Madonna Tops Beyonce & Mariah Carey On ‘World’s Richest Recording Artist List’ As Controversy Surrounds New Topless Magazine Spread

Published: Tuesday 2nd Dec 2014 by Rashad
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The Material Girl may be plagued by leaks of new material from her forthcoming 13th studio album, but if reports are to be believed, her pockets definitely ain’t hurting as a result thereof.

Proof of this can be found by perusing the “World’s Richest Recording Artists” list.  With names like Dr. Dre, Beyonce, Mariah Carey and Paul McCartney ruling the tally’s upper rankings, above all the aforementioned sits one name – Madonna.

With a whopping net worth of $800 million (dispelling rumors that the diva is a billionaire), the songstress’s foray into music and movies has assisted with building an empire that towers over competitors.  A move easily attributed to the diva’s ability to keep her name on the tongue of the masses, as evidenced by a topless photoshoot to accompany the feature story of her recent Interview magazine stint.

Did you miss the hoopla?  See the “richest recording artist” top 10 list below and read more on that controversial photo shoot:


2014 World’s Richest Recording Artists 

*note:  This list is limited to recording artists and does not include all musicians, some of whom have net worth that exceeds Madonna’s.

1) Madonna $800 million

2) Paul McCartney $660 million

3) Dr. Dre $650 million

4) Diddy $640 million

5) Celine Dion $630 million

6) Bono $590 million

7) Mariah Carey $520 million

8) Jay Z $510 million

9) Elton John $450 million

10) Beyonce $440 million


Interview Magazine photo shoot:

See the NSFW Madonna shot here

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  1. Miley Micki December 2, 2014

    There is only one Queen. Not Mariah, Beyonce or Rihanna. It is MADONNA, bi*ch !!!

    • DEL BEY December 2, 2014

      Madonna was the queen of the 80’s I still rock to her old bangers, but she is no queen of today’s music, the only reason she is a top that list is because she been working her immortal p**** the last 30 years

      • Olly December 2, 2014

        she takes risk…at least her music is not pretentious like Gaga! 🙁

      • Nika December 3, 2014

        yeah – them numbers say otherwise

      • No Garbage Here December 3, 2014

        Deeply flawed argument saying Madonna is only famous in the 90s, Madonna-the highest selling tour for a solo artist…when will your mr nobodies?????

        Looking forward to see MooMoo in Vegas.

    • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

      There will ALWAYS be more than one Queen. If there was only Queen, then only woman would be on the list. Stans like you are stuck on stupid.

      • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014


      • BeyHive Army December 3, 2014

        Mariah Queen of…nothing.

      • Truth Serum December 3, 2014

        B*tch please. Madonnna is still making money from True Blue and Immaculate Collection. Call me when your fav could sell 30 million one album.


    • Maleficent December 3, 2014

      La baddest bish in the industry EVER!

      • Cake Like Lady Gaga December 3, 2014

        Mariah sold her p*ssy to Tommy Mottola in the 90s- thats where her money came from. Pretty sad.

    • You tried December 3, 2014

      They making that MONEY$!$$!!!!!!$$!!
      Big ups to everyone GETTING THAT PAPER!

  2. KING CICI December 2, 2014

    who is madonna?

    • K BYE December 2, 2014


    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) December 2, 2014


  3. Fake Lile Lady Gaga December 2, 2014

    She looks good tho….

  4. DEL BEY December 2, 2014

    Is your fav on that list? because I see mine, this should truly settle the endless debate about who’s really queen? madonna stans then mariah stans then beyonce stans have the upper hand over the rest of you lessors #boss

    • FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

      Bittch what number is Llama on this list?

      Stop your s***!!

      You really stan for Llama but using Beyonce name for receipts…. I cant stand stanz like you tbh.

      • DEL BEY December 3, 2014


    • fatusabkoh December 3, 2014

      Well said thank you

  5. Seems Legit December 2, 2014

    1 Madonna = 5 artists. Lady Gaga, Britney, Nicki, Miley and Rihanna.


    • Seems Legit December 2, 2014

      Janet??? LOL Come on, she sold only 48m records. Britney sold more 64m.

      • Danny Bey December 3, 2014


      • SMH December 3, 2014

        Stop the lies. Janet sold 150 million records while Britney only sold 100 million. And it clearly says that this is an incomplete list,so yes Janet should be on here.

  6. QUEENRIAH December 2, 2014


    • Rory December 2, 2014

      Rihanna has only been out 9 years. Lol. You can’t just throw her in the mix with ppl in the game 17+ lol

      • RCi December 3, 2014

        Lady gaga’s been out out 5-6 years and she making more money than Rih. Taylor Swift same thing, Adele same thing. Rihead is nothing but a prostitute popping it for her pimp.

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        Well that rules doesnt apply to Taylor Swift or Gaga. Because stay getting PAID…and they havent even been in the game as long as Rihanna

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        *they stay

      • RCi December 3, 2014

        but when Rihanna has more #1 singles than Beyonce, Gaga and Taylor… why isn’t she getting paid? cuz she a h** popping that pu55 for minimum wage. sit

      • XYZ December 3, 2014

        b****, shut up. rihanna is getting paid. she has more Money than you will ever make, even if you lived ten times…

        yeah, she’s not on that list. so what? she is still f****** rich and would be able to buy all our lives…

        On top of that, it’s hard to compare the younger artists to the more established ones… Simply because the “old” artists had other contracts that were more lucrative for the artists then today.

        Adele had a mega successful Album and wrote the majority of it. And Taylor – yeah, she just is mega successful. I don’t know why, but she is…

        But whatever – They all are rich b******

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        Shut b****! Because your broke ass isnt getting paid either. Roc Nations…No, Blue Ivy reaps the benefits of Rihanna’s labor more than she does #SoStayMad

    • FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

      I cant speak for BankruptAnna, but Ci wouldnt be on that list this early in her career. Thats just ridiculous for you to even mention these two.
      And STOP trying to compare Career Timeframes and success……
      Thats whats wrong with you people, thinking success is microwavable, And not holding these artist up to producing wealth of material and reaping longevity benefits that span across several generations, with the numbers that match!

    • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

      Hush troll and quit using the Queen’s name b****!

  7. Dvokals December 2, 2014

    This list says a lot For Beyoncé. For her to come out many years after and still be part of the top 10 with icons and living legends says a whooooleee lot!!!

    • #BYE December 3, 2014

      Yeah, it does, it says how sh!t the music industry has become. Sad times we’re in. #BYE

    • Oops…I Did It Again December 3, 2014

      Beyoncé has been out since 1997. Destiny’s Child also counts in her net worth so yea. Been out since the 90s as well

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        DC came out in 1998. Regardless of any of they, it doesnt take way from the fact that the rest of the artist in the top 10 debuted YEARS prior. So…

  8. Gia90s December 2, 2014

    No lies detected. Good to know Beyonce, Mariah and Celine are on the list too. They deserve it.

  9. Gia90s December 2, 2014

    Love that picture…she looks stunning. Truly Queen of Pop.

  10. Rory December 2, 2014

    I could have sworn Janet was apart of the billionaire club now …,.,

    • FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

      She is unbothered, enjoying the Abuh Dahbi sand in her toes while sipping the finest wine, and riding her mans Billion Dolloar Dik!

      She aint pressed one bit.

    • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

      It is high time they update Janet’s sales and networth.

  11. pat December 2, 2014

    Janet’s notoriously great w her money…wise investments n liable to b sitting on a billion n assets according to Forbes. But not n cash…that 150 mill # that’s been floating around for ages is highly underestimated… I’m thinking she’s worth at least twice that n liquid assets…congrats to Madonna tho…she gets her coin

    • RCi December 3, 2014

      Who the f** is Janet?

      • FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

        Btch dont ack……

        Your FAV stanz for Queen Janet!

      • RCi December 3, 2014

        Seriously tho, I don’t know a single Janet song…

  12. TheTruth December 3, 2014

    Slay a lil bit Madge!

  13. girlbye December 3, 2014

    Mariah and celine aint doing nothing and still got more than people doing everything!! I already know madonna has wealth beyond eons! She hasnt done much lately either!

    • XYZ December 3, 2014

      it’s not like they earned it just last year…

  14. FutureCIARA December 3, 2014


  15. Theman December 3, 2014

    Mariah’s bank is very impressive, she made most of her money mainly from just the music.. Celine is filthy rich but, those numbers seem highly inflated !!

    • JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2014

      Nah do you know the number of shows Celine Dion has done in the last 12 years? I don´t know how accurate these lists are (probably not too accurate at all) but it is possible that Celine is over Mariah. It´s not a crazy thought at all.

      Like you say, Mariah´s case is so damn impressive cause her money really comes almost in its entirety from being a recording artist, which means, music, writing and singing. Hail the queen! lol

  16. Nicki is queen December 3, 2014

    THE QUEEN OF POP no one can dethrone! DEAL

    • #BYE December 3, 2014

      And your fave is the drag queen of rap. #Deal #BYE

  17. FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

    *note: This list is limited to recording artists and does not include all musicians, some of whom have net worths that exceed Madonna’s.


  18. girlbye December 3, 2014

    Celine makes he gwap from her vegas and concert tours. Shes right behind madonna as a touring act.

  19. Stephy Tha Lambily December 3, 2014

    The Queen Of Pop. The Queen Of Longevity. Madonna</B<

    I love you Mariah Carey. Cheers DAhhhlings!

  20. Stephy Tha Lambily December 3, 2014

    Also, it makes me sad Nippy turned to drugs. Her names should be up there as well. We love you Nippy RIP

    • FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

      Will you be watching her Lifetime movie? and sit there as they disrespect and butcher her life as they did Flopliyah?

      • Brian310 December 3, 2014

        If Aaliyah was a “flop” then I don’t even know a term for Ciara…TGJ I think it’s time we come up with a new term for Ciara because flop is an understatement.

    • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

      Nippy was actually a very smart business woman. She got cuts from earlier work. She just didn’t fulfill the 100 million dollar contract, so that’s where it went wrong. But we ALL do LOVE our Nippy either way it goes. 🙂

  21. DRB December 3, 2014

    Celine and Madonna have touring and lock. Madge has the sales, publishing, and however Maverick turned out.

    Celine, sales with no writing and touring

    Mariah, sales and endless publishing from day 1. She has said she’s made mistakes with her money and some bad deals early on.

    Beyoncé, endorsements and tours and “publishing” whether it’s deserved or not.

  22. Danny Bey December 3, 2014

    Does this list only comprise of “living” artists? Cuz Michael…

  23. TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

    We ALL saw this coming. Everyone knows Madonna is the Queen of Pop. Beyoncé is the Queen of Our Generation. Mariah is the Queen of Music (& royalties… this month alone after the tour and sold Christmas concerts not to mention a headline in Jamaica, that networth 🙂 ) Celine Dion’s networth is the most suprising though. Those Las Vegas checks are NO joke. Congratulations to all. They are hard workers so they deserve it.

  24. Yea ok December 3, 2014

    Dr dre is mostly his deal with beats. Diddy mostly his stuff with alcohol and tv. If the list is for recording artists I wish it had just taken into account the net worth based soley on music related ventures and no outside endorsements or deals. My fave is on the list tho with her husband. That is boss.

    • TheElusiveLamb December 3, 2014

      I too would love to see that list. If it was primarily off music, what would these accounts really look like

  25. FutureCIARA December 3, 2014

    I heard Diddy hires male prostitutes for his enjoyment and hosts the best group s** parties….. But thats another story children….

    • GEEZUS December 4, 2014

      He does. That I know from someone who used to date one of his boy toys.

  26. tyler December 3, 2014

    DAAAAMMMNNNN These ladies are getting their paper. True BUSINESS WOMEN. Shout out to Beyonce for being the youngest female/black artist on that list #CUDOS

  27. tyler December 3, 2014

    I didnt know Celine made that type of money lol

    • JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2014

      Really? Were you born in 2005 or something?

  28. Dossome December 3, 2014

    Umm,Dolly Parton and Gloria Estefan should be on the list too since they’re worth more than $450m

    • Dossome December 3, 2014

      That’s if celebrity networth are to be believed

  29. Slay_Hive December 3, 2014

    Beyonce is QUEEN!! The youngest on the list. I’m sure 20 years from now. She’ll have that top spot! Divas gettin money!!

    • tyler December 3, 2014

      She’s literally the most commercially viable performer of our generation #HandsDown

  30. Dossome December 3, 2014

    For the longest time,Diddy and Jay were neck to neck,whatever happened…The difference is too big

  31. Barbie’s World December 3, 2014

    Slay them all Queen M.

  32. OMG Logic!!! December 3, 2014

    No shade, but why did Mariah get some much s*** about her album cover when this picture was clearly airbrushed and photo shopped by the Gods themselves?

  33. Mark111 December 3, 2014

    Beyoncé though, she has outlasted all the girls she came out with in the 90s. Congrats on the being the youngest on that list and sitting up there with legends.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

      Why are you using someone else’s name? Get your own identity you thieving biitch. Has Thiefoncé thieving ways rubbed up on you?

      • Mark111 December 3, 2014

        And you think you’re worthy of being in my mentions without an invitation because??? Here’s your seat >>>>_/ while you figure that out. #DontComeForMeUnlessISendForYou

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014


        Why da fuuck would I want a mention from a thieving no-life-have hoē like you. *SMH* Lol You silly basic thot, do you crave that much attention, by using someone else’s name? Kiii #Bye

      • Mark111 December 3, 2014

        Continue being pressed over my presence.

  34. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

    Thirsty Thiefoncé is nowhere near Madonna. TGJ just added her name to attract the inflation reaching and illiterate beyHIVe.

    *falmpalm* @ the dumb biiitches asking about Rihanna and/or Ciara. Those biitches have +/- 10 years in the game.

    • BeyxMaraj December 3, 2014

      And you mad as hell that Bey is slaying that Goat croaking p**** popping Island jumping album folpping Hooee! Deal bittchh?

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

        Who’s that? …And who are you…?

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

        Lol Did you forget to use your inhaler or those anti-psychotic pills? You sound hella-mad. Seething much?

    • tyler December 3, 2014

      B**** bye! It wasnt too long ago that Pon De Forehead was living in a hut on some damn island. Until Mr Carter saved the day and had her broke ass sent over to the states on a banana boat. So stfu. And stay in your lane.

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

        Lol Those Rihanna names are so lame and corny as fuuck. You probably keep a journal full of them. You’re always on my case. Are the H I V gays not giving you attention? Lol Silly jiggaboo twink bottom.

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        @I Stand For “Talent”
        As a matter of fact, b**** why are you even here?? We all know that Rihanna cant compete because she let CB beat her body so much

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

        Nice Comeback… *Yawns *

      • tyler December 3, 2014

        crtl+alt+delete yourself

  35. Kim December 3, 2014

    The net worth amounts for most artists on this list is totally inaccurate.Paul MCcartney has a net worth of 1.2 BILLION!! There’s no way Madonna’s net worth is higher than his LOL but according to this list it is. Dr Dre’s net worth is 780 million, Celine Dion’s net worth is 720 million, Madonna 700 million, P.Diddy 700 million, Bono 600 million, Jay-Z 560 million, Mariah Carey 510 million, Beyoncé 450 million, Elton John 440 million and Jennifer Lopez 300 million. Though I would throw J.Lo in there Lol So yes Madonna has a higher net worth than Beyoncé and Mariah Carey, but the net worth listed is wrong. Madonna also isn’t the richest artist as this article claims.

    • Suicide Blonde December 3, 2014

      Guess what?, she is one of the few on the list, alongside Bono and McCartney who Forbes and others don’t really know how much they worth, unlike almost every artist on the list, she doesn’t give them accests to her bank, she don’t care to be on their list, unlike the others who do everything to be top ten, They only have stimations for her earnings from touring. Madonna is a billionaire, so is Bono and Paul McCartney, the less they say they have, the less tax they pay, how real billionaire people think, they don’t need to brag, it’s actually better for then if the goverment think they worth less.

  36. Suicide Blonde December 3, 2014

    I knew it, instead of posting about the music that leaked or her good work in Malawi, this is what we get, she has been praising by critists in these recent days a lot, SHOKING!. The music leaked seems promising, ‘Rebel Heart’ was even #1 on the billboard twitter chart without being released, she was named ambassador of goodwill in Malawi, even the topless pic was praised, saying that is good to every woman because she’s breaking the rules of age, they finally get it. My complain is that they didn’t care about those things until they found something in which the name of Beyoncé is on it, it could have been worst tho, if Sam would have been the responsable of this post, the shades and hate would be insane.

    • Dossome December 3, 2014

      Speak that truth…I’ve seen several articles of Madonna’s charitable work in Malawi recently but Sam had to post about the photoshoot of some irrelevant magazine.He does it with Mariah too.Her 1994 christmas cd is slaying worldwide but he won’t post it but he’s the quickest to post about Wendy Williams’ lies

      • Suicide Blonde December 3, 2014


  37. gilbert December 3, 2014

    wait i don’t really get this, is this their net worth or what? Because if it is, then as of November 2014, Beyonce’s net worth is $536 million.

    • Dossome December 3, 2014

      According to??Clearly sources of such information differ so we don’t know for certainity how much these celebrities are really worth.

  38. kingbeybitch December 3, 2014

    This is Beyonce net worth as a solo artist tho. They never add DC but I guess she doesn’t need them too

    • Sarah December 3, 2014

      That’s a lie..why would they not add DC income..that’s money she earned as well..they don’t normally add her record sales vs DC record sales ..that’s the difference

  39. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014

    But Ctrl + Alt + Delete opens up Task Manager on a PC with Windows OS. *tilts head* Lmfao!! You are soooooooo dumb. Lol my eyes are teary.

    I’m done.

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALENT December 3, 2014


    • tyler December 3, 2014

      Hahaha well would you look at that. I see your lil biscuit headed ass is tryna get bold. My fault! My fault!LOL

      It still doesn’t away from the fact that your fave is the music industry’s punching bag though….
      Or that the only thing she’ll ever be good at is getting her ass whooped by light skinned muthafuckas #IKnowYourCare 😛

  40. Thando December 3, 2014

    America is such a ageist, sexist and sexually hypocritical country. All that Madonna does is be herself, she has never requested anyone to read about her or listen to her. It is not and never will be her “fault” that she is the most successful SOLO FEMALE ARTIST OF ALL TIME, and neither should she apologise for it.

    There is nothing more intellectually lazy than quoating someone’s age as evidence for your criticism of them, the nausia is even greater when it’s a woman doing it. people always admonish Madonna for her nudity and age, no one ever does this when it’s a man. No one will ever say “what the f*** is Mick Jagger doing on stage with his saggy b****** out”. He will be praised for it because he’s a man.

    Madonna deserves all the praise and money she gets from her artistry and more. The authors of this website are too drunk on Beyonce and are hypocrites by not seeing that Madonna is as guilty of controversy through s** as much as Beyonce. Madonna’s music is far superior to Beyonce’s, Madonna is much more daring than Beyonce, and Madonna is a much more genuine gay rights activist whereas Beyonce is an ala carte, coffee shop, to-her-convenience gay rights “activist”.

    Madonna matters!

    • RCi December 3, 2014

      Madonna doen’t matter. Madonna is the most sexually explicit entertainer in history, she is essentially a s*** with a good pay check.

  41. ME December 3, 2014

    but where is “the world’s biggest popstar” on the list?

  42. BeyHive Army December 3, 2014

    Truly Queen Madonna….Beyonce is cathing up as Mariah is going to retire soon.

  43. Yawnzzzz December 3, 2014


  44. Yawnzzzz December 3, 2014



  45. RoyalKev December 3, 2014

    Congrats to all the artists on this list! They have put in work and each are deserving of their financial success. I don’t understand why people compare their fav’s bank to others when everyone is well over the 400 million mark. I don’t think these sums are completely accurate – but who really cares! The bottom line is that these people are filthy rich!

    Janet could have easily appeared on this list, but her bank figures have never been disclosed. Like someone stated, Janet’s been at $150 million for years. That along with those dated receipts of selling 100 million records have floated around forever (with the exception of Wikipedia, who after eons, finally listed Janet at a higher total of 140 million on her page).

    I often see people visiting this blog complaining about the injustice their fav is getting. I don’t understand what this has to do with Beyonce and why she’s always apart of someone’s rant. Do you know how often the Hive see negativity concerning Bey online, we would get no where if we went to these blogs insisting she gets the fair, unbiased treatment someone else does (that may actually not do a damn thing to deserve the praises or passes their getting since the start of their careers). Get over it! If your dissatisfied about what’s happening to your fav, leave it at that in your complaints. I’m not saying that some aren’t justified, but Sam obviously is a fan of Bey’s. Why bully the man into feeling obligated to bash Bey from time to time. Believe it or not, we’ve seen the good and bad on Beyonce at TGJ… It’s just not happening as often as some would like. Still, there are plenty of places to visit, where not being kind to King B is an everyday occurrence. If this desire overshadows the need to see your fav well received there are numerous places to go to get your fix.

    • Suicide Blonde December 3, 2014

      I guess this was for me. I’m a supporter of this site, we all are, i have right to complaint, my comment has nothing to do with Beyoncé or how there are only good news about her in this site, i mentioned her name because they make everything about her, not because Madonna has been eclipsed by her, she’s winning, ain’t she #1???, my point is, i could care less about this news, this is not my money, where is the post about her music, there was a post the other day about Rihanna going out for a dinner, that’s my problem, ain’t nothing to do with Beyoncé, sometimes the ass kissing here is nauseating but we are used to it, i’m not asking them to love her because they will never do that, i understand that but if you going to post about her, not matter how malicious the article might me, at least, make sure it matters.

      • RoyalKev December 3, 2014

        Suicide, that wasn’t for you! You know we’ve silently learned how to agree to disagree on matters! We haven’t had one of our Janet/Madonna/Bey showdowns in years. I actually get you now! This was for the pressed handful that attack/bring up Bey every time they make a point about their favs being mistreated. You’re smart, you know who they are…

        Don’t worry, I know by now that you just get a little insecure when it comes to B… (j/k). Btw, I totally agree with you on the Rihanna thing!

  46. King_Lonnie_19 December 3, 2014

    Them numbers ain’t right. Forbes say Jay Z is worth 560 million and Beyonce 450 million. Where are these fake stats coming from?? Lmfao

  47. JOHNVIDAL December 3, 2014

    Damn it Celine Dion is always killing it even though this blog refuses to adknowledge her! LOL
    That said this doesn´t prove anything. Being the artists that have earned the most doesn´t mean they are the best artists.

  48. let’s be real December 3, 2014

    so who are these musicians that out pace Madonna? and this will put an end to that age old Madonna vs Mariah success fight. clearly Madonna is the most successful female artist

    • #1Lamb December 3, 2014

      You forget that they call mariah the most successful artist since sound scan began. That is where mariah gets her title from.

  49. Lewey December 3, 2014

    Let’s not forget that Beyonce is only 33 years old. All the others are a lot older. Damn, if you think about that, it’s crazy! Youngest living legend.

  50. Naomi December 3, 2014

    Can you imagine Beyonce when she gets to Madonnas age? Slay a bit.

  51. SMH December 3, 2014

    This also dispels that beyhive pipe dream that beyonce is worth more than Jay Z. Jay is the real Boss in that situation.

  52. SMH December 3, 2014

    After more than 30 years and an album released in each one of those years (sometimes 2 in one year), Madonna’s fortune is to be expected.

    • Suicide Blonde December 3, 2014

      An Album released in each of those years, (sometimes 2 in one year)
      Madonna has 12 studio albums and none of them were released in the same year, she didn’t released albums every year of her career neither, where do you get that?, her discography is actually pretty short, considering her 30+ years of career.

  53. HERO December 3, 2014

    How much worth is Solange Knowles? $50 million? Jay Z $510 million and Beyonce $440 million, so Solange must be over $50 million cos Beyonce said in the Flawless remix, “a billion dollars in the elevator”, wow Solange is rich for… And PS would you have said this if it was Beyonce : “*note: This list is limited to recording artists and does not include all musicians, some of whom have net worth that exceeds Beyonce’s”. Great for Madonna. And didn’t know Mariah was that rich WOW!

  54. No Garbage Here December 3, 2014

    Good news. No Riri, Gaga, Lana, Miley, Taylor,and all the lessor girls.

    This club belong to legends. 😀

  55. Hail!!!! December 3, 2014

    They didnt call her Queen of Pop for nothing. Good job Madge…

  56. Truth Serum December 3, 2014

    Beyonce depends on Jay Z….so she kind of the weakest link here….

    • SURPRISE……(DEC.13) December 3, 2014


      • tyler December 3, 2014

        Depends on Jay-Z…ALONE that woman is worth over 440 million. So what you just said doesnt even really make sense.

  57. Jake December 3, 2014

    Those numbers tho! Whre are Gloria Estefan & Dolly Parton and Bono? … Beyoncé is according to Forbes and CelebrityNetWorth worth 536millions and Jay Z 560 Millions.. Give these 2 , 10 more years they’ll seat on 2.5 billions combined . And stop shading Miley shes 22 and worth 160millions! Same for Taylor at 190M , and Bieber at 150-200 millions!

  58. HOWYOULIKEIT December 3, 2014

    so all the number one singles couldnt make rihanna even crack the top ten? wow

  59. TreWillz December 3, 2014

    Meanwhile Janet Jackson is laughing because she can buy all your favorites and sell them on the black market.! LOL! Billionaire type ISH!

    • Avi December 4, 2014

      Janet MARRIED a billionaire. At no point in her life did she ever gross, generate or earn even a third of a billion dollars herself. Her own generated net worth doesn’t even add up to 200 million. We know who control the bank accounts in that marriage and it ain’t her. Ms. Janet better make sure she continues to serve that husband of hers with a newspaper and a blowjob every time he comes home, and wipes his b*** thoroughly every time he has a bowel movement, because if he ever leaves her she’s back to being worth less than Bieber. LOL

  60. Richest Celebrity January 9, 2015

    Nice to see Elton John in this top 10 World’s Richest Artists his hard work really paid off

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