2nd Teaser: Ashanti – ‘I Got It (ft. Rick Ross)’ Video

Published: Saturday 8th Feb 2014 by Sam

For better or worse, Ashanti is still charging on with her ‘Braveheart’ project.

In a bid to reignite the interest that long evaporated, the Grammy winner is readying the video for ‘I Got It’ – the project’s latest lead single.

Set to debut next Tuesday (February 11th), the visual has been teased again — this time of Instagram.

Will the clip stop the album’s flatline? A preview of the answer awaits below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Spongey February 8, 2014

    Reminds me of Keri Hilson’s The way you love me video. And we saw what happened with that….

  2. GAVIN GAVALLI February 8, 2014

    Hey everyone lets act like white people and just support women who are at least trying to do something for themselvese instead if trying to bring down every black woman who isnt Beyonce.

  3. Mike February 8, 2014

    I’m not checking for Ashanti but if she grinds out a decent album I will give her a shot

  4. bye February 8, 2014

    flop ass b****. her and ciara should just apply at mcdonalds

  5. d February 8, 2014

    its hard for me not to root for ashanti. shes worked very hard on her craft. her vocals from foolish to now are night and day. but why isn’t she handling her business? the whole situation has just been so sloppy. she should do an album of mid tempos and try and appeal to urban ac. she just doesn’t feel current enough to compete with the rihannas and beyonces of the world. but its easy to carve out a fairly low profile but also fairly lucrative lane in the urban ac market. plus her voice/timber is well suited to ride bid tempo beats. she should work with babyface.

  6. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me February 8, 2014

    Hey Ashanti looks hott I will give her that – I have never heard this song but it sounds pretty good too. This girl needs to get back in movies and then launch an album with no delays and good promo.

  7. SHAWTY February 8, 2014

    I’m sorry but after Beyonce randomly released 17 FULL VIDEOS …I’m REALLLY not here for video “teasers” and snippets..just drop the sh_t in full or keep it to yourself.

  8. SHAWTY February 8, 2014

    So they can become your co-workers and make you FINALLY feel equal to them sis?

  9. SHAWTY February 8, 2014

    @BYE So they can become your co-workers and make you FINALLY feel equal to them sis?

  10. FutureCIARA February 8, 2014

    It looks cute!

  11. Mario February 8, 2014

    Speechless…she bringing Heat…..yall black folkz should pay attention to what a real natural woman looks like, thats why yall falling appart……following Beyonce, smh leading yall right off the cliff with her NOSE surgery,s, lip reduction, but pads…..sad to see so Manny black folks lost….any way this heina the real deal !

  12. Jonathan Gardner February 10, 2014

    Nothing I’ve heard from this album has come close to topping THE WOMAN YOU LOVE, but that video was a disaster and this video looks like it’s going to SERVE.

    Get it Ashanti. We should be supporting artists brave enough to release independently not knocking them down SMH

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