Britney Spears Confirms New Album Will Be Released This Year / Hits Studio With Madonna Producer

Published: Monday 17th Jun 2013 by Sam

Britney Spears has been relatively quiet as of late, but oh is she keeping busy.

The Pop force has been diligently cooking up her eighth studio album, which has already been ordained one of music’s most anticipated releases. Indeed, the follow-up to 2011’s ‘Femme Fatale’ has been the subject of much speculation – from who’s working on it (beyond to when it’ll be arriving.

It comes as little surprise then that the singer’s fans are rejoicing following the star’s phone interview with Ryan Seacrest this morning.

Calling in to plug her new Smurfs song ‘Ooh La La’, the 31-year-old was refreshingly responsive when quizzed about what folk really want to know about – the album.

Flip the hood to hear what she had to say…

Juicy bit starts at 6.00 mark…

Key info:

– Early stages of production, but album will solidly set for release before the year’s end.

– Spears will be going into studio with Madonna maestro William Orbit. The pair have never worked together before.

– Though not famed for her songwriting skills, Spears is writing on this project

– LP will sounds sonically different to prior efforts. is presently playing material that is very unexpected (see: heavy guitar riffs)


As deservingly hard as we’ve been on Britney in recent years, it’s hard to deny that she is the caliber of Pop star whose album releases are “major events”. We just hope she’s able to pair this with solid performances, this go round.

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Super Cisus June 17, 2013

    She is worst than rihanna. She cant sing or dance

    • CiCi Slaaaaays June 17, 2013

      I agree i can’t stand r**** but Britney makes rihanna look good.

    • Queen Britney B**** June 17, 2013

      Shut up, just because you think that doesn’t mean everyone agrees. i mean you stan for CI error……..

    • zxbzxbcbsdgy436 June 17, 2013

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    • Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

      Lol she gave your fav the biggest stage she’s performed at on Britney’s iconic tour. Be grateful.

    • lexi June 17, 2013

      But both of are more popular and out sells your fav who ca’t sing her damn self.

  2. CiCi Slaaaaays June 17, 2013

    Omg yes more legendary lip syncing & stiff dancing from queen brit yaay.

  3. Janet June 17, 2013

    Going to be the best pop album in 2013-2014!!!

  4. Pour It Up June 17, 2013

    Flop! Britneys peak has past now. I predict more generic dance s*** that will flop harder than JLO

  5. Mother Monster June 17, 2013

    Im going to laugh when that s*** flops… Britney is legit s***. Worst then Rihanna Taylor & Katy i mean atleast they sing live.

    • Queen Britney B**** June 17, 2013

      Lol i think you better have a look at her record sales doll. No one has come close to breaking her first week sales of her first 2 albums not even man gag gag. *sips tea*

      • DNNY June 17, 2013

        Sorry to break into your delusion, but Taylor has come really really close to breakin’ her record and Taylor looks as if she’s warming up, it’s either her or Adele to take B’s throne… you can sit now…

      • Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

        Taylor’s popularity ends at the United States borders and Fatdele was nothing more then a sensation. Her next album won’t produce 21 numbers.

      • CzarM June 17, 2013

        Adele’s next album probably won’t do ’21’ numbers, but it’ll still outsell every album Britney has done since after Ooops I Did It Again. Bet on that.

  6. Kate June 17, 2013

    Britney flops??
    It’s like you asking for God to GTFO.
    She is living legend and going to slay…her 30secs effortlessly Scream & Shout already slayed your faves.

    You are mad b******!

    Longlive our Queen of Music BRITNEY!!!

    • Mother Monster June 17, 2013

      Shes a joke

      • iForever June 17, 2013

        Mother Monster? Your nickname sucks cuntttt. and by the way… where is flopga? artpop rip!

    • TruthSpeaker June 17, 2013

      they just don’t get it. she’s at a point where flops don’t even manifest anymore! beyonka hasn’t even reached that point. why do you think she still hasn’t released 1 of those 7 singles she leaked recently? beyonka is afraid of the big bad flop and none of you seeds can TAKE IT HUNTY.. none of you.

  7. King B>Rihanna June 17, 2013

    Prays for Ray of Light greatness

  8. Hadley June 17, 2013

    Oh bye Britney shes so 2000

    • Queen Britney B**** June 17, 2013

      What ever. She’s had two number 1 singles 3 in 2010 and Hold it against me in 2011. You were saying?

  9. Jenny June 17, 2013

    i cant wait. xoxo Britney

  10. Artpop June 17, 2013

    Who is checking for this common h**? Seriously her music sucks & so does she bye.

    • ^АКА^ June 17, 2013

      Her music is better than generic dance crap with retarding hooks like gaga urara tralalala judadadas papaparazzi popopokerface that your fav puts out constantly. Toxic alone >>>

  11. Emily June 17, 2013

    This is major!
    I’m sure even Madonna, Janet, Beyonce, Rihanna,Katy and Mariah are waiting to hear this album!
    She’s such a trendsetter.

    • JOHNVIDAL June 17, 2013

      Hmm… do u think Mariah, Madonna, Janet or even Beyonce are waiting to see what Britney´s team cooks??? 🙂 Last time I checked none of them made similar music at all, not to mention Britney would have been the inspired one since the others did it before and better (except for Beyonce, she is the same age).
      In fact Mariah and a song by her managed to be mentioned and played in a Britney Spears interview. That says it all.
      That said, hope they make her a good pop album, even if she has nothing to do with it.

      • Touché June 17, 2013


      • TruthSpeaker June 17, 2013

        don’t think- we know this seed. They all check for her because she sets musical trends. Beyonka doesn’t set them-she steals them. DUH! You gotta check it before you steal it ho!

  12. Queen Britney B**** June 17, 2013

    Queen Britney is back to slay these basic ass b******. yasss!

  13. Lil Monster is going Little..and Little June 17, 2013

    Gaga will cry with this news. lol

    • Artpop June 17, 2013

      Why would she cry? last time i checked born this way was more successful then femme fatale

      • iForever June 17, 2013


  14. Jack June 17, 2013

    Sure hit! SUre fire bebeyyyyyhhhhhh…
    God! we love this news

  15. truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 17, 2013


    • King B>Rihanna June 17, 2013

      what’s up s***?

      • truth(icki’s B**** ASS STANS can EAT ME honey!! Yall b**** is a STANK P**** FLOP chile! (puckers lips like Drake)) June 17, 2013

        hey there you. 😉

  16. Katy Kat June 17, 2013

    No ones really checkin for britney like that any more her relevance has faded.

    • Queen Britney B**** June 17, 2013

      Her album sales and chart topping singles prove other wise.

      • TruthSpeaker June 17, 2013

        indeed, they do…. prove the EXACT OPPOSITE! everyone checks for her including Katy Perry’s tacky ass.

  17. JORDIN SPARKS STAN June 17, 2013


  18. Slaylor Swift June 17, 2013

    I love Britney shes the queen… katy ciara & gaga fans need to stfu your favs will never reach britneys iconic level

  19. Slaylor Swift June 17, 2013

    Britney > Ciara

    Britney > Katy

    Britney > GaGa

    Britney a legend get some respect yall would never come at Janet like that

    • Super Cisus June 17, 2013

      Taylor swift is an ugly w**** with no talent

      • ^АКА^ June 17, 2013

        Says a Ciara stan. She certainly has more talent than 37kara, that’s why she won 7 Grammys and one of them being for The Album of the Year.

      • TruthSpeaker June 17, 2013

        very true.

      • irene46 June 17, 2013

        no one can come at janet because JANET is the ORIGINAL singing/dancing queen! britney was a janet wanna-be who sold more albums because she was blonde tho not even close to jj’s talent. check out janet’s performance of ‘what about that’ on youtube. just her walk alone buries britney’s and every other female’s entire career performances!!!

  20. Casual June 17, 2013

    Glad it going to be “sonically different” from recent efforts. She doesn’t need to do another techno album.

  21. Nichole June 17, 2013

    B**** better bring it this time around cus FF was straight s***.

    @ArtPop. STFU.

    GaGa couldn’t even sell BTW without discounting the album for an embarrassing 99 cent as if she couldn’t sell on her own.

    Go sit.

  22. Chris June 17, 2013

    Britney Spears is Britney f****** Spears….she has NOTHING left to prove!!! Get real people. She might not as relevant as she was 5 years ago but she is a pop legend. Ya’ll so quick to call people a flop when they accomplished more than you in your life. SMH

    • CzarM June 17, 2013

      You’re an idiot if you truly consider Britney anywhere near the realm of a “legend.” She’s the biggest puppet pop music has seen since The Monkees.

      • irene46 June 17, 2013

        britney hasn’t been truly relevant since 2003 (10 years ago…no 5).

  23. Jewell June 17, 2013

    Good luck Brit! I dont really check for her music but I like HER and wish her all the best

  24. Receipts June 17, 2013

    These Gag Gag f*** need to stop. As of today, …Baby One More Time has sold 30 million copies worldwide, making it one of the best-selling albums of all time. It is also the best-selling first album by any artist ever. Her second album. It debuted at number one in the US, selling 1.3 million copies, breaking the SoundScan record for the highest debut sales by any solo artist ever. The album sold over 25 million copies worldwide to date, making one of the best-selling albums of all time.

    • iForever June 17, 2013

      I like your comment.

      • irene46 June 17, 2013

        for years britney’s biggest seller was 25 million. the next biggest was 20 million. suddenly in the last year or so the sales for each has jumped 5 million (30 & 25 ml). most of her latest albums haven’t even sold 5 million. these numbers are no doubt inflated for pr purposes.

  25. iForever June 17, 2013

    To Gaga fans :

    You, guys, are simply stupid! Britney is a LEGEND and Gaga is “one hit wonder”. Britney still alive with hits, like Scream and Shout besides Gaga who is in my d*** right now. She can say goodbye because Scream & Shout slayed she’s/his discography! Album 8 will do this again!

    • Bey Fan June 17, 2013

      One hit wonder???? Umm I think you might wanna rephrase that…LOL

  26. lolax June 17, 2013

    2013ney is just started #buyoohlalaonitunes

  27. ratedxxx(my favs stays on)) June 17, 2013

    yes, yes, I’m here for the legendary miss britney spears…..she never disappoints with her music….

    because if britney is such a flop, why did her last tour sold out every where..and it was a very successful tour…

    I know the rihanna stans and ciara stans aint talking s*** on here…britney is worst than rihanna?

    get the f*** out of here…..britney is a pop legend..britney has one album that equals to all rihanna’s album sales…I’m not talking about singles..

    and ciara…..ok….too easy….

    yes britney doesnt move the way she used too…but obviously she’s doing something right cause her last tour sold out….and had a bunch of famous people supporting her…

    I support rihanna and ciara..but lets keep it real. they cannot touch britney…

    • NΛVI June 17, 2013

      rihanan fans ain’t talking s***. you need to look through the comments again boo cause the navy and Brit fans are one tribe. the reach.

  28. Mike June 17, 2013

    You mean, her label will actually let her write songs that are personal and not generic? lol wow!

  29. ^АКА^ June 17, 2013

    Can’t wait! So excited ^^ <3

  30. Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

    Queen Spears!!! My body is ready!!

    *Plays In The Zone*

  31. N00R June 17, 2013

    I’ll check out for her new album but if anything like “Femme Fatale”, it’s going straight to my recycle bin on release/leak day.

  32. Iggy Inc June 17, 2013

    Zombiney raise your damn kids and give up on music

    • Touché June 17, 2013

      638 dislikes?!? TGJ you need to control the trolls on this website because you know damn well that there is not even half of that number of people actually commenting on this post.

      • TruthSpeaker June 17, 2013

        lol nobody likes what the ho had to say! don’t get mad cuz britney’s b****** know whats up.

  33. Rosie June 17, 2013

    Methney stan delusions, as usual. Their fave is a joke who has never been taken seriously and are forced to use receipts from 14 years ago as if album sales aren’t in the toilet now. Why don’t they ever bring up Femme FATale getting outsold by everyone and their mom? What about the Femme FATale Tour flopping? S******’s most iconic moments being forgotten by most of the general public? Legend my ass.

    • Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

      LOLOLOLOL!!! Not with a Lana fan coming for anyone!! LOLOLOL I F****** CANT!! The world forgot about this fake c*nt seconds after Video Games was released. Your fav worships Godney LOLOLOL!!

      • Rosie June 17, 2013

        If Lana was forgotten then why did Born To Die outsell Femme FATale? More like no one has cared about S****** since her breakdown other than a bunch of depressed homosexuals on the Internet.

      • Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

        LOLO no one cared but Circus outsold Born to Flop even with those flop Paradise numbers slapped on to it.

        And b**** bye, Femme Fatale tour grossed more than Lana’s night club tour ever could. Hold It Against Me debuted at #1 and outsold and charted better than anything Lana is capable of doing. Hell, even Criminal out performed Lana’s discography. You stan for a weak plastic flop b**** who worships the ground Britney walks on. She will never be anything. Her second album will flop harder than Paradise.

      • Queen Brit Brit June 17, 2013

        LOLOLOL!! Britney has a Grammy but Lana’s unknown and talentless fake ass can’t even get a nomination. Even Nicki got noms 🙁 She’s not even allowed to clean the bathrooms at the Grammys 🙁

      • irene46 June 17, 2013

        britney has ONE grammy after all these years. how long has lana been around? not nearly as long as your brit-brit.

  34. Sterling Infinity #SexDrone June 17, 2013

    I think she has another smash album in her… Damn I’ve always had a crush on her no matter what!

  35. JOHNVIDAL June 17, 2013

    Why are some people making this about Gaga? I only saw one Gaga stan commenting, on tha other hand I saw several stans from different stan bases coming for Britney too. So relax, last time I checked they are ok with each other and Gaga attended Britney´s tour if I remember correctly (don´t ask me why though 🙂 )
    Two things are true about this nice lady: her sales are bigger than the younger chicks (thanks to the teen boom and parents buying albums for their children though). And the second one is that she has never been taken seriously, never, not even when she could perform with that spark of hers. Good for an awards show, yes, respected in the music industry, never.

  36. JOHNVIDAL June 17, 2013

    Good luck to her. She won´t have problems with the album sales. She will easily sell 200,000 first week regarless (at least I mean)

  37. BritneyTrinaKimora June 17, 2013

    Britney is the QUEEN right after Madonna honey. They siting at the TOP. Even when she was not all the way at her best she was better off then a lot of your favorites. Never hurting for coins and cranking out bangers.

  38. NΛVI June 17, 2013

    looking forward to it, i hope it’s blackout 2.0 cause i want the continuation to the video break the ice.

  39. Bey Fan June 17, 2013

    Never really checked for Brit….but that woman has broken records and has had sold out tours. I dont like her vocally, and she doesn’t move like she use too, but she still manages to put on a good show.

    I’ll be interested to see what direction she goes for this project.

  40. Suicide Blonde June 17, 2013

    Old news SAM, always late as usual, anyway i’m more happy now because she is working with other producers besides Will.I.AM, it gives me hope.

  41. F*** Your Swag, I’m Dope. June 17, 2013

    People need to stop pretending with Britney. Enough is enough, I mean what the hell? She’s not talented…she’s not creative…she’s not intelligent or witty…she’s not (intentionally) humorous…she’s not interesting in interviews. Britney is a vapid airhead and her music is pure cheese. It caters to the lowest common denominator of people who like “turn your brain off” pop music. The general public doesn’t even respect her. The milk is sour; quite frankly, only gay dorks still check for Britney F****** Spears.

    • irene46 June 17, 2013

      nothing but the truth!

  42. JDE97 June 17, 2013

    I can’t wait to not buy it.

  43. JER June 17, 2013

    Better be fire

  44. Miguel A. Mendoza June 17, 2013

    You know you can’t sing when you make JLo and Rihanna sound decent by comparison. 12 year old gay boys in 1999 fell in love with Britney’s stale ass and they haven’t been able to let go of her yet. Give it up, TRL was cancelled.

    • irene46 June 17, 2013

      lol! you nailed!!!

      • Flopnet June 18, 2013

        And she’s still in the scene 12 years now & going strong. Your flop faves will be gone in half that time. The only one who can be mentioned in the same sentence as her is Beyonce. Other lesser females (specially C-error & her ultra delusional stans) will deal

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