Hot Shot: Mariah Carey Hits Studio With Jermaine Dupri, Darkchild, Hit-Boy & Mike Will

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2013 by Sam

We almost sent out a search party for Mariah Carey‘s new album, however it appears the diva is still hard at work on the much-delayed set.

Initially due last year (ushered in by ‘Triumphant’), the LP was bumped to July of this year in a bid to capitalize on Spring’s hit ‘#Beautiful’. Yet, after the latest date was scrapped, Mimi vanished, as did any trace of the project.

However, in a new Instagram snap, the 43-year-old resurfaces and has brought the cavalry with her.

The shot above shows Carey posing alongside some of music’s most noted hitmakers – Rodney ‘Darkchild’ Jerkins, Hit-Boy, Mike Will, and longtime collaborator Jermaine Dupri.

Will the all-star cast be able to revive a project most folk forgot about? Time will tell.

Kudos are due to Ms. Carey, though. Who else could assemble all the kings horses and all the kings men? Let’s just hope they can put her (apparently finished) album back together again.

Your thoughts?

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  1. RIP GAGA’S CAREER 2008-2011 September 12, 2013

    Jesus, Allah, Buddha and Jehovah can produce her album and n***** still won’t care

    • mrtooincredible September 12, 2013

      Sis you wrong for that one ! LOL

      • XxXxXx September 12, 2013

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    • rachel marron September 12, 2013


    • Lucia September 12, 2013


    • grown woman September 12, 2013

      why comment? that only shows you do care

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      But you cared enough to flex your decrepit carpel tunnel plauged fingers and form a comment.

  2. barb 4 lyfe September 12, 2013

    To bad no ones checking for her tired vocals

    • Titi September 12, 2013

      Too bad everybody and they daddy checked on Minaj’s stank p****. #LooseHoe

    • grown woman September 12, 2013

      too bad you havent learned the difference between to and too

  3. cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

    Mike Will???

    THAT MILEY IMPACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      B**** please. Mike WiLL worked on the project back in Februrary before Miley even knew what the word twerk was. All of these producers were announced in March as already having completed songs so they are obviously just kicking back and mixing their tracks. How in the hell would ALL of these people br producing their songs at the same time in the same day. Ponder that for a second hoodrat.

  4. rachel marron September 12, 2013

    no sean garrett?? no neyo?? no rich harrison??? GIRL BYE!!!

  5. cici Slaaaays September 12, 2013

    Shes such a wanna be tryna work with Mileys & Ciaras producer girl sit your like 50 with horrible vocals we not here for it ugly f***.

    • Titi September 12, 2013

      B**** please.. You’re a Ciara fan and you’re TRYING to come for Mariah. Ciara will NEVER be on her level. EVER.

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      I wish these uneducated h*** would do some research. Mariah worked with ALL of these producers on the already finished album back in Feb/March. If anybody can work with urban artists it would be Mariah, who is black, and has done it since the beginning of her career.

      I’m still trying to figure out who gave Ciara stans the confidence to try and shade? You really don’t want us to go IN on her non-existent career. Stay in you lane please.

  6. Drama September 12, 2013

    This story is so full of b*******! Mariah’s album has only pulled back once, there was no talk of an album last year at all! She only put a single cos she was doing idol then she was way to busy doing Idol to push an album, Beautiful has been a worldwide smash and her album was going to be rushed to capitalise on that but instead they decided it wasn’t finished yet so to continue working on i,t and thisis by far not the only picture posted of her in the studio in the last few weeks writing and recording, where talking about Mariah Carey here not f***** Ashanti!

    I don’t get why people complain about artist taking there time to make quality work that we will enjoy, whats the big deal? if they rush it im sure you’ll have pages of hater comments rippin these Legends to bits!

    This is such a difficult industry now people focus on numbers instead of quality work and are too quick to bash the people who paved the way for others and want them to fail!

  7. Theman September 12, 2013

    No ones checking for her but her latest single is platinum & u came here just to say that. Obviously u two nobodies are checking for her. The album will be brilliant. Furthermore it’s Mariah so enough said Sam. U forget the basic ones like the chicks u Stan for that all flop..

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      LMAO. Tell em. It’s like how in the hell can someone be irrelevant when their buzz single went Platinum in various countries, debuted in the Top 25 and peaked at no.15, and was no.1 in 40 countries? The hater math never adds up.

  8. mekaela September 12, 2013

    Miley has no dam impact p**** out on stage I love mariah but stick to your music stop collaborating with hood rat like mike will u are a legend u dont see beyonce running around hooking up with every hot producer b stays classy mike will be gone soon no one is going to stick with his sound for long

    • Wrecking your favs career (Miley stan) September 12, 2013

      You sound bitter.

      • Titi September 12, 2013

        You sound stupid, “stanning” for Miley.

  9. Tyrone September 12, 2013

    WELL… I’m here for this…. she needs to be emancipated again…

  10. ABC September 12, 2013

    Im ready for new Mimi!

  11. Wrecking your favs career (Miley stan) September 12, 2013

    Miley got her working with mike will

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      I’m so done with this dumbass generation. Who the hell would model their 23 year career after a flop? Miley has INFLUENCED everyone to hit the gym and do some sqauts. Nothing more.

      Mariah worked with Mike-MiLL back in February on their song. Try again.

  12. Theman September 12, 2013

    Beyonce hops on everyone that’s hot her damn self. There is no creativity there. Anyone that’s Hot for a aec she works with..

    • ABC September 12, 2013

      But this is not about Beyoncé.

  13. I Stan For Myself September 12, 2013

    It will FLOP!

  14. C.H. September 12, 2013

    Mariah’s whole sound and image is in desperate need of an upgrade. She should stop working with Jermaine Dupri, maybe even move away from Darkchild cuz they’re doing nothing, nothing for her either. Mariah’s too damn talented of a singer/songwriter to fade away like she is with mediocre songs and dated producers who are no longer in their prime. I was feeling hopeful when she released Beautiful but now I’ve lost hope for her next album since it looks like it’s gonna be more of the same water down tired stuff.

  15. Mooriah Calories September 12, 2013

    porkriah is still trying? just no…

    • grown woman September 12, 2013

      trying? she has done it all…she does not have to try. _/ _/ _/ sit yo ass down. how hateful do you sound with a name like mooriah calories?
      why focus on someone you do not like? smh you are a sad person… and put love in your heart

  16. eric September 12, 2013

    Mariah, please find a new team that will take you to a place the fans have never heard. No more part II, III and IV.

  17. Kitty September 12, 2013

    Fat b**** needs to get on somebody’s diet plan first

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      If Mariah is fat then we know why your cottage cheese behind settled on the Gravatar versus a real picture.


  18. JER September 12, 2013

    Why is she still in the studio?!?!?! I can’t.

    • grown woman September 12, 2013

      it is called working on an album that she wants to work on…. why would any artist be in the studio.
      the reach yall attempt is sad.
      you all act like she did not say herself, she felt like she would not do her album any justice by releasing it in July. so, she continues to work on perfecting her craft. get a f****** life hater

  19. NG September 12, 2013

    Haters! Mike Wil isn’t just Miley’s producer! Get your life on that one! Mariah is a legend 23 years into her career and is still charting and producing platinum singles 23 YEARS INTO HER CAREER! Her dislocated shoulder and fractured ribs have delayed the process (no one has seemed to notice she’s still wearing a cast in that picture) but I’m sure once she’s fully healed she’ll be in full swing because she’s a hard worker. And as much as I’d like her to go a more AC route, she’s sitting with some really talented, versatile producers who all have a proven track record. And she’s also been in the studio with soul producers like Big Jim Wright (Fly Like A Bird, Circles) so let’s just wait to hear what she has to offer. I think Mariah (and her label) are aware she has to bring the heat a la Emancipation and not like Memoirs. 2 years in the making, this album is going to be good!
    And the tired vocals comments need to stop. She’s 43, not in her 20s anymore and still a better singer then most out there. This site failed to report how she slayed her show in Central Park with the NY Philharmonic just 2 weeks after she injured herself. She sounded amazing and it’s hard to sing with fractured ribs.

  20. Ant September 12, 2013

    I love how the fact that Mariah’s pretty serious injury was basically totally glazed over in this article too. Clearly, as you can see in the picture, Mariah’s arm is STILL in a sling and she’s undergoing physical therapy (as she’s stated multiple times lately) to recover from the nerve damage that happened to her during her injury on the video shoot for the “Beautiful” remix. Do you guys honestly think she, OR her label, would release her album when the woman is clearly still injured? Is she gonna shoot her next video in a sling? Is she gonna go promote the project for months when she’s still not totally healed? Clearly that’s a factor as to why she’s still working…’s called making good use of your time!!!! She’s clocking away those hours in the studio getting all the work she can get done before she can really unleash it and promote it to the fullest.

    But of course, that’s not a factor right? People are so oblivious. The fact that “Beautiful” went PLATINUM months ago, and was an international hit, clearly shows Mariah’s still a bankable artist so haters fall the hell back!

    • Lucia September 12, 2013

      But she injured herself AFTER the album was pushed back. Beautiful wasn’t a big enough hit to sell the album. Who even remembers that song? Sorry.

      • Ant September 12, 2013

        The album was only originally pushed back so Mariah could put a few finishing touches on it (her words) so that it would be exactly how she wants it, which is exactly what she’s done with her last 4 albums so for her to delay it for a few weeks wasn’t a big issue. Clearly, while shooting the video for the remix, she ended up hurting herself fairly badly and she’s been undergoing physical therapy for almost the last 3 months. Her label, Island/Def Jam, were already giving listening parties to their international partners even before she decided to delay it so CLEARLY it’s not an issue with the label being unsatisfied with it. And CLEARLY, had she released the album when “Beautiful” was at it’s peak and promoted the album with a supporting single and television appearances it would have sold just fine. The fact that “Beautiful” has sold over 1.1 copies in the US alone shows that her fanbase is still very much intact.

      • Adrian September 12, 2013


        You are basic as hell. The album was only supposed to be delayed by a few weeks. I mean seriously, Mariah could be in a full body cast and you haters would still find something to say. If you don’t like Mariah just get the f*** off this article. It’s so confusing why you would waste your energy on a legend that could give two shits if your ratchet behind is checking for her? She works for her fans and not for the ratchet uneducated “tap-out” generation.

  21. fan4mc September 12, 2013

    cant wait for the new material
    haters keep hating cos it shows mariah is still so relevant that you took time out to even comment

    so yes reply with some s**t with your insecure selves 🙂

    • grown woman September 12, 2013

      #facts these haters are always pressed to hate on Mariah…it makes me giggle she is the legend they wish their fav was

      • Adrian September 12, 2013

        Yup. I know it eats them up inside bc NOONE has paralleled the success of Mariah. She truly was the last titan artist to snatch all wigs and have massive success consistently. No other solo artist that came after her has done anything even remotely close. Adele stans could truly be the only fanbase to try and say anything. It just sickens these fools to know that nothing their fav could do will RESTART their career and give them that Mariah reign. These rabid clowns really need to respect Mariah’s legacy. On a singles, albums, airplay, award, songwriting, producing front, Mariah has solidifed herself. I need not say any more.

  22. pat September 12, 2013

    BEAUTIFUL was only big enough to give her a decent first week album sales…not nearly as eventful as WBT….and you, I, Mariah, and the label know that. that’s why it was pushed back….

    • Ant September 12, 2013

      Which is why you release a second single and then promote that to keep sales going. It’s called keeping the momentum going.

      • pat September 12, 2013

        not these’s called a flop without a number one smash first single for an artist of her caliber

    • Adrian September 12, 2013

      Another uneducated fool spewing nonsense. Mariah hasn’t released a non-holiday single in almost 4 years…the longest break she’s taken in the history of her 23 year career. She was only gone for 3 years after Charmbracelet and It’s Like That was the lead single from Emancipation in 05 which only charted at no. 16…and then all of her subsequent singles from the album slayed. It’s normal for the buzz single to only reach the Top 20. I love when people make no sense at all, revealing themselves to be exactly what they are: moronic haters.

  23. NG September 12, 2013

    Not necessarily true. There really aren’t any artists of her longevity or caliber scoring #1 singles any more, much less with R&B music. Madonna, Janet, the late Whitney Houston, etc. It just doesn’t happen anymore with the radio and public playing the likes of Rihanna, Katy Perry, Gaga, etc. The fact that 23 years later Beautiful went Top 20 and platinum is amazing and a testament to who she is.

    • Titi September 12, 2013


  24. grown woman September 12, 2013

    TGJ stop just STOP…..ya’ll are not checking for Mariah….why post on her. The reach on this blog is serious. YOu were sending out a search party? why? so you can post on how you dont think she can sing anymore? I swear this site is the most hateful site on the net and that to me is not good You all start so much s*** and thAT is why you would never get her in front of your camera for your gayest interviews.
    haters haters haters just stop hating and let mariah live

  25. Boss September 12, 2013

    She’s nt here to play games…

  26. JOHNVIDAL September 12, 2013

    Damn that injury was really serious. She is still recovering. That must hurt a lot, especially in the first month or so. She´s obviously not releasing the album this Fall, cos it is already here and she is still using a sling.
    I just can´t wait cos I´m sure the music will be fabulous.

  27. Beytired September 12, 2013

    F*** that f** juice! You b****** trying to shade the Queen but Sam you loose bottom b**** you’re mad because your fav is scared to releaseaanything other than a f****** snippet. I keep low key on this site I normally just read comments and keep it gucci but this b**** tried it with that weak b**** ass shade.

  28. NG September 12, 2013

    Dead at the “who gave Ciara stans the confidence to come for Mariah” comment!! Does anyone really think Mariah was thinking “OMG Miley Cyrus and Ciara worked with these people! I must!” Think before you type people…

  29. Stephy Tha Lambily September 12, 2013

    Can’t wait to hear my Queens new album… LEGEND!!!

  30. Adrian September 12, 2013

    I’m so excited for Legendriah, Hoodriah, Urbanriah, PopRiah, and IconRiah to show up and show out on this record. She has been so blessed lately with her marriage, kids, the Songwriting Icon award, the role in The Butler…she’s so happy and moving on from the struggle she’s been facing. I love how gracious she has been lately in despite of her REALLY serious injuries. What other artist would perform a charity concert with a cracked rib, dislocated shoulder, and nerve damage…only IconRiah. She is truly still the hardest workest artist in the industry in a time where artists check into the hospital for “exhaustion” and cancel Hot 97 appearances (catch the shade) and tour dates when they feel like it. Respect Mariah. You don’t have to like this beautiful woman, but you WILL respect her hustle.

  31. Todd September 13, 2013

    Give her a break and let her do her thing! She knows what shes doin,i dont see why the haters are so pressed. Love u Mimi

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