Ariana Grande Breaks iTunes Record With ‘Problem’

Published: Tuesday 29th Apr 2014 by Sam

There are many ways to “win” and Ariana Grande is ticking them all with new single ‘Problem (ft. Iggy Azalea)’.

The high-octane cut, which is lifted from the starlet’s upcoming sophomore album (due this Summer), rocketed to the top of the iTunes tally upon release yesterday. In the process, the Max Martin creation has broken a major record.

Details after the jump…

Writing on Twitter, 20-year-old Grande announced to her 15 million followers:

Naturally, there’ll be many who will scrutinise the achievement due to the song being available for pre-order. Especially, as it sprung to the top largely based on automatic downloads of those purchases. However, the fact remains: the demand is clearly there, as is the widespread love for the sure-fire Summer anthem.

Congrats Ms. Grande!

Your thoughts?

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  1. 2 girls 1 cup April 29, 2014

    Congrats to her not a fan but she deserves it! Get it Ariana!

    • K Bye April 29, 2014

      Poor Gaga, her UK shows are not sold outs. Report that Sam.


      • 2 girls 1 cup April 29, 2014

        Why are you replying to me about gaga? You see how delusional you sound

      • Katy Miley April 29, 2014

        Miley Cyrus will get her platinum status in the US this week.

        When will your favs?

      • 2 girls 1 cup April 29, 2014

        I still don’t know what does miley cyrus or anything have to do with what I initially wrote I mean how pathetic and crazy can you sound tho lol feel free to explain me to explain it to me lol cause I sure never ask about miley cyrus sales or gagas tour and this post is not about them so I still wanna figure out how there name got brought up #thestruggleisreal

    • ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA April 29, 2014

      can’t wait for ULTRAVIOLENCE

  2. 2 girls 1 cup April 29, 2014

    I’m sure the haters are gonna comment since they don’t like seeing no one having success besides there fave

    • Yea Right April 29, 2014

      It is called management buy-out. Her company bought that song to give an illusion that she broke the records.

      It is all tactics hon. Failed.

      • 2 girls 1 cup April 29, 2014

        Hating much? Lol I’m not a fan of this girl doesn’t matter how she broke the record? Have you broken any records?

  3. Skyfall April 29, 2014

    I actually like songs, reminds me of “Talk Dirty 2.0” I hope she can develop into her own artist this era

  4. H2O April 29, 2014

    Grats :mrgreen:

  5. XtinaTheDiva April 29, 2014

    Don’t like her and her music, but good for her.

  6. Lamb April 29, 2014

    so ghetto…yucks.

  7. RICHIE_RICH April 29, 2014

    Congrats baby girls……problem is a cute songs.

  8. JOHNVIDAL April 29, 2014

    Song for those gurls who love *sslicking and rimming.

    • Skyfall April 29, 2014

      Troll alert; you are not the real JOHNVIDAL

      • kiss my ass April 29, 2014

        Who cares? lies where not told.

  9. BeyHiveeee April 29, 2014

    Hoax much. She bought own her songs. The rest of the world don’t even care.


    • metzo April 29, 2014

      Now you know youre NOT! a Beyhive! Trolling Ass. Get a life. Hater

  10. Cake Like Lady Gaga April 29, 2014

    One hit wonder…just like Salene Gomez.

  11. Check Your Lipstick Before You Come & Talk To Me April 29, 2014

    Congrats indeed! Regardless of preorders, people are buying the song continuously! Good for her, people need to celebrate talent rather than tear everyone down… I enjoy so many different artists and types of music and I’m sure all of the trolls on this website listen to the ones they “drag” just as often as their “faves”.

  12. kiss my ass April 29, 2014

    I wonder how long she gonna have to be on tour to pay back her record label. just like beyonce have to work like a slave back to back tours to pay back pepis.

  13. Truthtea April 29, 2014

    I actually don’t understand the hate at all or need to compare any of these artist. It’s so weird to me that I can feel the negative energy through the computer as soon as I come to this site. Anyway Ariana is very talented and adorable. Her songs are very Mariah xtina ish and that is a good sound. I like her and I’m a true lamb. Which proves you all wrong to say mariah fans are insecure.

  14. FutureCIARA April 29, 2014

    Nice going ms.Grande

    I wonder who will break this record next

    • Broken walls April 29, 2014

      To bad ciflop can’t

  15. Royalkev April 29, 2014

    Nice! Congratulations to her! I’m definitely rooting for this girl to make a name for herself.

    • Royalkev is sh!t April 29, 2014

      B**** is you dont Stfu with yo happy go lucky a** i can’t stand yo f**** self shut up h** damn. go off yourself u stupid a** f** i never could stand yo monkey a**

      • Lolz April 29, 2014

        Death. Don’t be afraid to post behind your real name

      • Royalkev April 29, 2014

        Lol @ Pressed, stale b****** that want you to hate on these newbies so bad because of their struggling favs! Address me with your real name and stop hiding behind made up s***! You know that you post here all the time, so get some courage and use your main user name and not one of your multiple unknowns. I’m pretty sure you’re that psychotic, flip-flopping, delusional stan that come here everyday! Be ballsy!


        Ariana >>>> your fav
        JLo >>>>> fav
        Nicki >>>> Fav
        & Bey >>>>>

        Now stay mad scary b****!

  16. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA April 29, 2014

    this kid remind me of Tamar Broketon. buying her own songs/records. i can’t

  17. Starr April 29, 2014

    Congrats .. I’m sure it more than likely sounds like another Mariah song. I’m confused tho, why is it that if someone is successful (largely women) in selling music it always has to be the record label purchasing them.. I understand that it could be a possibility but some of you all speak as if you work in the industry or at her label and wat ur saying is fact.. Damn do we hate music that much now and the artists who create it? What happened why did it become so important to only have one person successful. Yawl don’t like to have a music library anymore?

  18. Kelly Kelly April 29, 2014

    Haha I love this!

    With Ariana at number 1, there’s one less problem dealing with payola perry and thiefyonce

    This video better be good. She set the bar high for herself

  19. metzo April 29, 2014


  20. ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA April 29, 2014

    this sophomore album will flop harder than yours truly. cant wait to see her back to be youtube singer

    • ChrisTUNA AguiHAHA April 29, 2014

      and do a lot of covers including payola perry, cyprus and her biggest idol of copycat – mama thiefyonce

  21. Navy Commander(Al Sheikh ABeech) April 29, 2014

    Better than payola perry. I just need her to step her performance game up and get some stage presence

    • JLOVER April 29, 2014

      Coming from a Rihanna stan??? Kii

      • Navy Commander April 29, 2014

        LMAOO no a j flop STAN coming for rihanna when your fave has been trying to be on top for like 20 years now and has failed everytime. Even at her peak she was still irrelevant

      • Navy Commander April 29, 2014

        And kiii at ur fave only selling around 80 mil when she has been trying for like 20+ years lmaooooo. Not bey and rih topping that in half the time. #lessorbi*** #dismissed

      • Navy Commander April 29, 2014

        *80 mil records

  22. BEYFLAWLESS April 29, 2014

    she seems nice im happy 4 her

  23. IStanForYourFav April 29, 2014

    Regardless of who bought it, it’s bought. Besides, record companies have bought their own artist albums for decades, and it will not stop anytime soon. As least Ari is talented, unlike some of the others who the record companies buy for. Besides, I bought it, so they obviously didn’t buy that many. Say congrats to Ari and stop the hate.

    • Katysbestcat April 29, 2014

      You stan for Shakira nobody is listening to you h**

  24. kythaman2u April 29, 2014

    At a certain point it has got to become obvious that hating is useless. The same zealots have been bitterly coming here to trash the same singers to the hilts (hoping that their virtual vitriol will trigger some kind of cosmic downfall for that artist) day-in and day-out for years, and yet these singers continue to be supported and successful. When do you realize that it’s a waste of time/energy, wave the white flag and move on to something else? The angst you must feel over the continued presence of these celebrities you could easily be ignoring must be eating away at your spirit worse than a tapeworm. You’ll learn.

  25. Absolved April 29, 2014

    It’s hilarious how whenever a song or an album is strikingly successful, the naysayers pathetic way of coping with it is to arbitrarily claim that that artists camp is “buying their own records.” 😆 Where is your proof? Methinks if you had any you’d be presenting it with your haterade, but rarely do I ever see anyone posting anything proving it. So basically it’s just random gibberish to ease your frayed ego over being outnumbered by fans. Ha. Anyway, I wasn’t born in the 90s, which means I’m way too grown for Ariana and her music, but good for her anyway.

  26. Navy Commander April 29, 2014

    1 The Beatles 1960–1970 Rock / Pop 257.7 million 2.3 billion
    2 Elvis Presley 1954–1977 Rock and roll / Pop / Country 206.8 million 600 million
    3 Michael Jackson 1964–2009 Pop / Rock / Dance / R&B 169.7 million 400 million
    4 Madonna 1979–Present Pop / Rock / Dance 164.4 million 300 million
    5 Elton John 1964–Present Pop / Rock 159.1 million 300 million
    6 Led Zeppelin 1968–1980 Hard rock / Heavy metal 137.2 million 300 million
    7 Pink Floyd 1965–1996 Progressive rock 114.1 million 250 million
    8 Mariah Carey 1988–Present R&B/Pop/ Rock 128.3 million 200 million
    9 Celine Dion 1981–Present Pop 120.8 million 200 million
    10 Whitney Houston 1977–2012 R&B / Pop 110.2 million 200 million
    11 AC/DC 1973–Present Hard rock / Heavy metal 108.7 million 200 million
    12 Queen 1971–Present Rock 95.6 million 200 million
    13 The Rolling Stones 1962–Present Rock / Blues rock 93.9 million 200 million
    14 ABBA 1972–1982 Pop / Disco 57.8 million 200 million
    15 Garth Brooks 1989–Present Country 135.8 million 150 million
    16 Eagles 1971–Present Soft rock / Country rock 125.8 million 150 million
    17 Rihanna 2005–Present R&B / Pop / Dance /Hip-hop 114 million 150 million
    18 U2 1976–Present Rock 100.6 million 150 million
    19 Billy Joel 1964–Present Pop / Rock 98.8 million 150 million
    20 Phil Collins 1980–2011 Adult contemporary 84.9 million 150 million
    21 Aerosmith 1970–Present Hard rock 82.9 million 150 million
    22 Frank Sinatra 1935–1995 Pop / Swing 36.9 million 150 million

  27. LOL April 29, 2014


  28. K April 29, 2014

    Gratz to them both.

  29. Austin Dumas April 29, 2014

    @navy’s commander your statistic ain’t correct..michael jackson is 1billion record sold

  30. Honeymoon Avenue April 29, 2014

    Wow, major congrats to Ariana! I have a feeling this album will be very successful and even better then Yours Truly! The haters/trolls will have to deal with it. I need proof of her label buying copies. Why don’t they do that with their other artists?

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