Breaking News: Danity Kane Part Ways…Again

Published: Friday 8th Aug 2014 by Sam

Following a studio session gone wrong, Danity Kane are no more. At least that is what TMZ are reporting. Details below…

UPDATE: Aubrey & Shannon have released a statement. It’s a shocker. Read after the jump

TMZ has learned the group has broken up after a recording session turned violent.

TMZ broke the story … Aubrey O’Day got sucker punched by Dawn Richard Monday. She says, “Sadness does not even remotely begin to describe what I feel right now.”

Shannon Bex says, “I now must walk away feeling used and manipulated.”

The group reunited in May of last year, but had nothing but trouble.  Andrea Fimbres bailed almost immediately and the girls just couldn’t pull it together. 

They had almost completed their new album, and it’s unclear if it will ever be released.

Granted, we’re still hoping for some kind of “where did you hear that” clear up, it’s increasingly becoming apparent that it’s unlikely to manifest.

Sad does not begin to describe the whole episode. Messy does.

However, in the absence of details, we’ll leave it at that. For now.


Aubrey and Shannon have released a statement:

Dear DK Fans,

(Note from Aubrey)

I reach out to you with all of the honesty and sincerity in my heart. Without a doubt, you have always been my key source of inspiration. Everything I do in this industry is motivated by your commitment and passion. As you may know, there has been much speculation on the state of Danity Kane after a recent incident. In order to clear up any confusion, Shannon and I write to you today with nothing but pure intentions. Over the course of the past few days, we have heard countless recommendations on how we can “spin” this story or “make it go away,” as seems to be typical in our industry. We have never been — nor will we ever be — those types of women. This decision to stand by our principles may affect our future. Our pocketbooks. Our careers. And the list goes on and on. But, there is one thing it won’t affect —namely, your trust and faith in us. We owe you — our loving fans — the unfiltered truth.

During a recent group meeting, a business conversation took a turn for the worst when my group member punched me in the back of my head while I was speaking to another associate. To be clear, she was not physically engaged or threatened prior to her attack on me. This is the same information I provided to the police, and witnesses also corroborated this account of the incident. I cannot condone or excuse any form of physical violence, particularly at the hands of someone I considered family. Disagreements happen. But a war of words and ideas should never end in physical aggression.

It breaks my heart that this violence is followed by no sign of remorse. For the past year, I watched small lies turn into bigger lies. Those bigger lies turned into verbal abuse. Now the verbal abuse has deteriorated into a physical assault. I put what I knew was right second to what I knew I could handle for the sake of the big-picture success this incredibly talented group of women could have achieved together. It was my goal to prove that with enough understanding the issues behind the scenes could be resolved, and we could continue to create content for one of the most inspiring fan bases I have ever witnessed. I realize now that in order to achieve that reality all three girls would have to want that. And, unfortunately, only two of us put our solo ambitions and lives to a halt and consistently put the team first.

An ethical and moral line has been crossed. As someone who experienced abuse in the past, I promised to never grow up putting my hands on people or ever condoning such behavior in others. It is a promise near and dear to my heart. If you have experienced it before, you already know it is not something one should compromise. Over the past year of constant engagement, I tried tirelessly to sympathize with behavior I could not understand. But, I watched her behavior get darker and darker. And, I fear it will only get worse. This most recent occurrence is not just incredibly embarrassing for the members of Danity Kane. More importantly, it spits on the hard work of all those who have supported us along this journey. Sadness does not even remotely begin to describe what I feel right now. Ultimately, as a woman who has spent her entire career standing up for the underdog and right over wrong, I can no longer pretend that she is willing to do what it takes to protect the power of the Danity Kane name.

(Note from Shannon)

My heart is heavy. It is all I can do to pull myself out of bed to face this task. But, I know it must be done. There are many people besides myself that this impacts. Bottom line, it is not fair! I am not asking that you validate it being so. I am writing because you— the fans and our loved ones — deserve an honest and transparent explanation. My desire is to genuinely apologize to everyone who has poured their time, heart and energy into us. So many lives have been affected by this chain of events.

In the first chapter of Danity Kane, I did my best to be the glue that held us together. Assuming the role of the “quiet one,” I tried to keep my opinions to myself and worked behind the scenes to balance our strong personalities for the good of the Danity Kane name. Unquestionably, there were amazing times and truly genuine moments. Please do not believe anything different. Those honest moments kept me motivated through the battles. That being said, people eventually made choices I could not control.

I entered into this journey again with sisters who understood a dynamic that nobody else could. I hoped we could honestly reflect on what we had been through and the mistakes that were made. After this last year of trying to make this next chapter a success, I am devastated to admit that my expectations were set too high. I now must walk away feeling used and manipulated in addition to the name Danity Kane. I know this raises numerous questions. But, for me to delve into a “he said, she said” narrative is a tactic best reserved for those who shamelessly hope to gain followers, irrespective of the truth and the consequences of one’s actions. I am a grown and confident woman, and I only need to share my perspective.

This has been a year of tremendous sacrifice. I left my husband alone for months on end, and he has undoubtedly suffered the most for my dreams. Aubrey graciously opened her home to me throughout this process, since I had no other place to stay. For that I am truly grateful! Day in and day out the focus in her home has been how to make Danity Kane an undeniable force of good. We tried our best to assemble a team to help bring Danity Kane back from the depths of disappointment and into an era where we, as independent women, were taken seriously in this business. From your perspective, I am sure it seems like this should have been an easy fix and that we should just “get it together.” Rest assured, we have been “getting it together” for a long time. At some point, the stress fracture was bound to turn into a break. It is unfortunate but real.

As for the actions that have brought us to this broken ending, I cannot speak for anyone or explain their internal struggles that prompted this heartbreaking sequence of events. All I know is what I have seen. I did not witness a shouting match, a cat fight or a brawl. I witnessed a single direct punch.

In reflecting on this situation, I recalled a journal entry I wrote back in April. Initially, I struggled with sharing something so transparent and personal with all of you. However, my desire to be honest with you trumps all other considerations. As you can tell, I have been avoiding saying names. However, this was my personal reaction to escalating events that led up to my overall frustrations with Dawn….months ago.

April 2014

“It’s exhausting to chase your mind to understand your heart. For so long I’ve looked at you and your strengths trying to find any excuse for you in my head to put you back where I used to hold you. But time and again you prove me wrong to myself. Now I’m looking out for me I’ve learned that from you. But I pray my heart stays pliable and is still moved by honest humanity. May the ability to love not escape from my chest.”

(Note from Shannon and Aubrey)

Anyone that knows us even slightly could see we usually have opposing views and stark contrasts in dealing with our feelings. But, over the course of this last year undeniable commonalities in our values and principles were revealed. We spent the first half of the year struggling to convince ourselves that the red flags we witnessed were somehow explainable. And, after that was no longer an option, we tried to take the negativity in stride while finding the perseverance to keep it from tearing us apart.

We know it must be devastating for our fans to have spent the last twelve months supporting our every move, and for that we cannot apologize enough. We share your frustration and anger! We spent a year living on each other’s couches, sacrificing any solo opportunity that came our way, finally finished our comeback album, and were days away from filming three music videos for you that would have played out as a short movie. We lived on calls, traded endless e-mails, and sat in meeting after meeting to bring together an amazing team of producers, agents, directors, and styling teams with no manager in place. We were at the finish line. We wish, more than anything, that our time, our team’s time, and most importantly your time as fans, was not taken for granted and carelessly disregarded. If this ending was in our control, please understand that we would have done everything in our power to move things forward. You have become our family, and regardless of these unfortunate circumstances, we hope all of you treat one another as family, as we have built connections that cannot possibly be conveyed in words. Our journey, and the love we have built together as fans and artists, is a truth that all of us will forever hold close to our hearts.

No doubt, we have experienced significant trials and tribulations this year. From starting off without a member, to losing another, to where we stand now, all of those dark days have shined a light on some undeniable truths. Being a part of a “girl group” is so much more than how well an individual member may sing or dance or charm or act. Rather, no matter how talented you may be, you need to be relentlessly committed to self-sacrifice and the good of the whole. No team can function without every member having these traits, and this is why you see — time and time again — various groups crumble.

It is infinitely harder to make a group work than a solo act, and that was the attraction and excitement for us. We wanted to succeed when confronted with the ultimate challenge. We may not have been able to get everyone on the same page. However, we still remain committed to the idea that talented women can come together to create something bigger than themselves. When that moment happens, true history will be made.

Until then…
Shan & Aubs

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  1. BeyIsKing August 8, 2014

    Lmao their ‘comeback’ didn’t even happen

    • truth August 8, 2014

      Kinda like Beyonce’s pregnancy never even happened…………..

  2. LA LA August 8, 2014


  3. IslandBoi242 August 8, 2014

    Saw this coming! Shannon I’ll buy your s*** you the only grown woman here
    Was really hoping they were together for good smt!!

  4. Licorice August 8, 2014

    These b****** want to be Destiny’s child so bad
    Ain’t none of these b****** got talent like Bey tho.

  5. DanityFan August 8, 2014

    Wow didn’t see this coming but both Aubrey and Dawn need need to grow up. And once again shannon is left with nothing.

  6. Uh August 8, 2014

    Oh well, I wish shannon well, the only mature one. I don’t care about those other two plastic bimbos.

  7. TrevorJackson112 August 8, 2014

    Like they were anything anyways.
    This group was clearly inspired by Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj were there plastic inspirations.

  8. Dirty Laundry August 8, 2014


    • Molly August 8, 2014

      Kelly looks amazing pregnant glad shes happy

  9. pat August 8, 2014

    I smell a PR stunt for a reality show

  10. DMoney August 8, 2014

    Shannon dear, it’s going to be ok. Those other two girls are monkeydoodlefools but YOU my dear are the one who has my full support. Why don’t you try and pursue a career in acting because I don’t think solo superstardom is for you.

  11. WTF August 8, 2014

    Beyond disappointed…. really was rooting for these girls. Almost a year ago they were at the VMA’s talking about their new single “Rage” which was gonna be released “sooner than you think”, fast forward now with this mess…… I JUST CANT! we need explanations

  12. Sam Loves Rihanna August 8, 2014

    Somewhere D. Woods is laughing at them. And so am I. The only reunions that matter are Destiny’s Child, SWV and En Vogue…and maybe Xscape (maybe).

    • MarinaAndTheDiamonds August 8, 2014

      D.Woods can laugh all she wants but where is her career. They were slaying before they messed things up for themselves. Has she EVER slayed?

  13. CiciFinnaBeABride August 8, 2014

    This better be true, because if these girls are doing this as some kind of stunt they’ll lose mad credibility.

    • Molly August 8, 2014

      Heard the queen is working with drluke how do u feel about that?

  14. Honeymoon Avenue August 8, 2014

    Their comeback lasted only one single? I think its time to leave Danity Kane in 2008. Girl groups haven’t been doing well recently anyways (Little Mix, Fifth Harmony).

    • Molly August 8, 2014

      Lmao so sad i knew this s*** was gonna be a mess when they announced this flop comeback.

  15. Molly August 8, 2014

    Good they woulda flopped anyways lol they gave us two great albums though.

    • Lana Tropicana August 8, 2014

      You would know all about flops wouldn’t you. #TheNewClassic. Less than 60k first week? Oops.

  16. WTF August 8, 2014

    On behalf of DK fans from day 1….. F*** YOU DAWN. You have so much undeniable talent but time & time again play a huge role in the DEMISE OF DANITY KANE. I’m sure Aubrey & her mouth didn’t help any issues DK was trying to overcome but STILL…. you knew these girls like the back of your hand & STILL decided to reunite with them, putting false hope into your fans for a YEAR. Shannon cosigning Aubrey proves to me that the main issue in DK is & always has been YOU. “All In A Day’s Work” Dawn whipping that weave on stage with her ferocisty gave me LIFE, too bad you couldn’t always been that version of yourself. I truly believe behind the scenes you are & always have been the DOWNFALL OF DANITY KANE. I guess it’s back to singing about unicorns & magic warriors for your 3 and a half fans.

    • Mother August 8, 2014

      Yaaaaaaassssssss!!! Read that b****!

    • Ricky August 9, 2014

      Omggggg yesss… You made me spit my breakfast

  17. pu$$y juice lover August 8, 2014

    The most pathetic girl group ever! They knew they will flop hard so they made up this whole bullshitt.

  18. I SAID WHAT I SAID August 8, 2014

    DAWN….. you better get up & make this right with YOUR SISTERS. Ya’ll have been through too much pain & hardships with this group to give up now. YOU GUYS ARE AT THE FINISH LINE. Please get over your egos, apologize, make things right… DO IT FOR YOUR FANS. We have never given up on you guys so we ask that you don’t give up ON US.

  19. Jessica August 8, 2014

    I like most of us was ready to jump on Aubrey but if Shannon was frustrated with Dawn she must have been really effing up. That’s sad. Hella time and money down the drain. I never would’ve seen Dawn as the trouble maker

  20. Strange4sumchange August 8, 2014

    Genuinely disappointed. I almost wanna punch Dawn in her frucking head over this. B**** buys a new face m now all of sudden she a thug smh. Man I’m over this. #poorShannon

  21. nancy grace slays August 8, 2014

    Im too bitter with these ho3s!!! I paid 300
    Dollars to see u bytches in concert!!
    I did a meet and greet with u and yall
    Promised yall were here to stay!!?
    Smh…and poor shannon!!!

    • FAF August 8, 2014

      Now why would u do that .. are they even signed?

  22. former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

    Just find 2 new WHITR GIRLS and keep it moving, Aubrey was the star anyway. AS for DAWN, she needs to remember that world does not care about the hurt, pain and problems of dark skin woman, nor do they give them second or many chances. Dawn is now like Azalea Banks. No offense, but a dark skin or black woman cannot beat up blonde, for no reasons and expect to have the whites take her side.

  23. former rihanna stan August 8, 2014

    DAWN has just played into the stereotype of angry violent black woman, that cannot function in white society.

  24. MusiqLife August 8, 2014

    Once again Dawn it was you and I would’ve thought it had a lot to do with aubrey if shannon didn’t after all these years finally admit you are out of control. Despite everything I wish all you ladies the best.

  25. whoiam August 8, 2014

    I have been skeptical about this from the start, but it is sad that a lot of DK fans are not giving Dawn a right to reply. Aubrey carrying on like she is not at fault. The girl with no filter, who cannot control her mouth. That one line statement tells you everything about Shannon. DK fans your idols, the way they treated you pretending and lied & you’re taking sides.I would say good riddance.

  26. Pff August 8, 2014

    So why exactly is this shocking? Their singles went nowhere,they were performing at small venues and the material they were putting out sounded like leftovers from their last album. I need for some of you to be more realistic, Danity Kane was over after the second album, which they almost didn’t even release due to internal strife amongst members. Dawn was doing ok on the indie scene but no one else out of the group was DOING ANYTHING MUSICALLY. The album would’ve flopped anyway!
    I really wish Destiny’s Child would come out with a new album,we would never have to worry about them being messy like this, because every member knows their place.

    • whoiam August 8, 2014

      I agree with everything you say here, they were going nowhere in 2008 before they were disbanded. The guinness book of records achievement with the 2 #1 albums clouded their career. Damaged was the only song what charted in the top 10 singles chart out of the 5 singles released. DK carried like if they were global superstars when did not even tour internationally or even have a singe or album do well internationally.

      • Danny b August 8, 2014

        Actually Show Stopper, their first single, reached #8 on the Hot 100. While Damaged only peaked at #10. Know your facts before trying to shade.

      • Pff August 8, 2014

        Exactly! These Danity Kane fans are delusional. They performed at City Walk in Orlando and people were paying them dust, much like the general public. @ Danny you should learn how to read or at least take reading comprehension, we were talking about the second album era, not the debut era. All that hype and they only had two top 10’s? I like Danity Kane but i’m not delusional The P**** Cat dolls at this point have more of a chance of coming back then they do.

  27. Dev August 8, 2014

    And people were mocking D Woods for not entering this mess. What they need now is for D to step in and re-record all of Dawns vocals and make this work. Not that i ever really cared anyway

  28. cocobutta August 8, 2014


    This sh1t needs fixing but in a way I don’t even want it too. Too many egos that don’t put the talent 1st.

    Dawn!! U know you fukd up and this is why Wanita didn’t want to come back.

  29. playtime August 8, 2014

    Well no label signed them and they ran out of money is my theory.
    Easy way out one thinks

  30. Just Here For The Music August 8, 2014

    I’m really fvcking pissed right now. Dawn was my home girl. I’ve met her and supported her solo career since day 1. Always been a huge fan of DK. I understand that things happens sometimes but I think I speak for a lot of DK fans when I say this is complete bullsh**. You come back with promises of singles and slaying only to delay songs and releases time and time again. Now what do we have to show for supporting and helping work towards a comeback… Nothing. Just 2 b****** that could never get over themselves and 1 young woman who always seems to get shi* on despite always being well grounded and the only grown up in the group. *deletes all DK and dawn music* f*** them. I’m done

  31. TheYoncèTroll August 8, 2014

    In the words of the gorgeous Tyra…, “WE WERE ROUTING FOR YOU! WE ARE ALL ROUTING FOR YOU!!”

  32. truth August 8, 2014

    Kinda like Beyonce’s pregnancy never even happened. …..

  33. Brian310 August 8, 2014

    I feel for Shannon man she seems like the only humble person in the group, Dawn reminds me of of the other Dawn from En Vogue super talented but an ass to work with. I mean her track record isn’t good you have DK 1st break up, the disbandment of Diddy Dirty Money, her separation from Drew Scott(producer and writer for her solo work), and now this.

  34. aquarianguy28 August 8, 2014

    This is so crazy, my partner and I spent $700 on meet and greet tickets for their Philly show. I am so saddened with this! I have so many thoughts right now, but it’s too long for me to put in perspective. I will say this, I really believe this is the true reason behind Aundrea’s untimely departure from the group. I think she seen what Shannon and Aubrey just spoke about. I think she had no legal ties to the new DK and fled for the hills. I’m very distraught over the whole thing.

  35. RoyalKev August 8, 2014

    So sad! I had high hopes for this group and it’s unfortunate that the egos got the best of them. I actually felt that Dawn, Aubrey and Shannon were the only DK members needed to slay the music world. They always stood out to me. Now it looks like all hope is lost! I will say this, ever since Making The Band, Aubrey has been one to keep it 100! Hate her or love her, she’s bold with her honesty. Shannon is the mature and sensible one. If they’re both saying Dawn’s the problem – then I believe it. Although I don’t conclude anything without hearing both sides, I’d bet on Dawn being the problem (she seems to want to be a solo star above anything else and that may be what she needs to focus on).

  36. Rima August 8, 2014

    I understand things happen. For the past year, they gave it their best shot to make it work. Doing it all on their own with out any major help from a label. They were truly independent. They released a hot single, went out on a sold out tour. They were creating a lot of buzz, without much help. But now that the deal has fallen through, and the understanding has been forgotten. I hope that they do remember the people that have been for them, their fans. No matter who did what, who said what. Regardless of what we may think is true or what may be true. They own their fans this one last album. If they believe that we deserve better, then they will find a way to get the album released. Come together long enough to get that done and then go their separate ways for good. No music videos, No interviews, just the album.

  37. JER August 8, 2014


    Let me say it again…


    These hos. BYE!

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