New Video: Misha B – ‘Do You Think Of Me’

Published: Monday 8th Oct 2012 by Sam

British breakout star Misha B keeps her buzz a’buzzing with epic new single ‘Do You Think Of Me’.

The follow-up to her ‘Home Run’ of a debut, the TMS produced track is the second to be lifted from the 20 year old’s hotly anticipated first album – which arrives early next year.

Speaking of the track, Misha says:

“I really, really loved working on Do You Think Of Me.  It’s one of those songs where everyone will take away something different from it.  I have an emotional connection to the song – it has a very special meaning for me, which I hope comes across in the lyrics and the vocals.  I’m SO excited!!!”

And so are we! Peep the video after the jump…

Yes, yes, and yes! Great visual for a great track. From the narrative to its execution, the clip captures the essence of the song stunningly.  Misha is on to a winner with this one.

‘Do You Think Of Me’ hits iTunes on November 4th.

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  1. stony October 8, 2012

    as always sam you re always post crap on your website when the game will be a major hit all over the planet dont even dare to post my video on your blog

  2. Oh Yeah!!! October 8, 2012

    Love this song Misha!!!

  3. Navi True Teller October 8, 2012

    I love this, great song to start my day with. Jennifer Hudson should take a few pages from Misha vocals with dance beats and she’s good to go.

  4. NOBITCHASSNESS October 8, 2012

    Strong video concept and I found myself singing the hook after this. She stay grinding.

  5. Teflon Boy October 8, 2012

    Great effort, really loved it! Upbeat music with heart.

  6. @091094_ Twitter October 8, 2012

    This song captured me without a video and I love it even more now, this song may be classed as generic but if so its the best generic song out there, I absolutely love this song so beautiful, I will be seriously upset if it dont go to number one, if amelia lily could go number one so can misha, we will have to see

  7. Auntie_Jackie October 8, 2012

    This was really good! Love the video and strong song.

  8. Sarah Says October 8, 2012

    Okay son, nice video but she looks like a 40 year old woman. Especially with that hairstyle.

  9. queen ciara best performer ever is back!!!!! October 8, 2012

    that’s a hit !!! love it!!!

  10. georgia23 October 8, 2012

    I loved the video!!!! I like the song too. I hadn’t heard the song until now so it was really nice to have something to tie it to. Gon’ head Misha!!!

  11. Jeff October 8, 2012

    I was feeling Misha until the first video with the upside down cross leggings and the pictures with all the hand signs

  12. Mister. I’mSo October 8, 2012

    this is nice!!!!…OMG….my face is wet!!!!!

  13. Honey CHILD please October 8, 2012

    People suck some balls. If this was rihanna people would be going crazy. This is misha and this s*** rocks, and you? well kick rocks…

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