New Song: Faith Evans – ‘I Deserve It (Ft Missy Elliott & Sharaya J)’

Published: Wednesday 25th Jun 2014 by David


Faith Evans is back!

With her new album ‘Incomparable’ on the way to fans this year, the R&B veteran serves up its first single in spectacular style today, doing so arm in arm with Missy Elliott and Sharaya J.

Its name? ‘I Deserve It.’

Is it any good? No. It’s excellent. Indeed, packing a sound we’d hope more R&B divas would employ for their own LPs, ‘Deserve’ is classically Faith without ever feeling dated, proving that one needn’t hop on trends to get it right.

Tune in for a wonderful listen below…

Your thoughts?

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  1. 200 million records sold June 25, 2014


    • korfkrgbxzb June 25, 2014

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  2. Anthony June 25, 2014

    I’m loving Faith vocals this track. Missy verse was FIRE!!##

  3. Still I Rise! June 25, 2014

    LOL… These 1990’s artists need to sit they’re azzez down somewhere. They’re trying to take us back to the 90’s but, HELL NO! They need to join us in 2014 cause this song is TRASH and sounds dated as hell. And why is Sharaya J yelling BANJI this and BANJI that but running around here wearing UN-ORIGINAL blue hair and trying to sound like Nicki Minaj? BANJI MY A**… And Missy has either been dropped from her label or they won’t get behind her and her 90’s sound cause she’s be on twitter crying about it everyday. LMAO… Missy plz go lay your OLD uglee a** down somewhere cause we DON’T need nor want you anymore plus you were never true to your fans cause you’re a D*** and you never owned it. You’re still out here rapping about d*ck knowing damn well you’re a carpet muncher. The only d*ck you’ve ever seen is the one in your pants. GURL BYE!

    • here4it June 25, 2014

      This comment was so ignorant. ..just have a seat plz

      • cap June 25, 2014

        they really need to create a way to reveal folks identity on these sites. this was totally uncalled for and just mean.

    • SMH June 25, 2014

      Do you feel the hate in this comment? Cause I definitely do, gosh really? Why so angry at a SONG that is being featured on a R&B blog website. Get off of here, I can’t believe you would go out of your way to write something like that. Your name is “Still I Rise” but really you fall flat. What the hell is wrong with you, everyone is entitled to their own opinion but you clearly went out of your way just to be rude. You can go back to either your high school class or you customer service job that ain’t gonna get you no where while Faith Evans and Missy Elliott will have more money in the bank than you ever will and remain a celebrity. Go sit down…in a stadium…and have several seats. Bye.

      • Julian June 26, 2014


  4. Oh Miley June 25, 2014

    a bunch of hasbeens.

  5. Kev June 25, 2014

    They sound good go head on Yall!

  6. There once was a pimp and his h**…. June 25, 2014

    I want to like it but I simply can’t. The sound, vocals, and content are very dated. It’s just like the tired hip hop infused RNB of today: BORING AS F*** AND UNNECESSARY. RNB needs to be refined already.

  7. B’Rocka Slays June 25, 2014

    currently RnB songs are being produced with either a 90s sound, a futuristic/PRnB sound or singing over a hiphop beat
    faith sounds best on the 90s side
    Missy is annoying me tho, popping here and there on tracks..Missy is due for another Album its been over 8 years!

  8. pat June 25, 2014

    Sang Faye!

  9. The Bajan Princess June 25, 2014

    Faith I love your voice but this song is a bore.

  10. EveRyder June 25, 2014

    IDC what nobody says this song is fiyah!!! The first lady of Hip hop and Missy the queen of hip hop aka game changer along with sharaya j came with that heat. RnB prolly be well of going back to that 90s feel bcuz most of the s*** on radio today can go str8 to the pits of hell. I should’ve known all the haters of good music would be on this site. Every other site I been to loves this song.

  11. tamartian June 25, 2014

    yass! this is so dope!!! 80’s baby here

  12. tits mcgee June 25, 2014

    Faith and Missy killed it. #EndOf

  13. lovemuffinfareal June 25, 2014

    meh… I love me some faith but this is not it, i mean some of it is cute but idk…

    • tinaboobie June 25, 2014

      GIRL… u aint never lied boo girl… Faith used to have some CAYUTE songs. what happened?

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