Mariah Carey Talks Idol, New Album, & More With Ryan Seacrest

Published: Thursday 27th Sep 2012 by Sam

Mariah Carey is back!

And while this may not (yet) apply to the charts, it certainly rings true for the spotlight. For, the diva is generating many a headline for her role as a judge on American Idol – months before the show even airs.

Yet with January no doubt here before we know it, the 42 year old is already hot on the promotional trail, today phoning in to Ryan Seacrest‘s KIIS FM radio show.

Find out below what the mother of two had to say about Idol, returning for another season, her upcoming album, and much more.

Can Mariah See Herself Doing Another Season of Idol?

“Yeah, I actually can,” she confesses. “I love moments like this, because I think they’re great. You work through whatever. I’m just learning. I don’t consider myself a judge, I consider myself as someone who is trying to give constructive criticism and guidance…I think it’s a really, really great opportunity for people out there who don’t necessarily have the money to make their own demo or to go to a record company and stuff like that. I have a totally new respect for the whole thing.”

On Her ‘Idol’ Experience So Far:

“I feel like Nigel’s picking on me. Mike Darnell is being mean everyday for no reason, he hits me when no one’s looking. I’m only kidding, the ‘Idol’ family is fantastic,” Mariah tells us. So, right now the “Idol” team is going through auditions…is it what Mariah imagined it would be like or is it different? “Oh, I pretty much knew yep, yep, yep,” she admits.

On ‘American Idol’ Season 12:

“There’s some really, really fantastic moments that are just like, you can’t beat them. I would say people will be very moved when they see certain moments. I think there’s just some stories that are incredible. Honestly, people are going to really, really want to watch this especially if they’ve grown-up watching it or if they’re brand new ‘Idol’ watchers. I think that there’s some great stories and some great talent.”

When Can Fans Expect The New Album?

“I want to go sooner, but I guess it wouldn’t be ready until around January, somewhere around there. I wanted to put another single out, a ballad. I love it, but I’m still writing, I’m still working. So, you never know what it’s going to end up being,” Mariah tells us.



Bring on both Idol and the album. Ol’ Mimi has quite the setup to stage one hell of a comeback. Whether or not it’ll materialise we’ll be keen to see.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Adrian September 27, 2012

    Slay Mariah! We need the legends to stand up and actually “shine bright like diamonds” with their vocals! We love you and are patiently waiting on your return. Until then, I am satisfied watching the world go in a frenzy over your very presence on Idol! lol

  2. Suicide Blonde September 27, 2012

    She should release the album when it’s finished, releasing singles before finishing the album is not a good option, see “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel”.

    • JOHNVIDAL September 27, 2012

      I know! Those things get on my nerves. Finish the whole album before releasing anything. If not, the pressure does its job, there´s no time for proper promotion, etc, etc

      • Suicide Blonde September 27, 2012

        Exactly!..but i think the problem is her team, she needs better management.

    • That B*tch (I can’t with these delusional stans) September 27, 2012

      Lmao. Thats worse than Nelly Furtado’s opening weekend sales.
      Where’s that b**** White Girl Mob.

      • MELODY2012 September 27, 2012

        I’m waiting for White Girl Mob

  3. Monstarebel September 27, 2012

    Mmmm love me some Mariah she’s such a great Singer, I will be watching American idol next year thanks to her & nicki last time I watched this show jordin sparks won so yea its been a while…

  4. JOHNVIDAL September 27, 2012

    Mariah girl I can´t wait for your album

  5. DOSSOME September 27, 2012

    I want a ballad from mariah a.s.a.p…she has never disappointed with her ballads

    • MC September 27, 2012

      She said her next single will be a ballad!

      • DOSSOME September 28, 2012

        and thats why am super excited…..and i loved loved angels cry

  6. Nichole September 27, 2012

    Please do NOT release anymore singles, at least not until the album is finished and ready for release.

    After the mess that was Triumphant, Mariah should not even think about dropping another single.

    This was the mistake Ciara, Kelly R and Leona made. We don’t need several singles dropped before the album is even complete. Too much overkill.

    Mariah needs a new management team, and a major image revamp before releasing this album.

  7. christinastherealtalent September 27, 2012

    Yall lots of artists release lead singles before their album is finished. It’s pretty much why they have the promotion set up like they do. When the lead single comes out, the album is still in the final mixing process which gives just enough time for the single to build momentum and hype up the album even more. When you finish your album, mixing and all, without releasing a lead single first, your risk your music leaking if you sit on it too long. It happened to Kelly Clarkson, Jojo, Usher, etc…

    Mariah should release a promo single in January to get her music base back off the ground, then once Idol starts, release the lead single because by then hopefully there will be more hype and anticipation. I’m really rooting for her this time around because I enjoy her music,mostly the older stuff i don’t mind her ballads I’d just like her to do more lighter ballads about her being a mother and wife and how its changed her. I’m over her heartbreak stuff. Granted some of the recent heartbreak ballads are amazing, I want her to do happier ballads.

  8. cde September 27, 2012

    I am so tired of hearing and seeing the term “come back” when an artist releases a new album. MC has never really left to need to” come back”. She is simply releasing her 14th studio album. As a lamb I acquiescence to the term being used for TEOM in 2005. But I am over the term now. I mean it is over used and simply tired. Can we retire saying comeback? MC is approaching a nearly 25 year career. When you have a career of this magnitude and length, it will see creative and commercial peaks and valleys. Clearly, MC has proved all she needs to prove and at this point needs to prove nothing more. Additionally, for her to still be A list, receiving the platform she receives and the press she gets to so much as breath a breath of air, her iconic place has long ago been sealed in our pop culture canon. So, please can TGJ staff and everyone else cut the “comeback” nonsense out . MC is a living legend. I wish people, haters and otherwise would give her the respect she deserves.

  9. Benron (King Of The Navy) September 27, 2012

    Whoever took/photoshopped that picture should be arrested, its awful.

  10. MRDIVABITCH September 27, 2012

    Mariah is and will always be the most virtuosic female pop/R&B vocalist EVER

  11. MC September 27, 2012

    Yay! I am happy. Now bring a killer ballad, Mimi. 😀

  12. It’s Utterly Bizaar! September 27, 2012

    I’m so looking forward to Mariah’s new album! And just watching the X-factor gets me excited to see her on American Idol! Can’t wait! 😀

  13. RDK September 28, 2012

    Thanks to Meme and Nicki i,ll be watching,i haven’t seen the show in years,can’t wait till next year.

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