X Factor’s Lorna Simpson: ‘The Show Is Rigged & The Winner Has Already Been Chosen’

Published: Tuesday 15th Oct 2013 by David

Days after becoming the first act to be eliminated from X Factor UK’s tenth season, Pop hopeful Lorna Simpson has made a number of startling claims in an interview with David Dinsmore‘s ‘The Sun‘.

Claims, that sing to the tune of the hit show show being rigged by producers who have handpicked this season’s winner.

Her words below…

She claims:

“It’s unfair. X Factor set me up to go out in the first week. They underplayed me… it was set up. They know the outcome of the whole competition. It’s prepared. It’s TV and they have to be ahead.”

Alleging that the show’s production team had billed her the underdog as to have her booted from the show once its live outings kicked off, the 26 year old goes onto suggest that the show’s hair stylists, choreographers & make up artists had been asked to ‘age’ her, as to give the impression that her act & look on the show was dated.

She explained:

“She said: ‘I had some middle-aged woman’s wardrobe. I’m 26! Why are you trying to hide me? You’ve hidden me enough. With my styling and being cloned as a Whitney. I’ve done other songs, I’m versatile, but I wasn’t able to show the public who I am.”

In adding to her allegations, she also cites the decision not to air her arena audition as further proof that she had been blacklisted by the series, limiting her airtime and the connection with the voting audience she feels was intentionally robbed of.

“I entered the show to get popularity. I wanted to show the world who I am. But with me, fans were like, “Who is that?” I was downplayed. I didn’t get to show who I really was.”

The ‘X Factor’ is yet to respond to the entertainer’s comments.


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  1. Britney stan October 15, 2013

    I could believe it

  2. Rellz October 15, 2013

    Tell us something we don’t know.

  3. 3xplcit October 15, 2013

    i believe her, she has the best voice of any contestant i have heard in any show in the last few years , she needs to to come to the US and go on the voice or amercian idol

    • TheOuyonB October 16, 2013

      She definitely does NOT have the best voice. No, she isn’t a completely terrible singer, however, she needs a lot of work, vocally. She was not consistent and was very pitchy most times. Sure those shows are rigged, which I’m sure she was fully aware of before standing in line to audition for countless hours. It’s just one of those things where the best talent may not be chosen as the winner, however, she was NOT the best talent. She needs to Take her exit with dignity and grace and stop being bitter. This is show business.

  4. Miss Tricky October 15, 2013

    Erm. She didn’t deserve to be in the finals in the first place. Her vocals aren’t consistent and are pitchy. She took a place from a more deserving act in my opinion. But of course the show is rigged as well. Obvious.

  5. Diamond Princess October 15, 2013

    I believe this girl! She doesn’t sound like someone who just has sour grapes from being let go, her claims are far from unbelievable. It’s sad that the world we live in is full of tricks and schemes! You don’t know what’s REAL or FAKE anymore. The entertainment business is definitely evil. If ppl aren’t joining the evil forces “illuminati” they’re being hand picked. Why can’t REALITY just be simply Reality? Why does everything have to be forced or created to make good tv? Just Sad.

  6. *ℙᏫℙ ℝᏫᎩAℒᎿᎩ* October 15, 2013

    She Don’t Say…

    She’s Brave for saying it Though.

  7. HDODAJHD October 15, 2013


    So, i’ve been on this website for over a year now and never commented once on this show. The reason mainly because I was on the X Factor last year and got to the final stage just before the judges houses, and I wanted to wait until someone finally spilled truth about the show. IT’S MORE FAKE THAN THIS WOMAN IS EVEN EXPLAINING, and no one has any idea what they do or say to the contestants to get what they want. They knew and James Arthur knew last year who the winner was going to be, which was so blatant but blurred by everything else going on that the public was shown. The show left me on the brink of suicide once it was broadcasted, and unfortunately, no one understand except the ones who experienced it also. I’m just glad someone is finally spilling the tea. Hopefully more people will come forward and give light on what’s REALLY behind all these shows.

    Lots of Love


  8. Dem Lessors October 15, 2013

    This is nothing new h**, you knew exactly what you were letting yourself in for! Get as much money as possible, only 5 days till the next desperado’s kicked out and your relevance will be no more!

  9. Ms.Campbell October 15, 2013

    Finally someone speaking out about what almost EVERYONE already knows about these fake ass “Reality” competition shows……..

    Its all about the ratings folks, The media doesn’t give AF about you!

  10. Lovebird (Prism – 10.22.13) October 15, 2013

    No f**** given boo. You signed up for it, you have to play by their rules.

    Everyone including their momma knows that TV shows, including reality shows are scripted. Wouldn’t be much of a show if they weren’t
    Back to your council estate flat you go.

  11. #IndustryPussy October 15, 2013

    bitter, party of 1.. build a bridge and get over it fatty- you just weren’t meant to make it in the biz unless you decided to become a bigger w**** than Riri, Bey, Katy or Taylor…..

    • BeyIsKing October 15, 2013

      who you calling a w****? you better leave my God Bey outta this mess with this t***** bitter b****

      • #IndustryPussy October 15, 2013

        Bey is a w****, just like her momma and that b****** daughter that SHE DID NOT BIRTH!

      • BeyIsKing October 15, 2013

        don’t compare her to Rihanna’s stank self. she isn’t a ho like Ri.

      • #IndustryPussy October 15, 2013

        you’re right, she’s a bigger 1 than RiRi’s infected ass. both of them are equally HORRIBLE

    • TruthSpeaker October 15, 2013

      s*** just got serious

      • ARTFLOP WILL FLOP October 15, 2013

        Miss thing beywhore is the queen of the whores.

  12. WTH October 15, 2013

    I 100% believe this! One of my best friends has an amazing voice… like in the ranks of Celine and Whitney (no joke). Girl is a professional singer (reads music, vocal ability, even took classes when younger and recorded music when she was a teen). She tried out for XFactor-USA and she got through THREE ROUNDS. But on the last round (before you can see the judges) she had to sing in front of one of the major producers on the show. She sang a small bit but the producer stopped her and did a full out interview wanting to know her background story. My friend is a single, mother in the military and the producer was trying to put words in her mouth and try to manipulate her story (trying to push her to say that the father of her child was a deadbeat which was far from truth or saying that her only option in life was military or this singing goal but she’s college educated…) I mean, it was ridiculous with everything that she told me and she said she’ll never do anything like that ever again. Of course she didnt get it because she didnt have the “story” but that’s a shame at what these music competition shows have turned into.

  13. K October 15, 2013

    Sh!t like like this bin going on for years with all them sing shows,peeps bin saying that from the get go,anyone thinking that them votes matters is really naive,them votes is just for money making on them text exposure and other sh1t simple as that.

  14. ARTFLOP WILL FLOP October 15, 2013

    Are you just getting to know that, is nothing new.

  15. JER October 15, 2013


  16. I AM 4 DANGEROUS DAY October 15, 2013

    It’s true, but from being in show biz i know she signed contracts that forbids her to share this information. I think she’s going to have some consequences coming her way for saying this.

  17. Johnnyboy October 15, 2013

    I’m still wondering how many people at their homes watching these “reality” shows actually believe them. ALL of these shows are staged and fake. The editing they do totally changes what was really going on in the event of things. I’m worried for people that say things like “all the editing in the world can’t do that”……..bull. Have you seen movies like Jurassic Park? Or do you believe they actually caught footage of dinosaurs which was long before any human being or camera for that matter. ALL of these “reality” shows are faked”. Watch it to be entertained, but don’t get so attached as you are making a fool of yourself.

  18. Baby I October 16, 2013

    You can see how the shows are set up to be honest there’s always one getting favored Look at Jessica sanchez and phillip Phillips jessica was waaaaay superior to him but if you watch the show you can see where Phillip gets favored he even got the Better song!!!!!! Like really? That girl was sabotaged!!!!!!!!!! They let a 16 year old sing a Pop song bout love and ish and let phillip sing a sympathetic song? To play on the people hearts Pls bye! Jess clearly stated she was told to take that song cus even the judges told her that it doesn’t sound like her

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