Lady GaGa Hints At Two ‘ARTPOP’ Volumes

Published: Tuesday 30th Oct 2012 by Sam

Several months may separate Lady GaGa‘s monsters from the release of ‘ARTPOP’, yet that hasn’t stopped the singer from ramping up buzz for the hotly anticipated album.

Thus far, the star has drip-fed fans with information surrounding the “experience” that the project is shaping up to be. And with this being a “forumla” that has worked, the 26 year old is sticking to it, taking to her Little Monsters platform to share more morsels of info this week.

Full story below…

As per her postings on her social network, GaGa said of the LP (her fourth):

“It’s a bit more modern. You never know if radio is ready. I can’t decide how to tracklist it yet. Sort of thinking that vol. 1 should have all the commercial songs and save the experimental material for vol. 2.”

Elaborating on the previously confirmed news that the LP will come both as a traditional CD and packaged as an Apple/Android “app”, she added:

“The app is coming along amazing. I’m flying back to Chicago to work on it. The developers on ARTPOP are all like 22 and genius kids. You’d be surprised how many genius little monsters there are.”

Confirmed producers on the project include RedOne, DJ White Shadow, and Fernando Garibay.




In making an informed guess, it appears (for better or worse) GaGa has recorded sets of songs that would appease those who loved her ‘Fame / Fame Monster’ offerings, as well as material that leans more towards the brand of “progressive” she tried selling on ‘Born This Way’.

Given the hookless “construction noise” that defined the sound of the latter, we’re hoping that -two volumes or not- she sticks to and grows within the confines of the tried and tested. Especially in light of the mass dislike of much of the material on ‘Born’.

Sometimes, success isn’t about trying to be everything to everyone, it’s about knowing what the masses enjoy from you and working that “lane” to its full potential.

 Here’s hoping GaGa strikes a balance between achieving that and creatively satisfying herself this go round.

 Your thoughts?

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  1. J October 30, 2012

    I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to hearing new stuff from her, I just hope she doesn’t try to become too much of a cult artist (like Bjork/Fiona Apple etc)

    • J October 30, 2012

      oops I meant if I said I wasn’t ;s

  2. Lax October 30, 2012

    Lady Gagag Is Talented in every way a Prodigy I’d
    Say but ,,,,that’s not all I Respect Her Hustle!

  3. craaaaazy October 30, 2012

    TGJ you are the only ones to not report Jessie J’s new song. Get on that ASAP.

  4. Jer October 30, 2012

    I will DEF be following this project. Unlike OTHER beysic divas, Gaga and Rihanna hell even Katy Perry are always trying to give their fans something more, something exciting, something interesting. Anythinf besides yet another overpriced tour DVD as a go-to. Ill be gettinf the app and pretend my old as is little monster

    • TinaMinaj October 30, 2012

      LMFAO!!!! Rihanna and Katy offering more???? Please get it together! And how dare you compare gaga to rih and katy! A damn shame…

  5. tribaljudas October 30, 2012

    Mass dislike is correct.

    Lady Gaga has the biggest slump of album sales on US Billboard history. She went from nearly a million copies one week to 125K the next.

    I bought the album and i liked a couple songs on the album,
    but as a whole, I wa unimpressed.

    I love Gaga and I’m looking forward to ArtPop tho I don’t particularly care for the title.

    • MELODY2012 October 30, 2012

      The label thought she was too big of a star, they believed whatever she put out the public was going to eat it. FALSE ALARM. They must learn from Taylor Swift.

  6. MELODY2012 October 30, 2012

    Lady Gaga was suppose to be the Britne of this era, the X-Tina of this error and the Madonna of this error. But she already fell off due to too much exposure. Now she joins, Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus as they are all fallen stars if you compare the hype to their numbers.

    Random: What happened to Fefe Dobson? what happened to Jonas Brothers? what happened to Miley Cyrus?

  7. Talk That S***! October 30, 2012

    Name 5 other artist that have sold 6 million copies this year?

    • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 30, 2012

      Rihanna – Loud
      Katy Perry – Teenage Dream

      • Pressed H*** Like yourself October 30, 2012

        um did you even read the comment?

      • Benron (King Of The F****** Navy) October 30, 2012

        I couldn’t name 5, so I named too.

    • MELODY2012 October 30, 2012

      Only 1 person did that Adele. Your point is?????

    • V-Jay, Jay October 30, 2012

      So, ifMc Donald’s sells 5000 burgers a week does it make tithe best tasting food/Burgers or the most exposed company?
      I’m struggling to see your point.

    • Pressed H*** Like yourself October 30, 2012

      That really doesn’t exist in today’s musical climate

  8. MonsterDNA October 30, 2012

    It’s funny how people expectations are SO big when it comes to GaGa. How an album which is the 2nd best-selling one from the 2 past years can be considered as a ‘Mass Dislike’ ? Even Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream” with its reedition + 8 successful singles didn’t overtake ‘Born This Way’ in worldwide sales.
    According to UMG reporting, ‘Born This Way’ had sold 6,5M – early 2012. So wIth 2012 sales so far, more than 7M copies.
    And i’m not going to talk about her ‘Born This Way Tour’ which has outgrossed her contemporary peers’ last tour with only the 1st half of the whole tour dates.

    What a flop.

    • HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

      the expectations were high because it was the follow up to TF and TFM….However, BTW underperformed if you prefer, plus considering the massive promo, it can also be considered as the most promoted and hyped up album in history! ( 10 +min videos for flops, a thousand performances on tv of the same songs…) But don’t worry the expectations are no longer high, Gaga is an unoriginal freak (copies everybody music) + she is way too up her ass, shes so desperate to be this ‘legend’ that she’s not letting the public qualify her as so. She thinks her music is so legendary, when it’s not. Plus she does not give credit to all who is behind her, her haus (that design all of her over the top outfits that people are tired of now), and producers, claiming she produces and writes everything- TGJ:”Confirmed producers on the project include RedOne, DJ White Shadow, and Fernando Garibay.” Everything she does, she thinks it’s so f****** iconic, like that stupid fiber wig, monsters are like : ‘omg this is revolutionary’ LIKE REALLY ? a stupid wig that lights up !
      to point out even better what ‘im saying and what many are thinking, when she states that she wants to make immortal music ! Like Bicth what’s immortal in this :
      Rara oulala roma oulala gaga
      judas juda a a a as judas a a a
      Jujujuju dance dance dance
      Popopop poker face popopo face
      Alel ale ale jandro droo
      mamamama marry the night
      papa papa razzi
      eh eh eh eh stop telephonin’ me eh eh
      and all the other over sexualized garbage on BTW….Generic commercial b**** trying desperately to be a legend..

      Side note : Madonna is a legend cause she wrote a song like ‘like a prayer’

      Monster sand gaga need to have several seats….they are free to believe in her hype BUT please stop trying to force it down in others throat…. She was the s*** back in 2009, she’s no longer, dance music has taken over, she’s no longer original and is far from revolutionary with her whack ass lyrics ( and by the way she wasn’t even that original in 2009, she was just hyped up, cause everything was recycled in a REDUCTIVE FORMULA from the 80’s 90’s Dance Era…)

      • MonsterDNA October 30, 2012

        I won’t waste my time any longer to answer a person who choose those lines, when she has a dozen of (very) well-written songs (Bloody Mary, Yoü And I, The Edge Of Glory…) . You can also do the same with some songs of famous legend (Queen’s “Another One Bits the Dust” for instance).

        Side note : Dance Music is so reductive that once she started make dance music with her mega success ‘Just Dance’ + ‘Poker Face’, everybody — suddenly — felt the need to make Dance Music too (to be played heavily on radios).

      • HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

        well her “well- written” songs are not mega hits…. QUEEN, MADONNA, MJ, MC, have WELL WRITTEN SONGS THAT WERE/ARE MEGA MEGA HITS ==> LEGENDS….

        Madonna made a Dance album in 2005, she was ahead of time ….

        Also, Gaga WAS credited for ‘bringing back’ Dance music , everybody follows what works, just like GAGA trying to copy everything madonna did because it worked and made Madonna who she is….Like i said she was ‘original’ in 2009 BUT NOT ANYMORE…. We’re in 2012 H** … gaga is writing the same s***, BTW album ‘ ma ma ma marry the night’ 2011 and on TF ‘ po po poker face ma ma ma’ 2009….Where is her artistic evolution ???? since she so wants be this iconic legendary pop star… FYI: You have to EARN that status.

        Also, learn to read, i did not say Dance music is reductive ! i said gaga recycles old dance songs in a reductive formula…. EX: Fashion for his love => i wanna dance with somebody , Amen Fashion => Vogue/Express yourself , Born this way => express yourself etc…..

      • MonsterDNA October 30, 2012

        The thing that you need to understand is that YES, she wants to be iconic, a legend of Pop Music. But did she said she is already one ? Hell no.
        Instead of wasting your time hatin on her, you should watch some interviews — where she clearly say that. For example i’ve watched 2 french interviews, and when they asked her “Do you think you can be compared to Madonna today ?” her answer is “No”, ’cause she knows she has a long way to go. And that’s why she’s such an hardworker, because she wants to succeed.

        She’s very talented and her 1st album was clearly generic music to attract the people attention. Now she wants to be relevant and her writing on ‘Born This Way’ was better — plus she composed all the songs and composed some of them. Among her peers, do you think Katy, Rihanna, Ke$ha, Britney will be remembered as icons to the general mass, as Madonna ? No. I think Lady Gaga is capable of. We just have to wait.

        Today’s music mainstream is mainly s***, that’s why she had to make shitty and general dance music to succeed. She’s growing artistically.

        (I didn’t say GaGa’s ‘The Fame’ was the 1st Pop-Dance album of the 00’s, but it has way more impact than Madonna’s masterpiece ‘Confessions On A Dancefloor’ – one of my favorite album of her).

      • HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

        LOL you think you are so smart …. The B**** tweeted she’s only interested in making immortal music, that implies she wants her music to be immortal ==> music that lives on after the death of the artist in question ==> Legend

        EX: THE KING OF POP,MJ, HIS MUSIC IS IMMORTAL, HE WILL LIVE ON FOREVER THROUGH HIS MUSIC….NOT GAGA with her whack lyrics….Shes stating this to soon (this immortal crap etc), im willing to wait and see if she becomes a legend (probably not cause she’s not original, shes just a recycling copycat machine who works with a thousand people that she doesn’t credit) she is TOO OBNOXIOUS and PRETENTIOUS ….
        You gay ass monsters are so up her ass that you’re ridiculous trying to defend her every single time…..

      • MonsterDNA October 30, 2012

        As you said, and i said “SHE WANTS her music to be immortal”, doesn’t imply it already is. But whatever…
        And i think you know Madonna and MJ had also inspirations, and that Madonna isn’t the only inspiration who inspired Gaga. And as smart people they are (and Lady Gaga is), they use those inspirations to built their own artistic universe.

        On a side note… there’s no need to be so rude you know.

  9. DOSSOME October 30, 2012

    Oh,Gaga…Good luck

  10. checkingbitches October 30, 2012

    I just can’t with this attention w****. Her hype isn’t what it used to be and she just mad and trying to do whatever she can to bring the old days back.

  11. Monstarebel October 30, 2012

    Lets hope she delivers this time no more born this gay carp just make great pop music

  12. MC October 30, 2012

    This seems like a good idea. I hope it works well.

  13. the real xoxo October 30, 2012

    im glad that she dropped the “holier than thou” act.
    looking forward to ARTPOP,
    though i will not be satisfied until i hear a piano-based album from her.

    • HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

      you have her Xmas Flopbum that is piano-based 🙂

      • RUDE NAVY October 30, 2012

        Actually i love that album , the 2nd best thing she did after ” red & blue”

  14. trizzy trainwreck October 30, 2012

    Lady gaga lost my support when PORCELAIN BLACK came out… Yeah porcelain might be a flop but she is more talented and knows who she is.. Many of lady gaga’s fans saw porcelain as a threat because they know she is.. She sings better then gaga. If you not convinced go listen to the u2 sunday bloody sunday cover she did with 7lions. .:)

  15. IOTA October 30, 2012

    definitely downloading this one for free.

    sorry, I used to be a fan but if it’s anything like BTW, I’ll keep my .99c lol

    • Peter Griffin October 30, 2012

      Y, E and f****** S!

    • SPILLING TEA STATING FACTS October 30, 2012

      DEATH @ .99c. i phucking can’t.

    • RUDE NAVY October 30, 2012

      the 0.99$ shade tho >>>>>>>>

  16. MACHIAVEL October 30, 2012

    Lady G Please Don’t Overhype, Still Love You!!!!!

  17. Suicide Blonde October 30, 2012

    Why two side of an album, just make good music, i guess her Little Monsters are no capable of understand what it means good music.

    • JOHNVIDAL October 30, 2012

      What an absurd way of hating my friend! wow

  18. JOHNVIDAL October 30, 2012

    I still say I want more Born This Way Gaga, not The Fame Gaga. Please. I understand it can be too overproduced for some people, but you can´t deny it´s way better and complex musically and vocally. I mean come on. The Fame is too basic, fun and good for a debut, but basic. She doesn´t need to remake that
    I live “You and I”, “Marry the night”, “Bloody Mary” and many songs on BTW

    • MonsterDNA October 30, 2012

      PREACH !
      I’m a huge fan of Lady Gaga… but only since the ‘Born This Way’ era. I didn’t like her during the ‘The Fame’ period. That was basic as hell (except ‘Paparazzi’ (MV + VMA performance whose made me notice her more)). But with ‘Born This Way’ it’s a completely different story. She’s an artist and you can now feel that.

      And you quoted my favorite songs of the album (+ The Edge Of Glory).

      • JOHNVIDAL October 30, 2012

        Wow just like me!
        Didn´t care and didn´t knew who was the girl singing Just dance. Then around Paparazzi she caught my attention. And after that Bad Romance came and yeah I really knew this girl was talented (piano, better voice than what i thought, bringing the excitement for vidoes back, etc)
        But it was definitely with Born This Way album (not the first single though) when I really enjoyed her and saw her as the biggest and most exciting star of the last years. It reminded me of the huge albums true talented people released in the 90´s when I was growing up. With great performances and promo. And not the crap most models release nowadays

    • HOTSTUFF October 30, 2012

      You are so right !!! she needs to make more of BTW kind of music !!! So she can flop moreee !!! 😀

    • MACHIAVEL October 30, 2012

      Yeeeeees I”m Happy There Are More People Who Prefer BTW Over The Fame And The Fame Monster!
      Same For Me, I Wasn’t Into Lady G( Cause I Hate Her Antics) Until I See Her Singing Paparazzi Live, That’s How She Owned My Respect!
      And Now I Love Her Since The BTW Era, I Love Every Song From BTW, Like ” You And I, Bloody Mary, Americano, Judas, Heravy Metal Lover, Bad Kids, Electric Chapel….” I Just Skype The Remix!

  19. RUDE NAVY October 30, 2012

    well , stefani started to get right finally , hope she give me what i want so i can like her ass again.

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