Report: Ke$ha Sues Producer Dr. Luke For Sexual Assault & Battery

Published: Tuesday 14th Oct 2014 by Rashad

‘Blow’ beauty Ke$ha has blown headlines into a whirlwind this morning with reports that she is suing longtime music mentor/producer Dr. Luke for sexual assault and battery.

While the past year has seen the singer in headlines for everything but music (see: eating disorder, rehab, etc), her mom – Patricia Serbert – launched a campaign of sorts against the hitmaking producer claiming that it was his fault her daughter’s life was so troublesome.

Now, in a lawsuit obtained by multiple media outlets, it looks like Ke$ha is ready to substantiate those claims.

Read more below:

Via TMZ:

Kesha was sexually, physically, verbally and emotionally abused for 10 years by her producer, Dr. Luke, to the point where she nearly died.

According to a new lawsuit — obtained by TMZ — Kesha claims Dr. Luke was abusive towards her almost from the get-go…She claims he would force her to use drugs and alcohol to remove her defenses.

In one instance, Kesha claims he forced her to snort something before getting on a plane … and during the trip he forced himself on her while she was drugged.

Kesha says the alleged abuse led to her eating disorder — a story TMZ broke earlier this year.  She claims Dr. Luke said, among other things, “You are not that pretty, you are not that talented, you are just lucky to have me.”  As we reported, she claims he called her “a fat f***ing refrigerator.”

Kesha also says there was physical abuse … once she says he attacked her at his Malibu house where he was “violently thrashing his arms at her.”  Kesha is asking a judge to let her out of her contract with Luke.”


Wow. Just wow.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Molly October 14, 2014

    A F UCKING MESS!!! Her career is officially over.

    • eanougha October 14, 2014

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  2. xtina fan October 14, 2014

    I believe her. People do all kinds for fame… I hope she gets out of her contract and keeps away from toxic people in the industry

    • musicMatters101 October 14, 2014

      I don’t she been trying to get released for years, this is just another step. Kesha isn’t a “hot piece of ass” anyways.

  3. aml October 14, 2014

    What some people do to keep in the limelight
    Whats next akon forces lady gaga to f** him with her stiletos?!
    Nicki pays Kim to hate on her?
    Next one will be Bebier will be Ushers love child YAWNH

  4. Jess October 14, 2014

    He’s kind of hot though.. I don’t know.

    • Ashley October 14, 2014

      Mmm girl, i’d be wide open for him in 2 seconds.

    • Molly October 14, 2014

      You have horrible taste in men.

      • Jess October 14, 2014

        And that’s what makes us all different. It’s called likes and dislikes. Thanks for the reply though.

      • Molly October 14, 2014

        sure sis #YourTasteIsTrashMuchLikeYourself

      • Jess October 14, 2014

        Did you really have to hashtag that? I guess I am trash then haha! Love myself some pink d***.

      • Molly October 14, 2014


      • Stephy October 14, 2014

        I Agree! Ain’t NOTHING hot about that middle aged lookin stank white man… YUCK

      • Jess October 14, 2014

        Stephy leave him alone 🙁

    • Amber October 14, 2014

      Gahhhh dammmmit. Dis Man is sexxxxx on a stick das fo sho. I’m currently wet down there. Someone hydrate dis bittchhhh

      • SHAQUINA BOMBACLOT IRAQUIA October 14, 2014

        UGH This is sad. If he was a black man i would care.

  5. Molly October 14, 2014

    Waits for rihanna to do the same *but wait she has no morals*

    • Pu$$y Juice October 14, 2014

      Keep it cool sis

      • Molly October 14, 2014

        I always do ki

  6. NT October 14, 2014

    I don’t think she’ll lie about this, however if she’s let out of her contract with Doctor Luke where is she going to go, I don’t see a lot of Record label’s vying for her as a performer as a writer maybe but not as a singer. If Dr.Luke did this it’s truly disgusting.

  7. Stephy October 14, 2014

    “You are not that pretty, you are not that talented” <—— HE TOLD NO LIES!

    AnTEAways, she is trash & so is her "music" (noise). But, obviously she is a troubled individual. I hope, this b****** (if the claims are true) gets put in jail ASAP. And, this finally puts an end to her "music" (If we can even call it that) career. In other words, I want her CANCELED!

    • Sara October 14, 2014


    • Molly October 14, 2014

      I think her music is pretty good for the lack of talent she has.

      • Stephy October 14, 2014

        Really? I think its generic trash. Yea, it can be catchy but overall. She is just another pop tart “artist” with no REAL talent. Hogging up the airwaves. She needs to be canceled.

      • Molly October 14, 2014

        Well you have a point lol

        But I feel like Katy has cancelled her out already.

      • Stephy October 14, 2014

        Yes, Katy is the reigning queen of generic hot mess pop tart music.

    • caribbean native October 14, 2014

      Who are a horrible human being i hope and pray jehovah has mercy upon u

  8. Yasmine October 14, 2014


  9. kel October 14, 2014

    Ugh the rich just keep getting richer.

  10. Pu$$y Juice October 14, 2014

    Mess. Watch katy still working with him for hits if its true lol. .

    • Molly October 14, 2014

      Of course she will kii

  11. Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014


    • Stephy October 14, 2014

      Do you still have t-shirts of your favorite singers…?

      • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

        I do. I’m wearing a Che Guevara shirt right now.

    • Sandra October 14, 2014

      Hi, beauty!, where have you been?, you don’t post on Instagram anymore, i miss you.

      • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

        I will post new pics from Tommy’s birthday soon, i miss you too 😀

      • Sandra October 14, 2014

        I can’t wait for it, you beautiful thing, take care.

      • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

        Kisses….Muah 🙂

      • Stephy October 14, 2014

        I wanna see you Paul…

      • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

        You can, but you have to show me you’re real face on Instagram 🙂

  12. Rosie October 14, 2014

    I believe her. Can’t wait until all the straight men start blaming her just because her music was “trashy”.

  13. Indie October 14, 2014

    This is disgusting i feel genuinely sorry for her, as nary things like this happen behind the scenes in the music business a lot! She was pretty young when she started and i always thought her image was over sexualised and a but smutty, but it explains why now that it has come to light that she is contracted to Dr Luke, clearly being forced to portray such an image and all these nasty things she’s had to deal with are what lead to her being in Rehab, forcing a young girl to take drugs and have s** with her under the influence is disgusting i hope he rots, he was on some iKe Turner s*** for real!

  14. LB October 14, 2014

    And Grammyless Payola Perry will still work with him.

    He is wrong about one thing, Ke$ha is actually talented, unlike a certain artist, she can write a song from start to finish, all by herself. Hell she wrote “Till the world ends” for Britney and that song is awesome, something a certain someone who claims writing credits cannot do.

    So yes, Ke$ha is talented, talented than most, she can also write for other people, she is just a crap singer.

    As for this mess, I’ll have to wait for all the facts, I see it as a sneaky way to try and get out of your contract but we’ll see what facts unfold when this goes to court.

    • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

      You’re right, she is a talented songwriter, a very bad singer tho, she better work for other artists, that’s her future.

      • LB October 14, 2014

        I agree, she can make a good career out of writing hits for other artists. She can be the next big thing, as far as pop music song writers go.

        She should capitalize on that.

      • Suicide Blonde October 14, 2014

        Let’s hope she reads our comments, lol.

  15. Fancy BISH October 14, 2014

    “Well, obviously we have a creep named Dr. Luke. He’s climbin’ in yo windows, he’s snatchin’ yo people up, tryin’ to assault ’em. So y’all need to hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and hide yo husband cause he crazy out here. Ciara, hide yo goodies boo boo. Katy too.” -Antoine Dodson

    Pure MESS!

  16. CherylSoldier October 14, 2014

    Kesha is so sweet. Idk what she’ll sing wo Luke tho

  17. musicMatters101 October 14, 2014

    Such a messy situation.

    Kesha just wants out of her deal, which is odd because Luke still producing hits. Just because you flopped to the gods. I can’t Kesha. And her Mom is crazy for attention. Living her life thru her daughter.

    Team Luke ALL the way.

  18. Mark111 October 14, 2014

    I think half of this is BS, but you have to go the extra mile to win a case. She’s pulling a K.Michelle, those contracts are basically legal slavery.

  19. H October 14, 2014

    My pum pun just dripped.

    • Yole October 14, 2014

      You mean your filthy stinking pusssssy?

  20. nessa October 14, 2014

    I’m pretty sure Dr. Luke could record multiple albums inside my taint since it’s been test driven, used up, damaged to the point where it’s the size of Australia.

  21. spaccio woolrich December 16, 2014

    A primary school principal and a government official in Wanning City, Hainan Province have been detained for sexually abusing six girl students, the Legal Daily reported today.
    spaccio woolrich

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