Free Music: Alexandra Burke – ‘New Rules (EP)’

Published: Friday 30th Aug 2013 by David

One year removed from the critically acclaimed ‘Heartbreak on Hold’, Alexandra Burke lands on Adult Contemporary ground with the release of her new EP ‘New Rules’ today.

Delivering it to the UK’s ‘Daily Mail’ this morning, the EP marks her first release since switching management and signing with Trey Songz‘ manager, Kevin Liles.

A move, which has inspired a bolder, soulful and far more honest sound for the ‘What Money Can’t Buy’ beauty.

‘New Rules’ and a fresh start below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Alex August 30, 2013

    I’m a huge supporter of Alexandra and always have been, but what she’s doing here is wrong. Heartbreak on Hold underperformed significantly in the UK….which is the reason for this new ‘Soul sound’ Alexandra. Just because she’s black her management thinks they can just slot her in the ‘R&B’ category in an attempt to garner a US audience. Everyone knows her for her Pop/Dance/Upbeat bangers…but because her last pop album fel flat, her label think they can use her skin colour to place more fittingly in the R&B category. I love R&B music (see Kelly Rowland) but swiping an artist out of their original genre to a new sound just because a particular skin couloir is more ‘fitting’ is beyond me. So wrong.

  2. Ramsey August 30, 2013

    Sounds dated!!! I prefer her pop sound

  3. cocobutta August 30, 2013

    Seduce You sounds hot, Day Dream is meaningful.

    TRY is the best on the ep & signature sound for Alexandra. Loving how she sounds on it.

  4. boldblond August 30, 2013

    alexandra girl I love ur HoH album but this EP is just trash dont even bother to download&listen again. I hope u’ll find real good songs fitting ur voice (let it go, heartbreak on hold, beating still, fire, tonight etc…)

    • f*** off and die, c u n t August 30, 2013

      Those songs are all HOT her entire HoH album is HOTTT but she won’t do that stuff anymore since it flopped so hard. I love her voice but this is complete trash ;(

      • boldblond August 30, 2013

        it didnt flopeed cuz the album was bad. it flopped cuz something happened between her and her label since she got none promo and its sad. she did that dance pop genre perfectly:(

  5. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) August 30, 2013

    Is she still trying to be Beyonce?

  6. Goppit August 30, 2013

    Decent idea but non-intriguing. This does nothing for me until the last 2 songs which are just Ok. She sould work with Rihanna’s writers

  7. troybenz August 30, 2013

    i dont like it

  8. Josef August 30, 2013

    Day dream is just a rip off of Keke Wyatt.

  9. sterling infinity August 30, 2013

    it sounds flat to me but i’m still rooting!

  10. Terrance Barnes August 30, 2013

    Doesn’t matter the genre, everything sounds the same today. So to say her sound sounds dated is malarkey. It’s simple; she shouldn’t be a musician if her team is getting her weak beats like this. Her voice is not a problem but it will never be heard again & again if the beats aren’t there. That goes for rock, r&b, alternative, electronic, pop, urban pop & everything else.

  11. Slayandra August 31, 2013

    Remember people, this was a free EP it was a gift to fans so they aren’t gonna spend much money on it are they? Album 3 has producers like Vinylz, Rico Love (rumoured) – hopefully this is much better than this messy EP. Even has a stan I dislike it.

  12. Carl August 31, 2013

    Lol it’s not that bad, last 3 songs are good, she’s experimenting with more urban stuff lol don’t blame her, will the US pay attention to her pop stuff?

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