Hot Shots: Danity Kane Stars Reunite

Published: Monday 22nd Apr 2013 by Sam

For many, the disbanding of Danity Kane will forever remain one of Pop’s biggest tragedies. However, in snaps that will no doubt delight fans, two of the group’s integral components, Aubrey O’Day and Dawn Richard, continue to mend fences.

The pair shared shots of themselves catching up on Instagram over the weekend; Richard initially took to Twitter writing that she was in a music vibe session, later re-tweeting the Insta pics of her and Aubrey revealing that they had “beautiful time” and great conversation.

Needless to say, we’re filing this in the “things we love to see” folder. Naturally, the snaps will send speculation into overdrive regarding a DK reunion. And while, like the masses, we’d love to see one, we suspect that chapter is closed for some (if not all) of the ladies. Still, we have moments like these to reminisce on….


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  1. BEYSUS OVER JESUS April 22, 2013


  2. Someone April 22, 2013

    where’s the asian one who can sing?

    • will April 22, 2013

      wow you are so dumb. do you mean the short latino girl haha. FAIL.

  3. rihking/queen April 22, 2013

    damage was probably there only good song.

    • nobitchassness April 22, 2013

      You obviously didn’t get their first album.

  4. nobitchassness April 22, 2013


    Can you IMAGINE if they were still together today!?

  5. Super Cisus April 22, 2013

    All I see is flops

    • DK April 22, 2013

      All I see is a hater.

      Two #1 platinum albums. Two top 10 singles. They sold millions in the US. They had a huge reality tv show on MTV for years. First girl group in history with first and second album going #1. They were one of the most talented girl groups of the last decade.

      They may be flops now but their entire resume sh*ts on you.

    • Navy Sailor!!! April 22, 2013

      They s*** on Ciara though….

  6. Jay Jay April 22, 2013

    They should get together. Not trying to be rude but none of them are really doing anything. Also there is no big female US group nowadays so it’s perfect for them to fill that void and they already have a solid fan base

    • DK April 22, 2013

      Can u imagine them getting a reality show again on MTV.
      We can see them working in the studio and dancing again and getting back in shape. The ratings would go off the roof.

      There isn’t a grown girl group nowadays. U have 5H and Little Mix, they are just Xfactor mess who can’t even dance the routines DK did.

  7. Monstarebel April 22, 2013

    Both of DK albums were dope.. Ride 4 u & Damaged was my s***..

  8. Sammi April 22, 2013

    Its really a shame that Diddy disbanded them as well as Day 26. They were both great groups in my opinion. “Right Now” is such a dope song and had me hooked from the moment I heard it when they debut in 2006. “Press Pause” “Ohh Ahh” “Ride for You” “Stay with me” “Showstopper” “Striptease” were all great songs from both albums. I so miss them and Day 26. I hate you Diddy.

  9. antertain April 22, 2013

    The ball was dropped when that group broke up..

    Could have been sooooo HUGE globally if Diddy allowed it to happen.
    To much holding back is what created that frustration & tension for DK.

    Such a shame but glad bridges repairing

  10. Dors April 22, 2013

    S***. i miss DK. Diddy need to give us DVDS of MTB !

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