Hot Shot: Azealia Banks Hits Studio With Dr. Luke

Published: Tuesday 20th Jan 2015 by Sam

Is Azealia Banks baking new mainstream material?

That’s the question on the lips of fans after the eclectic femcee was photoed posing it up with hit vendor Dr. Luke (centre) last night.

It’s not known what the ‘Broke With Expensive Taste’ rapper was recording, but producers Rock City (also pictured) shared the shot with the caption:

@_cirkut @anythingill @thedoctorluke @AzealiaBanksAnd Me Theron Theron If Yall Only Knew#RightAboutNow #WeComing #WeWorking#WhatDreamsAreMadeOf

Given Banks’ vocal stance on the Pop-ier lean of some of her contemporaries, her pairing with Luke and co does make for an interesting development.

That said, we’re all for it. Because while we appreciate the uniqueness of her talent, we’re realists about the fact that hits facilitate longevity and hits require structure – something Azealia’s music often lacks.

Your thoughts?

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  1. doubline47 January 20, 2015

    Good for her. i’m glad she is working on something new.

  2. MariahIsMusic1 January 20, 2015

    This b**** is contradicting her damn Hot 97 interview, f*** her generic music.

    • MisdamenorFan January 20, 2015

      Ole trout mouth a** cornball piranha tooth bish need to go get her life together.

      • Career Ender January 20, 2015


  3. feefee January 20, 2015

    Do your thing Miss AB.
    She said her attitude is bitchy but you already knew that!

    • CT January 20, 2015


  4. CATFISH CAREY January 20, 2015


    • Career Ender January 20, 2015

      he’s the reflection of your CAPS LOCK

    • I STAN(D) FOR TALEN January 20, 2015

      It’s the black Pinocchio haha

      • I STAN(D) FOR TALEN January 20, 2015

        Who got his nose flattened

    • Jim January 20, 2015

      It’s Dwayne Martin, a famous actor. They got him to be a part of the music video.

  5. Greta January 20, 2015


    • Career Ender January 20, 2015

      and your gravatar is flopier

  6. Career Ender January 20, 2015

    this pic looks like a prelude to a gangbang video

    • Dem Lessers January 20, 2015


  7. I STAN(D) FOR TALEN January 20, 2015

    WOW so she’s gone to a white man to produce hip hop song and to help a white man get more richer what a hippocrate.
    I thought she believes that hip hip is for blacks she’s the biggest joke ever.

    • DEL BEY January 20, 2015

      dumb b****, you obviously didn’t fully comprehend where she was coming from, she didn’t say hip hop is exclusively for blacks, she said don’t be fake and claim you are hip hop when you’re the furthest thing from, calling yourself a s**** master and acting like she was born and raised in Atlanta is not genuine, and the fact she’s having doors opened for her and carpets rolled out under her feet because she has a certain ‘appeal’ is not acceptable, the black community loves embracing all cultures if you’re genuine, eg: eminem, fergie, Macklemore we just will not have a joke like iggy sweeping all hip hop accolades

  8. CATFISH CAREY January 20, 2015


    • Career Ender January 20, 2015

      though shalt worry not about that person but your CAPS LOCK and the future of your xiang cellphone qwerty keyboard

  9. DanYiel Teflon January 20, 2015

    I’ll seeth & wait to hear what she offers…

  10. BELLA MARLENE FAVELA January 20, 2015

    this girl should better find a hit!!! or shes done! if she gets hits at least she can sell singles like igloo but in her case she can’t sell singles/albums! she is very basic and I honestly don’t see too much talent in her rapping its like she’s mumbling!! she is contradicting her self by going to work with a white pop producer!!! But I agree with her when shes right with them racial issues!! AIMHO!!!!

    pls u guys should stop endorsing that garbage President goodluck Jonathan!! that promo is not happening he has ruined Nigeria!!!

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      How is she gonna get on radio? The radio in the USA is very political; it is owned by clear channel. They have good relationships with iggy and rita ( they juts dine a jingle ball tour for them )

      It is owned by whites? She said, a few weeks ago, that she wants to burn the houses of whites. That sounds like murder.

      Image? Does this girl really look like she can appeal to whites the way iggy can?

      TV and Media? What TV show is gonna book an outspoken ghetto racist black woman, who also attacks gays and goes on mentally ill rants? does she look like she could be on Ellen?

      Enemies – Everyone hates her. No singer or other rapper wants to work with her. Look how phar. blocked her on twitter after she came for him. All she does is aaatck people. No one wants that negative energy

      Team – who is her manager and agents? Does she have a team; all she does is attack people on twitter; she was even attacking people on christmas day and during her new years eve vacation.

      She is not done; she never eve was. She was never gonna be on Iggy or Nicki’s level.

      • feefee January 20, 2015

        Well it seems like you know more about her bcuz you have been trolling her

      • Cupid January 20, 2015

        Lyrically she’s beyond nicki and iggy. Her album did pretty well IMO with no promo at all. She’s doing pretty well musically. I don’t believe she need any help from her “enemies”. She good with what she’s been doing. Get a life and stop bird watching hers

  11. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    What a hypocrite. Any way, now we know why really hates Iggy, she mad that Iggy is A list and she is not. Anyway, she will never be A list or mainstream. She has offended whites ( even saying she wants to kill them )

    She does not have the looks – She is very dark and ugly.

    No one on radio will play her back music and she is unsigned, which means she has no money for payaola. She is stick in that nasty apartment in Harlem.

    • feefee January 20, 2015

      Iggy is a one and done deal with her nursery rhymes type of rapping. AB is not only a good rapper but a very good singer who doesn’t need auto tune. She’ll be fine.

  12. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    You need whites to go mainstream. She has been on twitter saying she wants to burn white people houses down. Now look how desperate she is.

    White girls won’t identify with this crazy racist nut

    White men won’t find this dark b*** attractive


    • feefee January 20, 2015

      Naw she just knows how to play the game very well.

  13. BELLA MARLENE FAVELA January 20, 2015

    TJG can we get a post of Nicki Minaj being headlining performer at ESPN’s X game Austin on June 4-7th!!! after going to ESPN sport center!!™ big things plus pink print is selling fine!!! haters don’t @ me!!!! bye for now!!

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Iggy is headlining the billboard magazine at sundance film festival. She is also doing big things.

  14. BELLA MARLENE FAVELA January 20, 2015

    @rihanna is groupie u have the joke of the year!! lmaoo igloo Australia an A lister? lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopoooooooo!!!! lmao a Rita ora Stan!!! worshiping igloo cause she gave whora one top3 hit in her entire life!! b**** pls give a long break!!

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Iggy is an Alist if she has number 1 hits. Azalea does not even have that. Rita and Iggy have the career that Azelia wants, the black woman had a fight with Rita too, so she is just jealous that she does not have what the white girls have.

      She wants to be in the position of iggy and Rita and she will NEVER EVER EVE Rgte there. She has tweets saying she wants to burn white people’s houses ( she should be banned from twitter and chaged with hate crime ) She also uses the F word and u know gays act.

      IGGY AND RITA are hot blonde girls. THEY APPEAL to whites. Azalea is dark skin ghetto woman from Halrem, that does not appeal to white, even black prefer their singers to be more fair skin with european admixture ( beyonce, rihanna )

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      IGGY was seen with an Editor of vogue; she has her steve madden show collection. She has a cameo role in in Fast 7. She is going on Arena tour.

      She has sold over 11 million records.

      IN 2015…..That is considered A list.

  15. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    She has been trying all along to be mainstream like the very same white girl she attacked. She has gone smell nude; had her pictures lightened in that song with Pharell. All she is an jealous angry black woman, mad , that she could not blow up like Iggy.

  16. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    She is not gonna blow up. Ever. She will never get played on radio. She has tweets threatening to kill whites; calling them all sorts of names. She is racist bully.

    She has burned so many bridges- she has so many enemies in the game.

    People dissed Rita for going on mTV tour in 2012, playing to 2000 people. Azalea Banks is from the USA and she cannot even book THOSE types of stages. All she plays is gay pride and festivals. Her name alone cannot sell out stage in the USA.

    She came after gays.

  17. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    Iggy world with Dr luke back in 2013.

  18. BELLA MARLENE FAVELA January 20, 2015

    @rihanna a groupie when u are talking about azealia leave Nicki out of this s***!! don’t compare igloo to Onika !!! they are not on d same level thou!!! and igloo may have sold 11M singles but that does not say she is a list!!! lmao having a number one song? meaning Remy ma is an a list try again!! or Kim sue!! OK thou u are obssess with azealia banks as I see it!!! but good luck thou with following someone u hate on Twitter bye

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Iggy is A list. Case closes. I am not here to debate whether iggy has made it or not. She has; you cannot stop or change that. I am here to say Azelia Banks will NEVER EVER BE star in the USA.

      I have never even heard of Remy Ma.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      I am not on twitter. I heard about Azealia’s racism to whites on the huffington post and other white media outlets. That is why she will never make it; there is no way white people will buy her music after she said all white men should be in jail and she gonna burn down their houses.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015


      DEAL. SHE has nicki minaj pressed as hell. I think it is safe to say, that Nicki has peaked. The whites now have a woman in RAP they can identify with; there is no need for nicki.

  19. rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

    This song with be a waste of money just like the song with Pharell. She is gonna end up getting racist fight with Dr Luke. You will see. She needs to just get a day job. The music industry is not for her

  20. January 20, 2015

    she doing her thing.

  21. Memo January 20, 2015

    Applying her whack ass standards: pop music is for whites. Continue making your ghetto ass black music.

  22. Truth January 20, 2015

    FYI: Dr. Luke has produced straight ahead hip hop tracks before. Not everything he does is some Europop “Tik Tok” b******* for gay guys and their hags.

    That being said, I just had to laugh out loud at the predictable trolling antics of a certain lonely, ugly, attention-seeking and stupid (inane logic backed by horrid spelling and grammatical flubs) bobblehead in these comments sections, who posts 20 back to back messages, each one saying the same thing and reaffirming her low IQ — most likely brought on by generations of inbreeding.

    Dark skinned black women don’t appeal to whites and can’t be commercial, huh? Who is more successful and iconic: Lauryn Hill or Iggy Azalea? Missy Elliott or Iggy Azalea? Both as dark as Azealia. In the meantime Lauryn had locs and was as militant in her socio-political stances, and Missy was fat. Yet Iggy hasn’t done half their commercial numbers nor does she have half the respect they instantly got, both during their peaks and after. So save it. Iggy is just some fleeting, machine-created-and-propped at the moment pop star like Kesha who pop audiences (i.e. “whites”) casually accept for the time being, but aren’t going out of their way to support (see her album sales). Now combine that with the backlash she has from hip hop audiences, and her cooking time barely has 10 minutes left on it. She’s just the current place holder until the next flavor-of-the-moment emerges.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      lauren Hill respected for her talent from being in the fugues. Plus, the music industry was not as Image driven at is it now. Rihanna would never have made it in 1997.

      Dark skin women don’t appeal to whites? Have you not watch light girls an dark girls on Oprah> I break it down for your broke, ghetto, uneducated back ass. White people govern society through a prism names white supremacy.

      This means, anyone who is not white, or at least also to white are seen as inferior. Dark skin women ar not close to white women; that makes them inferior. Lauren hill and missy elliot have NO WAY HAD the careers of much more Eurocentric women like Niki ( blond wigs, light brown skin, blue eyes ) Rihanna ( part iriash ) Beyonce, blonde and creole / french.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Iggy has done better than any other black rapper who dropped in 20114 Iggy has sold well for releasing in time when album sales are bad. Iggy still generates more money for her team, thus proving that she appeals to whites.

      There is black woman ( excluding the big guns like abeyance, rihanan and nicki ) That has generated the millions that iggy has. not here, or the UK.

      That next sound that is coming CERTAINLY WONT BE azalea Banks.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Most young kids don’t even know who the hell Lauren hill is. She us broke nut bag in jail. Iggy is gonna warn far more millions than her, and IGGY will pay her taxes too. TBH Lauren hill was lOCAL to the USA, IGGY is more WW. Iggy has branched out, lauren hill could not.

      Missy? Who is that?

      • WizKey January 20, 2015

        You’re depriving some village of an idiot by spending all this time here. Go flag down some short bus to take you back to your Special Ed home room.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      Has there been a dark skin woman hit the same level of fame as Beyonce, Rihana or Halle berry in the last 10 years 2000 onwards please.

  23. Dem Lessers January 20, 2015

    Ms Azealia Banks is a smart bxtch. This is the right way forward, generic singles for radio to play and her usual sound for the album tracks. She can still blow up like she was supposed to.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      She is not smart though. She says white men all need to put in jail. She said she wants to burn white peoples houses down. If that is a smart way for a black woman to behave………

      Radio? Radio is controlled by white men. CASE CLOSED.! She was never gonna blow up. Her album has not even sold 50k copies.

    • rihanna is groupie January 20, 2015

      The only thing she has managed to successfully do, is ruin it for dark skin black women. A&R don’t like signing black dark women cos they say that they are not marketable to whites and they ceases to much trouble. That is why u see the likes of back singers like Rihanna, cassie, Jhene, twigs and Tinahsay getting deals ahead of black women who can sing.

      If rihanna was just regular Bajaun dark skin girl….she never would have been flown to the USA. Azalea has just lived up to the stereotype of Angry black woman. All white people, when they look at A banks is a racist angry black woman, with a chip on her shoulder, using the race card. That is what they say; those are real life white sayings. It does not help her that she is ugly as hell. I mean…..she does not look as good as beyonce or Halle berry.

      It does not help that her music is back. All she does is mumble about white men, n**** n**** bithc n****. How the hell can that be sold to white middle american teens or adult buyers?

      she should get a day job.

      • old school January 20, 2015

        Well tell us how you really feel about Zee because you have over thousand comments about her today.

  24. GEEZUS January 20, 2015

    Aren’t J Rock , Circuit and Dr. Luke Nicki producers?

  25. Iconic Iggy January 20, 2015

    The hypocrisy is real. She can call up Taylor Swift and Katy Perry, it won’t make a difference.

  26. xtina fan January 20, 2015

    Love it when Twitter famous people try to make it in the music biz

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