New Song: Danity Kane – ‘All In A Day’s Work’

Published: Tuesday 21st Oct 2014 by Sam

Next Tuesday is D-Day for Danity Kane fans.

The disbanded trio are set to roll-out the final parting gift to their supporters with the release of their third and last studio album ‘DK3’.

Ever since previewing select cuts from the LP during live shows this year, the high-octane ‘All In A Day’s Work’ has emerged as a fan favourite.

So, with exactly a week to go before the LP hits retail, what better track to share than the dance-floor jam ‘Work’?

Take a listen below…


Granted we’re a little jarred by the fact the song only boasts one verse that is repeated (in place of departed member Aundrea’s original offering), there’s no denying that the track is a firework. It pops all the way off!

With its rousing guitar riffs and sass-soaked lyrics, this sits comfortably among our favourite DK tracks ever.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Phoenix T October 21, 2014

    Really good song, the album snippets are very promising too; I will be purchasing the album but it’s such a sad state of affairs that after getting the group down to three members they still couldn’t keep it together. If this album is successful, hopefully they will ditch Dawn and convince D Woods or Andrea to come back or someone new, it didn’t work for Envogue or Expose but maybe it could work for them; seeing that the solo careers have never taken off. No shade, no hate, just do the damn music.

    • You tried??!! October 21, 2014


      You are clearly ignorant to their sound! Dawn has always been the beauty behind their sound ! The beauty in their harmonies abd swag alone especially coming back this second time it’s clear Dawn was the mastermind behind the records! Those are her harmonies and swag without her they are garbage! And DWoodz???? I would love for them to come back with Dwoods or some other girl and embarrass them selves lmao! They ruined it and Dawn will carry on a successful solo career like she was doing before

      Thank u

      Hating a** dummies

      • pon_De October 21, 2014

        U mad or nah?? Maybe if Dawn hadn’t started smelling herself with her new nose and kept her hands to herself, the group would still be together! Cuh-learly you both get your weaves sewn in too tight to add up successful solo career + Dawn Richard. Has Goldenheart even sold 10,000???? The REEEEEACH!!

      • toohotfortv October 21, 2014

        C’mon now… if you can’t admit that Dawn brought a lot and i mean A LOT of credibility to this group then your opinion isn’t even valid. After her run with dirty money and then her continually (and across the board) praise from critics in regards to her solo eps/singles/mixtapes…. it is very plain to see that Dawn’s vocals/arranging/writing/dancing and overall artistic output was/is a central part to this groups success. And that doesnt take anything from the other girls. It just is what it is, she may or may not be a total b****, but one thing you can’t take from her is the fact that the girl is super talented. Sometimes you have to separate the output/art from the person/artist. You end up missing your blessing otherwise.

      • pon_De October 22, 2014

        You’re clearly drunk on Dawn. Every girl brought something to the group. Shannon could outdance every bish from day 1. Aundrea had consistent lead vocalist ability. Aubrey brought X factorness plus her breathy vocals complemented Aundrea’s perfectly. D. Woods…I’ll get back to you on that. My point is that Dawn’s writing and arranging ability goes no where in a group without Aubrey’s headline/publicity grabbing ability or Shannon’s dancing (and improved vocal) ability. They all played a crucial role. This wasn’t Destiny’s Child and Dawn is certainly no Beyonce. But I wish her well.

  2. MusicStan( Remains Unbothered) October 21, 2014

    Finally they release this…. I like this song a lot….. two thumbs up

  3. You tried??!! October 21, 2014

    All you haters hating on Dawn is clearly on the wrong team! You must be a bunch of bitter ass blonde women or better yet a couple of homo blonde lil boys ! The soul and street vibe I. Their music which makes DK hot won’t be there or believable without DAWN! Hate ln Dawn all you want but musically she’s the most talented and authentic! Her music after DK speaks for its self ! She stayed consistent with her music and sound and these songs sound like they could have been her next solo project following her last solo project (coughs) sips coffee !! But these girls can go find the most ratchet girl in LA but they will never come across as real to the mass public or their core audience they messed up !! B.S. A side like DAWNsaid before on MAKINGDABAND ” they will never be as successful as they all could be together going solo”

    DROPS MIC !!

    • MusicStan( Remains Unbothered) October 21, 2014

      Who is hating? there are only five comments on here and 4 out of one all for dawn and the song!!

    • Rihboy October 21, 2014

      Dawn is unbothered boo! She don’t need the deadweight. If anything the others need to humble themselves in her presence! She is the vocal stronghold of that group with a reputable resume.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 21, 2014


  4. Breezy October 21, 2014

    FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love it!

  5. whoiam October 21, 2014

    In my opinion they should of release this as their 1st single instead of Lemonade. but I do prefer the original version better, the one they did on their 1st performance back last December 2013 in the House Of Blues. Listening to this makes me laugh, Aubrey’s introduction of the song, how b****** make it look easy & how Dawn & Aubrey was carrying on(best buddies), DK fans start calling them Dawbrey. Finally TGJ I dont know why DK have not contacted you to be their PR because you’ve been doing a better job than they were. The album sadly for them dont look like its not getting any boost from these single releases. I stick with my 10k 1st wk sales.

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 21, 2014

      It wouldn’t have gotten radio play (even though Lemonade wasn’t pushed towards radio). The format of this song is too different to be a success single

  6. Indie October 21, 2014

    as with every song they have released so for fro this BRILLIANT DK3 Album this is FIRE!!!!! These girls are so damn good, i never really paid attention to them until the reformed and its just been mega song after mega song, well done to them, if they don’t get back together at least they have left great work behind, and if they do, they certainly have the ability to be one of the biggest girl bands ever, they sound great together, look great, perform great and they have star quality!

  7. Rihboy October 21, 2014

    Yassssss!!!!!!!!! That’s all I have! Yassss!

  8. TheElusiveLamb October 21, 2014

    Love this track. I just wish they were still were a group. 🙁

  9. The realest October 21, 2014

    The only good person in this group is Dawn, Shannon can sing a little and dance . But Aubrey is the cancer of the group , she has no vocals and is as fake as her left tit .

  10. DeShaun October 21, 2014

    Hot track! I’ve been waiting for this track in its entirety. If any song needed the video treatment it’s this one.

  11. Joey October 21, 2014

    I take SERIOUS issue with this track. I remember when I actually, literally, no joke, had an orgasm the first time I heard this track from the live YouTube clips. This song was FIRE! The ladies were KILLING it. It was fierce, sassy, hard, EVERYTHING I wanted.

    This studio recording cannot hold a candle to that live performance. I actually quite enjoyed the song when I was hearing the 90 second sample, but the whole track leaves a lot to be desired. The guitars should have been WAY amped up. This song is more powerful than this track is giving it credit for. Also, I didn’t even mind Aubrey’s 2nd verse full of effects, it was actually quite fun, but to then find out that the two verses are literally EXACTLY the same save for a few effects? I’ve never seen something so lazy in my life. What an effing waste.

    Also, Shannon’s bridge sounds awkward in the context of the song. I don’t mind the timpani, but it literally happens SO quickly, and her vocals are also awkwardly clipped in parts the way they were in Rhythm in Love. As much as I enjoy Shannon 2.0, it makes me wonder how truly confidant she is with her voice in the studio because it sounds like they had to do a lot of piecing of things together to get what they ended up with.

    This song sounds like it has suffered the MOST from the breakup, as they clearly had to release the song in a “good enough” state, rather than an AMAZING state. It’s a shame.

    on a positive note, the chorus with Aubrey and the pre-chorus with Dawn are still absolutely KILLER. I will of course shake my ass to it and strut down the street to this song blaring in my earbuds, but I just wish it was the song that we all know and deserved.

    Tell Me is still everything and more.

  12. Chill October 21, 2014

    The fact that Aubrey is on Twitter asking her fans to remember who the enemy is tells me everything I need to know….pitting DK fans against Dawn again…anything to keep Dawn in her place ha Aubrey.

  13. Eclectech October 21, 2014

    Well hot dayummm! I barely even like this group but that song is Fiyahhhh!!! I guess Ima have to purchase this project. Dawn’s influence with the vocals/arrangement is obvious.

  14. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 21, 2014

    I was watching Making the band 4 the last season on youtube this weekend. It made me fall in love with Danity Kane and Day 26 al over again. To watch the making of the music, the performances, the fights, the wins etc makes you want to support such talent. Despite their outcome, Danity Kane was one of the BEST and most talented group of all time. Y’all should watch making the band 4 on youtube. i MISS reality tv when there was an actual PURPOSE. Making the band was finding talent, then making the album, the PROMOTING that album. I will miss them,

  15. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 21, 2014


  16. ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) October 21, 2014


  17. Maestro J October 22, 2014

    AND I’m not here for this …
    I love Danity Kane I love love love Danity Kane… BUT I like this song, but I don’t. They could’ve at least re-recorded Aundrea’s verse instead of replaying the damn verse over. That pissed me off. I like Drea’s verse and now its nowhere to be found. Hell since they broke up they could’ve used Aundrea’s vocals and verse AINT LIKE THEY PEFORMING IT ANY DAMN WAY… Im so over this b******* Aubrey Oday is the devil and Im disappointed in Shannon for letting her turn her into a minion. THE F***!!!!! Dawn was the best thing that happened to Danity Kane… shade is I think DAWN AUNDREA D.WOODS should reunite and do it again and say f*** Shannon and HO’DAY. I hate to say it but Puff was right about Aubrey she’s poison and she has been poison since day one. She let the fame go to her head. The beef with Dawn is she couldn’t handle that Dawn was the lead singer of the group especially after Aundrea left. HO’Day’s vocals are weak and autotuned to the death of throats. I wont be buying this as much as I want to, as much as I want to as much as I want to, I won’t be. I refuse to put money in Ho’Day’s pockets I refuse. I will however continue to support Dawn and like a phoenix she will rise from these ashes and continue to be the star she is…

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