Hot Topic: Pushing Brandy’s ‘Two Eleven’

Published: Wednesday 31st Oct 2012 by David

Here’s what it is:

Brandy, by way of fan support, renewed public interest and the strength of her material, stands tall as one of 2012’s most celebrated acts.

Welcoming the release of her R&B driven studio album ‘Two Eleven’ two weeks ago, both she and her team went to great lengths before its launch to ensure the project debuted favorably in the US.

Now in its second week of release, ‘Eleven‘ holds a top ten position at #10, with 20,879 sold since last week , pushing its total US figure to 87,735 units sold. This now means it’s only 12,265 copies away from hitting the 100,000 mark- a commendable feat to be scored three weeks in.

Of course, while that may seem a little abysmal to some, we’d say it sets the tone for what is set to become a slow but consistent sales push for the project, which some are now making the mistake of writing off.

So, in a climate seemingly hostile to Contemporary R&B, just how could Team Brandy push ‘Two Eleven‘?

Our answer to that question below…

With the video for ‘Wildest Dreams‘ still waiting to be launched, Brandy could consider releasing it on the week beginning Monday 12th November.

For, Monday 12th November will come one week before Thanksgiving ( the 22nd) and one day before the ever lucrative ‘Black Friday‘ sales (the 23rd).

Dedicating the week before to releasing its video and launching a radio/live TV tour in support of the album and the song itself should give Jane Public the incentive to pick up the project-especially, if a discounted price is implemented in the days that follow.

For, effective November 21st 2011, LPs priced below $3.49 are not eligible to chart on the Billboard 200- thus, giving  RCA the chance to cut ‘Eleven‘s price by around $7 that week.

Though pricing the album that low may offend fans who bought it at full price, everyone’s a winner if another 50k is moved as a result of the ‘Dreams’ ‘Black Friday‘ promo tour. 50 or so K, that could potentially fund a live show, new videos or whatever else is needed to keep the campaign afloat.

Though we’d love to see ‘Wish Your Love Away‘ used to shift units during Christmas, the chances of a video being ready for December are slim, so here’s what we hope to see from ‘Brand Nu’ in the coming year…

‘Dominatin’ Every Avenue‘:

As Jennifer Lopez can attest to, partnering with cause appropriate brands can work wonders for an LP, at least on a PR tip. So, with her team already positioning her as a Premium African American act, why not team up with a brand selling Premium African American products?

As the leading automobile maker for minority buyers, Toyota reportedly pulled in a cool $2.2 billion from African American consumers in 2010, and with the ‘Camry‘s target audience in line with her own, we can’t see why they wouldn’t make for a profitable pair.

Bring on the product placement!

‘Single ‘Em Out‘:

Nothing kills a project’s soul better than poor singles choices. Summer jams released in December? No bueno.

In 2013, we hope to see Brandy push for supremacy on the R&B tally with the likes of ‘Let Me Go’ and ‘So Sick’, both of which could potentially outperform ‘Put It Down‘ if handled correctly.

Timing is literally everything and could mean the difference between smashing the Top Ten or Bubbling  ferociously Under the Hot 100.

  ‘Keep Hope Alive’:

Not everyone is going to move Adele numbers and when you don’t- it’s important to keep your buzz alive in public… even if things aren’t going to plan in private.

When you’re happy, your fans are happy and more likely to back whatever it is that you put out, especially if you seem eager to succeed against all odds (see Chris Brown circa ‘Graffiti‘.)

Basically, we really want to see Brandy receive the recognition a performer of her caliber deserves, and hope plans are being put in place to take ‘Eleven’ to the next level next year.

So, now you’ve heard our ideas, let us know…

How would you push ‘Two Eleven’?

David Asante.

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  1. FullMooner October 30, 2012

    I LOVE THIS! Not sure she should work with a car company though, I think she should holla at Loreal and get that white girl money.

    • MoeshaIsSyndicatedBitch October 30, 2012

      They slayed the f*** out of this article, do you know how we could get this to her manager?

      • BeyWhoUWanna October 30, 2012

        Yasss b****, they’ve got me here wishing i was her manager and thinking of ways to make her slay every damn thing with this album.

    • BrandomStar October 30, 2012

      BRANDY PLEASE USE THESE IDEAS. I didn’t understand why they said Toyota until i opened the hyperlinks and saw why. Dont give up girl. We all love you and want you to reach your full potential.

    • 212 October 30, 2012

      the way this site goes hard for brandy makes me smile.

    • BrandNewLove October 30, 2012

      People don’t realize how much one article like this can make people excited about the album enough to buy it. The love you show her is beautiful and I know she’ll win like you said eventualy.

    • KNUCK October 31, 2012

      Her manager/cousin Ryan pulled this same “week of release” only promo during her last era and that’s not going to cut it.. I mean the late show hosts would LOVE to have her on.. They can discuss so much especially with more acting gigs coming up. And SNL is a shoe in cuz the girl can act and THEN she can perform.

    • V – Jay, jay October 31, 2012

      I gotta jump in here! Now, i love me some Brandy and i love this album. But why in god’s name would TGJ suggest a car company when Brandy is still targeted regarding the car accident?
      From the top this is where it went wrong. Brandy should’ve released PID video, then the album, and then choose the next single because after hearing the album Wildest Dreams isn’t it. Brandy by now should have the next two videos lined up to go with studio time booked for remixes and promo organised for the next 6 months with another album planned early 2014. Brandy needs to realise that she is basically a new artist and has to appeal to the mass disposable market.
      In terms of Monica’s last album she was riding off the back of IABTM and the hype of that duet.
      Whoever said that Brandy’s time is up is talking rubbish. If time and time again a record company will invest in you and the public know who you are your time is never up.

      • SHAUN October 31, 2012

        I just feel at this point Brandy should have 3 singles out. “Put It Down”, “Wildest Dreams”, “No Such Thing as too Late”, & “Without you” should be following soon. “Wish Your Love Away” as well. If this ERA fails, her people will be to blame. Where the f*** is WD video.? I’m a “Star” and i didn’t even know it was an official single, i couldn’t tell. The fact that this is her Comeback album.. videos should have been released on the Arrival of her singles. And it’s like after the release of the album the buzz got quiet. Her cousin has no idea how to handle her. Someone new for promo & new video director.

  2. NavyHeart October 30, 2012

    This is so stupid i CAN’T EVEN DEAL. Why would toyota hire her to sell expensive cars when she cant even sell her own music for 12 dollars.

    • nightbitch October 31, 2012

      h** shut de f*** up

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


      • RymeReason October 31, 2012

        You mad?

    • 1DIEHARDRNBFAN November 1, 2012

      WOW! that car comment is a bit HARSH! But um, Bran is doing great, her current promotional line up and holiday sales will help push the album to a big success. Sam brought up valid points too!

      I WOULD RECOMMEND a hot remix for the “WILDEST DREAMS” a cali native rapper, i.e. Kendrick lamar…he’s really buzzn right now!

      I seen a really hot music video on youtube done by a HUSBAND AND WIFE ……DANGERUS Diva & AP 1nabillion they did a HOTTTT REMIX to “Wildest Dreams!!” Watching them was truly inspiring.


      I think a MALE is needed on this track to kinda tell the other side of the story….u know. Kinda makes the dream become a reality ….a true love story and erbody looooves a happy ending, lol.

  3. JAKE October 30, 2012

    NOTHING can be done to save this album. I bought it and LOVED every minute of it but it just hasn’t resonated well with the average buying public. Contemporary R&B hasn’t been doing so since 2007. Commercially speaking – it FLOPPED but it was CRITICALLY ACCLAIMED and her REAL fans enjoy it, as did I. So…….


    Hurricane Sandy has now, sadly, KILLED 45 people across the eastern seaboard.


    • MC October 30, 2012

      Its so sad that so many people lost their lives. I live in VA and the storm is now posed, thanks to the Lord. May everyone else be safe and protected.

      • JAKE October 30, 2012

        I know right. I live in East New Jersey & I cannot lie – I was and still am scared. There was a gigantic wind rush happening in Newark and some of my family members started to cry as we have family there. PRAISE THE LORD that they are ok.

        Now… NBC is reporting that 55 people have died. Another four in Maryland. What a sad time.

      • MC October 30, 2012

        I know it was really terrifying. I thought my house was going to be blown away yesterday at the rate the wind was blowing. I really thought my windows and doors were going to be blown away. 55 dead is a saddening. May the Lord be with their loved ones. 🙁 I hate bad things happening, especially storms and hurricanes.

      • JAKE October 30, 2012

        Yes. Amen. God bless those families etc… If you only saw the state of my beloved Jersey right now. DAMN. And it just seems as if the death toll is rising. CNN are now saying 60+ … I just don’t know what to believe. It’s absolutely scary. And to know that is Halloween tomorrow… F****** HELL… The irony.

        Also… God be with Obama. Lord knows that the pressure being put upon him is surmounting by the minute. I almost feel sorry for him – he is in such a difficult and unfair position right now. But, oh well… His talent is what made him president – he’ll find a way to work around it.

      • MC October 30, 2012

        I agree with everything you said. God is good.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA October 30, 2012

        That is so awful. I pray those who lost their lives are at peace and I hope no one else dies in this tragedy. It’s blessing everyone on here who experienced anything from this hurricane is ok. Life is too precious..

    • thetruth October 30, 2012


      Dang…. the best thing to do is leave your homes and go to a safe destination in your area like near by schools or shelters or where ever your local area has a place where the locals go to to be safer. I can’t imagine having to deal with hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes in my city. In my area weve never experienced those type of problems; it is not common. Anywyas plz be safe guys and do not stay in your homes!!!

      • MC October 30, 2012

        We have never had this type of thing in my area either. My area wasn’t hurt at all, it just FELT like my house was going to be blown away. No body in my area is hurt so we are all good. Thank you for your well wished and payers to those who aren’t doing too well.

    • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 31, 2012

      I know this is so crazy, Thank God my family is safe in the D.c area and NYC, and no damage to my apartment in NYC. flight leaves tomorrow going to Newark .

      May GOD be with the people affected by Ms. Sandy

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  4. Cory October 30, 2012

    Mr. Prescott needs to get on the phone. I would love to be her assistant/PR person. We need TV appearances. She’s a vet in the music industry and was once America’s sweetheart having tv and dolls. I would love to see her on the view, The Talk and really see her name back into the public and some morning time performances but not anything too urban for daytime tv save the true urban tracks for Jimmy Fallon or Kimmel. She’s a thespian so I would love to see her do a skit on SNL and also perform. Talk shows talk shows talk shows. Lend her name to an organization or maybe even cross promote with another aritst/ via twitter shout out to Gaga, Bieber or Taylor Swift. This would be epic. And when she find the time she needs to do that tour with Monica called the R&B Gems tour w/ Tyrese opening LOL

    • credits October 31, 2012

      haha i like your comment but you are wrong for the “tyrese opening” lol, maybe luke james

      • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  5. BRockinIt October 30, 2012

    You fools above aren’t seeing the bigger picture because if you did you would see how great it would be to see Brandy work with toyota. Look how much airtime jlo got on tv when she worked with fiat, they even paid for her papi video. Im here for it tbh.

  6. MC October 30, 2012

    Basically what I feared would happen to this album already happened. I knew once it sold 66K first week (its most hyped week) it will sell less as the weeks went by. This is a disappointment considering the album is wonderfully put together. She needs to release “So Sick” “Let me go” and “Wish your love away” in an orderly manner and hype them correctly without waiting 3 months for the videos. She also needs to continue on with promo like P!nk is doing right now and she REALLY needs to perform at the big shows and not minor stuff that her audience and the black community watches only. All the best of luck to Brandy from now on.

    By the way Sam, you criticized Trey Songz for 135K first week as “bittersweet” sales and now possibly moving 100k in 3 weeks is not bad at all. GTFO!

    • SdotB October 31, 2012

      ok but it’s not bad for an r&b artist who hasn’t been out in 4 years…

      Trey Songz hasn’t taken any breaks…plus he collabo’s with EVERYBODY…so he has the bigger advantage of getting his name and his music out there, and Sam is correct, those were “bitersweet” sales for Trey.

      • MC October 31, 2012

        They are both R&B acts and Trey Songz was strictly R&B without any pop mix. Btw, even though Brandy was out for 4 years, moving 100k in three weeks is still really bad, nothing to scream about at all.

    • dub t November 1, 2012

      Preach! How is 135k “bittersweet” but 65k ain’t all bad? Sam can we please keep it real in here. 2/11 flopped. That’s why you posted this thread in desparation trying to convince ppl to purchase the album! Lol but dude…it’s over. It flopped? Doesn’t Brandy have a song on the album called “let me go?” After this I think it’s time that we all let her go lol

  7. BlueVelvet October 30, 2012

    If RCA don’t call Sam after reading this imma have to do it for them, this is f***** epic.

  8. Aaron October 30, 2012

    Toyota can NOT hire Brandy to sell cars considering…….. ok, i’m gonna leave.

      • WaitUrTurn88 October 31, 2012


      • RICHANDBLACK11(JUST LIKE BEY) October 31, 2012

        y assss the kidz are turning it out in that GIF YASSS GAWD HUNTY 10 ACROSS THE BOARD

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  9. MeOhMy October 30, 2012

    You guys did your research, from the bottom of my heart you have to know how much I value your support for Brand as a long time fan.

  10. JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN October 30, 2012

    Why people doon’

  11. NEVER THAT SERIOUS October 30, 2012

    When MEMOIRS did 600k in the US with no promo,You never stopped calling it “DISASTER” but brandy is so successful doing 100k….stop making excuses for Brandy,she’s talented and intelligent enough to know what to do with her career…UNBIASED SITE INDEED.F*** YOU

    • SdotB October 31, 2012

      600K for Mariah is a disaster…she’s oe of the top selling artists of ALL TIME….stop comparing and look at the sales individually at face value…

      In this day and age, 100K is above average for an rnb artist during 1st week, especially if the artist has been on a 4 year hiatus from music…

      I think this album will do exceptionally well in the long run, especially with all of the hype and word of mouth surrounding it…this album is critically acclaimed, whether it sells well or not…and it def has the potential of getting her a Grammy and a selection of other awards!

      • SdotB October 31, 2012

        “she’s one* of the top selling artists”

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


      • Pattycake November 2, 2012

        Brandys album was great!! It doesnt need to be pumped up at all because any one who pumps it in can listen to it start to finish. True R&B just isnt the craze these days and if you aint Beyonce or Rihanna you definitely wont get the shine you deserve.

  12. JAZMINE SULLIVANS FAN October 30, 2012

    Why people don’t do a flash mob promoting the album or some viral video FOR IT?

    • Jer October 31, 2012

      This is not 2008

  13. JER October 30, 2012

    Oh so now 100k is commendable. Isn’t that always the way. It’s a smash when it’s your fave and a flop when it’s your faves jealous rival.

    • jboogie October 31, 2012

      Thank you. Had that been anybody else things would’ve been totally different. This site is so bias and full of s***.

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  14. Rez October 30, 2012

    I think Brandy’s Two Eleven was amazing. I’ve bought it yesterday and it’s a great r&b’s music. She has coporated her r&b with modern time. Most people, who didn’t like it wanted to be like 90’s music. 90’s music doesn’t exist anymore, cause she tried that and it didnt work. Look at how well Put It Down did and it’s still going strong. I think she’ll surpass the 100k by Nov. I think her album might go at least gold as long she keep releasing singles and video for this album.

    • ohhey! October 30, 2012

      haha, some people who bought it said that it sounded too 90s. it’s not wow, what do you want? that’s why i say Brandy should keep making the kind of music she likes because people will not to satisfied. i just love Brandy’s music period! i would always support her because she is a great artist.

  15. Rez October 30, 2012

    Also she need to get on the white people shows that actually buy album. Like Jay Leno, Jimmel Kimmel, Carson Daly, David Letterman to promote the album, but I see what she’s doing trying to regain her black audiences back slowly.. Now, she’s back on the set of The Game. Regardless, she’s making her money though. POW.. She needs to release Wildest Dreams video, it’s taking too long. Since yall talking about pushing, they needed to take it down to $7 and deluxe $9 to be more affordable.

    • the voice October 31, 2012

      She has been doing those shows. I think she needs to do more tho and then go to the UK & Europe … Didnt Ceelo go 2 x platinum in the UK? They like soul

  16. BeyWhoUWanna October 30, 2012

    Here for these ideas. Sad thing is that she probably wont even use them.

  17. Princess Pocketbook October 30, 2012

    I loved Put It Down. Second single was okay. I think she needs a remix featuring Azeilia Banks. Femcees always grab interest. Also a song featuring Kendrick Lamar would be a good look. Brandy had swag and spunk in Put It Down. Don’t lose it.

    • huha October 30, 2012

      Man RCA aint paying for no Kendrick Lamar feature on a remix… will only happen if Kendrick does it for free for his childhood crush…fact is Clear Channel and them have killed Comtemporaty R&B her sales are expected actually..

  18. Monstarebel October 30, 2012

    It’s a flop quit with the excuses

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  19. missdiva October 30, 2012

    Undersyand u a member of her board and a friend of dude who runs her site but Two Eleven FLOPPED hard…all that promo and couldnt sell more than miguel or monica who had NO Promo..brandy even had a so called Hit single..Oh My!!!!!!
    Who the F*** dont sell with a Hit song…look at first and second week NO ONe is Interested or CARE………the songs on Human was just as good as 2/11…brandy time has passed sorry to say this 3 in a row the public has moved on…..least she has a great catalogue to perform for shows and tours for future gigs!!!!!!!!TRUTH

  20. missdiva October 30, 2012

    She Flopped…..DEAL WITH IT…sales will continue to dwindle especially with upcoming big names dropping Nov and Dec……………….its a wrap!!

    • NYMARCUS October 31, 2012


  21. KNUCK October 30, 2012

    This is an amazing album and you definitely can’t count it out at third week! There are some great singles left on this album and if her team handles this right it will surprise everyone. Negative people will always be as unhappy with Brandy as they are with themselves.. pay it no mind. Most of the people talking s*** haven’t even listened to the album or they LOVE the album but they like takin shots because it’s a low point for the artist. How someone can say a pure R&B album is a flop after 3 weeks and the second video hasn’t even dropped yet is beyond me.. Brandy didn’t pull that “buzz single” mess, she is releasing legitimate singles and they are climbing at a normal pace. Nobody is making excuses for her.. This era is successful already. If you really love R&B music then you need to get out of the “pop” microwave frame of mind. R&B artists serve slow cooked goodness and the trends are not in our favor right now. If you enjoy it, support it.

    • IDK October 31, 2012

      @KNUCK Boy you always speak the truth! say that s*** 2x

  22. Monstarebel October 30, 2012

    Do you people really think the world is interested in brandy anymore the only reason put it down did anything was cause Chris brown was on the song….ain’t nobody got time for brandy especially when people like Rihanna Nicki Keyshia and xxltina are dropping albums in about 2 weeks Bye Brandy your career was nice why it lasted I guess…

    • IDK October 31, 2012

      looks like you the only 1 who feels that way lol! Good luck Home wrecking!

    • Pattycake November 2, 2012

      Chris Brown didnt add anything to that song…..-_- She murders that performan alll the time solo dolo!

  23. bibi93 October 30, 2012

    Respect Brandy

  24. Girrrl October 30, 2012

    I agree with the points @MissDiva made. Brandy should have had bigger numbers than people like Monica or Miguel since she did way more promo than them. The reason why the sales are slow are: Brandy changed the date for the album 3 times, she took too long for the PID video, etc. Let’s just be honest, 65,000 are p*** poor numbers and she has to step it up soon if she wants to end with decent sales. For instance, where is the Wildest Dream video? That one snippet weeks ago is not enough. She needs to drop two videos, one for r&b and the other for pop radio. Then she needs to get on these late night shows and perform non-singles so people can get a feel of the album.

    • Jay October 30, 2012

      But Monica changed her release date over five time–way more times than Brandy. And the last time Brandy’s album was pushed back it was because the record company didn’t want her competing with Miguel. So, that’s a pretty pathetic argument. As for timing, these things are out of her control. As the artist, though, she has to take the blame for it all, which is so sad when you think about it. The girl just wants to touch people with her music, but all this business, numbers crap is getting in the way.

      • Girrrl October 30, 2012

        Whatevs, Brandy is a bigger star than Miguel (though I love his cd more than hers) and two/eleven should not have been pushed back. No matter whose fault it is, that hurt sales.

  25. kllrj08 October 30, 2012

    Ok people are so excited to say Brandy flopped yay!, but what does that leave us to listen to? Keisha Cole? Rihanna? The same ole same oles who been making the same music for the past 4 years. This generation is so quick to label people has-beens and flops etc. It’s a shame that when someone does come out with quality music, you want it to flop and not sale? I don’t get it :/

    • mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

      They have been fooled, tricked, bamboozaled by a fake as* media that tells them that the ten artists they constantly promotes – 1 direction, bieber, gaga, trailer swift, etc – are all they need to listen to!

      • RoyalKev October 30, 2012

        ^ @Mob

        I swear you really see more going on than the average person would! 🙂 Some folks have too much control and there’s way too much monopolizing. It always more than what meets the eye and I don’t trust too many of these unreliable sources (Itunes). It’s all coming to head soon!

    • the voice October 31, 2012

      KC is not bad to listen to at all. I think her CD will be good. Yeah I’m a fan.

      I also think Brandy will be just fine. She just needs to get on the road but I know it’s hard when u have a kid. I hope she can do a little tour for the fans.

  26. Mark79 October 30, 2012

    These numbers aren’t good, but she and RCA just need to continue to push and promote. Continue playing to her base, continue pushing the music to urban radio and try to win back some of the past fans who left. Don’t so much try to make new fans, because when you’re a 10+ year vet, you basically won’t. If she can average 20k a week, then she can see at least Gold in about 6 months. Some endorsement would definitely help, as would bookings on prime time performance shows.

    Basically what I’m saying is don’t give up simply because it’s off to a modest start. Keep the grind up, turn it up a few notches and keep walking forward. We all knew that this album was going to commercially struggle. Make peace with the fact that it isn’t 1999 and set brand new, more realistic goals for the project.

  27. STARZ4EVER October 30, 2012

    ’Keep Hope Alive’:

    Not everyone is going to move Adele numbers and when you don’t- it’s important to keep your buzz alive in public… even if things aren’t going to plan in private.

    When you’re happy, your fans are happy and more likely to back whatever it is that you put out, especially if you seem eager to succeed against all odds (see Chris Brown circa ‘Graffiti‘.)

    (sheds real tear and waves hand in praise)

    Imma buy the album again because of this

  28. King. October 30, 2012

    She needs to be on bigger venues. Shows like SNL, Jay Leno, David Letterman. And she needs perform on more award shows as well. Also, she should perform songs other than the singles to give the public a true sense of what the album is about. She started out great and if she can keep the momentum going, she should be able to go gold.

  29. JASONKYLE34 October 30, 2012


  30. YOLO October 30, 2012

    She needs to CONTINUE THE HYPE for the album!! I read persons said the album was sold out, if the album was UNDERSHIPPED she needs to COnTINUE THE HYPE BY PROMOTING and while it is being promoted, the ALBUM should BE MORE ACCESSIBLE so that persons can buy it!! Monica’s Still Standing sold an OUTSTANDING (A LOT) amount of physical copies so maybe this is the case with Brandy!!

  31. Jessica October 30, 2012


    • ADC143 October 30, 2012

      How the f*** is she so “1990,” when she wasn’t even out in 1990. Idiot. You’re so “2009” because you act like a 3 year old.

      In short: no one cares what you think, shut up.

    • ohhey! October 30, 2012

      oh girl shut your ass all the way up!

    • KNUCK October 31, 2012

      girl please… is this helping YOUR fave? I don’t think artists who are so 1990 have a single that has the most airplay on urban radio. Couldn’t even say that about say, Mariah carey’s latest effort and I AM a lamb. Brandy is here to stay and you will have to deal.

  32. mob: GJ is back on that bullsh*t I see October 30, 2012

    I’m not sure why you threw a Chris Brown reference in the mix considering that there was a CONCERTED EFFORT TO STOP THE SELL OF HIS MUSIC! Til this very day B*TCHES are still trying to destroy him. Despite of the wicked plans of the WALKING DEVILS, he still manages to keep on keepin’ on!

    Brandy is an incredible talent. Her spirit, wit, and energy are simply refreshing to have back in the public eye .R&B simply is not promoted and is not valued by the POWERS THAT BE. I still think 2-11 is a good CD. Ppl need to stop trying to compare R&B artists to the gimmicks in Pop, Country & Rap! Because a CD doesn’t sell Adele numbers doesn’t mean the CD and the artists aren’t as good. Jill scott doesn’t do Adele numbers, but she would sing Adele into an early grave!

  33. myke October 30, 2012

    i love this article…i wish she can be real strategic..the album is great

  34. FREEWILL October 30, 2012

    What she NEEDS to do is dump her BF as her manager, stop only playing up to her gay clientle (no shade but she has more than gay male fans) and get with some people with some decent promo skills. The failure of a great CD is bad management.

    • KNUCK October 31, 2012

      exactly… but it’s her COUSIN that’s her manager and we’ve been sick of his ass since the reality show. We’ve seen MUCH less and MUCH older stars past their prime era have another hit era with great promo.

  35. An0thrNight272 October 30, 2012

    that grape juice – ya’ll need to get into management/PR etc – ya’ll are genius . Love your suggestions!

  36. jaiyah October 30, 2012

    I think she could try to get her cover girl contract back and do something with Queen Latifah’s cover girl Queen collection would be good or anything from The My Black Is Beautiful products. I also remembered that Brandy was rocking some Reeboks throwbacks, so she could hook up with that shoe company. Just a few suggestions.

  37. nick October 30, 2012

    great article!!! ive bought 6 so far & will buy 2-3 every week! i will ensure thjs album is olaye in every house/car of people i know

  38. jaiyah October 30, 2012

    This article is really on to something. Since Brandy has performed at “For Sisters Only in Atlanta and Black Girls Rock,” let’s campaign Brandy to become the spokes person for The My Black Is Beautiful products. That would be huge for her.


  39. Realness October 30, 2012

    When New Life dropped (Which slightly outsold 2/11 with not even a top 20 RnB single) it was a flop, but 2/11 gets a pass? IT FLOPPED!! Despite her best efforts, IT FLOPPED!

    • Sabian October 30, 2012

      Not every damn Brandy fan on the planet mocked New Life and called it a flop. Obviously, though, those who did shook your soul so much that it left you eternally bitter. Wow, must suck to be so thin in your skin that strangers words on a screen have that much effect on your psyche. There’s gotta be an anti-depressant you can take for that.

      • jaiyah October 31, 2012

        I am also a Monica and bought 2 My Life cds, but when I purchased 2 of Brandy’s 2/11 cds the cashier told me that if you’re buying 2 or more cds at the same time on the same receipt, that it won’t count as album sales. You have purchase each album indivisually to make the album count as sales. I don’t know if it’s true or not on what the cahsier was telling me so I believe that Monica and Brandy probably sold more albums than that but the fans were buying 2 or more cds at the same time in instead of buying each one individually to make the sales count.

    • dub t November 1, 2012

      Thanks so much for keeping it real! 2/11 flopped. I love Monica’s New Life though. I still listen to it at least twice a week.

      • Pattycake November 2, 2012

        And I lovvvve love love me some Two Eleven, Full Moon and Afrodesiac those cds were it for me!

  40. Sierra October 30, 2012

    The word flopped is being used waaaayyyyyy to much now especially if its only based off her sales cause i have yet heard besides her supportive fans (who many stated that they enjoyed it including me )to say the quality of the music was poor it’s ridiculous ! It’s pretty apparent that many who are speaking negatively didn’t even bother to consider the album to begin with
    Secondly I personally enjoy both brandy and Monica regardless of sales they make.they accomplished alot in the music industry and both had their down points and I personally respect them for staying true to themselves. If you down for them then go support them

  41. theman October 31, 2012

    Promo and pushing the singles will make this album a success.

  42. MELODY2012 October 31, 2012

    Nothing will save this album….it is boring

    • Pattycake November 2, 2012

      Boring?? Im guessing ur into that pop stuff huh? Tech(no) music yeah? Well she is an R&B artist not a pop artist and she is staying true to that ! More artists should do the same.

  43. MELODY2012 October 31, 2012

    Ciara is somewhere wishing on a star to do 65 000 in first week because with the interest or lack of it in her OWA project she is slated to open with Kreayshawn numbers

  44. MELODY2012 October 31, 2012

    I wonder what kind of advise does @HoodPR and @RihannaBlackMadonna have for Brandy. Maybe she should go blonde, dish Kelly Rowland and maybe she will sell.

  45. TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

    Taylors message to her fans…
    “They just told me Red sold 1.2 million albums first week. How is this real life?! You are UNREAL. I love you so much. Thanks a million ;)”

    Taylor is also nmber 1 in the uk

    In short Taylor is slaying!!


    • JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

      No matter how many times you say it. An “artist” like Taylor Swift doesn´t deserve those numbers

      • TAYLOR SWIFTS NUMBER 1 FAN!!! October 31, 2012

        Who are you to decide whether an artist like Taylor.. deserves those numbers?

        Its not about deserving, it’s about people liking your music, whih makes them go out and buy your music.

        I guess you’ll be telling me an artist like Brandy does… well you know if so called brandy fans, went out and bought the cd, she would.

  46. MUSICHEAD October 31, 2012

    Let me hop on in here. The problem Brandy is having with Two Eleven is the general public is unaware of it’s existence. The label chose not to promote Put It Down at pop radio which has an audience 3 times the mass of urban radio and way more stations. No one is fighting to get her played on the radio so most of the buying public has never heard her new music. The next problem is her cousin is doing a poor job as her manager. He doesn’t have the pull or the connections to get her booked on the big award shows or TV shows that’s why we haven’t seen her. The artist alone can’t structure those deals…it’s mostly the manager who handles that. Lastly, Wildest Dreams was a poor single choice and even with a video it may not do well. I hope I’m wrong but No Such Thing and Slower are the two singles that have any chance of saving this project.

    • Realness October 31, 2012

      Still Standing sold of Urban audience ALONE! POP Radio will NOT play an Rnb ARTIST!

      • Realness October 31, 2012

        sold off*

      • MUSICHEAD October 31, 2012

        Still Standing had 3 advantages that Two Eleven does not:
        1. The BET reality show (That was great exposure for Monica. Reintroduced her to her fan base and introduced her to a younger audience while showcasing different songs from the album so ppl knew what to expect)

        2. The first single, Everything to Me, was a hit at Urban AND Adult urban radio. The song had more exposure. Put It Down was never played at Adult Urban radio.

        3. R&B music was still selling well in 2009-2010. Once the Lady Gaga dance era hit it was over for R&B.

    • IDK November 1, 2012

      lol! Music Head knows his s***! lol Except I dont know about the song “slower’ being released as a single tho. Dont get e wrong, I love the song but I just dont think it has that “it” factor. Its just another classic for the album to me.

      • MUSICHEAD November 1, 2012

        Lol…yea I’ve been followig the industry since 1995. I know a little more about pushing a record than most of the folk on here. However, No Such Thing would def do well at Pop and I think most ppl agree with that. Slower would have that Angel In Disguise appeal. It doesnt even need a video…urban radio would run with it. I just don’t feel that Let Me Go would last very long at radio unless it was re-worked to add a rapper. That song is very underwhelming to me. It will fade very quickly at radio.

  47. the real xoxo October 31, 2012

    “i am nothing without you”
    this album DEFINES the word “cliche”.

  48. the voice October 31, 2012

    Do what Nicki Minaj did to promote her first album….

    Continue to partner with RADIO STATIONS for her shows & meet and greets around the country.

    Do what Drake does….. Have her label buy time for her next song to be played once an hour for a week on Clear Channel and Radio One stations here in the US.

    continue to promote her songs with TV appearances…. dont let up….


    TOUR TOUR TOUR TOUR…. that’s what hip hop artists do constantly… they even tour for her mixtapes LOL

    Kendrick Lamar has not ONE hit single on Billboard but he will sell 240,000 for 1st week of debut album… He stayed on the road… kust like WizKhalifah, Drake, J Cole etc….

    U have to connect with ur fans in person…. leave a good impression so the next time u come to town u call sell out venues

    She probably wont go gold but she can rebuild her fanbase with touring….

    Jill Scott is no longer a platinum artist but she has no problem selling out 15,000 seat venues….. same ewith Erykah Badu

    Brandy can do this too…. she need to stop lip synching tho… she ‘s too good for that.

    • SdotB October 31, 2012

      she never lip synchs, which rock have u just crawled up from under??

      • the voice October 31, 2012

        yeah she does…. she lipped the Whitny tribute on BET … her rehearsal footage of her singling live was better than the lip synched show she did

  49. RUDE NAVY October 31, 2012

    the album is QUALITY but it is a FLOP and we know the reasons already , it is not the first and WON’T be the last R&B album to suffer from such thing , i had big hopes for her , but her and her people are slow and lazy as f*** , they deserve it.

    • KNUCK October 31, 2012

      I can agree on her people being slow and lazy.. Her manager is DEFINITELY lazy..

    • JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

      She is not lazy. She promoted hard last week
      Problem is no big audience knows about these releases cos they don´t get to perform at the big events, not the AMA, not anything. Lots of promo on BET and things like that don´t help a lot
      People like Neyo could sell a little bit more with his last album (more than 100,000) cos he at least gets to perform at those big events sometimes. But they won´t accept people like Brandy and the rest, so there´s no chance for them
      Not to mention they are invisible on radio

  50. cocobutta October 31, 2012

    Scared of beautiful has to be a single and the video show the truth to the lyrics, so it can relate to everybody.
    Lyrical content and a song of true meaning may actually work for Brandy.

    This wildest dreams video should be more than out already. Brandy still gotta push and be on as much radio stations and tv shows as possible.

    The team really gotta step up and show off the qualities of thos CD.
    Let me go can be forth single.

  51. Jessica October 31, 2012

    Sis don’t be mad at me for stating the obvious about Brandy, no one is interested in her projects anymore. But mad at the consumers, who said “no thanks” to 2/11..

    Here is hoping that Brandy goes away forever.

    • SdotB October 31, 2012

      what? go sit somewhere please!!

  52. Jessica October 31, 2012

    She needs to 86 “Wildest Dreams” because the video is taking too long. She needs to release “No Such Thing As Too Late” the last time I checked, it had more views than WD on YouTube (and was uploaded weeks after) and it seems to be a fan favorite. It’s very catchy with a cute message and I can hear it getting spins on pop radio. But hey who Am I?

  53. LittleJohnny October 31, 2012

    First off, Thank You so kindly for writing this article. Although some people might see it as inappropriate, I can tell that the writer is just as I am-a huge Brandy fan. The label really should not give up on Brandy’s album because I believe with Brandy’s star quality along with the awesomeness of the material and her unique voice, it could make it to platinum over the next few months. Labels tend to forget how promoting something to extensively can be effective. Adele’s “21” album only sold 350,000(US) copies in it’s first week and is now approaching diamond (10 mill) in the US alone. Also Bruno Mars’ “Doowop’s” album only sold 55,000 in it’s first week and is now approaching double platinum with 1.7 million albums sold in the US alone. SO there is a lot of hope for our girl Brandy but she,along with her team has to have that hope as well. But again I will say, this is an awesome article. Brandy, we know you got this!!

    • Iamdomo October 31, 2012

      Flop/11 platinum over the next few months. Yeah, when pigs fly.

      You guys need to give it up on this project, RCA sure has.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

      That Bruno Mars example is not valid
      Debut albums usually sell like that. But when you´ve past that your biggest week is the first one. Except for true greats and in a total different era. It doesn´t work like that anymore. Now after the first week the decline can be bigger or smaller, but it´s impossible to surpass first week numbers

    • MC October 31, 2012

      Baby, you need to get your head out of the clouds. Her album is predicted to sell 100k in 3 weeks! Predicted! Her album will not push Gold let alone Platinum which is really sad considering it was extremely good. Btw, Sam is being nice because he likes Brandy, he is much harsher on those he doesn’t like.

  54. LittleJohnny October 31, 2012

    Brandy has done massive numbers before (see multi-platinum statuses of her first few albums). She is basically now reintroducing herself to the world and I believe this new album is the intro. I believe greater numbers will follow if she continues to act as if she’s the star the we all know she is.

  55. JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

    I just wish Brandy and some other acts could sell more, even the ones who I don´t like much but are clearly talented. Just that
    Radio and big musical events won´t aloow them to be there cos theya re not pop enough so it´s impossible

  56. FREEWILL October 31, 2012

    If RCA doesn’t get behind Brandy this CD will continue to flounder. They have the big money and will put it up if they believe the CD will be successful. If not, they won’t. It’s not about whether its a excellent CD. This is a business. To me, its clear that Brandy is not going to push sales like she used to so now its time to become a touring multi talented entertainer. Some one mentioned Jill Scott. Yes, she can sell out concert halls without having “hit” records. Go on a real tour with a REAL band and go over seas and make that money. If RCA drops her (and they will if her sales don’t pick up) go independent. There is money and recognition still to be made.

  57. doubline47 October 31, 2012

    She would have bleach her hair Green or Blue,and then add 2 Dance Pop tracks to the album,she would have made it for real

    • JOHNVIDAL October 31, 2012

      Sad but true

  58. credits October 31, 2012

    1. Although she is a premium act, she needs to get on some features with apopular artists today to reintroduce herself. i”m sure they would love to work with her.
    2. A re-airing of her ‘behind the music’ special
    3. Ellen
    4.Charity work/ lending her name to an organization

  59. October 31, 2012

    Her record company/ mgmt dropped the ball on this. She needed to release atleast two successful singles and videos before album release. Most people can’t sell albums on name alone. With that said, I have the album and have been playing it continuously for the last two weeks. It’s a great album!! True R&B

    • Realness October 31, 2012

      Her single is #1 at Urban radio

  60. WHOCARES October 31, 2012

    Brandy and a car campaign??? REALLY?? THEY’D EAT HER ALIVE FOR THAT

  61. BitchICan’tEvenSpellWelfare October 31, 2012

    People, look, the album cannot be saved. I bought it release day. I LOVE it. It’s fantastic. But THIS is not the type of album that is going to get that much support.

    Pick “So Sick,” ‘Slower,” “Without You (my fav),” “Hardly Breathing,” ‘Wish Your Love Away,” they’re all GREAT songs. However, this is simply NOT the climate for R & B music–period.

    Look at Miguel’s FANTASTIC album “Kaleidoscope Dream”- rave reviews! It has barely sold over 125,000 since its release date of September 25.

    Brandy, Miguel, Melanie Fiona, Elle Varner, etc…. Quality Albums, Bad Sales

    Look at Janelle Monae’s BRILLIANT “The ArchAndroid” – to this day it has barely sold 150,000 copies since its release in March of 2010. An album, mind you, that is critically hailed.

    I NEVER expected “Two Eleven” to do well–never. I’m just trying to figure why others did expect it to do well in this climate???? If things turn around sales wise, I’ll be pleasantly surprised and even thrilled but I just don’t see it.

  62. Sky October 31, 2012

    damn this article just gave me my life back after hurricane sandy came thru.. i need my babygirl brandy and her managers to see this!!! omg.. Wheres Sonja at.. She needs to get back on the team ASAP.. and guys dont forget.. she just started back on the set of The Game.. more tv time.. we need those moesha days back where brandy was on tv every single night.. !!

  63. YOLO October 31, 2012

    Brandy should do a DUET with artists like BRUNO MARS, she worked with hiim before he was famous…

  64. GAslickmouf October 31, 2012

    The video to wildest dreams shouldve been out.

    Brandy should be working on 2more singles and videos! Like WTF???

    DO KNOW !!!


    LET ME GO!!!


    These songs will get her the best radio play.
    Brandys team really sucks yo. The STARS kno wats best for Brandy. Her team sucks so bad.

    We need that double release and double video to push this album over.


    • FREEWILL October 31, 2012

      The “starz” know what’s best? U are joking right? If the starz knew that they would have been BUYING this CD unless there are only 82k starz.

  65. credits October 31, 2012

    And to everyone dismissing a car campaign, I remember a few years back, Kelis had a car commercial running on BET and she was even singing in it….anything is possible.

  66. IDK November 1, 2012

    Go BRandy!!!!!!! B-Rocka!!!!! Its so many its several singles she could release off the album to me but I think she should continue to go fourth with releasing “Wildest Dreams” she already made the video so why not keep it pushing. Plus liked the the song before but once I saw a sneak peek of the video and also seeing her perform it a few times I love the song now and i think I a lot of people that didnt really care for it could say the same. But think if she can I think she should release 3 more videos (not all @ once tho), And thats “No such thing as too late” “Do you know what you got here” and “Let Me Go” And also, I think she should of planned a world tour a month or 2 after the release of her album.

  67. dub t November 1, 2012

    This is pathetic! A blog coming up with ideas to help Brandy sell? LOL! Her voice should sell! Yall up here calling her the vocal bible one minute and trying to figure out ways to beg people to buy the ablum the next! Lol…foolery. The fact of the matter is… Put it down wasn’t handled correctly (late video and radio release), the album was pushed back more times than people can count, the second single choice is WEAK and wildest dreams is already falling off the urban and urban AC before it even made an impact, and the album only sold 65k in the first week! This is not a comeback, this is a flop! Kendrick Lamar just sold over 240k in his first week! Monica sold about 5k more than Brandy in her first week! Basically Brandy failed on this one and should just start focusing on the next project as 2/11 can only go down from here.

  68. Jaded Viperess November 1, 2012

    2/11 will be lucky to sell 300K.
    Because 2/11 is over hyped and brandy has no public appeal outside of her fan base. I love tgj, but enough!!! Brandy’s time is up and no amount of stans online or fake fans will change that.
    Brandy has given us great music but the general public of recent isn’t interested anymore. That’s the truth and there is no need to argue. Get a day job or tour year round. Because come 2013 brandy won’t have a record deal. I mean human debuted higher and still couldn’t push gold. And before someone trys to tell me 2/11 is a great album.
    No its not,you guys want her to win so bad you can’t even see that it’s human 2.0 but way less more engaging, just better beats. If the album was so good and put it down was such a big hit why didn’t she pull 100K(Standard main stream numbers). Jill Scott went away for 4 yrs and she isn’t even a singles artist and she had no features etc and still slayed 2/11.
    Im not even sure where all these “stars” came from. I do know they didn’t buy the album though…I brought it and I don’t even like…In short stop with the excuses. Stars everybody isn’t going to like an album just because you do. Here’s hoping 2/11 sees a gold certification from the RIAA at least for shipping 500K

    • MUSICHEAD November 1, 2012

      The sad part is that people with your mind set actually work in the industry. People who think the way you do is why we’re force fed bull$#it music from artists who have minimal talent. The problem with your type of thinking is that you DON’T understand the idea of “long term investment”. You don’t seem to understand the power of marketing. When a product isn’t marketed to the audience that actually BUYS music, of course it’s not gonna sell. It doesn’t mean the public isn’t interested. They are just not aware that it’s out there. I could see if songs from this project were actually promoted and played at pop radio and the audience still refused to buy. But what you’re not seeing is this project was only marketed to an urban and smaller audience which is the reason for the minimal sales. This isn’t rocket science! And by the way, first week sales do not indicate how well an album can sell OVER TIME. And as far as not having a record deal next year…do your homework. Brandy was sought out by her current label to rebuild her career and they are invested- LONG TERM. Have several seats! _/_/_/_/_/

    • Pattycake November 2, 2012

      Human 2.0 really? You must not have been listening to Two Eleven by Brandy Norwood, that album was awesome, pure r&B , futuristic with flavor. Real ARTISTS who stay true to R&B have a very difficult time selling no matter how great there album is because Pop is in. How do you think Usher stays afloat ? Rihanna? These once R&B artists are now pop artist. I pray she doesnt switch over idk what ill do if i cant even depend on Brandy to give me a pure R&B album

  69. Kenneth Green Jr November 2, 2012

    I understand that Brandy is acting, but the album is out and she did all of the press interviews the first week of the album, but then nothing else, no shows, no more appearances or anything. She should be be still doing shows within the time she can between acting. Your in Atlanta right now, do a show, travel around and still promote, don’t disappear after the first week sales. If she feels as though she is a new artist all over again, she needs to be doing these things. Its upsetting to see sometimes an Artist that has so much talent be underated, but we need Brandy to get out there doing these things, its like the hype is there, then it fades away. We need her face out there more. Get to work! 🙂

    • MUSICHEAD November 2, 2012

      I agree! Where is the post album release promo? I hope this isn’t because the promo budget has been depleted already. RCA has 2 high profile projects coming up with Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys. I hope Brandy’s budget did not get cut for them.

  70. Pattycake November 2, 2012

    Wildest Dreams premiers tomorrow on 106 and Park!!

  71. Tange November 3, 2012

    Great album! Wish Brandy the best. Just find it sad that people make excuses when she doesn’t do well. It’s not her music that’s the problem it’s her image. Brandy has not done well since the full moon era- faulty marriage etc. The fact is Brandy was one of the artist who didn’t keep it real with her fan base. She went as far as do a reality show based on all lies.

  72. charlie November 9, 2012

    I love the new 2/11 album. Brandy’s voice is amazing. She should do a duet with Barbara Streisand because after hearing her sing “No such thing as too late” her voice is like butter baby. That song is not a s** song it is a make sweet love song. That song, the way she sings it, makes you want to melt all over your man. And I agree she should get rid of her cousin, he has not done enough for her over the years. He does not promote her like the star she is. Its clear he is an amateur. Brand, wise up about taking control of your career because this guy has neither the connections nor the know how to put you where you should be. I think you could do a better job of managing yourself. Tell your cousin you love him but this light is a light God gave YOU, and you have to make it shine the way HE intended, BRIGHT!!!!! I love you very much, you are the best, most decent young lady out there.

  73. charlie November 10, 2012

    Brandy please stop speaking in such absolutes. There is someone or someones surrounding you that is passive aggressively responsible for the sad way you speak and I suspect the way you feel. I am black but I think you need to get some diversity around you, someone you trust. You should get at least one white person around you. I have always disliked Oprah for surrounding herself with all those white people, but those white people helped her realize her true worth. You put a groupie in a circle to make decisions about your career, are you kidding me. Surely you are smarter than that. Make him your friend but that’s it. You need someone to give you sound advice. WHERE THE HELL IS MAKS. Make Maks your adviser,please. Say what you want about Maks, but we got the sincere impression that he had nothing but your best interest at heart.

  74. fishinglovers December 16, 2014

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