Ne-Yo Hits ‘The Breakfast Club’ For ‘R.E.D’

Published: Tuesday 7th Aug 2012 by David

‘Sexy Love‘ crooner Ne-Yo took to Power 105.1’s ‘The Breakfast Club’ this morning, in a fresh bid to endorse his forthcoming LP ‘R.E.D‘.

Ever the professional, the mogul answered a number of ‘pressing’ questions aimed at him by the show’s hilarious trio, all of which saw him address them the best way he knew how.

Watch below…

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  1. RoyalKev August 7, 2012

    Can we bury all this controversy with Irreplaceable now? It came out the horses mouth (Ne-Yo) that his version and the version that Bey made are totally different. She put her own spin on it and added her own harmonies and technically the woman deserves her writing credits!

    Ne-Yo started out a little shady with the topic, but the truth is the truth! We can finally lay this to rest!

  2. the real xoxo August 7, 2012

    im not a fan of him but he presents himself well in interviews. i dont like his pop music but i love “lazy love” and he isnt a puppet like most artists.

  3. mobbin per usual August 7, 2012

    I respect that Ne-Yo understands his place! A true actor should play the role of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.! Ppl can call me a conspiracy theorist all they like but, the truth is the “POWERS THAT BE ” want to control and shape the images we all have of everyone. Don’t be fooled!! 🙂

    Dr. King was a serious person and should be played by a serious actor! PERIOD…

  4. mobbin per usual August 7, 2012

    I really hate the trifling nothings (especially CharlaTHING) that host this show. Jerry Sandusky is a P******** who molested LITTLE BOYS for many years! His Second Mile Charity openned in 1977. He used his charity to seduce his victims. There is nothing funny or cute about it!

    Again, the “POWERS THAT BE” hires nothing but boot-kissing clowns that act like gatekeepers over the music and media industries! Don’t continue to be fooled! 🙂

  5. Cranberry August 7, 2012

    Love, love, love what he said about R&B and Dance music and the emotional disconnect. Listen up, kids.

  6. stony August 7, 2012

    sorry iam very sorry but he’s really dumb it’s not because you put harmonies on a song that it should authorize you to have credits on this song sorry beyonce doesn’t have the right to take his credits cause at the end of the day he brought the song to her she simply sang it in a beautiful way point blank without this song her album bady would have flopped let’s be real common

  7. the real xoxo August 7, 2012

    i also like how he just admitted that dance is where the money is at instead of just saying “ohh i am experimenting”

  8. pat August 7, 2012

    what he is describng that bey does sounds more like co producing credit to me, not co writing….if what he is saying is the case then most songs would written by the artist
    my favorite part of a lot of songs are the ad libs, which the artist normally creates spontaneously while singing it, but they dont get co writing credits for that…however when u become an artist of bey’s caliber you can kind of get away with it because people want to continue to work with you…..

  9. john August 7, 2012

    bey didnt write the song. she just changed the harmonies so she should have gotten a producer credit not a writer credit. but i agree with him about trey songz. i been a fan a trey since his gotta make it and successful days. but lately his songs has been sounding the same. and his music has been over produced and manufactored lately. and his image has become over sexed. i understand you got a hot body and wanna show it off. i understand that you do all them sexual acts to give your female fans what they want see. so they continue to buy tickets to your shows. i understand you like to sag low to give you gay fans what they want just so they can keep coming to your shows and put money in your pocket. but your music havient been the same. im starting to get tired of hearing about frank ocean. i was gonna give him a chance. because i love his work as a songwriter. but this whole coming out thing seems like a marketing ploy, this target thing seems like a marketing plot and it turning me off. im glad he admitted dance is where it at. instead of saying he expirement like what most artist are saying

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