Ciara Confirms New Tour / Announces Open Band Auditions

Published: Tuesday 10th Mar 2015 by Sam

Ciara is playing approximately no games with the push for new album ‘Jackie.’

Having delivered the video for its lead single ‘I Bet’ a mere matter of hours ago, the dynamite performer has revealed that she’s gearing up to rock a stage near you.

Details below…

In a new press release, the Grammy winner calls on “energetic” and “talented” musicians to form the band for the upcoming trek.

Entrants will audition to two of the singer’s recordings – her #1 smash ‘Goodies’ from her debut album, and current single ‘I Bet.’

Speaking on the tour, 29-year-old star gushed:

“I am so excited about this tour. It has been almost 6 years since my last tour. I feel this album is my best body of work. It is important to me that my fans have the greatest show experience possible. On the “Jackie” tour, fans will get a chance to know me more intimately, jam to good music, and most importantly be entertained. I can not wait!”

Renown musical director Kim Burse (whose credits include Beyonce and BET) added:

“I have been working with Ciara musically since she debuted her first album. Her strength is truly as a stage performer, which makes working with her an inviting challenge and pleasure. Her ability to continue to grow impresses me greatly. We plan to give the fans something exciting!” 

Interested in auditioning? Peep the details below…

Friday, March 13, 2015

2:00pm – 6:00pm PT
Cut off time for applicants will end promptly at 6:00pm


SIR Studios, 6465 Sunset Blvd, Hollywood, CA 90028


Guitar Players, Bass Players, Drummers

Musicians please be prepared to perform Ciara’s songs: “Goodies” & “I Bet”

21 years and older

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  1. riri 4 eva March 10, 2015

    This b*tch is not worldwide.
    Please retire.

    Yawnnzzzzz. 🙁

    • FutureCIARA March 10, 2015

      People that actually take the time out of their normally scheduled routines just to hate on a girl who is doing what she loves, proves somebody is doing their job and giving people a reason to hate! Ciara posts are FILLED with negativity, but she hasnt stopped yet! Negative comments actually do her more good than harm.

      Let me just take this time to lift her up with positivity. I’m extremely proud of Ciara and excited for this era… It seems as if her team (Label/Management/Promoters) are finally getting it by letting Ciara express herself artistically without holding her back. Shes had too many eras that we all feel just weren’t right, I felt it was due to some restraints on her creativity! I can tell they are loosening up a bit and letting the girl create her vision! It will all come into fruition, and I cannot wait to see her live again! I also cant believe its been 6years since she has toured!!!!

      An end of Summer or Beginning of Fall tour schedule would be nice for the US!

      • CherylSoldierr March 10, 2015

        Girl bye. You do the same to everyone else. ZzzZZZ @ your butthurt essay.

      • Lake Erie March 10, 2015

        I agree.

    • Lana Del Fan *I Can Hear The Sirens* March 10, 2015

      I’m all for positive vibes so I’ll just say I hope everything works out for her. Why be mean?

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 10, 2015

      I swear this washed up broad along with Beyonce, Rihanna, and Nicki stay copying Kim. Don’t act like she wasn’t the first black female who started implicating white culture and making it a thing in the black community. She can’t even sell out a classroom.

  2. *Queen of R&B Monica* March 10, 2015

    Coming to a bathroom, motel 6 and Walmart aisle near you!!!

    • BeyRihLiyah March 10, 2015

      lmaooo this was funny but at the same time your throwing a stone at a glass house because monica has been in the game for 20 years and I have never heard about her headlining a tour or opening for people on tour and I especially never heard about her touring internationally 🙂

      • Paws March 10, 2015

        No shade rihflop fan but Monica doesn’t have to tour at least she has actual (vocals) she doesn’t have to use auto tune or play in her p**** to we found love/beatings in a hopeless place. So yea… Try again

  3. BeyHive Military March 10, 2015

    at a town hall ??? 😆

    • King B ( 20 grammy ) March 10, 2015

      Please don’t insult town Halls the Walmart parking lot will do

      • trose March 10, 2015

        Stop!! Yall r so mean but so damn funny!

  4. Monster March 10, 2015

    She should become Mariah’s backup singer… lol

  5. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 10, 2015


  6. robyn March 10, 2015

    Yall should leave ciarra alone lol. I’m glad that she is pushing this one, goodluck to her and I hope this will do good and slay

  7. MAN ON THE MOON March 10, 2015


  8. Stephy. March 10, 2015

    This is nice. I’m kinda excited for her. She seems to not be playing around this era. My only problem is the MUSIC. I believe, the only reason Ci-Ci is not that popular… Is due to lack of CLASSIC/CATCHY material. She needs huge undeniable hits. Something like “That’s The Way Love Goes” or “When Love Takes Over” type slayage.

    The reason why her first two albums sold really well, was due to those undeniable catchy R&B tunes. I feel as tho her latter albums were solid… But, lacked the “HITS” needed to carry a “solid” album. I’m wishing her the best tho. If, this album/era flops… I wonder what she’s gonna do next???

    • BeyRihLiyah March 10, 2015

      *BINGO* I might clown on her but I agree she needs more catchy pop -r&b tunes she had her chance with overdose back then

    • Ciara the Great March 10, 2015

      Exactly. I Bet is not that good or catchy. Ciara is a great visual artist, but vision doesn’t sell songs and albums .

    • AmbeRussell March 10, 2015

      And to me, I bet has very lazy and cheap and immature for a ballad. And that is why it isn’t gonna be a huge hit. U cannot write a mid tempo or slow song ballad the same way u write a dance/ up tempo song and I bet was written like a up tempo that will not live outside of the rnb charts and not even adult rnb but just young ppl rnb

  9. Brandy stan March 10, 2015

    Lmao you girls are killing me, no lies detected though. Maybe she should call it the soup kitchen tour lol

    • SMH March 10, 2015

      That’s quite ironic coming from a brandy fan.

      • Ciara the Great March 10, 2015

        Watch what you type, sweetie.

  10. LB March 10, 2015

    I can’t hate, this is what she should have been doing considering she has sort of a ten year career. Good move on her part, I just hope she sells out a few venues.

  11. Beygency March 10, 2015

    Hahahahahahaha *wipes tears*

  12. NayvOrDie March 10, 2015

    Biitch not the “soup kitchen tour”. *Throws iPad* I’m f****** done

    • Brandy stan March 10, 2015

      LOL 🙂 I Can’t girl.

      • SMH March 10, 2015

        Neither can brandy. Can she even book a soup kitchen for a meal, let alone a tour?

  13. The Great Lacefronce. March 10, 2015

    Fans..what fans? Did her last album scan 200k ww ?

    • C Squad Commander March 10, 2015

      Shouldn’t you be worried about your faves already messy era. No life trolling ass b****. FOH

  14. Eloviano March 10, 2015

    Quit making excuses for Ciara. The public isn’t interested in her that much. She was never meant to pop off like her peers. Her stans talk shiit about other artists but I’m not going to drag her today. All the best for her tour. I want her to win.

    • BeyRihLiyah March 10, 2015

      lmao me and you are on the same page I don’t even wanna drag her today

    • Cheyenne March 10, 2015

      Bingo. No amount of promo will make her pop off again. Look at her last era. People have moved on from her.

  15. ….ouch!!! March 10, 2015

    The black girl who cant sing. 🙁

  16. King B ( 20 grammy ) March 10, 2015


  17. Cheyenne March 10, 2015

    Ciara had her time to shine from 04-07. She ruined her own career with her diva antics and acting like she was bigger than she actually was. She envied the careers of Bey and Rih and stepped on a bunch of little people to get nowhere. I know she isn’t the same person as she was almost a decade ago, but the remnants of her ways still linger in the industry. I believe she’s been blackballed like Monique.

    • FutureCIARA March 10, 2015

      Where do you children come up with these fabricated rumors, and deceits! LMFAO How sad must your lives be?!

  18. african music lover March 10, 2015

    About bloody time she toured. She should hv done it a long time ago and establish herself as a touring artist considering how good she is on more thing Ciara, you can create a body of work but you need atleast one or two hits to carry that body of work,your last was great but lacked that hit.

    • Cheyenne March 10, 2015

      What? Body party was a major R&B hit. She performed and promoted it everywhere but even Kelly Rowland outsold her with no hits. Hell, Monica and Brandy even sold 200k.

    • african music lover March 10, 2015

      i never understand why people say body party was a hit, IT WASNT! did it even go to top 10 on bb? i am talking about billboard hot 100 top 5 kind of a hit! i love ciara but in these days unless you are beyonce,taylor,rihanna oa adele you really cant sell many albums without a hit…..i am just glad she is touring

  19. Brandy stan March 10, 2015

    Wait a min, are my eyes deceiving me, because I know I don’t see an Aaliyah stan coming for C-T*****. Not when C-flop can out whisper and out dance your lazy eyed fav.

  20. Stephy. March 10, 2015


  21. Andre 9000 March 10, 2015

    You can laugh but at least she’s paying attention to what people are telling her. I remember King David once saying that she needs to embrace new dance styles and she’s done that and her fans wanted a tour so they’re getting it. Keep hating because she’s been making the right steps.

  22. LB March 10, 2015

    I hear this a lot but is it true that Ciara’s career is in the shits because she went bat-s*** at around the Fantasy ride/The evolution eras? Allegedly she got obsessed with Beyonce and Rihanna’s success that she thought she was bigger than them, developed a bad attitude and burned a lot of bridges.

    If it’s true, then maybe Ciara is flopping because a lot of people (writers/producers/other artists) won’t f*** with her. I mean if you look at her team of writers, producers and collaborations from The evolution to Ciara, it keeps getting smaller and smaller.

    • Kyle March 10, 2015

      *Sips Tea*

    • Uknowdakid March 10, 2015

      Not really she still works with A list producers and writers

    • FutureCIARA March 10, 2015

      Stop starting rumors LB, I cant stand you faggz! Everyone shes worked with has said nothing but great things about her spirit and work ethic, and has stated she is a joy to work with! There has never been one negative review, Ciara is a business woman, and negativity isnt even her personality. You know that doesnt even sound like her! So stop your shitt!

  23. Terry B March 10, 2015

    Someone on here said Ciara was blackballed by the industry. Lol, I fell out at this! If anything the C-Squad blackballed her when they stopped buying her music.

    • Mark111 March 10, 2015

      Hi, it was me. I think so.

  24. whut March 10, 2015

    Good look Ciara. Kids in here got jokes but adults have respect for other adults who keep going and don’t just roll over and give up. Congrats Ciara, and love the video!

  25. Mista Cee March 10, 2015

    Good luck, Cici! You have TRUE fans amongst all the haters! There are actually some of us who will 1) Actually buy your music and not steal it. 2) Support you because you ARE actually a talented superstar, unlike some of these trolls faves. 3) Understand music is more about just selling records and charts, but actually honing your craft and using it to make a difference in peoples lives. We love you Ci and here for you!!

  26. Kyle March 10, 2015

    Coming to a local KFC toilet near you…

  27. Liam March 10, 2015

    the problem with Ciara wasn’t her music it was her label and management…..her albums are all solid r&B efforts but the promo sucked after Evolution

  28. PaulsDaughter March 10, 2015

    She can’t sing. You don’t have to have a lot of range to be a great singer. She has a cute tone, but everything else about her voice is subpar. Honestly I’d rather see than hear her. I love following her on Instagram lol.

  29. Prismatic Returns March 10, 2015

    Chasing after a praying mantis with a dirty d**** was her downfall. Walmart is always hiring.

  30. CATFISH CAREY March 10, 2015


    • King B ( 20 grammy ) March 10, 2015


  31. FutureCIARA March 10, 2015

    Im just so proud of my girl! She really put her mind to it and set goals, And she is doing what she loves, The way she wants to! No holding back!

    I feel as if her label has kind of taken the strains off of her, and she is free to express herself more freely and openly!

    I will definitely be waiting for those tour dates ready to purchase, You all would be wise to do the same. Ciara is a GREAT entertainer and knows how to put on a show! (No 2hour Puzzi-Patting choreo allowed!)

  32. kingbeybitch March 10, 2015

    Lool you go girl

  33. kingbeybitch March 10, 2015

    Wait she’s 29 I didn’t know that

  34. Luther V March 10, 2015

    No shade at all, but I just don’t see it with her.

  35. Barb-wire March 10, 2015

    Poor Ci being dragged by every one and its such a shame coz she’s very talented.

  36. 내가 제일 잘 나가 March 10, 2015

    Ciara needs to promote more heavily if she doesn’t want her tour to be cancelled. She needs to remind people that she’s can pull off a show. Go to TV,hell, even perform on SYTYCD

  37. xedos March 10, 2015

    Girls stop you have never been on any tour of your own.its always someone else’s tour or that BET chitlin circuit

  38. #TeamTinashe Stan (Supporting New Artists On The Horizon) March 10, 2015

    SIX YEARS?? Wow that’s long. Is she talking about when she went on tour with Britney as a supporting act?
    It would be real nice for her fans I’m pretty sure they have been DYING for a Ciara tour. That’s a good look.
    I still think she came back to music way too quick though when she could’ve done something before to enhance more consumers in her music but this is a good look! Get it get it boo boo! 🙂

  39. Rihboy March 10, 2015

    The irony in her holding auditions!! She needs to be in an audition line… She will be touring at local f** houses again. Subpoeanas probably already on deck.

    • kingbeybitch March 10, 2015

      Lmapooo Stoppppppppppppppp

  40. Ben March 10, 2015

    i hope she comes to germany! been waiting for a tour here since forever

  41. Mark111 March 10, 2015

    If Tamar, K. Mitch, Trey Songz, Chris Brown and all these other flops can tour, then Ciara can too. I NEVER understood why she was on the Britney Spears tour. You were Ciara, you should had been on your OWN tour. Now I know that their levels were/are worlds apart, but you don’t open a tour for Britney f****** spears, 5 years into your career along side with Jordan Sparks and a bunch of new (and did not make it) artist. You do not be Ciara with two hot albums and HITS under you and open up for Rihanna, even tho Rih was a tab bit more international, but Ciara was the bigger artist AT THAT TIME. Ciara made ALL the wrong moves and I’m afraid that there’s not a turnaround now.

  42. Meh! March 10, 2015

    More excuses and more of this fake “positive” attitude,I’d love to know where those positive attitudes are when her fans constantly attack bigger and better artist than Ciara will ever be? This is coming from someone who has purchased every album legally by her since her debut. Some artist stay consistent in their popularity,while some have to take the sideline and there’s nothing wrong with that. Had Ciara not abandoned her roots and tried to be something she wasn’t she would still have her fans. When Ciara left ATL and Jazzy she created a trickle down effect. Now a decade later and she has yet to receive certifications for albums and only one single. Sad,I love Ciara as an artist but she made her bed now she has to lie in it…Also Brandy has made WAY more of an impact then Ciara ever will.Brandy’s first two albums have outsold Ciara’s whole entire career

  43. dc forever March 10, 2015

    Good for her bc that is where the money is…
    Now I would like for her to get a fragrance and her own STEVE MADDEN SHOE COLLECTION…………
    or maybe a Fashior Fair cosmetics collection of her own.

  44. CherylSoldierr March 10, 2015

    How much will the tickets be?

    • Monster March 10, 2015

      3 for USD 10….


  45. Lake Erie March 10, 2015

    So glad she’s touring! I hope she comes to “The Land” because it seems like no one really visits my town. But nonetheless, I’m excited!!!!!!!!! 🙂

  46. I STAN[D] FOR TALENT March 10, 2015

    I stan for a bleached recluse serial plagiarist p**** popping depressed t***** h** obsessed with c**. Slút

  47. Rosie March 10, 2015

    Wasn’t her last tour cancelled because she couldn’t book Olive Garden-sized venues?

    • FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

      No, Rather she got pregnant!


  48. Sherry March 10, 2015

    Ciara is a beautiful girl but her music simply does nothing for me. Her image doesn’t match her music though, I will say that much!

  49. Lake Erie March 10, 2015

    Smh. Wow. Reading some of these comments is just mind blowing to comical. If thought the BS I was reading was TRUE I’d be like: “Damn lol ok” but the delusion of it is out this world. Words can’t put lol. Yal fools need to put the pipe down. Remember: “Crack is Wack”! 😉

  50. Keith March 10, 2015

    @Mark11: I may not be crazy about them but Tamar and KMichelle can sing. When you have a voice, you can always play live. When all else fails, you can stand there and sing, which Ciara cannot do well enough to compel people to see a “singing” concert. I agree that Ciara gives mediocre visual (Dawn Richard is more inspiring on a smaller budget) but she does not have the material or the fan base that she should have this many years in the game. Unlike others, I won’t speculate on why but I’m glad she’s still trying and perhaps this time she will win. But, NO ONE will be there for her acoustic versions of Goodies, 1 2 Step, Ride, Work, Love S** Magic, or I Bet.

  51. Sandra March 11, 2015

    I like Ciara, but after the disaster in New Zealand a couple of weeks ago i would never go to see a Ciara concert. In New Zealand she was over 2 hours late to her concert and then only performed for 20 minutes. So disrespectful behaviour towards her fans.

  52. Lisa March 11, 2015

    That was not Ciara fault for being late in New Zealand, it was the promoters fault, Ciara would never let her fancy down, she is such a beautiful person inside and out.

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