The ‘BeyHive’ Respond To New Beyonce Look / Sting Detractors On Social Media

Published: Thursday 8th Aug 2013 by David

As she continues to welcome the critical praise secured by her recent ‘Mrs.Carter Show’ outing, ‘Schoolin’ Life‘ siren Beyonce surprised fans last night when she unveiled a brand spanking new hair cut!

Sharing snaps of her new do on Instagram, the performer saw one of the snaps receive 209,000 individual likes in the last four hours, met with comments that praised her bold move.

Alas, this positivity didn’t stop some from bashing the 17 time Grammy winner, leaving her fans – ‘The Beyhive‘- no choice but to defend her honour.


In response to the stunning hairdo, one lowly naysayer tweeted:

….sparking the following:


 And when two misguided characters dared to share….


They were met with…

So, let us know…

 What do you make of Bey’s new cut?

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  1. cake like lady gaga August 8, 2013

    WHY IS THIS NEWS???????????????????


    How much does T********* pay you sam for this? B**** is on her way to irrelevance, so she now pays bloggers to push her down our throats.


    • stephy the lambily August 8, 2013


    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013


      • Awe August 8, 2013

        Shut the f*** up you dirty cow b**** you dry booty h** ain’t nobody ain’t afraid of yo b**** asses slow in the head bey shits you ain’t going to do another damn thing but reply over and over with yall weak tried ass shade you filthy ass h** wide mouth b**** go stick your dads d*** in yo mouth and shut the phuck up you weak h**

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        B**** YA MAD??.. SEEMS like your mad!!!!…. You should really reconsidered your career goals in life. B/c their cutting hours at Popeye’s and if you don’t work your 4 kids can’t eat…. RESPONSIBILITIES!!!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        you work at the dollar store don’t come for me talking about no career when you always on here getting pressed everyday cause someone said something you don’t like about yo fave. and you think you draggin when this is the internet ain’t nobody talking you h*** seriously you made a career of being pressed you and the rest of the s*** stains that come here. #DISMISSED

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        “ain’t nobody TALKING you h*** seriously ….” Hmmmm

      • kiss my a** August 8, 2013

        You know damn well those where typos h** shut up 98% b****** on here make them

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        B**** I make them and WHO THE F*** ARE YOU AGAIN

    • Lana Del Slay August 8, 2013

      You were the first to comment dear.

    • ItsCheryl2bh August 8, 2013

      The fact that you got here first…..

    • AzaleanArmy August 8, 2013

      Did you break your leg running in here hun?

      • Toto August 8, 2013

        I agree. WHY is this news????!!! Desperate. She is ugly as hell. She needs that long hair to distract from that ugly face.

      • Yolo August 8, 2013


  2. bleako August 8, 2013

    why are you posting people abusive tweets and ‘so called’ dragging. Like what is the point?

    I like beys hair cut, shes giving me rihanna teas.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

      Bey hair actually grows tho.. So she does have opinions!!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        that b**** been baled h**. and you have an opinion of kissing my ass

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        Education is important…. GURL!!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        I know right go get you some.

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      I know. Why post this messy ass s*** from nobodies on twitter talking s***. Sam loves drama and likes the hits I see.

  3. stephy the lambily August 8, 2013

    Ummm… Beyonce gurl. Stick to your weave

    • BionicGlam August 8, 2013

      Like Mariah should stick to her diet.

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

        Too bad beyonce has fatter and much larger legs than MIMI who doesn’t even dance. Tina T also put Beyonce to shame.

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      @rih rox it’s a S*** FAT tho. So F U hating f*****.

      • caribbean native August 14, 2013

        b**** since when fat is s***????? feel free to have a seat on a 2 edged sword

  4. Shaytan August 8, 2013

    Chile talk about slow news day. You will make a post about anything when it comes to Nicki Beyonce and Kelly. Scanning Twitter for tweets is desperate. Grow Up TGJ

    • Draggin4MrsCarter August 8, 2013

      The fact that you commented so fast is WHY they do that fool.

      • cake like lady gaga August 8, 2013

        B**** no one spoke to you though.

    • HerNameIsSasha August 8, 2013

      You got here before the Hive did though.

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        THANK YOU

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        So phucking what yall stay being slow. as usual

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013


        We are just about as slow as your mother taking that birth control pill the night you were conceived… LIFETIME OF REGRETS B****!!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        No boo you’re just about as slow as your mother forgot to spit you out you crack baby no life having ass b**** fall back on a running chainsaw c***

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        @ AWE

        The only falling back I will do, IS FALLING BACK ON DAT ASS ON YOURS. Next time you come for a TRILL MF as myself, let your comment make more sense!!!.. Now take you and that dusty dry p**** to bed B**** . Before I take that chainsaw and preform an emergency sea section on your low income HUD home having ass!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        how about you fall back on a pile of my s*** b****? face first . my comment make sense you just can’t read you need to be home schooled?

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        There is a gnat flying around here. Can some please kill it???

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013


      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 8, 2013

        OMGAAAAAWD!!! THEY R DRAGN FOR THE GODS ON THIS POST…I LIVE IT chile!!! #lights blunt and puts popcorn in microwave honey

  5. Janeyonce August 8, 2013

    YAAAAAAAAAAASS. DRAG DA HADERS B******! The Navi, C Squad or Rosie don’t even want it with us right. We on a 10 b****. A TEN!

    • sodamnthirsty August 8, 2013

      …I give Beyonce credit for having the thirstiest ass fans on the planet, hands down.

  6. cake like lady gaga August 8, 2013

    the THIRST for news at TGJ HQ is shocking. They will post almost everything these days and pass it as news…

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

      And you will comment on just about anything…. GET YO ASS OFF HERE!!!!

    • stephy the lambily August 8, 2013


    • JanetXone August 8, 2013

      But you’re commenting more than everyone else boo.

  7. Kisses Down Low August 8, 2013

    Omg they are dragging

  8. Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013


    • Awe August 8, 2013

      shut up b**** i just got done draggin yo funky ass

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        Chile you should have been dragging yourself to Sylvan Learning Center!!!

      • Awe August 8, 2013

        And your ass need to dragged yourself to the nearest intersection and get hit.

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

        Only if you promise me your going to enroll into the Sylvan program. …PLEASE!!!!

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      DEAD at dont start s***.

  9. Kay August 8, 2013

    She has a weave it’s boring she switches it up people are still pressed what is the damn problem?

    • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

      The problem is she believes she’s a natural blonde.

      • BubblePopElectric August 8, 2013

        Yet Rihanna thinks she’s naturally from the Hood.
        \_ _/

  10. Mwah August 8, 2013

    DEEAAAATTH! The girl really tried it though, Beyonce is many things but ugly aint one of em

  11. Hadley August 8, 2013

    Twitter exposes everyone and the irony thats the UGLIEST people hating on pretty Beyonce. They have low self esteem and are jealous. I’ll remember that next time i see anyone call Beyonce names.

  12. QueenBeyonce(BowDownYouWhore) August 8, 2013

    B****** rush to the post asking why this is news. B****, ask yoself why you chose to read this one instead of the others.

  13. Larry August 8, 2013

    Beyoncé is the biggest artist/celebrity of our time, that’s why it’s news. I am in fact a Beyoncé fan but I don’t blindly love everything she does. With that being said, I think looks better with long hair but she’s beautiful enough to pull off this look. I’m very interested to see how she accompanies this move with her new promo and cosmetic endorsements. I think she’s maturing and this look absolutely reflects that and I’m excited to see how her new music will as well. At the end of the day she can do whatever she wants.

    • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

      Nope! She cannot pull off short hair not with that neck that is equally as big as one of her oversized thigh.

      • Yeah I Said It August 8, 2013

        Id love to see what you look. Put your avi up. Im ready to judge.

    • Divin’ August 8, 2013

      “Beyoncé is the biggest artist/celebrity of our time”

      I stopped reading there.
      What.The.F*** ?

  14. Woman2Woman August 8, 2013

    Why are people so STUPID? They will post what they know what makes them money, everytime you run here and asking WHY they posted something, you are making them MONEY. If you don’t like a thread DON’T read it.

  15. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

    ummmm…. She just threw on a short blonde wig to create controversy. She is desperate for attention and wants the spotlight to be on her Gaga return is really getting to her.

    Hey Beyonce! put your other dated wig back on…short hair is not for you. You have an old face, thick manly neck and a fat body.

    • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013

      Why the F*** would Bey be desperate for attention that she all have??????.

      • xxx August 8, 2013

        cause she always was

      • Micks August 8, 2013

        Attention comes to her… She can sit down and her dress creases and its headline news.

    • BeyWhoUWanna August 8, 2013

      Desperate for attention? Like when someone spreads their fish patty at a festival?
      Like when someone smokes weed on instagram?
      Like when someone calls Ashton Kutcher over to her house at 4 in the morning?
      That kind of desperate for attention?

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

        Rihanna is single s*** and sweet!… (my fave Mya song) With hot body to Boot! So she can show it off how ever she pleases.

        Beyonce on the other hand is showing signs of menopausal behaviour.

        (O_o) LOL!!!!!

      • Josh August 8, 2013

        Single s*** and sweet means its ok to show your b*** crack and tits on IG. Ok. No wonder she cant get a man.

  16. Yeah I Said It August 8, 2013

    I really like it. Once people get used to it they will like it trust me. She looks so fresh and slick. And she can sweep it off her face without exposing an unattractive superdome forehead.

  17. Yeah I Said It August 8, 2013

    The hive really went IN though.

  18. Yeah I Said It August 8, 2013

    Ewww look at that TonyE person though. No wonder its hating on Beyonce. It wishes it has a eight of her looks.

  19. ApplauseForGaga August 8, 2013

    This girl is desperate to be Rihanna it’s sad.

    • WhoIsTheKing? Beyonce That’s Who August 8, 2013

      Why was your fave naked in the woods like she was looking for some grizzly bear d***?

      • POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 8, 2013

        Shiiiiiit. 😆

        oh no you did not say “Bear d***” !!! 😯

      • Don’t_Start_No_Shit!!! August 8, 2013


  20. Brandys Starr August 8, 2013

    She looks great. Im glad she changed it up I still like a bob on her, like the one she had in Me Myself and I video.

  21. FentySoSnatched August 8, 2013

    Rihanna wannabe.

    • KingBey/QueenOnika August 8, 2013

      Hair can grow. Talent cannot.

      • ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 8, 2013

        #TeaClocked #Pow

  22. xxx August 8, 2013

    promoting bullying now?

    can’t with these “go kill yourself” comments.

    Everyone’s entitled to have their own opinion – and if they are not into beyonces new look, so what? the beyhive needs to chill and get a f****** life. It’s not like Beyonce is paying their bills…

    and what is bold about that move? beyonce had a short wig before. It’s not like the long hair she’s always wearing is her own…it’s a wig! and she is able to put one on everytime she wants to.

    bet she was forced to cut her hair due to the destructions the extensions caused.

    • FergieFerg03 August 8, 2013

      They dissed her and they got dissed back, sounds like a dissing match to me.

    • Micks August 8, 2013

      Oh please its not bullying when they did the same thing first… DISSING someones looks.

    • 212Thuggin August 8, 2013

      It’s not bullying when they call her ugly?

    • RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

      “bet she was forced to cut her hair due to the destructions the extensions caused.”

      “It’s not like the long hair she’s always wearing is her own…it’s a wig! and she is able to put one on everytime she wants to.”

      Re-read re-write thanks have a great morning

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 8, 2013

      (whispers in @XXX ear) girl….go kill yoself

  23. Micks August 8, 2013

    Thats how you know Navy members are under 18! They think Rihanna started the Pixie cut thing HAHAHAHAH!

  24. BeyLikeMe August 8, 2013

    Promoting bullying? They insulted Beyonce first.
    If they expressed their opinion without being mean it would have been fine, but they called her ugly so they deserved it.

    Keyshia didn’t deserve to get dragged for saying her honest opinion without being rude, but these clowns do. So sit down with that bullying bull.

  25. Micks August 8, 2013

    And lets NOT even start on the bullying thing the amount of S*** people say about Beyonce and her young innocent CHILD behind the computer screen. I dont condone it on either sites but lets not act like the Hive are the only culprits.

  26. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 8, 2013

    This Woman get hated Just for Breathing , I Know Rihanna get hated on Too, But This S*** has to End, Who asked for your damn Opinion about her Haircut?
    she posted it in her Instagram for her Hive, She’s clearly proud of it just like any Normal person who get a new Haircut, she can shave her head, wear a blue wig, shave half of her head, etc… it is still HER Head, Not yours, if you don’t like it, then Leave, no need to waste your time on something you don’t like or to get nosey and Bitchy about it.

    She can shave her pubic hair, leave it unshaved , IT IS her damn business, not yours, Why do you care so much ? 🙄

    The Fact it is always a case of a black person hating on a Black celeb in TwitterLand makes you sad though, and before you wave it, I know whites do it too, but as an oppressed group Who got hated on for a long time, you can do better and Should know better, Do Not Hate on your own people, it is enough for them that they are hated on by Whites, don’t add fuel please. 🙄

    • Bey Fan August 8, 2013

      well said

    • Tyler August 8, 2013

      I love you lol. Your’re one of the nicest and most objective people of this site…I wish I knew you lmfao.

  27. rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

    This is a wig folks! She will be back on her rat infested dry bird straw, aged blonde wig in her next show. She wants people to talk about her. What better way to have peopleTalking and saying she’s copying Rihanna and Miley.


    • Micks August 8, 2013

      The only one desperate for attention is you honey. You think you are sherlock because you figured its a lace front just like Rihannas short weaves?

      • rih rox (ignore that imposter who’s always here it has my old account and now i have a new one) August 8, 2013

        Rihanna rocks short shaved head. We’ve never seen Beyonce rock her own. She must be as BALD as Naomi Campbell by now…sinse she’s been wearing fake hair sinse she was young.

      • Micks August 8, 2013

        Rihanna shaves her head at the side only the rest is weave babe. The haircut she has now is not her hair, her pixie cut was not her hair. She wears as much weaves as Beyonce stop being delusional.

    • RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

      Why would Beyonce be desperate for attention?

  28. MalikOnMyMind August 8, 2013

    Where are the Hive when I need people to drag the 1D haters.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

      Hey I know if anyone shaded Malik,I’d drag their sorry asses to the gates of hell. He’s s*** as FUCKKKK

  29. Blackout2.0 August 8, 2013

    You can’t say you’re being bullied when you started the fight LOOKING for a reaction.

  30. Thando August 8, 2013

    I have been privy to this blog for a few months and now and I can make a conclusion about a curtain sector of american youth. You are overly obssessed with celebrity, your lives are so invested in these people’s lives, to say it’s unhealthy is being charitable. When you read it at first its funny but then when you look at it critically you see that its actually more pitiful.

    I think that something must be really wrong with your personality and psyche when you are emotionally, physically defending the life, FINANCES, feelings and being of a person who does not know you exist. Hopefully this blog is not a representation of American as a whole.

    • Drew August 8, 2013

      This blog is not even American its British!

      • QueenCeline August 8, 2013

        @Thando You have too much time on your hands if you’ve been studying a website you don’t like.

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      This blog is run by a British blogger but I totally understand where ur coming from.

  31. Josh August 8, 2013


  32. RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

    It has to grow on me , or it’s that pic.

    • Yolo August 8, 2013


      • RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

        yessss ma’am hunty ……

  33. Thando August 8, 2013

    I am hugely disappointing and angered, I was not aware that this website moderates people’s comments ie. their opinions, voice, freedom of speech.

    I do not like or support anything that is intent on stifling opinion and this is my last comment on here. I hope anyone else who is of the same mind also boycotts this blog. It is not cool to decide what you want other people to say and not say, it is called totalitarianism. I shall tell all my friends to tell their friends to stop coming on thatgrapejuice. Thank you and goodbye.

    • PhuckYoTour August 8, 2013

      Ok boo, we know you’re lying because there are more Navy here than Hive. If they blocked any comments that weren’t nice about them they wouldn’t have any comments at all. Goodbye with your lies.

    • LaLopez August 8, 2013


    • TaylorWins August 8, 2013

      I detect a lie. I’m here everyday and I never see you comment. Looks like you have an agenda and you failed.

  34. Josh August 8, 2013

    Lmao @ the Hive. And no its not bullying. Bullying would be if the person said ‘im not feeling Beyonces hair’ or ‘i dont like Beyonces hair’. They did exactly what the fans sent back at them… Insults.

  35. BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

    Now anyone whose saying she’s desperate for attention needs to have a nice meal of SHUT THE F*** UP. So just cuz she’s beyonce,that means she can’t get a new haircut like any other normal person without wanting to look like rihanna? SMGDH. And shut the F up with that promoting bullying b*******.You b****** say hurtful things about her,her family,her husband,and 1 year old child on the Internet 24/7.when the hive defends her from hating b******,now she’s promoting bullying.You dumb f**** are really idiots.Choke on some c** h***.

  36. Drew August 8, 2013

    She looks fierce but that picture does not do it justice. She shouldve just smiled she has beautiful smile.

    • RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

      it’s that pic

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

      I know her smile is so perfect

    • Mya August 8, 2013

      That’s exactly what I though.

      • Mya August 8, 2013


  37. RihNavy August 8, 2013


    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

      Navy comments and opinions will be considered irrelevant

  38. Mya August 8, 2013

    She looks pretty I saw another picture of her backstage with some guy werkin it.

  39. Fran August 8, 2013

    BOSS B**** I don’t care whether you like her or not you cant deny her star power is f****** huge and you are interested by what she is doing even when you cant stand her. She sets the media and internet on fire with everything she does LOL. And all by barely saying a word. She doesn’t even need to try. I love her.

  40. Everyone’s A Critic August 8, 2013

    I’m a beyonce fan! I follow her and what not, but I do not defend her like those overly camp, hell reserved, douchebags! Like really… Why do people feel it’s their duty to defend someone they don’t even know. EDUCATION is free in this part of the world. Clearly these fools love beyonce more than they love themselves because they’re making themselves look a MESS. Let us pray for their wandering souls

    • Love Life August 8, 2013

      I also wonder why people feel the need to be so hateful towards someone they dont know and have never met personally.

      • Everyone’s A Critic August 9, 2013

        Hate will always exist! But with inner love and respect for ourselves we can IGNORE and not stoop to that level of stupidity! It’s a bunch of Internet trolls doing what they do best… Have no life. Why entertain it?

  41. Tamartian August 8, 2013

    I’m dying right now I can’t at the last comment LOL

  42. . : : H 2 O : : . August 8, 2013

    Can’t even begin to explain how much IN AWE I’d be IF ONLY Samantha tells me something …. WHY the f*** did this get a THREAD?

    I swear Samantha – pretty much like anyone from ThatPussyJuice, would turn herself into a DUMP for Bey’s p***, s*** and FARTS if she was asked to.

    I’m more than sure Samantha would be the happiest person ever if Bey chose to SPIT / fart / blow her cigar SMOKE right in her PIG ass SNOUT!!!!!!!!!

    The shamelessness ………..


    Is on a whole ANOTHER LEVEL!!!!!


    I mean.. You pop your p**** to AANNYYYYY thing?

    Even…….A random Twitter user telling another random Twitter user “STFU b**** with your hating ass” gives you enought LIFE to make a new THREAD?


    I’ve never seen someone so SHAMELESS in my whole LIFE ! ! ! ! !

    • SLAY_HIVE August 8, 2013

      What is your problem hun? Why wouldnt this get a post? Howooften does Beyonce make a drastic hair change?? Calmt hell down

    • Krissy August 8, 2013

      Are you on your period or something?

  43. Bey Fan August 8, 2013

    I dont know if this was post worthy….. but it seems like most blog sites post tweets now.

    Beyonce looks great. The Hive will drag, just like the Navy, just like the Lambs, just like any other fan base.

    And side eye to the ppl saying she did this for attention…WTF? I swear when it comes to Beyonce ppl get stupid. All logic seems to go out the window.

    This woman’s face is gorgeous…. even if u dont like the cut, her mug is still sitting.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

      Well that’s what the Salvation Army is saying,since apparently rihanna was the first to rock the pixie cut. SMH

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      Yes. They r all crazy. Don’t know y ppl act like its only the beehives. Probably because they know their fave is the real deal.

  44. Rellz August 8, 2013

    Lol. They’re all as bad as each other.

  45. Lmao August 8, 2013

    Beyonce is beautiful no matter what. This isn’t the first time we have seen the short look on her. She rocked a short blonde hairstyle on stage around the same time she shot her Etta James film. Not my favorite look, but she still looks nice.

  46. BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

    Well anyway,she looks beautiful,it really brings out her facial structure. Good to see that she’s giving the long weave a rest.

  47. Cici Slaaaays August 8, 2013

    The struggle to wanna look like Rihanna & Ciara with the short hair.

    • BEYHIVE_MINAJ August 8, 2013

      Since when did anyone who walks this earth EVER want to look like Ciara

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      Rihanna hasn’t had short hair in a while tho…

    • Jas August 8, 2013

      The struggle to be Rihanna AND Ciara???…B**** the Navy nor Rihanna even likes or respects Ciara-man. So why the f*** you felt the need to through that in there IDK. The struggle is real. I can understand if you don’t like Beyonce but for you to give Rihanna more props, when she literally embarrassed your favorite on every social network in the world, is just damn stupid. Beyonce and Ciara have never had beef. They always give each other props, but you’d still rather give more credit to someone who’s not nearly as talented, and has disrespected your fave on multiple occasions??? I CANT!

  48. Yaz August 8, 2013

    She looks gorgeous. Beyonce is doing HER thing she does not want to look like anyone. You kids have no clue how long the pixie cut has been around for. Many women end up cutting their hair once they have kids its easier. She looks classy and modern.

  49. SLAY_HIVE August 8, 2013

    I love it! Its something different and she looks beautiful! The hate for this woman os on a whole different level!

    Her haters are just as crazy (maybe more) than yall claim her stans are! Smh

  50. Rihking August 8, 2013

    I hate it it looks ugly as he’ll.ugh! Why didn’t she just dye it black .She looks like a damn man with this cut.

  51. Yolo August 8, 2013

    I guess those tweets prove that ugly people hate on Beyoncé.

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      Ugly insecure no talent ppl.

  52. Fierce & all August 8, 2013

    So I clicked on this thinking most of these tweets would be from celebrities reaction….bye Sam.

  53. Your fave is a FLOP August 8, 2013

    Absolutely DEAD at TonyE! BURY ME NOW!!

    • Fierce & all August 8, 2013

      He’s ugly and fat. He has no room to talk.

    • Krissy August 8, 2013

      I know… He must be depressed with his life with them looks, no wonder he lashing out at Bey.

  54. Krissy August 8, 2013

    Damn haters literally are ugly af!

  55. m. August 8, 2013

    Ammm FYI Rihanna already did this and much better #IJS

  56. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 8, 2013

    I bet this sh*t will be on someones news station…Anyway, I still don’t know Bey…

  57. 5th Avenue August 8, 2013

    I like it. She makes it her own but I think its grower for some people. Once people gets used to it I can imagine her volumizing it and curling it or whatever as she goes along. And its obvious Bey did this because she wants it easier. She has a baby now.

  58. Tyler August 8, 2013

    @Cici Slays

    B**** sit your identity thieving ass down. Her cut looks nothing like Rihanna’s pixie. And I highly doubt that anybody is trying to achieve Ciara’s look when she’s walking around looking like the motherfucking black female version of John Cena.

  59. Tyler August 8, 2013

    “Edges For Sale” LOLOLOL *DEAD*

  60. Yolo August 8, 2013

    #ShorterThanBeyoncesHair is trending WW lol. This is like the 3rd Beyoncé trend today. Her power.

  61. RICHIE_RICH August 8, 2013

    It’s the most high-profile pixie cut in recent memory.

    Yes, we’re talking about Beyoncé Knowles, who just unveiled her new ‘do on Instagram.

    Knowles kept her makeover local: Neal Farinah, who has a salon in Brooklyn, wielded the scissors.

    Rita Hazan, who’s been working with Mrs. Carter for a year, did Beyoncé’s hue; the singer chopped off her hair Tuesday night and colored it Wednesday night. Initially, says Hazan, “Her hair was long and went down her back. She’d been thinking about it for a while and she wanted to go for it and cut it. It was a moment that she had.”

    Hazan describes the new look as “old Hollywood meets modern day. I started with her natural hair color. I left her base color the same and took thin pieces and highlighted them to this Champagne blond hair. It’s soft but strong at the same time.”

    And no, the new style had nothing to do with Beyoncé getting her hair stuck in a fan during her Montreal show back in July. “No, no, not at all. I don’t think she even stopped singing. It’s insane,” says Hazan.

    Proving that the singer really can do anything, Beyoncé also biked to her final concert in Brooklyn.

    • Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) August 8, 2013

      The last part though. Biking to her concert, haha

  62. Third Ward Trill (aka quetta) August 8, 2013

    I seen the first tweet last night before I went to bed. Let me just tell you. She got dragged like s***!! Her tweet wasn’t even about the cut. Sam just wants to be overly dramatic. But the hive went in on these lessors even though it was not post worthy. And luciousKI is a damn mess, lmbo.

  63. KINGBEYONCE August 8, 2013


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