Perez Hilton Continues Twitter Taunt of Lady Gaga / Calls For Fans To Buy ‘Bionic’ Over ‘Artpop’

Published: Saturday 24th Aug 2013 by Rashad


The e-spat between blogger Perez Hilton and pop superstar Lady Gaga continues…

For, as fans know, the initial head-bump came after Gaga took to Twitter to recount a “horrific texting incident” that occurred between she and Hilton days before slamming the blogger for “stalking” after he looked to move into her apartment.

The blogger’s response included threats to “expose” the songstress for allegedly sabotaging other artists intentionally – an accusation many assumed was related to pop siren Christina Aguilera.

Now, after many thought the heated battle between the former besties had cooled, he took to Twitter just moments ago to post a photo of music charts accompanied by the caption:

There’s more folks…

The taunt came just days after Hilton announced support of the #JusticeForBionic campaign urging music buyers to purchase Christina Aguilera’s 2010 album ‘Bionic’ on the day Lady Gaga’s newest LP ‘ArtPop’ was due.

We’re sure this is only to get messier, but as always, keep it locked to That Grape Juice with your teacups ready for what’s to pour.

Your thoughts?


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  1. Emmi3 August 24, 2013


    • Toto August 24, 2013

      Perez is a nasty pig. I’m not a huge Gaga fan, but how can people not see what a disgusting pig he is? He blasted Xtina HIMSELF, he talked so much s*** on her (and lots of other artists/actors) for years. I wish someone would punch him in his ugly face again. Gaga didn’t hold a gun to his head and MAKE HIM trash Xtina, he did it cause that’s who HE IS.

  2. ben August 24, 2013

    he didn’t start the #justiceforbionic campaign christinas fans did it has nothing to do with him he’s just jumped on the band wagon

  3. RICHIE_RICH August 24, 2013

    these queens are going at it.

    • Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

      Over music that is out, yes. Where’s Beyonce’s single?

      • SLAY_HIVE August 24, 2013

        Honey calm down, Beyonce will deliver you a single soon…We ALL know your life depends on it, you tired bxtch! Kiii

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

        But where is it? When is ‘soon’? That single is never coming out.

      • XXX August 24, 2013

        Yes Lovebird I love the eagerness.

      • SLAY_HIVE August 24, 2013

        Loooool girl sounds like you’re having a nervous breakdown! The single is coming…Perfection/SLAYAGE takes time! Kiiiii

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

        But there is no single, she scrapped the whole thing according to Diplo. That single is never coming out.

        And bow down, I been on, Grown woman mess is not perfection, more like regression.

      • RICHIE_RICH August 24, 2013

        Oh why you run from that last post…..

        @shitbird can’t take the beyhive and Mother, King, Queen Beyonce. We all know just like we all know Rihanna is the W**** of Babylon.

        Im going to give you just what you need today babe, and it’s nothing you can do about beside ask when Beyonce single or album coming. Just know it’s coming just as quick as Rihanna legs come apart.

      • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

        I feel like Beyonce’s single is caught in a fan, I mean where is it? Why is it not out? What is she so afraid of?

      • RICHIE_RICH August 24, 2013

        When will Rihanna close her leg?

      • SLAY_HIVE August 24, 2013

        Bxtch you stan for s***** perry, rihject and the rest of the other basic bxtches….i can really care less what you consider to be “slayage” your taste in music is a prime example of the state of the music industry, which is REGRESSION! KIII

        BEYONCE>>>>> them other h***! Remain seated

      • shut up b**** August 24, 2013

        When will Fossilonce stop stealing writing credits and faking (pregnancy, boobs_ to stay relevant? When will she close her legs? After Eminem, Nas, Pharell, many others and now Jay Z those p**** walls must be non existent.

      • RICHIE_RICH August 24, 2013

        @Suck this c*** and shut up ……Where is your proof? I can back up what I stated can you.

      • Ciarastan August 25, 2013


    • Sterling Infinity Fan August 25, 2013

      Yes this B^tches are going for the throat and I’m living for it!

  4. Lovebird (Roar – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

    LMAO….YASSSS…That ugly ass ratchet salty queen spilled that truth tea. I love it when the pig exposes the fraud, it gives me metaphor tea, yasss.

    T***** Caca, after the shambolic awkward video, still cannot take FLOPause it #1 on iTunes, I cannot.

    This after she made her little suicides give out free blowjobs for a purchase of FLOPause, I LIVE.

    • Sterling Infinity Fan August 25, 2013

      Yes girl he got the tea pot hot and I’m sitting here with my good china ready to drink it up!

  5. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

    I live for this, FLOPause flopping harder than “Dance for you” right now, yasss.

    I cannot at T***** Caca running out of gimmicks, walking around like a damn fool in a shower curtain ha. Once an ugly t***** ass flopping b****, always will be. I never thought people would be tired of the ugly grotesque monster so quickly, where are the suicides?

    • RUDY August 24, 2013

      Good thing it didnt flop as bad as Xtinas s***. Like no one even plays her music anymore! haaha sucks to be a fan of fading star

    • The Evil Eye August 24, 2013

      It’s not flopping harder than Right Now though. Milli Vanilli’s Time Life comeback didn’t even flop harder than Right Now.

  6. ENOUGH ONIKA (KMART QUEEN) August 24, 2013

    Two messy queens. One’s a drag and the other’s a f*g….

    • Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013


      • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 25, 2013


  7. YOOSONDALOOSE August 24, 2013

    Lady Gaga isnt doing as great as expected but it has nothing to do with this flop blogger its because the song is generic.

    • LOL August 24, 2013

      LOL and “Roar” isn’t generic? My 4 year old niece can come up with something more deep.

  8. Tony August 24, 2013

    i think perez is a psyco gay f** who should die

  9. Tony August 24, 2013

    i hate fagrez hilton dumb f***

  10. SLAY_HIVE August 24, 2013

    Looooool this bad built whxre isn’t showing GaGa NO mercy!

    • Dev August 24, 2013

      Sorry, that scared me! What exactly is justice for bionic?

      • Jb August 24, 2013

        Looool s ared me to dev

  11. Lovebird (Dark Horse – PRISM – 10.22.13)) August 24, 2013

    I thought T***** Caca was invincible, I thought T***** Caca was untouchable, I thought T***** Caca is coming to snatch wigs, where is she? Why is FLOPause struggling harder than Run the World right now?

    I thought T***** Caca was coming to release something groundbreaking when that FLOPause s*** is as groundbreaking as “algeba” on the 1+1 song.

    Yasss Pigrez you disgusting piece of s***, show that t***** manly Caca mess no mercy, I live. Karma is shady as hell.

    • Kingstown August 24, 2013

      Lool oh my god to funny.

  12. lady gaga and beyonce on my telephone August 24, 2013

    i loved lady gaga to death and im sticking by mummy monster thru thick and thin.from what ive heard xtina is a b****,remember tha kelly osbourne thang even her stylists say shez a horrible b**** so f*** her.
    as for perez he did tha same thing to kesha and other artists.i pray for tha day he dies.i hate him soo f****** much.god forgive me but i hope something bad happens to this asshole.#justice 4 kesha

  13. Kingstown August 24, 2013

    Loooool these comments are too much love it . Love everything about this.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 25, 2013


  14. tits mcgee August 24, 2013

    LMAO!! Both these queens are hilarious!! This s*** is too funny! 🙂

    • Sterling Infinity Fan August 25, 2013

      I’m living for the shade being thrown

      • tits mcgee August 25, 2013

        I know! It’s simply scrumptious!

  15. XXX August 24, 2013

    Lol. Mess.

  16. Jace August 24, 2013

    Gaga owes her entire career to Xtina’s name.

    It’s true that Gaga tried to sabotage Bionic – and Perez helped her. Now that he see’s Gaga’s true colors he’s being supportive. #JusticeForBionic was started by Xtina’s FANS though. And it’s to overcome the conspiracies that Gaga and her team had against Christina. Let’s face it, “Just Dance” flopped in the US in 2008 until Gaga was compared to Christina Aguilera. Even Gaga said she should send Xtina flowers for putting her on the map.

    • mr.m August 24, 2013


      • XtinaRebirth August 24, 2013

        This is true tea….. #IApprove

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      Receipts that are not in Perez’s words that it was sabotaged by Gaga? I want receipts NOW…..

  17. Mike August 24, 2013

    He should’ve thought about #JusticeForBionic back in 2010 when he was insulting Christina calling her Floptina and constantly saying she was imitating Gaga

    Now that Gaga has parted ways with him, all of sudden he wants to show love for Xtina…. PFFFF what a f****** hypocrite

    • mr.m August 24, 2013

      Everything at the time was against Xtina ..
      It was impossible for Bionic to shine
      The media sabotaged the entire era!

      • Mike August 24, 2013

        That’s true

        Unfortunately she did the era no favors herself, by copping out on promo after 2 weeks and dropping off the face of the Earth until Burlesque

        Wasn’t really being a ‘Fighter’ for her music
        (and still isn’t, nowadays)

  18. Hadley August 24, 2013

    Perez aint holding back!

  19. RoyalKev August 24, 2013

    Wow! Truth be told Bionic would have been a hit that year if there wasn’t so many politics involved. The industry is a shady place! It would be something to see Chissy’s work get the love it’s overdue! #Woohoo!

    As for all the drama with Gaga & this guy, 1 word… Karma! Like Iyanla says, call a thing a thing!

  20. Molly August 24, 2013

    Im over this beef until someone spill some real tea!

  21. mr.m August 24, 2013

    Xtina fans are enjoying this to the MAX!
    K to the A to the R to the M to the A
    TEA TEA TEA .. More TEA!!

  22. Bey_Minaj August 24, 2013

    All I want is for Perez so stop with the subliminals and tell the world what Gaga made him do to sabotage Xtina. That’s all, tell all her dirty little secrets. What’s in the dark will always come to light.

    • LOL August 24, 2013

      LOL that’s because the pig is lying. all the shade he threw at XTina came from HM. Nobody “made” him do anything.

  23. Bey Fan August 24, 2013

    How could anyone sabotage Bionic?? Her fans didn’t buy the album. Thats why it flopped. The hell…. and whats the excuse for Lotus?

    And what makes him think they’re going to buy it on the day Gaga releases her album? Hell they didn’t buy it on the day it came out damn near 3 years ago. This is the stupid s*** I’ve ever heard…

  24. T.A.T.U STAN August 24, 2013

    I actually started to like flopause its kinda stucked in my head.. And i tried so hard to hate it.

    • Todd August 24, 2013

      the intro is ok…

  25. jada fire stan August 24, 2013

    Well xtina career was literally over when beyonce released Bday…that was when people started bashing britney/madonna for not being able to sing live, and we all know xtina was in the conversation only because of the rivalry with britney…xtina has never really been a major act, she’s always been someone else’shadow, so no need to blame gaga for her multiple flops.

    • LOL August 24, 2013

      Hmmm, is that why XTina’s 2007 “Back To Basics” tour was the highest grossing tour by a female artist that year? LOL yeah she’s really in someone else’s shadow….

  26. CIARA FAN August 24, 2013

    Pigtina is somewhere in a farm with her flop cds.she’s a failure and her career is so over

    • Molly August 24, 2013

      but her career doing better than Ciaras

      • CIARA FAN August 24, 2013

        when u go from sellin 20+ millions to 150K WW, man your career is just DEAD. We all know queen ci had some dramas with her label, and she’s just slowly making her way back

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Ciara ain’t coming back from s*** when her album is about to fall out of the top 80.

  27. christinastherealtalent August 24, 2013

    Such a shame. It’s like 2010 all over again using Christina for free publicity. I dont think.Christona is paying any mind.about this let alone knows whats going on but if she does probably laughing.her ass off at these desperate attention seeking whores.

    • truth(the new and refined TRUTH. f*** icki she done now i just slay a b****…yew mad??) August 25, 2013

      #Sl-LAPS DA S*** outta oinktina’s p**** with tampons

  28. Rosie August 24, 2013

    Where are the Caca stans? I thought they said Katy’s career was ending with Awfulause? I thought they said my fave’s career was over with So Legit? I thought they said Xtina was going to fall off the face of the Earth after Bionic (which she kind of did, but was more relevant with The Voice than Caca was after breaking her hip)?
    Now here she is getting outsold by Jay Z, some local country singer, and Lana (and her 16 year old Tumblr girl fad wannabe).
    T*****-Ga is done.

  29. Belladonna1363 August 24, 2013

    We will see after tomorrow night. Lol Because not one artist alive can Touch Gaga in performing other then Beyonce. They can have there number1 songs and there normal looking outfits but the thing that made Gaga a huge star in 2009 was that she could perform To the Gods & sing live & that she will do, I know Gaga is seeing all this hate. Watch it light a fire under her ass & make her give the best VMA’performance EVER!!!!!!! You read it from me first lol .

    • Ms.Campbell August 24, 2013


      she will slip and fall and break her back this time, Hope she leave the fake blood antics, and pre-school gimmicks at home.

      That tired performance of hers has been a non-factor ever since she fired Laureanne Gibson, Her used to be Creative Director!


    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      Not actually.
      Katy is closing and is rumored to be performing under the Brooklyn Bridge with an estimated cost of nearly 3 million, thanks to Pepsi.
      Poor T*****, the VMAs caring more about Titty than T*****. They won’t even mention her in the commercials anymore as they do with Macklemore and Bruno Mars. She is over.

      • Mother Monster August 24, 2013

        F*** outta here rosie your so fake

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Not as fake as your fave, though, preaching to suicidal bullied f*** while stealing their allowance.

      • LOL August 24, 2013

        LOL as if people are gonna remember, or even care, about Katy Payola’s performance LMAO….

  30. PRINCE MACHIAVEL August 24, 2013

    Dead! Poor FagAss Perez He’s Mad Cause TGJ’s Kicking His Old Mean Ass! Keep Craying Bitter Petty Queen, PigLostChrina Will Stay Flop Whatever Your QueenAss Hate It Or Not! Ciao QueenFag!!!!

  31. Ms.Campbell August 24, 2013

    If this t***** is opening for the #VMA’s, Combined with no appearance from Queen Bey, And no red carpet slayage from RiRi…..

    Than #MTV should prepare for their LOWEST ratings in HISTORY!

    This entire show will be a #FLOP unless they have some major tricks up their sleeves.

    I guess they thought Gaga was the right person to open up their show with a Flopause single right now, doing HORRIBLE in the US and on the charts.

    Consider Caca #DEAD!

    • Ms.Campbell August 24, 2013

      I’ll only be watching for #ROAR

    • Mother Monster August 24, 2013

      B**** eat s*** and die, Rihanna ain’t no real fashion icon like GaGa is & no one wants to see Beyonce perform her tired unknown flop singles boo!

      • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

        I understand your madness,

        How’s Flopplause doing on those charts Motha?

        Katy won this one huh???

      • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

        RiFloppa too busy sucking Drake’s c***! And Beyonce still crying over her short hair

  32. Gang bang shoot 2death August 24, 2013

    Yes!!!!! I live for the Applause :P!!!!!

    KARMA B****!!!!

    Bionic is still my ish :
    Gaga is under alot of presior this time arounf

    Cant wait for the VMA chilll.

  33. Mother Monster August 24, 2013

    F*** Xxxltina, Lama del fake, Pigrez Hilton and the rest of you h*** tryna bring GaGa down she is one of the best out there, she works very hard & she will go down in history not my fault xtina couldnt last past 3 eras lol… Anyways Applause is the highest debut of the year for a female on the hot 100

  34. Rosie August 24, 2013

    Apploss is a flop and is currently #1 in only three countries (none first world) and a Chinese territory.
    #1 Armenia
    #1 Belarus
    #1 Hong Kong
    #1 Lithuania

    • Mother Monster August 24, 2013

      Still waiting for lana to get a US top 10 hit

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Still waiting for T***** to get any hype outside of her suicidal twink fanbase.

      • LOL August 24, 2013

        LOL never gonna happen. she’s a local z-lister. she’s not even that. what chart is she #1 on, since you’re so busy pulling fake receipts? LOL

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Lana is local yet only 17% of her sales come from the US? I don’t think you know what you’re talking about. Urban Dictionary is your friend.

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      I just cant with your tea! #toodamnhott 🙂

    • RiRi bad August 24, 2013


    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      @ Rosie

      Where is “Roar” #1 in the world just as a comparison? Just curious. Damn, you be pulling those receipts!!

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        #1 United States
        #1 Australia
        #1 Bahrain
        #1 Canada
        #1 Indonesia
        #1 Ireland
        #1 Macau
        #1 Malaysia
        #1 New Zealand
        #1 Philippines
        #1 Singapore
        #1 Taiwan
        #1 United Arab Emirates

        All first world except for Indonesia, Malaysia (borderline first world though), and the Philippines.
        The only reason Gaga is ahead of her on Kworb’s iTunes artist rank is because ChartFlop is available for preorder.

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      Wow! Katy is sitting pretty. 13 #1 (two of which are in 1st world major territories) to gaga’s 4 total #1’s right now! Death at #1 in Belarus! Thanks hun. #keepclockin

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        It’s hilarious how far she’s fallen and how irrelevant those markets are, especially since it only takes two copies to hit #1 in Lithuania.
        You’re welcome.

      • LOL August 24, 2013

        LOL LIES. ALL those charts have different #1 songs currently. and NONE of them are “Roar”.

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Those receipts are straight from iTunes though.
        Mad that Caca is flopping harder than Lana worldwide? Stay delusional.

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013


  35. Mother Monster August 24, 2013

    Applause debuts at number 6 meanwhile summertime sadness moves up 1 spot to number 15 the struggle for American relevancy is real for lama del FAKE!!!

    • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

      No Shade!

  36. Rosie August 24, 2013

    Meanwhile Awfulause is getting outsold by a nobody “hipster” fad song from New Zealand.

    • iconic cici August 24, 2013

      Girl do you think any one cares about new Zealand

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        More relevant than Cedric.

      • Iconic Cici August 24, 2013

        Lame ass comeback d***!

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Better than most of your’s so why should I waste my clever jokes on a Ciara stanning hoodrat using McDonalds wifi to drag on a blog comments section?

    • LOL August 24, 2013

      ….while Summertime Flopness is getting outsold by EVERYBODY LOL

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Top 10 on the sales chart.
        Where was Cedric?

  37. iconic cici August 24, 2013

    Perez just spill all the tea not just a lil i want it all

  38. RiRi bad August 24, 2013

    I’ve got the eye of the tiger of fire dancing thru the fire!!! >>>

  39. RiRi bad August 24, 2013

    Gods & Monsters >>>>>>> GaGas whole discography

    • Iconic Cici August 24, 2013

      The Evolution Of Ciara>>>>>> Lana & Rihannas basic discography

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        No one remembers that mess, that’s why it only sold 2 million in 2006 when sales peaked.

    • channel_ROMAN August 24, 2013

      I LOVEEEEE that song.

  40. TurnUp4cici August 24, 2013

    Lana del rey will never make the impact GaGa Beyonce Nicki Ciara Katy & Rihanna have made her fans should even talk they need to be lucky lana finally got a top 20 hit in America.

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      At Icki having impact. Female rappers are taken even less serious now because of her and having her on your song/magazine cover in 2013 is poison.
      Where’s Cedric’s impact?

  41. Hilary duff staj August 24, 2013

    I like applause more then roar, roar is kinda corny

  42. Hilary duff stan August 24, 2013

    I like lana del rey she makes deep music @Rosie

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      Good, you have great taste in music then.
      BTW Hilary>>>Miley, etc.

      • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

        Lets keep Hilary Clinton where she belongs, In POLITICS

        Stop trying to drag her into Music/Pop Culture

        No T, ALL SHADE!

  43. Hilary duff stan August 24, 2013

    Ciara? never heard of her

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      I don’t think anyone has.
      Australia (ARIA) 35
      Australia Urban (ARIA) 7
      Belgium (Ultratop 50 Flanders) 188
      Belgium (Ultratop 50 Wallonia) 98
      Canada (Billboard) 21
      France (SNEP) 163
      Netherlands (MegaCharts) 77
      Switzerland (Hitparade) 63
      UK Albums Chart (OCC) 42
      US Billboard 200 2

      • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013


      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Admitting your fave is a flop. A first from the Z-Squad.

      • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

        The #FAIL was directed to the lazy attempt to shade Ciara by posting illegitimate #’s…. Meanwhile she’s being nominated for awards, Posing for magazine covers, and participating in interviews, and attending Award Shows….

        Now where is Ms.Lana Del Taco in all this hype….
        So quick and busy to post others numbers, while missing the fact that Your fav is falling off the face of the charts FAST!
        And is’nt even recognized by the US…

        Silly Canadian, Tricks are for kids!

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Receipts that’s she’s falling off the charts? All this bull and no proof to back it up. SS and her album has been rapidly rising up the charts for the past two months or so.

  44. ratedxxx(next broad) August 24, 2013

    I don’t care for singles….I only care about album can have 3,4 hit singles and yet your album flops hard…

    and the fact that perez thinks that people are going to start buying bionic, because applause is doing better than any singles xtina has dropped for the past couple of years..or according to him applause is flopping..

    yes bionic sales are going to go through the roof now…because its gaga’s fault nobody bought the album in the first place…

    because its gagas fault the bionic tour got canceled because nobody was buying tickets..

  45. Kimbella August 24, 2013

    Its career is half way over.

  46. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

    Perez is a two faced pathetic sack of s***. I hope Xtina will never pay him any attention or be friends with her after talking so much s*** about her in the past. Only reason he is doing that is to get back at Gaga. He is not supporting Xtina from a true place in his heart other than vengeance and hate for Gaga. It’s so obvious. Anyways, celebs r over him. I guess that’s y he needs the drama to stay relevant…

    • Queen barb August 24, 2013

      Lmao b**** you mad perez is calling your overrated fav out yaaaas b**** i LIVE! I’ll be buying a copy of bionic on 11/11 since Queen Nicki is featured on the album anyways kiiiiii i hope she flops worst then nicole sherzinger

      • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

        B****. No one asked for ur opinion. Instead of buying byeonic plz go support roman retarded and the re-flop. K? Bye.

  47. ratedxxx(next broad) August 24, 2013

    this s*** is too funny..because how gullible can you be to think that its gaga’s fault xtina is not selling any damn thing…that a newcomer would have enough power to destroy somebody who has been in the game for decades…yes…

    some people are just so f****** stupid….way before gaga came into the picture perez was known to bash xtina and madonna all the time…..

    perez can drop all the so call tea….the only people whos going to believe the b******* coming out of his mouth.
    are the gullible, stupid, and mental

    • Queen barb August 24, 2013

      just stfu girl no one cares what you got to say you stan for jazmin sullivan the biggest non factor in the industry.

      • ratedxxx(next broad) August 24, 2013

        no one care about what I have to say..and yet you replied to my comment…..

        why do people think I care about them bashing jazmine…..

        your comment is weak as f***..why if i gave two shits about your opinion on jazmine whos making more money sitting on her ass, than your ass

        i wouldnt be using her pic…SO FAIL….

        she’s a flop whos worth more than your ass….yes….my feelings are hurt…

        i swear basic b****** never fails to tickle the f*** out of me

    • HOWYOULIKEIT August 24, 2013


    • Todd August 24, 2013

      RATEDXXX , u betta tell em… !

  48. Queen barb August 24, 2013

    Karmas bitting this b**** in the ass smh gaga being a sneaky snake isn’t cute & god is always watching remember that.

  49. HOWYOULIKEIT August 24, 2013

    YESSSSSSS. Bionic is the s***.
    It has classics like lift me up, not myself tonight all i need.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      You have low standards for classics and those will never b classics, hunny….ch u tried.

  50. Adeles superior August 24, 2013

    I hate gaga so ill buy bionic

  51. MileyCircus August 24, 2013

    RiFloppa too busy sucking Drake’s c***!
    Glad she wont be attending

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      If Rihanna is a flop then Miley is a never was, hun. Tell your fave to develop her own personality and to stop stealing Rih’s persona and image. #thanks

      • Madonna+janet 4ever August 24, 2013

        Ri’s persona? Lolzz …Wow How dare you say that?

        what a shame!

  52. Thirst August 24, 2013

    Listening to Bobble Head right now still sounds fresher than anything from anyone out now, Bionic was sick!

  53. Todd August 24, 2013

    OOOOK, I’m not a fan of Gaga, Katy or Christina! Tonight i saw Ke$ha (not a fan as well) cry over one of his post . Perez is s*****. Dot

  54. Rosie August 24, 2013

    T***** is 0.0035% away from being passed by We Can’t Twerk on iTunes.

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      If that happens I will never stop laughing.. #yikes

  55. Todd August 24, 2013

    NOTE: YOUR COMMENT HAS AUTOMATICALLY BEEN HELD FOR MODERATION AND WILL BE APPROVED SHORTLY. Click here to find out why.- after clicking: Oops,this page doesnt exist.

  56. MileyCircus August 24, 2013

    Rosie sure love coming for Gaga’s Floppause, when Her faves only top 20 Summertime Flopness, Is flopping just as hard if not worse than Gaga’s

    So b**** have several and come back when Lana gets a #1,
    America does’nt even recognize her in the industry or the charts

    • tits mcgee August 24, 2013

      I don’t really see how Lana (no promo) Del Ray can be considered a flop when she is #15 on itunes with hardly any radio play or promo… but Gaga who is shoved down our throats in every media 24/7 since (and before) the release of “applause” has not been able to knock an old song like “blurred lines” out the way…

      Come on, lets not be blind to what is
      going on.

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      Lets discuss Viley being dragged back and forth by the black people who’s culture she’s appropiating on a daily basis and We Can’t Twerk being local as f*** instead. Dead at it going top 10 in less countries than Lana’s “flop.”

      • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

        Gwarl try again, Im not a fan of Miley anyway!

        Guess you cant comprehend that my name alone is a shot @ Miley, Her and Lana are both flops, and your comment proves the fact that you resort to taking shots at whoever you think the commenter is standing for, while avoiding facts at the same time….. Your fav is a flop, and Miley is even winning over her in every area #DEAL

        Hows Summertime Depression doing on the charts fast decline?

      • Adeles superior August 24, 2013

        its probably a ci error stan

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        How is We Can’t Be Black doing on the worldwide charts? Too bad it’s only smashing in like 4 countries.

      • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

        Hows Adele doing on her secret weight loss plan? @AdelesSuperior, I heard The only thing she is slaying right now are buffet tables. I guess shes scared to release new tunes as well.

        @ROSIE i dont give a f*** how Miley’s singles are doing, Im not her for that b****, But the T is any of her singles/videos are currently performing way better than anything Lana has released, or plans on releasing! Is that flop single SS decreasing gracefully ?

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        LMAO bye @ SS flopping when it outperformed every Miley single worldwide AND is top 7 combined on iTunes with no promo whatsoever and only two US shows this year so far, unlike Viley who appeared on every variety show ever and made her label pay every tabloid ever to put her in there for being a basic wannabe ghetto b****. That’s why We Can’t Twerk only went top 10 in 9 countries, 7 English-speaking. Local.

    • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

      Yet Summertime-Depression is’nt smashing in ANY countries!!!!!!

      You stay shading your own fav! LMFAO

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        That’s because it already smashed in most of Europe last year when it was released last year.
        It is currently top 5 in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK where it was just released.
        Stay mad that Viley can’t even gain any relevancy beyond basic white teenagers without stealing black culture and “twerking” (where she’s actually making her ass look like it’s having a seizure).

      • MileyCircus August 24, 2013

        Hunn you clearly just DO NOT GET IT…….

        So let me spell it out for you….

        I-M N-O-T H-E-R-E F-O-R M-I-L-E-Y.

        So you dragging her actually just gives me life, And #LIFE my dear is currently what Summertime Depression needs b****…. L-I-F-E S-U-P-P-O-R-T!

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        But who are you here for sis? Third World-ga? Will ChartFlop even do 3 million?

  57. Jessie j stan August 24, 2013

    Lana one fan just stfu ugh i hate rosie.. Lanas vocals aint s*** her music aint either

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      What happened to D*** J?

  58. Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

    Bionic is better than any GaGa album tbh

  59. Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

    I heard @Rosie is a D***? IS IT TRU? KIII

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      Straight white female.
      Remain a self-hating f** who hates on others because he contemplates suicide everyday.

      • Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

        Sweetie im a female aswell you must be a d*** or ugly as f*** because your so f****** bitter all the time go get smoke d*** ease your mind stop being so mean and disrespectful all the time

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        That’s the best insult you can come up with? Yawn. Get A*** and die.

    • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

      Rosie wishes she was C***!

      She cant afford her hormones to complete her transformation. So she is currently somewhere in Canada giving blowjobs for coins to get to a good Dr. to get pumped with silicone to become a white female t*****….

      Good luck with your transformation sis!

      You should sign up for Ru Pauls Drag Race… The girls always leave that show with enough coins to finish their process.

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        And you can’t afford any of that so you’re trying to use personal insults to drag someone else with the things you WANT because you’ll never afford it with you part time job at a Walmart somewhere on the south side of Atlanta.

      • FutureCIARA August 25, 2013

        But your a Canadian, #EnoughSaid

        You know nothing about Atlanta, or where I’m from. But good guess

        And as far as Walmart goes, Hunny i don’t even shop there, But if you need some back to school supplies Rosie I hear they have great deals.

  60. Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

    Rosies that b**** who got beat up in highschool everyday.

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      I bet you still haven’t passed 8th grade though.

      • Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

        Actually i start my first week of college next week. Gonna make somethin outta my life unlike you

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        Sophomore at college.
        Good luck not getting drugged by frat douches and forced to f*** them next year bb.

  61. Ciara is everything August 24, 2013


    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      Says the Cedric stan who appears in every post except for his own trying to discredit someone.
      Jealous I can afford my own wifi instead of depending on McDonald’s?

  62. LOL August 24, 2013

    LOL somebody call this tired f** needs to be punched in her c*** sucking lips again. NOW she wants to act like she got love for XTina? LOL b**** please. XTina already called your fat messy phony ass out. Don’t try to act like you’re a fan now.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013


  63. LOL August 24, 2013

    I love XTina, but get real. people are not gonna start buying ‘Bionic’ just because some tired queen told them to. Dumbass doesn’t realize that all he’s doing is guaranteeing a big first-week sales for Gaga.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      I like Xtina too but TBH Bionic was not a good album. I’m pretty sure that’s y no one wanted it cuz it did have promo. But I find it funny he is promoting a campaign for a flop album that came out in 2010 that no cares about instead of mentioning Lotus which was an even bigger flop. I can’t chile….

      • Valerie (Barb) August 24, 2013

        Bionic is better than any caca album fursure..

      • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

        Hey, y was Icki Garbaj subbed at the Grammys and MTV awards this year? Plz worry about that. Ur fave has been over….

  64. tits mcgee August 24, 2013

    I wonder if Gaga found the person who leaked applause yet? She should press charges! Lol.

    Gaga and Perez bringing each other down is hilarious. Two crazy pigs rolling around in the muck. They both are getting the backlash they deserve. Can’t do dirt and expect to have clean hands. I thank them both for the entertainment! #herepiggies

  65. Rosie August 24, 2013

    T***** is literally thisclose to dropping to #8 on iTunes (9 if you count the fact that Lana is outselling her too).

    • Baby Blanco August 24, 2013

      You so happy to see someone’s downfall your life has to be miserable.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      As if anyone cares.
      Lady Gaga-5 Grammys
      Lana- 0
      But she’s so “musically and lyrically” better than Gaga according to u stans.

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        As if anyone takes the Grammys seriously anymore.
        See you next year when Lana wins her OSCAR for Young & Beautiful!

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      The oscars and Grammys are both important to singers and actors who take their work seriously not just as a profession but as art so dunno what u mean. Every serious artist dreams of one. Flops are always saying the Grammys don’t matter tho….go figure.

      • FutureCIARA August 25, 2013

        Exactly, These hopefuls are something!

        Lana could nevah!

        LMFAO an OSCAR???? really Rosie, U tried GurlFriend

  66. Baby Blanco August 24, 2013

    I hope Rosie gets her life in order i can never be happy to see someone fail.

  67. Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

    I never paid much attention to Perez in the 1st place. Nor do I know a lot about him but I see y Azealia called him a messy f**. Gaga just needs to continue paying this loser dust since that’s all he’s worth living in the shadows of celebrities much richer and better than him. I’m pretty sure Xtina will do the same.

  68. FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

    Kii @Rosie getting Dragged in every comment….

    My light work is finished!

    Let me hop to this Katy post….. –>

    • Rosie August 24, 2013

      I guess that’s all you have to kii for since
      292 Ciara – I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)

      • FutureCIARA August 24, 2013

        True T sis, Im not delusional….. But be careful Gorl because Summertime Depression is declining hard….

        As this post has confirmed, You know Karma is a b****..

        But will Lana ever get asked to do another televised appearance??? We all know what happened in 2012 @SNL

      • Rosie August 24, 2013

        She’s had a ton since SNL.
        Receipts that SS is declining like you said? Outpeaked and outsold Local Party in less than a month and both versions are currently top 21 on iTunes, with the remix about to hit the top 10. Meanwhile…
        292 Ciara – I’m Out (feat. Nicki Minaj)

      • FutureCIARA August 25, 2013

        But will it become #1 ?

  69. POP ROYALTY (F*** Yeah Rihanna) August 24, 2013

    WTF ?

  70. HOWYOULIKEIT August 24, 2013

    I want christina aguilera to make a huge comeback. Enough is enough

  71. Navy Nick August 24, 2013

    this guy is a joke & disgrace to pop & gays…, I really DO NOT like him; Rihanna did the right thing having him as as dog in her S&M video…..anyways, APPLAUSE VIDEO IS EPIC, who cares about #1s, I mean honestly tho….GAGA LIVE WILL SHUT KATY DOWN ANYDAY!!!!!!!

  72. Mark111 August 24, 2013

    I’ll say it. We wouldn’;t even known who Gaga was if CA hadn’t of “took” Gaga’s “Style”. I remember people saying “She stole Lady Gaga’s style” and people would say “Who’s Lady Gaga?” And then you go searching Gaga’s name. But on the real, Gaga really stole Gewn’s style, look and sound on that Fame album. Yea I said it.

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      Lol she kinda did in the beginning. But Gaga took herself places with fashion that Gwen never did. She really made herself fashion personified and started to find her own look and sound after a while so no biggie.

      • Mark111 August 24, 2013

        You’re right, she also found her own voice as well. Gaga is super talented, I just want a Stefani album. She can do blues, jazz and play piano. But til then, I’ll have to skip this era, I’m sick of the crazy stuff.

      • Beyonce f**** Rita Whora with a d****; this is a blind item. August 25, 2013

        GAGA is more smarter than that. You can never steal from a singer who is already A list. That is why these flop b****** tryna jack rihanna do not get. GAGA stole from Rosin murphy and peaches.

  73. ratedxxx(next broad) August 24, 2013

    It tickles me watching people putting down stats on a damn single….like having a number 1 hit single determines how much the album is going to sell…

    I’m glad katy’s roar is number 1 everywhere..goood for her…I’m not surprised, because she is known to be a single queen..

    now as for gaga’s applause going down the charts, who cares…..the fun doesnt begin until the first week and second week sales come through. I mean the albums not single..

    • Ms.Campbell August 24, 2013

      But where is Jasmine Sullivan’s Album, or singles for that matter?????????????????????????????????????????

  74. ratedxxx(next broad) August 24, 2013

    I’m still laughing at the “support bionic” on the same day gaga’s album drops……

    no amount of gaga hate, is going to make fetch happen…

    so instead of blaming the public for the lack of interest in xtina since back to basics in 2006..we’re going to blame gaga….

    so first it was britney spears..well she is still in britneys shadow…now she’s in gaga’s shadow….

    oh i forget gaga is flopping now, …

    did gaga paid xtina’s record label, not to promote xtina..did gaga paid radio stations,tv stations not to play her songs? because ive seen xtina on tv promoting her albums..on radio..magazines

    did gaga paid off the xtinas fans not to support xtina..
    oh did gaga paid people off so none of her bionic tickets could sell..

    • Fierce & all -Not here for b****** that can only slay in studios August 24, 2013

      They r so retarded. Each time Xtina has dropped an album her sales have dropped. b2b sold less than her previous which was stripped. It was inevitable that lotus would do worse than bionic. So before gaga was even heard of Xtina was flopping! Not as bad as bionic but u get what I mean…

  75. JOHNVIDAL August 25, 2013

    Damn this guy is disgusting. What is he known for? Can people from America please explain?
    So he hated on Xtina Aguilera for no reason (like most people have been doing for 3 years, don´t pretend most of you didn´t, you sad band wagoners) and now he wants to support her? 3 years later lol just cos he has a new girl to hate? truly disgusting. Like most commenters on TGJ. The few sane people on this site left a while ago (except for 2 or 3 people)

  76. Minder August 25, 2013

    Bionic was a flop in 2010 for more reasons than Gaga “Trying” to ruin it.I liked Gaga during the fame era and not so much since,her antics are old and her music hasn’t been as good.
    However, if gaga had so much to do with bionic being the over produced all over the place flop that it was, then who’s fault is it that lotus did even worse?
    Christina’s stans are crazy! Who would support a 3 yr old mediocre attempt at copying “The Fame”?
    Perez is no angel, he basically just admitted to having something to do with sabotaging it, so how is he fixing a three year old problem he helped to create?

  77. Sterling Infinity Fan August 25, 2013

    Haha this whole post!!!! Is hilarious!!

  78. Cons August 25, 2013

    I find it sad how many of you choose to display your characters online and what you’re a giving off isn’t great!!! Just because you prefer one artist over another doesn’t mean you have to bash them or say negative things about them or each other! What are you guys hearts filled with. All of these women are great artist in their own right and have there own fan base… Many if not all lead better lifestyles and have the money to do so.. And what I find most hilarious is these women probably look down on you fools and may think you’re crazy by the your comments online. They don’t know you so why argue for them? When these ladies don’t even like bitterness that comes from you guys… Stop it please and be nice to one another.. Take a look back and aww how the earth is changing for the worse

  79. Linnie August 8, 2014

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