed like rita and didn’t ciara dye her hair, then same time rihanna was blonde?

  13. JER July 3, 2012

    She needs to get her ass back in the studio. These young girls these “R&B princesses” need to take a page from the LEGENDS Janet and Mariah and realize you have to lock yourself in that studio and writer and record. But I guess it’s the ones that have little to no real contribution that can just run around town. CERROR honeT you need to be in the studio already recording remixes to your singles, you need to be in rehearsals for performances, rehearsing the video choreography. WTF is she doing? She has way too much free time. You can’t be walking around being seen here and there and you don’t even have an album out AND you pulled the iTunes release of your new lead single. SMH. So is “Sweat” just a “buzz single” now since it flopped before it was even released?

  14. the real xoxo July 3, 2012

    i was really looking forward to the one woman army era. she needs to take her finger out her ass and do something! she is so lucky that people actually cared about the one woman army pics etc

  15. Eмa July 3, 2012

    Leeeegs for days wow

  16. HeavyHeavy July 3, 2012

    The fact she aint said nothing to us fans and has left us in the dark again (as she has done with the last eras) is just straight up rude, she don’t appreciate us. Don’t know if i can be asked, you can only let down your fans so much Ci.

  17. Chitownqtee July 3, 2012

    LUV ME SUM CIARA!!!!!!! But she must step up her PROMO GAME!!!!!Its time for her to SLAY these B******. She should collaborate with MY RIRI, they would have these h*** runnin for cover!!!!

  18. Chitownqtee July 3, 2012

    LUV ME SUM CIARA!!!!!!! But she must step up her PROMO GAME!!!!!Its time for her to SLAY these B******. She should collaborate with MY RIRI, they would have these h*** runnin for cover!!!! POW!

  19. monstarebel July 3, 2012

    ciara were tfs this video? smh f** this flop!

  20. D July 3, 2012

    Yall are a trip.Ciara just started back making appearances. She has been in the studio..Yall already forgot about the hiatus..ANd if someone else says somethin about her and Kim K…!When was the last time we even saw a pic of them together.Clearly sweat is no longer the single because it wasnt released on the 19th like we first were told.The mixed reviews it was getting is probably the reason why. As well as the great reviews for the B.O.H. song with Rozay. She’s gearing up to release that.Many of you need to sit back trying to be someone’s a&r and managers..Most of the time yall don’t even know what yall are talking about!Lol. And Rihanna did not create everything.Cut off shorts is def a retro look that has come back in style!

  21. Teacher July 3, 2012

    I think after the bad response to ‘Sweat’ that they are scared so they’re gonna try a new song and if ppl like it..they will say it’s the first official single and the other was a buzz single…that’s y it wasn’t released to itunes and that’s y she’s kept quiet! Back to the drawing board she goes…

  22. POP ROYALTY ( Révolution) July 3, 2012

    the comments are getting hilarious i see 😆

    anyway , i like this T-shirt 😀

  23. TRUTH TELLER July 4, 2012

    I wonder how successful Ciara would be if she went back to her roots and did a whole crunk-n-b albulm. I have to say “goodies” and “oh” were my s***.

    • gia July 5, 2012

      Crunk and B is played out……..She doesn’t have a voice, if all she wants to do is dance then maybe she should be a choreographer.

  24. Tbozfan10 July 5, 2012

    I’ve said for months this “one woman army” album will never see the light of day. It’s a miracle she even had a last album after the one before only sold like somewhere over 300,000. And with all the pressure to have a hit album after the previous flop, the next one sells just under 40,000 copies! I’ve never heard of any major artist getting another release after sinking this bad, TGJ is clearly keeping her alive in the headlines.

  25. gia July 5, 2012

    Ciara sucks, alot of her fans on twitter is pissed, they thought she was going to perform at the BET awards. She has a song “sweat” but its not going anywhere. OWA if released will not sell over 100,000 copies at all. I believe her album will be pushed back until 2013 because Mariah, Lady Gaga, Pink, Christina, Brandy, rihanna is all releasing albums this year; she can’t compete with them. Instead of parading around town her ass needs to disappear and focus on music. she can reappear when her album about to drop.

  26. lele July 15, 2012

    Lmao at comments. This chick is relying on her looks to keep her in the music game, because her music ain’t ain’t getting her anywhere. She was getting more attention when her and 50 were rumored being together. She better start pretending to be with some man. She is slowly fading awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay.

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