Finally: Lady GaGa Addresses Christina Aguilera Controversy

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2013 by Sam

Artistically, Lady GaGa and Christina Aguilera couldn’t be any different. However, upon the former hitting the scene five years ago, the pair have been pit against each other both politically and amongst their respective fan-bases.

For many, the genesis of the matter stemmed from when Aguilera offered a less than flattering response when quizzed about a then-rising GaGa. And while debate has only intensified over the years (see: Perez Hilton Drama), GaGa’s muted response has been notable in its lack of volume.

However, the silence was shattered last night during an online-only segment of the ‘Applause’ singer’s visit to Bravo’s ‘Watch What Happens Live’. 

Flip the hood to see what the 27-year-old had to say about “the Christina Aguilera situation”…

Despite being soaked in all sorts of P.C, we loved this. GaGa came across mature, humble, and ultimately as a fan. With the drama seemingly “squashed” and both ladies doing their thing, are we alone in thinking a collaboration between the two would be off the Richter?!

Your thoughts?

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  1. Wrecking your favs career (Miley stan) September 12, 2013

    GaGa i believe you did try to sabotage her career.. I dont believe any of your lies your 15 mins are ending h** thank god.

    • XxXxXx September 12, 2013

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    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      I don’t see Miley on the top ten with wrecking ball. Probably cuz of that disgusting soft p*** video failing to be s***. Wrecking careers? Is that y Selena won the MTV award over her? Oh…

      • No no September 12, 2013

        Miley is number one on iTunes !

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        WRECKING BALL is #1 on Billboard Hot 100. I don’t know what ur talking about. Quit trying to start drama with ur stupid posts & live up to the name u selected from Lady Gaga’s twitter meltdown tweets.

  2. Pour It Up September 12, 2013

    Now shes using Xtina to bring attention to her. The #Struggle

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Cuz she’s speaking up about it once?? What makes u think she wasn’t asked? Stupidity and the biasness on this site is real.

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        My, my, my now the shoe is on the other foot and the little monsters don’t like it. Didn’t u boys get ur panties in a twist when Madonna, after being asked about Gaga’s song, called it reductive? Then u boys started saying Madonna was desperate and using Gaga? The stupidity and the biasness on this site IS REAL and u just provided great evidence.

  3. Tisha September 12, 2013

    What made Gaga successful when she came out was that she did catchy pop music with a little edge, her closest physical competitor was Christina and she tried to destroy her.

    Of course Karma came back around. Once Gaga started to do the overproduced 80’s sound she couldn’t keep up. She’s not a good dancer. She’s not a beautiful girl. Without a catchy sound she’s just not appealing to the general audience.

    Especially with all the ridiculous horns, raw meat, egg s***.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      B**** plz. I think it’s Pigrez that tried to sabotage her and maybe that’s y his dumbass feels guilty now. The dude is a bandwagonist. He saw Gaga winning at one point and wanted to feed off of that while giving Xtina s***. Now he’s backtracking becuz Gaga is slipping a little….
      Gaga supported Xtina by buying “Your Body” when no one was even interested in Xtina and the media and blogs gave her s*** for gaining some weight. This is y I don’t tho k it’s likely Gaga would go out of her way to knock Xtina down. U ppl must not know Gaga too well. She’s never felt competitive with other artists since she first got big in 2008. Only her fans have tried to brag about her success and use it against other artists. Yes, Gaga’s Stans are intimidating and can be bullies but which stanbase isn’t like that?….

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        ”She’s never felt competitive with other artists since she first got big in 2008.”

        B**** are u dumb? Didn’t Gaga rush release a single to compete with Katy Perry in her, (haha) ”pop emergency” ? Only she embarrassed herself cause Katy Perry kicked her ass and handed it back to her.

  4. Lady gargoyle September 12, 2013

    i had such high hopes for this era but sadly it’s Born this way all over agian except the music on artpop sounds much wrose. her gimmicks are just about up, she had a nice run.

  5. Ant September 12, 2013

    And this is coming from the stan of a b**** who thinks twerking is a real form of dancing

  6. royalkev September 12, 2013

    I don’t buy it one bit Gaga! All you’re doing is kissing Christina’s ass now that you’re on the other end of the stick! Just remember the same people you meet going up the ladder, you see coming down!

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      When has she ever had beef with Xtina besides what the delusional Internet trolls have tried to speculate? Find me a source or I will just believe u r chatting s*** like the rest of these unintelligent morons on this site that do no research.

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        Stop the Drama Start the Music — quit being one of the ”unintelligent morons” and STOP THE DRAMA & START THE MUSIC – u moron.

  7. Cream pie September 12, 2013

    she is so fake, i can’t…

  8. cici :) September 12, 2013

    I love how all the f*** ate mad about her because like it or not she is the richest star under 30 (; your fave could never S*** BIRD

    • cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013



    • Wrecking Ball September 12, 2013

      just like her career it will run out..

    • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

      gaga’s fans are f*** and the proudly points that out so please ”don’t be a drag, just be a queen” and ”stop the drama, start the music” do as ur mother monster says and not as she does. have a good day cici pizza

  9. cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

    ^ The REACH!!!!!!!!

    What business did GaGa have sabotaging Xtina? She was a mega star by the time Xtina tried copying her with the I’m Not Myself video. I don’t believe Bionic was copied from GaGa, I think ONLY the I’m Not Myself video was copied from GaGa.

    You f*** remain reaching. You keep me lol’ing

    • Emmi3 September 12, 2013

      You are the biggest f** here…Now your own mother monster shut you down told you the real….what part of i am not my self would she have copied from which video..? just that hair cut or a bracelet looks the same doesnt mean copy b****…how you think gaga got all her inspirations..f****** retarted idiot watch a lot of asian pop videos….and you will see where gaga gets her creative ideas from… think halve of the s*** she has done is not copy ?? she be stealing ideas from others and acting like its hers since the beginning…all celebs do…love beyonce love kelly rowland love ciara love rihanna…but they all copy s*** from the past from other artists world wide that you dont even know about…so dont come here talking hate talking s*** like you know s***.. you are just a fatass ugly person who has nothing to but stan for gaga all day… i told you before… your queen admitted she looked up 2 christina many times before…and now again

  10. Cashimre September 12, 2013

    I think she really meant it and she did say she sing to her song which was nice its most be the gossip and hear say she and he stuff which will never end a lot of time beef come from rumors or misunderstand then it blow up and it’s hard to clear up we all been their our self in some type of way and we all say albums don’t sell or she ain’t popular and we as fans of any control that we making them rich so it’s up to us to who we let stay in that lime light I wish all luck to their albums the nov

  11. Wrecking Ball September 12, 2013

    Miley just ended your career h**, especially after that stale ass applause performance at the Vma’s.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Says what u want but Miley is nobody’s competition.She couldn’t even crack the top ten on BB. Ppl take her as seriously as they do Peewee Herman.

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        seriously what world do u live in? Miley Cyrus is cracking Lady Gaga’s nose surgery wide open with her songs. quit being an idiot.

  12. christinastherealtalent September 12, 2013

    Hold da F*** up. Christinas name shouldnt even be coming out of her mouth AT ALL. Gaga herself even sai to promoted all the bad press Christina got helped Gaga gain more attention. Gaga knew exactly what was going on and she never did anything to stop it or try to stop it. Once again, Gaga is purposely using Christina for attention. I dont wish anything bad for Gaga BUT i think she tooted her own horn too much too soon. Why address the Christina controversy now that you have new music

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      Yawn..b****. All u do is write delusional comments on here. I wouldn’t be surprised if u were an academic failure in school. Ur research about celebrities stays a struggle.

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013



  13. JER September 12, 2013

    I’m sick of both of them but this was how you ADDRESS something without being a shady c***. She cut right to the chase, dragged the thirsty ho’s, and gave mad props to XXLtina for the influential KFCtina’s first album had, ‘back when she used to be popular’

  14. Charlie September 12, 2013

    This b**** is STILL pretending to be 27! B**** please!!
    Anyway, Gaga needs to keep reaching for Christina’s vocals.

    • TheOuyonB September 12, 2013

      What vocals? The ones she USED TO possess before she growled away any trace of her Soprano? Man, please.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

        Dead. Now that’s the tea.

  15. Chanteau September 12, 2013

    A collab would be great! No need for the drama!

  16. Robin September 12, 2013

    Oww really Gaga ?!?

    So if you didn’t like it.. why the hell didn’t you said this 4 YEARS AGO !!!!

    This makes you even more fake. Sad. Sad. Sad.

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      The fact she’s even addressing it now means a lot. It means she’s actually busy with her career, the one Xtina use to have, instead of paying attention to no life media trolls.

      • Robin September 12, 2013

        She is more busy then ever with her career basically because this era is failing even more then Born This Way… And she knows that…

        They know people where trying to block Artpop and make it bigger that Gaga together with Perez was trying to destroy Christina her career… And we all know Gaga does everything for sales. If she really thought this way, she should have said it 4 years ago and not now.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

        Once again, ur so simple. She’s always been busy with her career considering she’s had three albums back to back along with tours and she actually writes her own music and it takes months to record an album…nothing ur saying is proving she’s fake. If she was really that concernered about it, she would have wrote a long ass open letter like Xtina.

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013


  17. HOWYOULIKEIT September 12, 2013

    B**** you was exposed by perez hilton. Justice for bionic. Buy the album when chartflop comes out

    • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

      The fact that no one takes Perez seriously tho. Who is he exposing when the man is damn near fake himself??

      • YEAH RIGHT! September 23, 2013

        U little morons took him seriously when he was feeding u s*** directly from Gaga’s a**hole. Why not now?

  18. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 12, 2013

    Rita whora album has been pushed BACK AGAIN. It is now coming out in SPRING 2014. LOL LOL IT WAS MEANT TO BE OUT ALREADY., THERE IS NO BUZZ FOR RITA WHORA.

    • SLAY_HIVE September 12, 2013

      Bxtch do you ever stay on subject?? Kiii

  19. Not a Stan September 12, 2013

    I find it a little strange that both Lady Gaga’s (Christina) and Tamar’s (K.Michelle) careers began with feuds. I don’t blame Gaga I think maybe their management had something to do with the comparisons or as some would say sabotage.

  20. Mike September 12, 2013

    What the hell happened to the host’s eyebrows?

    Seems like they were glued on to his forehead, lol

  21. iconic cici September 12, 2013

    Why wait so long gaga im confused?

    • TheOuyonB September 12, 2013

      She had no reason to address all of that. Christina was clearly feeling some type of way because her music career was on the decline and not to mention her body issues that went on for an extended period of time. Gaga was right not to address it. Why give an irrelevant celeb free press when you are a new artist trying to establish yourself? I wouldnt have either.

      • Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

        I don’t even think Xtina cares that much tho. She didn’t even say anything about Gaga in the open letter. Gaga was clearly asked this question.

  22. Yolo September 12, 2013


  23. Stop the drama Start the music September 12, 2013

    The question still remains tho….
    When have Xtina and Gaga ever had beef?? Xtina has said she’s loves lady gaga. Gaga said she loves Xtina. So what’s the problem?
    This reminds me of the Beyonce and Rihanna thing. The Stans stay acting like the two have something against each other yet both of them hardly ever say a word to each other…ppl make everything more serious than it actually is. I can see y certain celebrities don’t even use social media or even pay attention to blogs for that matter…

  24. ATM JAM September 12, 2013

    notice she waited this long to address this, after her s*** is beginning to flop she wants to apologize. keep it youre done. NEXT.

  25. Rye September 12, 2013

    Nice response, but karma is a b**** Gaga. Would not surprise me if Xtina has another comeback in her – as for Gaga, I can’t see her rising again, even though she has only been in the game 5 years. Talent always beats gimmicks (whoops, ahem…”artistry”)

  26. irene46 September 12, 2013

    i see showbiz politics has taken a turn to bite a chunk out of the ass of gaga by using that sad lame ass no visible talent performance of mylie’s to squash gaga. mylie is doing a collab with the media darling lip synching, auto-tuned, no dancing britney who the media and tgj love to pretend still has something resembling talent. the media hates christina so gaga’s speaking out in favor of christina will only hurt gaga. gaga’s ‘applause performance’ mopped up mylie’s pathetic excuse for ‘twerking’ act on the vmas. mylie is just a shapeless boyish figured imitation of gaga. it’s fitting she and britney would collab together being the both of them have put on the worst performances in vma history. btw being busy with her career is not an excuse for gaga keeping her lips water tight when christina was being savaged with allegations of ripping her off when it looked to me as if gaga was ripping off christina as well as madonna. ‘it’s karma b****.’

  27. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2013

    Dead at all these no lives thinking they know it all about people they don´t know and beefs they don´t know about at all, just cos “they say so”. You know nothing about what happens behind the cameras or in these famous people personal lives. So stop the b*******. Stop hating on Gaga or Xtina or whatever. Focus on the music and just downplay talentless girls and boys if you want. But personal issues? That´s just hate.

  28. TrinaQueenOfthesouth September 12, 2013

    Bish please! Christina is waaay better then flop a gaga…. TeamBritneyTho

  29. rich86 September 12, 2013

    I dont really buy what gag is trying to sell there,her manager AKON was going around saying xtina is ripping off gaga yet lady gaga didnt take a stand against akon or her fans but the past is the past. BIONIC failed because most of the songs on that album was crap,it was christina attempt of trying to be current,she was trying to keep up with the young new comers totally forgetting she is already successful in the music industry. As a huge christina fan,i want to see her claim her spot as a vocalist next to whitney,mariah and celine because she more than has the potential to do so,i would like her to incorporate better vocal techniques and get that voice back to its glory and start creating some sweet r n b soulful music with power house singing ballads and stop this over sexed pop crap,she is way to talented and good for that,leave that for gaga and the rest! So no bionic didn`t fail because of gaga and perez,it failed because of christina approach to being current when she`s known for going left field and pulling it off

    • irene46 September 13, 2013

      i disagree! bionic contained a lot of good songs. birds of prey, you lost me, woohoo etc.

      • rich86 September 13, 2013

        there were some ok songs but that album wasnt really christina,the wjhole robotic sound was not working for her,the lyrical content was poor,i as a fan was confused and thrown off guard in not a very good way,she`s much better than that

  30. BITCHPLEASEEEEE September 13, 2013


  31. Suicide Blonde September 13, 2013

    GaGa came across mature, humble, and ultimately as a fan.

    Didn’t she did the same thing when asked about the whole Express Yourself/Born this Way thing, she acted like a fan, she lied like a b**** in front of the cameras, why should i believe her now?

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