Hot Shot: LeToya Luckett & Mathew Knowles Reunite At Stellar Awards

Published: Sunday 20th Jan 2013 by Sam

Time is indeed a healer.

Just ask LeToya Luckett who was snapped posing it up with former manager Mathew Knowles last night at the 28th annual Stellar Awards in Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s been almost thirteen years since Luckett was ousted from Destiny’s Child by Knowles (Beyonce‘s father) – who, at the time served as the group’s manager. And while much has been said by both parties since, the pair were all-smiles as they caught up backstage at the Gospel extravaganza.

With most members of the group (past and present) in each other’s good graces, how epic would it be to see of the entire clan together – if even for a pic? A boy can dream, ay…

Your thoughts?

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  1. KAT DELUNA *POP PRINCESS January 20, 2013

    Latoya and Matthew should work together.

    • Good gworl gone Hood January 20, 2013

      who’s Kat Deluna?

      • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

        A flop and a one hit wonder

      • CHUDDS January 20, 2013

        No shade, but what hit did she have?

  2. honestly January 20, 2013

    Where has Mathew been? I swear he just fell off the scene. I heard his record label fell through and most people dropped him. :(. Even if you’re King B’s father, you can still get stung. How dare he cheat on Tina.

    • CHUDDS January 20, 2013

      He signs all of the Sunday Best winners. He does gospel now.

  3. Beyonce Husband January 20, 2013

    I really think they should work together so her career can go great……..

  4. Wacky O January 20, 2013

    Letoya get away from that man!

  5. RoyalNavy January 20, 2013

    Karma is such a b**** isn’t it. He f***** Toya and Tavia over for Bey and Kelly but ended up all alone because of his manipulative and deceitful ways. Bloody affair haver.

  6. BrandNu211 January 20, 2013

    This man is the reason Kelly thinks she’s a loser. He convinced her she could never be great and now she believes it so much she intentionally makes shitty music.

    • Good gworl gone Hood January 20, 2013

      She is a loser have you not seen her album sales

      • Yawn January 20, 2013

        Both of you ROT IN HELL

    • Harry January 20, 2013

      I have no sympathy for Kelly, the day her and Beyonce were interviewed by VIBE magazine stating that the other two couldn’t sing was the day i lost interest.
      I’m glad Latoya can forgive and forget but i hope she doesn’t get caught up in that mess

      • Pepsi January 20, 2013

        Those b****** said Letoya was Tone Deaf! LMAO, if she is tone deaf please tell me why BOTH of her albums are NUMBER ONE rnb albums and the first album A NUMBER ONE on the Billboard 200. Matthew them reallly made it seem as if she could not sing! Which is pure B*******!

      • PSA (FAF) January 20, 2013

        Thank u! @PEPSI

        letoya has an amazing voice & is extremely talented & humble !

        She was rocking loubs & owned 2 clothing boutiques in between albums !


      • oh January 20, 2013

      • oh January 20, 2013

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      If its true then Kelly is a grown ass woman now she needs to get over those feelings seriously thats stuff teens goin through puberty let drag them down not a thirty something year old woman.

  7. truth(slayer of icki funky ass stans B****!!) January 20, 2013


  8. BitchyB January 20, 2013

    You cheated on Celestine so karma will cheat on you!!

  9. Yolo January 20, 2013

    Matthew did Letoya and Latavia so wrong. Them girls did not DESERVE THAT DRAMA! Then Kelly and Beyonce went right along with it and then that SAME M ATTHEW ended up doing them wrong including Kelly, Beyonce and Tina! Karma is a b****! The same manipulative b**** named Matthew ended their SISTERHOOD but im happy that Letoya is a SUCCESSFUL BUSINESSWOMAN! PLATINUM SOLO ARTIST, SONGWRITER, and ACTRESS. SHE HAS HER OWN CAREER AND TITLES and is NOT Just a Founding Member of DEstinys CHild. The girl is Crafting her LANE!

    • antertain January 20, 2013


    • SnatchYoMan08 January 20, 2013

      You betta say it! Although I wish they could all just get along. Make a DC5 and everybody play nice. Even Matty. I feel bad for his Mario and Luigi Mustache havin’ ass.

  10. YOOSONDALOOSE January 20, 2013

    LeToya make sure you have a proper wash when you get home, don’t want to smell of that black hearted loser.

  11. Good gworl gone Hood January 20, 2013

    Ewww that man is disgusting

  12. House Mother Kanye January 20, 2013

    Letoya looks beautiful! As for Mathew I haven’t seen him, since he supposedly stole money from Bey. SMH

  13. Layla January 20, 2013

    Letoya is the only member of destiny child besides Beyonce to have a platinum album.Even Kelly couldn’t do it.

    • Good gworl gone Hood January 20, 2013

      Yaaas letoya is underrated she’s so much better than that w**** kelly

    • dmoney_vs_dnerd January 20, 2013

      Ms. KELLY unexpectedly went platinum. So what are you saying?

      • MOJO January 20, 2013


      • MOJO January 20, 2013


  14. Keisha January 20, 2013

    Letoya is defiantly more talented than Kelly Rowland.

    • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

      and better looking toya is gorgeous without makeup

      • SnatchYoMan08 January 20, 2013

        Yes in deed. BC when Ms. Kelly takes all that s*** off.. she be lookin like Whoopi or somebody.

  15. Good gworl gone Hood January 20, 2013


  16. BEYSUS CHRIST January 20, 2013


    Four years ago, a surprise performance by Beyonce at President Barack Obama’s Neighborhood Ball became arguably the most talked-about musical moment of the inauguration festivities.

    At the Jan. 20, 2009 event — broadcast on ABC and watched by 12.6 million U.S. TV viewers according to Nielsen — she serenaded the newly-elected president and first lady Michelle Obama with a cover of Etta James’ “At Last.”

    Video clips of the performance went viral on YouTube, other TV networks played it repeatedly, and sales of the song immediately surged. Beyonce’s already-released cover version earned a 1,318% sales gain according to Nielsen SoundScan in the tracking week ending Jan. 25. The tune sold 31,000 downloads that week — up from just 2,000 the week previous. (Her version of “At Last” had been released late in 2008 on the “Cadillac Records” soundtrack. She co-starred in the film as James.)

    Beyonce is back again for Obama’s second inauguration, though this time she’ll be performing at the Ceremonial Swearing-In Ceremony on Jan. 21. Also on hand for the ceremony: Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor.

    Obama’s first inauguration was a major TV event. The Jan. 20, 2009 ceremony was watched by 37.8 million U.S. TV viewers — the second-most-watched presidential inauguration after President Reagan’s first in 1981 (41.8 million). Leading up to that were an array of concerts and balls, broadcast on HBO and Disney Channel, all of which earned many millions of viewers and boasted A-list talent.

  17. ARTPOPPINIT January 20, 2013

    Repulsive vile man. Kelly and Beyonce were ok when he betrayed Letoya and La Tavia but were surprised when he did them dirty too. Serves them right if you ask me.

  18. ya January 20, 2013

    Letoya is that chick…. She’s very talented people need to stop sleeping on her for real.

  19. ya January 20, 2013

    OH YEAH and if yall dont have both her albums titled LETOYA & LADY LOVE then yall need to go check em out. Also she was in a straight to DVD FILM called A Note To Self starring Christian Keyes its a great movie from what i hear when i get my stuff together Um a Cop it.
    And she’s on the Treme show on HB0 and 2ND Generations Waynes ” Ratchet Rochelle” lol BUT yeah she’s grinding. People sleep so much they miss out on fantastic music I just cant wait for that third Lp

    • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

      and she has a chain of botique stores in the houston area. she is doing fine

    • jaiyah January 20, 2013

      Also check Letoya out her new show For Richer Or Poorer on gmc. Yeah Letoya is definitely grinding.

    • alex January 21, 2013

      And the Preacher’s Kid too!

  20. euro January 20, 2013


    • BEYSUS CHRIST January 20, 2013



      • Harry January 20, 2013

        Oh calm yourself! You can be happy but must you be so queenie about it?

  21. CHUDDS January 20, 2013

    It’s been thirteen years, get over it people. They surely did. LeToya is GORGEOUS and such a sweet, sweet woman. Her last album was slept on terribly. THE best R&B album of ’09 in my opinion.

    • Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 20, 2013

      i agreee that album was amazing it had some great tracks on there like “Don’t Need You” “Take Away Love” & “Drained” I’m so ready for a new album from her

      • ya January 20, 2013

        yo songs like Lazy Good To Me I need A U regret After Party Shocked me because she hit notes that i aint never heard from her and also harmonies were crazy

  22. My forehead tho January 20, 2013

    Didn’t Letoya leave the group on her own though…

    There’s no doubt that Mathew Knowles is a shady businessman. I never understood why he would intentionally try to sabotage somebody he considered to be his own daughters’ (Kelly Rowland and Michelle)solo careers.

    I’m glad Letoya became everything he tried to prevent- successful

    • Pepsi January 20, 2013

      No she did not leave the group! Her and Latavia did NOT KNOW they were kicked out until they SAW the world premiere of the Say My Name video on MTV. Or BET. They literally watched their dream be STOLEN from them on television! With other girls LIP SYNCHING THEIR VOCALS!!! Despite the hard work they did! HOW COLD!!!!

      • Pepsi January 20, 2013

        Hopefully Letoya can get a team behind her that can PUSH HER to even MORE SUCCESS!

      • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

        And toya WROTE SAY MY NAME AS WELL!!!

      • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

        and toya wrote all of their songs except bills bills

      • PSA (FAF) January 20, 2013

        Exactly! Toya wrote majority of DC music ! That is their grammy ! They earned it ! Michelle & farrah were replacements .. !

  23. Monstarebel (F** Boy) January 20, 2013

    I love this girl she has an amazing singing voice lady love is one of my favorite albums of all time she’s so underrated

  24. 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013


  25. MISHKA January 20, 2013

    Papa Knowles looks in great shape. Where has he been? BET needs to hook him on some talent search or something,

    LeToya should have never followed Latavia. Beyonce, Kelly and Letoya should have been the DC3.

    But then again, it’s this DC drama that gave Beyonce the boldness to carry the group and later her solo career on her shoulders. If they had never disbanded, she would have never grown the balls she needed to go solo and to become the Queen she is.

    The writing was on the wall, all along.

  26. HOWYOULIKEIT January 20, 2013

    He tried to ruin her career.
    Besides, where’s your new music Letoya?

  27. Pepsi January 20, 2013

    There were rumours about him paying radio stations not to play Letoya’s music and telling bet that if Letoya performs at the Bet Awards. Beyoonce isn’t. Matthew is a shady b****!!!

  28. antertain January 20, 2013

    Love LeToya, especially her grand hustle to still live the dream and be a success with it.

    LeToya has kept classy throughout the years, which is why I always follwed her post break-up.

  29. Rita Ora Fan January 20, 2013

    He’s so s***. Grrrrrr. I just wana drop the soap for him yall’ and have him grind up all on this. I wonder if Bey tasted some of him, I bet she got her fair ”loads” oF him. Lucky b****. Did yall hear that song Daddy she sung?

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Was funny until i got to the Beyonce part.

  30. RoyalKev January 20, 2013

    It’s nice to see LeToya and Mathew letting bygones be bygones! All this shady business that was happening while these ladies were teenagers didn’t define most of them. Everyone has moved on. LeToya has made a name for herself (I’ve always respected her hustle) and DC3 seem to have gelled perfectly together as a trio. LaTavia and Farrah didn’t turn their lemons into lemonade, you have to be resilient in life. I don’t know if they gave up, but if so you can’t blame others for that. Since the drama 13 years ago they’ve all run into each other and smoothed things out. I personally don’t need some grand performance with every member, that would just be one big punch line for everyone that won’t let go of the past. I much rather see them all find their own individual success.

  31. credits January 20, 2013

    i bet letoya will be collecting some royalties from that compilation album. Anywho, did anyone see her on that new Wayans show on BET? she was funny.

    • cocobutta January 20, 2013

      LOL yes she was miss babymama Rochelle.

    • CHUDDS January 20, 2013

      Of course she will. She receives money from anything that she has writing credits on & has her vocals on it. 🙂 Neither her or LaTavia are broke b******.

  32. HOWYOULIKEIT January 20, 2013

    I’m wondering what the queen thinks about it

    • 100 MILLION ALBUMS SOLD!!! GOOGLE IT B****** IF YOUR A BITTER BEY!! January 20, 2013

      Dont nobody give a f*** about that b**** but you wannabe queens

  33. cocobutta January 20, 2013

    Respect to her and that strong will.
    She set a great example for people who choose to dwell on situations.
    DON’T DO IT and move forwards
    Maturity is such a great thing

  34. Jacob January 20, 2013

    Toya looks great and people need to get over the whole DC scandal damn s*** happens in the industry they were all teens Mathew is the only snake here both personally and professionally. Im glad Beyonce isnt associated with him anymore.

  35. jaiyah January 20, 2013

    Hey everyone, check out Letoya Luckett on her new show For Richer or Poorer Saturdays on Gmc 7/6c starting on January 26, 2013.

    • ya January 20, 2013

      oh yeah ill be on the lookout

  36. Exposing January 20, 2013


  37. oh January 20, 2013


    • Pop Royalty January 20, 2013

      oh , that video is a MAJOR reason i do not stan for her , i like her , but just NO.

  38. oh January 20, 2013

    Letoya has more SOULFUL voice than Beyonce. Just because you can oversing and do annoying runs does not make you a singer. Beyonce is overrated point My thing is why did Matthew hid Beyonce in Destiny’s Child if she was that great of a singer. Matthew could just have Beyonce as a solo artist as a jump. Instead, Pimp Matthew made sure Letoya and Latavia hardly even sing live or any records. Matter of Fact, Letoya speaks about how her and Latavia was never allowed to sing live in the group. Which is shady as s***. If Beyonce was supposely cool with these women what since does it make to bash them in public. Letoya and Latavia situation was with Matthew Knowles only. At the end of the day, Letoya is still on her GRIND, and Latavia hopefully is doing okay. They should be living good of that old Destiny’s Child money.

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Get over it.

  39. oh January 20, 2013

    Singer LeToya Luckett recently responded to being black balled by Matthew Knowles father of Beyonce.
    ”It saddens me a little. Because our situation happened close to 10 years ago, and I think as we all know Bey is a very very very talented artist, and I think that we both have our own lanes and fanbase, and I don’t see why I would have to be one of the ones picked out of the entire crew of females that will be hitting the stage that night. I don’t know… I’m gonna try and word this right… I just don’t understand why I’m picked outta that group because there are so many other female artists performin’ that night and I think we all deserve to have

    Letoya Luckett Responds To Being Black Balled By Matthew Knowles | Tha Urban Press

    Here’s what was revealed to me:
    “Beyonce has been doing Letoya dirty for a long time. Letoya wrote the majority of their Grammy nominated album “The Writing’s on the Wall”. But Mathew made sure that Beyonce got all of the credit.
    Latoya’s hit song “Regret” featuring Ludacris was only half of the success. It could have been a bigger record. Matthew and Beyonce PAID top radio stations not to play Letoya’s record!!
    So, poor Latoya once again is stuck in the shadows while Beyonce continues to shine with crappy songs like “Best Thing I Never Had“.
    Letoya’s Luckett’s Camp Spills The Tea On Beyonce

    Another interesting fact on Destiny’s Child.

    “It took us four years to get our record deal. Even after that, it took two and a half years to record 33 songs to get the 12 that are on our album.” – LaTavia Roberson shared with The Nation Newspaper in 1998, during the development phase of the group Destiny’s Child.

    The Truth About Celebrities: LaTavia Roberson

    Letoya and Latavia both work hard. The Knowles can never stay consistent with their lies.

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Really. Get over it.

  40. oh January 20, 2013

    Exactly. I remember producers always said that they wanted Kelly and Letoya to do more leads but Matthew wouldn’t let them. The group was obviously just a “bridge” for Beyonce’s solo career because she needed that foundation. If you look back at Dc when they first came out Beyonce’s singing, dancing, and overall performing was average at best. People always say only Beyonce mattered and stood out, but it wasn’t a “natural” stand out, it was FORCED that way by her parents. Because if you ask me, Letoya used to catch my eye alot more than Beyonce as far as looks, and Latavia did most of the talking in the interviews and Kelly imo had the better voice at that time.

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Get over it, they have.

  41. oh January 20, 2013

    The Beyonce we know currently was developed ’round 2004 & after. Tis all.
    Absolutely. You had the two most submissive members in the group who were willing to take what they can while they and really believed Bee was not trying to go solo.


    She and Matthew tried to save face by saying, “All solo albums will have one song feature from the group”.

    Are you serious. Bee was all over that song and still performs it solo.

    She proved Letoya and Tavia to be on point. Destiny’s Child was a vehicle for Bee’s Solo career. Now Michelle wants to be besties with Letoya and Kelly is desperate for solo success.

    Toy and Tav may not have Bee’s success, but I always thought they were stand up women for fighting for themselves. If that meant sacrificing some fame and money, then so be it.

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Get over it, they have

  42. oh January 20, 2013

    I’ve always thought that it was interesting that Beyonce ended up with (2) well placed doormats who helped her use the group for her solo success. Further, I always felt that Beyonce owed her father everything. Seems to me he took the fall as the bad guy so his daughter could shine. Without him doing his dirt and allowing her to come out somewhat pristine she would have never made it. Anyhoo, the real question is if Beyonce was always so talented why did she need a group?

    • Lou January 20, 2013

      Get over it they have

  43. ya January 20, 2013

    AT THE END OF THE DAY I think everyone involved deserves forgiveness and apologies whatever is necessary to move on especially the fans on all sides need to learn to forgive and move on esp Bey fans. They were a great group with Letoya & Latavia and with DC3 but i thnk DC should be considered all of them members not jus the three as if Latavia & Letoya DIDNT CONTRIBUTE TO THE GROUPS major success they were a good group and they unfortunately didnt get to use their potential as a tru group cuz of the split but one things for sure they all have talent otherwise they wouldnt of been n the group.

  44. oh January 20, 2013

  45. oh January 20, 2013

  46. FAN January 20, 2013



  47. oh January 20, 2013

  48. fatu sankoh January 20, 2013

    hatters live bey alone she never do wrong to anyone mr Knowles I use to love you unitle you do miss tina wrong long live queen bey

    • oh January 20, 2013

      first learn how to spell and beyonce had much to do with this as much as her father!

  49. Lou January 20, 2013

    Whats done is done! That s*** was over a decade ago, the whole industry is shady.

  50. Pop Royalty January 20, 2013

    this smile is faker than britney’s fake smile.

  51. MOJO January 20, 2013


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