Toni Braxton & Babyface Blast To The Top Of Billboard With ‘Love, Marriage, And Divorce’

Published: Monday 10th Feb 2014 by Rashad

Looks like ‘Love, Marriage, and Divorce’ duo Toni Braxton & Babyface were getting nothing but love from record buyers last week as their reunion offering blasted to the top of charts.

Storming onto the tally as the week’s R&B best-seller, the projected top 5 placement of the album was accompanied by reports that it is set to be Babyface’s highest first week placement ever.

Currently sitting at #2 on iTunes charts and also giving Braxton her first top 10 showing since 2010’s ‘Pulse’, tuck in below to see how the beat goes on for both R&B vets…

‘Love, Marriage, and Divorce’ is set to sell…

55,000 – 65,000 first week

Chart position:  #3

Congratulations are indeed in order for the ‘Hurt You’ hitmakers.  Aiding the resurrection of R&B with their long-awaited reunion, we at That Grape Juice HQ have had the disc on repeat non-stop since its unveiling last week.  If you have you are one of the few who have yet to say ‘I Do’ to this goodie bag of sonic candies, let us invite you below to get a fix.

Click here to purchase ‘Love, Marriage, and Divorce’

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  1. Traci Braxton stan (traybird) February 10, 2014

    If this outsells Ciara, I will die!

  2. RoyalKev February 10, 2014

    I love the album!

  3. cierror is such a flop February 10, 2014

    wow even has been artists sell better than cierror.This should be enough to let her and her fans know it’s time to retire

  4. Rosie February 10, 2014

    This will definitely do more than Cierror. Screaming.
    Ultraviolence will do more though, assuming it comes out in May.

  5. pat February 10, 2014

    wow…for traditional r and b music by artists in thier late 40’s this is a pleasant surprise…they sold on par with “current” urban r and b

  6. Xoxo February 10, 2014

    Why compare Toni and Ciara? Can’t you devil angels leave Cici alone while she carries her child without negativity? Toni and baby face have a more mature crowd and not that much competion is out there for Toni. I don’t see other s*** black over 40 right now in r&b. …while Ciara has lots of peer competion around her age groupe. This madeness of hate towards Cici needs to stop pls

  7. AubreyOSlay February 10, 2014

    Ciara’s sales were real even though they were flopulous. Were Tamar’s real?

  8. cierror is such a flop February 10, 2014

    cierror and tamar are flops. Cierror’s just the bigger flop

  9. anonymous February 10, 2014

    Congrats Toni and Babyface. I love this Album.
    Grammys 2015 here we come.

  10. anonymous February 10, 2014

    You guys should also listen to their bonus track called One. Its a beautiful Ballad and it be nice if they released it as a single.

  11. MANNY G. February 10, 2014 old are you guys on here? 12 and 13 years old? Yall sound very young and immature. Anyway, cnograts to Toni and Face. The Album is excellent from start to finish! “Sweat” should be the next single.

  12. Navy Nick February 10, 2014

    I bought 2 copies, this album is AMAZING (begin – end); I really wanted them to sell more, BUT this is good…AMAZING ALBUM!

  13. Lovebird February 10, 2014

    I bought it, it’s OK. I prefer Tamar Braxton’s love and war.

    Yet another RnB album that has outsold Ciara with half the promo, Ciara is such a FLOP, I cannot believe I supported her.

  14. Lovebird February 10, 2014

    The worst part is Ciara let herself be outsold by Kelly Nowhereland of all people.

    How do you let a basic w**** like Kelly outsell you? Get it together Cici.

  15. Haute February 10, 2014

    Congratulations, T&B!!! The album is an amazing piece of ART, the epitome of SOULful & real MUSIC. We really missed YOU! LUV

  16. whenindoubtthetruthwillout February 10, 2014

    Absolutely LOVE this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Haven’t stopped listening to it since I got it!!!!

  17. MUSICHEAD February 10, 2014

    Great album!

    Heart Attack, Roller Coaster, I Hope That You’re Okay and I Wish are the standout tracks.

    As much as TGJ love Sweat, it’s one of the weakest songs on the album lol. #myopinion

  18. doubline47 February 10, 2014

    Love love this album!Just AWESOME

  19. DEZI February 10, 2014

    Typical, haters always trying to pit black artists against each other on this blog. They’re both two beautiful career driven black women doing what they love doing (Entertaining people) And whether their album sales are major or not or even if they haven’t had a hit in years SO WHAT! What is it to you? Why even bother yourselves with it? Because it goes without saying that alot of you love to see black artists fail and truthfully speaking it’s nothing but jealousy. They’re living their dreams and you’re not. How dare you try to talk shyt about two beautiful black women who can go places that you can’t go and can buy things that you can’t buy YOU CAN ONLY WISH! Call toni all the has-beens you want – poke fun at ciara’s career all you want but at least she have a career.

    I’m sorry but people don’t go checking for has-beens and for those who are irrelevant they pass them by. So why did the haters stop to check in for toni? All the while bringing up ciara’s name LOL … I’m done.

  20. FutureCIARA February 10, 2014

    Have an arena of seats bitchs!

    Ciara is not pressed!

    She is busy working on her SIXTH studio album!!!
    Thanks for keeping her name in your comments though!

  21. TheezyKnows February 10, 2014

    Two legends, solid album.

    How could you go wrong?

    But top of the R&B charts is a lot easier than the Billboard 200, lets be honest. The only high power R&B release this week, so not too crazy.

    Check out my blog:

  22. Sundayluv February 10, 2014

    @ANONYMOUS Okay what copy did you get? Was it the CD? I got mine off of iTunes and I don’t have that song. I will buy the CD just for the bonus track . This album is an R&B trip that ended waay too quickly.

  23. Sundayluv February 10, 2014

    @ MANNY G. I really don’t care what is the next single all the songs are great! 🙂

  24. anonymous February 10, 2014

    @SUNDAYLUV yes. I got the CD at Target. Theres 2 bonus tracks on there called One, and Lets Do It.

  25. Stephy Tha Lambily February 11, 2014

    Toni Braxton is the REAL superstar of that family & the most beautiful besides Trina & their mother…

  26. Shaan April 10, 2014

    I don’t know why you comparing Toni to Ciara…Toni Braxton has the 2nd biggest selling song of a female artist,1st african american female to play the lead part of a Disney broadway show,multi grammy award winner,has one of the most unique voices of all time and sold over 80 million records worldwide,US ambassodor for autism and the lists goes on and on

  27. Patti Robinson June 15, 2014

    I’m so very happy for Tony and ken toni braxton has done her job she has nothing to prove im just happy she singing again I love every song even the bonus tracks are nice shout out to towanda braxton for calling kenny to get toni back in the game I don’t care if it don’t win it still a great album you can’t compare to ciara different talent ciara is more like a dancer and tony is a vocalist big different good job toni and kenny

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