Ariana Grande Set To Release Second Album Next February

Published: Thursday 12th Sep 2013 by Sam

Ariana Grande may have scored a #1 with her debut album ‘Yours Truly’ this week, yet that hasn’t stopped the 20-year-old from setting her sights on its follow-up. Already.

Details after the jump…

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, it was revealed that the ‘Baby I’ belter is not only already recording her sophomore album, it’s due out in February:

You just released Yours Truly but your sophomore album is slated for February. How is it coming along?

I’ve started working on it. I’ve come up with a few, two songs already that I want on it. It’s an album that I want to do a little bit different. I don’t want it to sound like an extension of Yours Truly. I want it to sound like an evolution. I want to explore more sounds and experiment a little bit. I have a bunch of ideas I’m very excited about and a lot of stuff


Hmmm. This is quite the conundrum, isn’t it.

On the one hand, a rush release doesn’t do the quality that is Ariana’s talent much justice. Nor does it embrace the potential longevity embedded in her first album.

That said, we’re in an era where folk forget acts. And quickly too. So, in this regard, we say…why not drop another LP?! After all, we’ve always wondered what the “Rihanna” approach to album releases would do for a singer that can actually sing.

Roll on February!

Your thoughts? 

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  1. Molly September 12, 2013

    Thats dumb.. but i guess.

    • cvncnvrtcaaurtu568 September 12, 2013

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      • EEEE September 12, 2013

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  2. Ernest September 12, 2013

    ch… what’s the rush. Music is so whack now

  3. Mark111 September 12, 2013

    Oh no, they’re gonna Mariah her aka work her to death and mess up her voice. Also Rihanna her, Rihanna also dropped her 2nd album six months after her first. Hopefully they’ll let her rest her voice.

  4. RIP GAGA’S CAREER 2008-2011 September 12, 2013


  5. Sally September 12, 2013

    Rihanna got girls rushing albums out now.

    • Born To Die September 12, 2013

      Girl bye Ariana is far more talented RihET she doesn’t need to worry about her basic ass.

      • barb 4 lyfe September 12, 2013

        Ariana has a voice but she doesn’t have the full package but you should understand since you stan for lana del fake.

      • Born To Die September 12, 2013

        But you stan for Dicki MANaj so your opinion is immediately dismissed.

  6. pat September 12, 2013

    sometimes the first album lays the groundwork and the second one identifies who the artist really is and explodes much larger..a la. Destiny’s child…So this could be smart.

    • Quinn September 14, 2013

      Yes, but with that identifying album, she should have time to grow and evolve!!! So she shouldn’t push an album every six months!!!

  7. La Perra September 12, 2013


  8. HOLDMA49CENTKFCWEAVE September 12, 2013


  9. barb 4 lyfe September 12, 2013

    Not here for it.

  10. kim September 12, 2013

    Fool, she will never be rihanna. She can sing, dance, give a good show and beautiful. Don’t ever forget rihanna debut. And releasing two albums in one year. It seems like y’all a too young to remember rihanna embarrassing days. Well somewhat still embarrassing. Cut that b*******. RiHanna have to keep working like a donkey because she is too insecure. A new chick will still roll in. Don’t be scurrd

  11. cake like lady gaga September 12, 2013

    S*** Del Ray stans are the lamest of all.. They are dull as dishwater

  12. kim September 12, 2013

    You would think the rihtards would learn. Talent lives on and remember I said music industry in developing and all these useless single and vevo records will be broken. Cement yourself in something that belongs to you. Rihanna owns nothing. Katy snatching singles with 3 albums, one direction, miley already snatching vevo, now the navy on every new girl coming out, because rihanna has nnothing attached to her. Stay mad.

  13. IKNOWTHETRUTH September 12, 2013

    I guess. Her album is cool as far as the R&B/Pop goes but the doo wop was killing me. It’s okay, but it didn’t really have a modern twist. I’d love to see her go even more urban her next go round, like Mariah did in the mid 90’s with “Honey”?! The video and song still slay my life. I live for her entire “Butterfly” era. I need Ariana to serve that up.

  14. Senshi_NyNavy September 12, 2013

    Oh nooooooo I want it but I don’t before the next album
    I need Honeymoon Ave, Piano,Almost is Never Enough, and my fav tattoo heart as singles

  15. Aces September 12, 2013

    She’s not rushing out an album, she has recorded most of yours truly for about 2 years now, and they didn’t want to waste it so they just put it out. Hence the reason it’s so kiddy lol but all in all it was a great album. So now she has the opportunity to do the music she wants without the record label interfering like they do most young artist. I don’t blame her.

  16. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 12, 2013

    Your just scared that she can out sing rita whora but has more hits and her new album will come out before rita whora.

  17. JER September 12, 2013

    But isn’t their supposed to be demand in order to rush release music?

  18. rIhanna is BIGGER THN BEYONCE EVER WAS September 12, 2013


    Rita whora album has been pushed BACK AGAIN. It is now coming out in SPRING 2014. LOL LOL IT WAS MEANT TO BE OUT ALREADY., THERE IS NO BUZZ FOR RITA WHORA.

  19. Avi September 12, 2013

    Comparing Ariana to Rihanna is comedy since Ariana actually has talent and can sing a basic scale w/o embarrassing herself. More than likely she’s following up so quickly because of the amount of extra material left over that didn’t make the first album. Again, no one with talent copies Rihanna.

  20. jake.ubb September 12, 2013

    I don’t know how I feel about this, big fan of her’s. That being said, I just don’t know how another album can come out in five months, but hey – One Direction did it and it worked for them, one in the spring one in the fall, so I guess Ariana’s team is taking that approach. I’m all for it if she puts out quality music.

    Twitter: jmurdoc2

  21. mr.m September 13, 2013

    Evlution? LOL!
    I see an Xtina wannabe .. #FACT
    Gurl thats not how you do it !
    take your time, h**

  22. boy September 13, 2013

    Folks just wait a little bit longer I can feel it MARIAH CAREY is comming.
    First i thought okay like I love her but she is come up with another
    wack album. But lately I see her picture with nas and her being in
    the studio working hard, anita baker tweeting about mariah and people
    tweeting about the project and especially hit boy tweeting
    that the new mariah sound is killing it. I think mariah is hinting
    for some new master work. They are slowly warming up the
    The whole movement. I smell a second single she just waits
    for her recovery. And like I said beforebI honestly think
    she is gonna bring something really solid not good but
    AMAZING. Just wait a little longer and she, MARIAH CAREY
    will come.

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