Nicki Minaj Becomes First Female Artist To Simultaneously Land Four Songs In The Top 10 At Urban Radio

Published: Tuesday 17th Mar 2015 by David

After seeing singles from her first two albums secure a whole lotta love from Top 40 radio, Nicki Minaj has looked on as her latest offering, ‘The Pinkprint’, struggles to see similar success on the format.

We doubt she cares though.

For, the Hip-Hop flavoured set has seen its singles catch and collect numerous Gold and Platinum certifications without it and has now seen her surpass Urban heavy weights Beyonce & Rihanna on Urban radio.

Full story below…

A press release unveiled by her record label reveals:

NICKI MINAJ has smashed yet another record. As “Truffle Butter” [featuring Drake Lil Wayne], “Only” [featuring DrakeLil Wayne, & Chris Brown], “Feeling Myself” [featuring Beyoncé] occupy Top 10 spots at Urban Radio, Minaj becomes the “first female artist in history to simultaneously land three songs as lead artist in the Top 10 at the format,” according to Mediabase and Billboard.

What’s more, she is also featured on another Top 10 mainstay, Rae Sremmurd’s “Throw Sum” [featuring Nicki Minaj and Young Thug], giving her a total of four simultaneous songs in the Top 10 as a lead or featured artist.  The only other artist in history to achieve this incredible feat is her “Only” collaborator and label mate, Lil Wayne.  All this, as “Truffle Butter” climbs to #1 on the BDS-powered Billboard Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop chart.

Her long-running run atop Urban radio places her new record above feats achieved by the likes of Ciara, Beyonce, Rihanna and Epic singer Mariah Carey, who enjoyed major success on the platform with 2005’s ‘The Emancipation of Mimi.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Carry On March 17, 2015

    Yep! Carry on….

    • You tried March 17, 2015

      Sorry but in today’s ERA when STREAMS AND NON PAYMENT DOWNLOADS All ties into UR sales and chart positions GIRL BYE

  2. KingCalio March 17, 2015

    But They are features. Not her own which goes to show does she could never carry singles by herself without a million features.

    Beyonce and Rihanna could care less about not having multiple song with in the top 10 they have their success way more than what Nicki Minaj has


    • GEEZUS March 17, 2015

      They are all her songs tho.

      • Ciara The Flop March 17, 2015

        Her singles with LOTS of help on each song. Rihanna would never. Beyonce (used to but) would never. Toni would never. Mary would never. Janet would never. Kim (used to but) would never. Mariah would never. Missy would never. Whitney would never. Lauryn would never. Diana would never. Donna would never. Kelly (Clarkson, not Rowland) would never. Pink would never. Brandy would never. Monica would never. Ciara would never (but should). I would never. And they have Hot 100 #1 singles, dear. But your fave has built her career on gaining hits off her acquiring a lot or jumping on a lot of guest features…and her best is only at #2. So sad. For that reason, nicki could never be iconic let alone legendary.

      • Naomi March 17, 2015

        Rihanna would never? Eminem, Jay Z, T.I, Drake etc disagree.

      • Rihboy March 17, 2015

        Rihanna has number 1 thriving singles that just consist of herself. Yeah she has a few number 1 feAtures…. But she hasn’t featured as nicki has. Nikki jumps on anything without thought. She needs to thank those 133223 rappers and singers for this accolade received

  3. Molly March 17, 2015

    Congrats Nicki I must admit this one of her best eras minus pills n potions and Anaconda, Truffle butter and only are my shittt

  4. Tinashe the Traitor March 17, 2015

    The struggle to make Onigga relevant is real. Call me when she gets a number no 1 single, even if it’s one of her 29575305749292575792 features.

    • Molly March 17, 2015

      Loving your name.

      • Tinashe the Traitor March 17, 2015

        Thanks ❤

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! Read that flop stinkpussy ho!!!!!!!!!!

    • nicko March 17, 2015

      Igloo’s #1 single is irrelevant cause 1. it charted because of payola 2. it didnt stop her albums from flopping, her tour from being canceled and her career from dying.

      Nicki has more platinum singles than igloo, kim, eve, missy combined. I dont think she cares about a #1, her albums and singles go plat ;D

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

        Flopnika put out 4839939499398848384893898934 singles. Of course she has more. That’s not impressive. None of them will be remembered. She’s a microwave artist who will be forgotten in 10 years, so chill. The b**** is a singles artist with no platinum albums in sales since her debut album. That’s tragic.

      • Rosie March 17, 2015

        If payola really made Fancy a hit then why can’t the Tori Kelly’s chick who currently has a Clear Channel deal break the top 90 on Billboard? The fact that Iggy is basically finished yet you all are still bothered by Fancy hitting #1 is a kii.

    • Ciara The Flop March 17, 2015

      Im gagging about your name and the fact you called Niggy Menáge by her first name Onigggggga. I can’t. LOL

  5. Applause March 17, 2015

    5 years into her career and still no #1 hit or grammy. Even Katy has one of the two.

    • Lil Kim March 17, 2015

      The truth is a bitter pill to swallow.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015


    • girl bye March 17, 2015

      She is going to SLAY with her upcoming hit with Miley Cyrus and Ariana Grande. THAT IS A GUARANTEED #1 HIT. Dnt believe me just watch! They are all household names. GET READY the #1 is coming less than a month

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

        This is the same sh!t y’all said about Bang Bang. “Watch! Bang Bang is going to go #1 on the Billboard Hot 100!” We watched. It never did. Then y’all were like “Watch! Bang Bang is going to win a Grammy!” We watched. It never did.

        Stinkpussynika is a FLOP!

      • Ciara The Flop March 17, 2015

        The fact that a Nicki stan is eager about the rapper gets another chance for a #1 Hot 100 on the backs of two female pop artists has me laughing all the way to the bank.

  6. Lil Kim March 17, 2015

    Urban radio?????? Hahahahahahahahhahaha. Bye Felicia, bye David

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      The desperation is REAL!

  7. Cough Cough March 17, 2015

    All these “broken records” etc etc are such BS now-a-days when the girls are releasing a million singles at once with features from errrrrbody. The title can be there but the meaning behind it in 2015 is not the same. These are truly McRecords now as opposed to 10 years ago when you really had to earn it instead of just releasing a bunch of stuff at once

    • Tinashe the Traitor March 17, 2015

      Yaaaaas sis, I live for your truthful comments. Come through cough cough.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      YES! Stinkpussynika Garbaj’s “records” are such bullsh!t. Nobody will remember any of these songs in 10 years. She’s like “I’ve sold 65 million singles.” When you remember she’s put out 584924900943900490349030943 of them, it’s not impressive.

      • nicko March 17, 2015

        poor ignorant krimlins, Nicki hasnt put out of features like ure saying, if u only count her hits as a lead, u’ll see that igloo n kim cant compare. Almost all of Nic’s singles are either plat/multi-plat or gold but its not impressive ?lmao yall are SO pressed.

      • GEEZUS March 17, 2015

        A lot of her songs are multi platinum tho. Super Bass is like 10X platinum

    • yzyszn March 17, 2015

      Truffle Butter and Feeling Myself aren’t even singles and Only was released in OCTOBER. Do your research.

  8. TheElusiveLamb March 17, 2015

    Lol at Sam adding Beyoncé, Riri, Mimi, Ciara, and etc names in there just to get the stans fighting. Not today David. Congrats Nicki on your success. Have a blessed day everyone especially you Molly.

    • TheElusiveLamb March 17, 2015

      Lol at David*

      PS the article is missing a ‘N’. It’s supposed to Nicki, not ‘ICKI”.

      • Tinashe the Traitor March 17, 2015

        Yaaaaas drag David. Thought I was the only one who saw that. Watch him delete our comments.

    • Linda March 17, 2015

      *cries in “she’s reaching your honor” *

    • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

      Girl you are just soooo into Miss Molly in 2015, HUH? Get out of her pusśy girl, DÀMN!

      • TheElusiveLamb March 17, 2015

        Wishing someone a blessed day does not count as being into them. Miss. Molly and I are fine. Why are you on my salivating in my reply box?

  9. Applause March 17, 2015

    This isn’t impressive! What’s impressive is having a #1 hit for 7 weeks.

    • nicko March 17, 2015

      poor igloo fans. The only thing u can brag about is a payola single :(. No solo hit, no platinum album, nothing. Why is Trouble flopping ?

  10. LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

    LMAOOOOOOOOO!!! Another irrelevant statistic to make Stinkpussynika look like she is the greatest ever. Here are the facts the barfz don’t want to report.

    Flopnika still has:

    – No Grammys
    – No Billboard Hot 100 #1 song
    – No platinum albums in sales after her debut in 2010.
    – No classic rap album
    – No classic rap song
    – No Top 40 feature since 2013
    – No Billboard Hot 100 top 10 rap hits.

    • Cough cough March 17, 2015

      This tea tho. *files nails*

      • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

        Girl, you will NOT try and be me tho..

    • nicko March 17, 2015

      stop dragging your own fave please 🙁 Nicki has achieved more than krim AND PFRR is plat :D. LMAOOO URE SO DELUSIONAL I CANT. Nicki hasnt even been on a lotta feats in 2014, she focused on her OWN songs which went at least top 40. She has 11 top 10s, more than any female rapper. Nic has the career kim wish she had. 🙁 poor krimlins, yall are mad af

    • We Found RIHANNA. March 17, 2015

      You know her stats f** you are a fan. Btw why do you know her stats? Take a permanent sleep hun!

    • @rihicon March 17, 2015

      monster could be considered a classic

    • GEEZUS March 17, 2015

      Uhm, what?

    • Nicki March 17, 2015

      Lol at the lies u have to come up with to make nicki look bad. The fact that u comment on every nicki post says alot. Where’s kim? Where’s her 65 million singles? Where’s her career now when she’s selling albums on Paypal. lol nicki might not have a #1 song but she has multiple #2 and top 5 singles lol. With the features last time I checked bang bang reached #2 on billboard. Second where is KIM ON BILLBOARD OR ANY OF THE CHARTS. NO WHERE TO BE FOUND IS WHERE SHES At. Kim is forgotten nobody even knows her anymore. Lol. Stop spending so much time on nicki and u should spend more on Kim cause she clearly needs more fans cause she’s irrelevant AF. GTFO HERE WITH UR B*******

  11. Shittin On Em March 17, 2015

    YASSS QUEEN OF RAP. The Pinkprint is ERR’THANG!!

  12. Slay_Hive March 17, 2015

    The Queen of rap!!!

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      The Queen of Rap is the woman who inspired the character in your avi. Her name is Queen Bee Lil’ Kim. You better know, ho!

      • Iggy Iggy Too Biggie March 17, 2015


      • Slay_Hive March 17, 2015

        I don’t know a lil kim… Whoever she is, her fans seem bitter AF!

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

        The one who also inspired Thiefonce and the rest of Yall faves

      • Kim Kardashian Stan March 17, 2015

        Beyonce literally copied Lil kim with the whole Queen B thing, lol Beyonce has no shame. Grimmy ass b****.

      • Slay_Hive March 17, 2015

        Inspired Beyonce to do what? Swallow the s**** out of every n**** in the industry like a nasty insecure thot?! That butchered face chucky doll is DONE and no amount of seething will change that Bye!!

    • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

      TROLL_HIVE where have you been honey? They were having a Kiki ball down at club XL girl I was SURE I was gon see you slaying drags face category. You on hiatus sis?

      • Slay_Hive March 17, 2015

        Lmaoo I’ve been here honey. I don’t do the balls. I only go in club XL to shake ass. Were you there last saturday? I saw a few 6’5 amazon trannys in the building and thought about you. 😉

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

        Beyonce copied the wigs and the clothes. Even lil Kim sang before her. Mariah didn’t want to be a diva until kimmy blanco came out with Crush On You

      • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

        @Troll_Hive naw girl I don’t use that scene, as your sis I know you don’t mind fem/cûnt/trans/trade topping you, as long as they’re on top. Me on the other hand, prefer manly men. You can catch me at at club Castros tho up in the Washington heights with all the dominican and puerto Rican papis . Come girl.

      • Slay_Hive March 17, 2015

        What kind of music do they play at castros honey?? Lmao I can’t turn up to no cha cha cha

      • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

        @Troll_Hive they play hip hop, r&b, top 40 and some reggae ton.. A bunch of big dîcked dominican strippers, hookah and good drinks.. You will like it a lot girl, come.

  13. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 17, 2015


  14. We Found RIHANNA. March 17, 2015

    Queen of RAP! F*** kim & Igloo

    • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

      Girl there is room for everybody. Just like there are fifty million male rappers there can be multiple females too. You sound so ignorant

      • We Found RIHANNA. March 17, 2015

        Or is it that you never was asked In the 1st place?

  15. #TeamTinashe Stan March 17, 2015

    @MollyFromTheBigComfyCouch why are you replying to yourself? LMFAO!!! Hehehe. LAWD.
    Good to see you didn’t forget your email this time 😉

  16. Linda March 17, 2015

    Wait these are all features??? Screammmmmmmmmmmmmmsssssssssssssss. *drops phone*

  17. Iggy Iggy Too Biggie March 17, 2015

    Where’s her chart topping hit at?

    • Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

      Where’s Iggy’s gold/platinum album?

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      The same place her Grammy is: In Imaginary World.

  18. JOHNVIDAL March 17, 2015

    And she needed 40 features this year to do that 🙂

    • Iggy Iggy Too Biggie March 17, 2015

      You better shade her down.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      Ooooooop! REEEEEEEEEeAD!

  19. nicko March 17, 2015

    I can’t at kim’s DELUSIONAL fans TRYING to shade the highest selling female rapper. Nics had more BB hits n sold more records than kim AND igloo COMBINED 😉

    • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

      Yeah but Kim has more classic and staple songs in rap history that have and will always be played. Can’t say the same for Nicki

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

      Get off of this site with all that damn trolling. Kim has more authencity than Neyonce and Nicki put together. Who do U even Stan for?? They both wish they looked like her. That’s why they got them cheap surgeries. Quiet as its kept they stay envious

    • Notorious Kim March 17, 2015

      With 4928582019385758392037575950102047573020102846574930202475739202027474930238 features, it’s expected she would sell more. A lil common sense never hurt nobody.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      “Highest selling female rapper” is a lie. When we talk about sales we care about ALBUM SALES! In album sales, Lil’ Kim has outsold Stinkpussynika Garbaj. So has Eve, Missy Elliott, and Lauryn Hill.

  20. JOHNVIDAL March 17, 2015

    All these invented records and achievements are hilarious! lol 20 years ago you couldn´t even enter the hot 100 with a song that weren´t you single, and a single sent to radio at that. Meaning you could only have a real hit at once, and 2 or 3 songs on the hot 100 at the same time max. Now everything you release non stop can enter everywhere. How are we going to take all this entries records seriously? Like Nicki Minaj, Taylor Swift or Rihanna having all those entries in the hot 100? That means nothing.

    • GEEZUS March 17, 2015

      They still breaking records tho and those plaques are definitely on the wall. And it’s facts.

      • Kim Kardashian Stan March 17, 2015

        He’s mad cause Mooriah isn’t able to do it anymore.

  21. Rosie March 17, 2015

    Mess at all those features (since she’s not even on half of any of those songs except Feeling Myself). Truffle Butter is her best single since 2010 though.

    • Kim Kardashian Stan March 17, 2015

      Lets get into lanas flops tho? Has she gotten another hit since summertime sadness ?

      • Rosie March 17, 2015

        She has a gold album though with no hits or promo whatsoever, kii. Is K** finished bearding for Kanye so he can go f*** Ricardo? Or how about her ugly diaper ass being the legitimate JOKE of Paris Fashion Week and the entire WORLD.

    • GEEZUS March 17, 2015

      3/4 of them are her songs tho.

  22. Kim Kardashian Stan March 17, 2015

    We’re still talking bout this local ho?

    • nicko March 17, 2015

      hold on, u stan for kim n igloo but u call Nicki (the most international female rapper) local ? Nicki is selling out arenas overseas, why cant igloo n k** do the same ? ;(

    • Rosie March 17, 2015

      Is K** finished trying to get her diaper ass fitted into ugly leather leggings for “fashion?”
      Literally the JOKE and PROSTITUTE of the world.

      • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

        But she will go down in music history light years ahead of Lana Del Ray.. No tea, no shade.. All facts

      • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

        Oh wait my bad girl

  23. @rihicon March 17, 2015

    it’s a really good album. good for her.

  24. Tinashe the Traitor March 17, 2015

    I f*** with you Cough Cough but give ma gurl Slay_Hive a break. Give ha a chance to regrow her snatched edges.

  25. Mark111 March 17, 2015

    The miles these people go to make these artists seem more than they are.

  26. lil kim March 17, 2015

    I love when Kim&igloo fans talks about #1 hits when Nicki has the highest selling song by a female rapper with super bass and starship …. Not even lady marmalade could sell like those songs after being no1 for 5weeks or even fancy that went #1 for 7 wwks……I’m not even mad at ur opinions but this is a record she broke with her songs on her damn album people…… she’s had most top10 hits…..
    Kim fans talking about #1 song when a #1 album is superb and Kim hasn’t got any and would neva or Kim don’t even have a #1 rap album neither….. she’s still d richest, highest selling, and the most successful collecting the crown from Missy and Kim stayed 7 years in her career be4 she had a #1 single/shared Grammy… *sips German juice*

    • Rosie March 17, 2015

      Stopped reading when you compared Super Bass and Starship’s sales to Lady Marmalade’s. Someone obviously has no idea how the industry was working back in 2002.

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

        These barfz are so dumb!

    • nicko March 17, 2015

      FACTS !

      In a year, Nicki has had her 10th 11th top 10 hit, a top 40 hit, n 2 top 20 hits. In total, she’s had 4 plat hits, including 3 from the same album. Her album went gold, shes had #1 songs on pop, urban n rhythmic radio. N now shes selling out arenas in Europe.
      What have Igloo n K** done ? 🙁

  27. The Pinkprint March 17, 2015

    That Lil K** stan in such a try hard.

    – How long did it take K** to win a grammy.

    – How long did it take K** to get a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song.

    – K** (or any female rapper for that matter) has had a platinum album in sales since 2003, except Nicki.

    – While it is still too early to tell if Pink Friday is a classic, as of now it still sounds fresh and could be considered a MODERN female rap classic which started mixing pop and rap which is what successful female rappers are doing now.

    – “Monster” is a classic that she still gets praised for up until this day even though it came out FIVE YEARS ago. “Moment 4 Life” is also a classic that will still sound fresh YEARS FROM NOW.

    – Hey Mama will ATLEAST go top 20.

    – Bedrock, Dance (A$$), Anaconda, Make Me Proud, etc are all top ten RAP hits.

    • The Pinkprint March 17, 2015

      – K** won a grammy in Feb 2002. SIX YEARS AFTER her Nov. 1996 DEBUT. It has only been five years since Nicki’s Nov. 2010 DEBUT!

      – K** got a #1 in 2001. Five years since her DEBUT, which means Nicki has up until this year to get a #1 which is possible since she was so close last year.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      Ooooooop! My impact. I keep these barfz pressed like button downs on a Friday night. (I wonder who Flopnika stole that line from…)

      – Lil’ Kim is a Grammy Award-winning rapper.
      – Lil’ Kim has a Billboard Hot 100 #1 song.
      – Lil’ Kim has THREE platinum albums (one is DOUBLE platinum).

      – Pink Flopday is not a classic. It is barely a rap album. It’s shitty R&B.
      – Monster is not Flopnika’s song. Nobody plays or remembers Moment For Life. LMAOOOOOO!!!
      – Hey Mama is a flop.
      – Bedrock is not her song. Dance A$$ is not her song. Make Me Proud is not her song. Anaconda is a pop song.

      At least you tried…

      • Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

        On what planet is Anaconda a pop song? Anaconda was #1 on the rap chart. I swear your delusional asses make no sense sometimes, but then again you’re the Paypals so I should expect no better. Oh and the fact that Monster is not Nicki’s song but yet she slayed 2 of the world’s biggest rap superstars on it makes it HER song. Lol

  28. Stephy March 17, 2015

    These Lil Kim Stans got me WEAK!

    • Mariah’s little lamb March 17, 2015

      Not as weak as your deteriorating walls

      • Stephy March 17, 2015

        Uh uh, my walls is TIGHT. Make a n**** c** less than 3 minutes… BYE

      • @rihicon March 17, 2015


    • Queen Khia March 17, 2015


    • Mariah’s little lamb March 17, 2015

      “Uh uh, my walls is TIGHT” And the Roman Colosseum is still intact. Yeah gurl we believe you. “Make a n**** c** less 3 minutes” Oh honey that’s because he just wants to c** and get the FOH there.

  29. Eloviano March 17, 2015

    The only decent song’s from the PP are Truffle Butter, The Night Is Still Young & The Crying Game. I love me some Nicki but this is a reach.

  30. Islandboi242 March 17, 2015

    We might add that truffle butter is 30-40k away from being certified gold!! The Queen of Rap is Onika

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      The only think HOnika is the Queen of is stank pumpum. And the Queen of inventing broken records.

  31. Bianca March 17, 2015

    The lil kim fans are dragging Lmao

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      The Beehive is in the motherfuucking building!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Queen Khia March 17, 2015

    Tbh F*** Kim,Iggy and Nicki

  33. The Pinkprint March 17, 2015

    All Nicki needs is a #1 on the Hot 100, and she’ll have the BEST CHART HISTORY by a female rapper. She’s 95% close to having a PERFECT CHART HISTORY.

    –More Top 10s than any other female rapper.
    –More Top 20s than any other female rapper.
    –More Top 30s than any other female rapper.
    –More Top 40s than any other female rapper.
    –More OVERALL ENTRIES than any other female rapper.

    • Cough Cough March 17, 2015

      Will she have the best music by a female rapper tho? Lmfaoooooo NO!

      • The Pinkprint March 17, 2015

        @Cough Cough,
        That is purely subjective.

      • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015


      • Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

        Well boo, the GP says she has the best music cuz they are the ones buying it and giving her multiple platinum singles.

    • Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

      Nicki is a motherfucking beast, and to think she doesn’t even have a Hot 100 #1 yet. When she does get it, along with her Grammy what will the haters have to say then? They’ll be nothing but a bunch of stuttering fools.

  34. Tyler March 17, 2015


    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      HOnika is garbaj.

  35. lil kim March 17, 2015

    mmmm whether Kim fans like it or not Kim stayed 7 years in her career be4 she got a #1/Grammy and also Nicki for what all female rappers don’t have and its 2#1 albums which is greater and singles…….
    plus this info was published by billboardbiz and its already recorded just as how lil Wayne was holding the record for males and now Nicki has matched it for females and if any other artist match d record, her name would be mentioned by those… still super bass and starship sales> greater than any femcee single sales….
    Lol at Rosie defending Kim and Iggy cause Lana del flop like Kim…. we all know
    who is to say that Nicki don’t have classics when monster did it on em roman revenge still get discussed by hip hop heads sees kanye, Elliot etc…fuvk that #thinkingoutloud

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

      See how them b^tches don’t respond when u tell them how many years it took Kim?? Sips all the f^ckin tea

  36. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 17, 2015

    Omg this is so newsworthy!

  37. Notorious Kim March 17, 2015

    I don’t understand how these artist’s can have a billion Vevo views, 20 million streams yet their album’s can’t get a gold or platinum certification.

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 17, 2015

      And don’t forget 18 MILLION Twitter followers. LMAOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

    • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

      But Nicki has two platinum and 2 gold. Stop trollin u hatin asz ho.e. Spotify and other streaming services pocket most of the money from streaming. You would know that if your fav Lil Kim was actually charting and getting streams. Stay pressed. Only old female rapper who can make an actual come back is MISSY not Kim Sung Hoy. Stay mad heifers

      • Lil Kim thee Only QB March 17, 2015

        I’m trynna stan for lil kim with yall but one post can only take so much delusion.

      • Barb-wire March 17, 2015

        Lmao not the K** stan dissing her own fave and calling her Kim Sung Hoy Kiii mess.

    • Stephy March 17, 2015

      Y’all better speak on it

  38. cocolapure March 17, 2015

    She has no competition….Iggy nup azaelia nup all the rreal competition exist underground. Mainstream music is soooo watered down for white ppl. It’s not even funny how bad music is these days.

  39. Keri Qween March 17, 2015

    Easy when she’s featured on 2838333 tracks

    • Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

      How’s Keri’s new single coming along on the bubbling under charts?

  40. The One March 17, 2015

    An easy feat when you’re on a thousand features!!

    Sam you can’t compare composing a rap tune with composing actual songs!!!

  41. Bey-Minaj March 17, 2015

    “Nicki Minaj becomes the first female artist to chart four songs simultaneously in the top 10 of Billboard’s Mainstream R&B/Hip-Hop airplay chart”

    Let that soak in.

  42. LilKim’s 2005 Face March 17, 2015

    You b****** is bitter cuz Lil Kim built an EMPIRE off of changing faces. NICKI keeps flexing all these awards but how many faces has she had?! HuH!!! Answer me c****!! All u barbz need to take several seats at the sold out Pinkprint tour. Lil Kim is winning and dont you forget it!! Shes gettin them Yens. You could nevaaa get paid in that, h0es!

    • LIL’ KIM IS THE G.O.A.T. March 18, 2015

      Sold out tour? Stinkpussynika’s show in Sweden was EMPTY! Kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

  43. BOOBIE March 17, 2015


  44. LilKim’s Ugly Mole March 18, 2015

    Lil kim is getting booked in clubs in the hood. When will Nicki.

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