The Slayage: Rihanna Rocks ‘Harper’s Bazaar China’ {Photoshoot}

Published: Wednesday 11th Mar 2015 by Sam

Rihanna may sing like a chihuahua, but oh can she take a fierce picture.

The 27-year-old serves dynamite divadom in her photoshoot for the April 2015 issue of Harper’s Bazaar China.

It goes without saying that the cover shot was stunning, yet little could have prepared for the epicness of these fresh batch of pics.

Check ’em out below…





Here’s hoping her chronically delayed eighth album sounds as good as this looks.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Al March 11, 2015

    Sam you make me wee. Where’s this week shade for Rih Noe she slaying. U sure ur not rihanna biploar

    • Toohotfortv March 11, 2015

      And I’m mad at how they spelled “chihuahua”… Hilarious

    • You tried March 11, 2015


      • (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

        its a Asian spread so yes the covers will look similar..

      • guess March 11, 2015

        @YouTried Calm down. Everything’s gonna be alright.

  2. Rated R March 11, 2015

    Come through Rih

    • Mother March 11, 2015

      I am LIVING for that shot of her laying down in the red dress, LIVVVVVIIIINNNGGG!!



  4. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    OMG. Gorgeous. I have no words. Even Sam is impressed. Ha!

  5. Rihboy March 11, 2015

    Everything!!! Memoirs of a geisha realness!!!! Karrueche couldn’t even!!!! Bae for life!!!

  6. BeyIsKing March 11, 2015

    If only she dedicated as much time into her MUSIC….she does know she is known to the world as a “singer” not a model.

    • Ciara the Flop March 11, 2015

      But she has more #1 singles and more album sales than Beyonce. Stay pressed, toots.

      • guess March 11, 2015

        She also has more music… #basicmath

    • Rihboy March 11, 2015


    • hives scared of R8 March 11, 2015

      Lmao why do you fleas act like Rihanna doesnt sell records with every release?? You seem bitter that t********* cant look this fierce.

      • guess March 11, 2015

        I don’t dislike Rihanna. She serves a purpose in the industry, but she does’t compare with Beyonce. Rihanna does sooo many more projects than bey. She significantly has more endorsements. Along with MAC and RI and Balmain. More magazines. More albums out. More #1 singles. More video views. And has supposedly sold more music. All of these extra curriculars, but still does’t have bey’s stature. She gets a whole hundred dollar bill to do all of these things while beyonce gets 50 million to stand in front of a camera with a pepsi can. One of them is cleary more valued than the other…

      • (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

        She does compare!! She proved it by still being here 10 years later… After Umbrella she only got bigger most singers have one hit wonders and you never hear from them again… The only thing Beyonce has over Rihanna is more money… Other than that they run the industry.. This is a Beyanna industry lol!!
        Go Bey and Rih !! Stop putting one down to uplift another !!

      • guess March 11, 2015

        I agree that Beyonce and Rihanna can co-exist, but they’re not on the same level. Only more money?… The navi loves to talk about singles, but that’s no list. Is that all? Beyonce has more grammy’s, with less music. More acclaim, less music. More #1 albums, less music. More money with less music, less endorsements, less magazine spreads, less features, less gimmicks. There is no comparison. That was my point, Rih’s been here for 10 Years+. That’s a long time. Ten years to get 1 #1 album? She averages about 1 grammy per album? Beyonce has 4 times the amount of grammy’s as albums.

      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        because they are upset with the outcome of 7/11 and ring off!! The two additional singles that were suppose to rock out world….

  7. BeyIsKing March 11, 2015

    But boy does she look good #fierce

  8. No favs, just here for the music March 11, 2015

    This woman looks too perfect. WOW this is STUNNING. I’m not even gonna lie, my breath caught lol I wasn’t ready for this level of slayage indeed

  9. The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

    If only these magazine covers were songs… #PumaModel

    • Ciara the Flop March 11, 2015

      Is that why Beyoncé has to perform at the Grammy to her first top ten hit in almost 6 years??? Step your pûssy up before you come for Queen of Pop Rihanna again.

    • Skyfall March 11, 2015


      • The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

        5 #1 albums…

      • Skyfall March 11, 2015

        13 #1 singles

      • The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015


      • guess March 11, 2015

        How much does a single cost again?

    • hives scared of R8 March 11, 2015

      Correction,fleayounce had to strip in front of her daughter to get drunk to #2.

      @beysus not when bb hot 100 is one of the most important charts in history.Stay seething!

      • Tyler March 11, 2015

        Rihanna needed Jay-Z’s verse and Chris Browns fist to actually have a successful era.

  10. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    “If only these magazine covers were songs” ➡ #6YearsAgo Dafaq 😆

  11. Islandboi242 March 11, 2015

    This site is so bias.. Only report on certain artist u got to not show people your a fan when you decide to report on music.. There is a lot of stuf you can b posting on as well not just a few artist

    • FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

      There are several different writers of this blog, with different opinions, views and favz.

  12. i like’s the… March 11, 2015

    very good. the artist was #chenman? tho… all of them… props. 🙂

  13. LB March 11, 2015

    Beautiful, gorgeous Rih

  14. FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

    Those photos are STUNNING!!!!!! Its completely no shade!

    • (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

      of course there is no shade as a ciara fan you have the right to shade no one !!

  15. The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

    “If only these magazine covers were songs” ➡ #6YearsAgo Dafaq <<< exactly. 6 years since we've had a decent Rih album…

    • Ciara the Flop March 12, 2015

      We’re still waiting on a Beyoncé album that wasn’t recorded in a gay brothel.

  16. FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

    “Rihanna may sing like a chiwawa, but oh can she take a fierce picture.”

    SAM!!!!!! IM ON THE STRETCHER!!!!!!!!

    • whenindoubtthetruthwillout March 11, 2015

      Why? What’s a chiwawa? The word doesn’t even exist in the dictionary!!!!!

      • FutureCIARA March 11, 2015

        lmfao, Fukk the spelling of Chihuahua , The meaning is the drag!

      • NoGames March 11, 2015

        Exactly! If he’s going to come for her, at least know how to spell before shading!

    • Rihboy March 11, 2015

      Honey please don’t. When your fave whispered her way to lukewarm success.

      • FutureCIARA March 12, 2015

        Not coming for vocals, when your favz vocal coach is a damn billy goat.

  17. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    “6 years since we’ve had a decent Rih album…” ➡ #6YearsAgo #LastDecade Kiii 😆

  18. TheElusiveLamb March 11, 2015

    Absolutely stunning.

  19. Slay_Hive March 11, 2015

    I mean she looks alright. She looks weird in that second pic. Like some long neck jug head creature from another planet with good contouring and make-up tho. Kii Why is she scared to release her album? Is it necessary to have a #1 single first?

    • Rihboy March 11, 2015

      Maybe she doesn’t care about a number 1 song. We the fans may be pressed.maybe she is just releasing for her true fans regardless of the success of the song. She is prancing around Parih unbothered. Four five seconds actually did pretty well in sales, views, streams, etc. It stayed in the top 5 for a while reaching number 1 at a brief moment. However it’s still in the top ten and above on tunes and billboard. Just be patient boo. It’ll drop and you will be able to sample and purchase your songs accordingly.

      • How Many Drinks March 11, 2015

        ‘Maybe she doesn’t care about a number 1 song’

        Funny, when the Hive say that about Beyonce, you Titanics don’t take that for an answer. Now its happening to Rihanna, you’re using the same excuse. Except unlike Rihanna, Beyonce has proved that she can still sell an era without #1 lead. Rihanna has yet to prove that. The double standards eh?

      • RihHive March 11, 2015

        That was cute

      • Tyler March 11, 2015

        “Maybe she doesn’t care about a number 1 song.” OH! So that’s your excuse now???? When the Hive was saying that about Bey it was World War 3…but now that Rihanna’s career has taken a turn, you wanna do the say muthafuckin thing that you were “dragging” us for.

      • Slay_Hive March 11, 2015

        Lmaoo Thank @How Many Drinks and @Tyler For Snatching Thay Hypocrite R******. No Need For Me To Say Anything. Besides, I’ve Never Purchased Anything From Rihanna And I Never Will. Just Find It Weird That She Hasn’t Released Her Album Yet. Even While Having A Top Five Song. I Guess She Wants More Buzz Or This Will Be A Repeat Of The Rated Flop Era!

      • Slay_Hive March 11, 2015


      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        The ultimate ending tally of album sales is what counts….. Regardless of if an album makes it to number 1. With your logic I can most easily say that rihanna has sold errors without number 1 albums. But every give member in her can classify all of Rihanna’s eras verbatim. I hardly remember what came after bday and before beyonce. So please stop. The best seller overall is le queen. Stay pressed.

      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        Era* hive* *here sorry drunk typing after empire! It was bomb! But yeah your logic has holes. Just another hive jerk off looking for the best way to try and read rih. We heard this three albums ago. It’s time for you guys to come together and find new material. The shade is blowing in the wind like an empty paper bag with no substance.

      • How Many Drinks March 12, 2015

        No hun, I was talking minus a number 1 lead single.

  20. I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

    This girls passion is photoshots. Its not music, is not singing, its not performing. If only she put this much dedication into consistant vocals she would not need the smoke and mirrors of endless magazine shoots. How many shoots for one magazine does one need? Does she even have interviews inside anymore?

    • Skyfall March 11, 2015

      She’s a model people can have more than one career, and it’s called a spread.

      • I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

        Shes a singer/performer primarily which is exactly my point. And shes no more of a model by default than all the other 100s of singers who have posed for shoots and brands.

      • Skyfall March 11, 2015

        The difference is she has been recognized and awarded fashion icon, the others have not as they try to hard and are simply using pics to promote their music, she does these photoshoots as gigs that have nothing to do with her music career but her fashion career.

      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        Big difference. Rihanna actually can model versus those 100 girls. She’s a muse for many. Unfortunately we cannot say that for the beys and Ciara’s or even the tinashes of this era. Rihanna has more spreads in her accolades than u.s. President. Try again.

      • I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

        You are just justifying my original point even more.

      • I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

        And you said all that but shes still is not classed as a model by default. I am talking Jourdan Dunn, Cara Delevign, Kate Moss, Miss Campbell etc. Rihanna is not in that category. She is just has a flare for it (she lacks in her main talent department). When she dies, she will be referred to as a singer/entertainer. Which again leads back to my original point.

      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        A justifying nothing. She could primarily be a model of she wants. She has that choice. You had no point. She does all of the above. So sit.

      • I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

        Listen don’t come barging in here like a linebacker at the superbowl trying to defend a pointless argument. I did not question her capability as a ‘model’ so your mess of a comment was completley irrelevant. The girl does not have a raw stand out talent in her main field. Her primary profession as singer/entertainer. Deal with it and bow out. She would be nowhere without her image. ‘Model with mic’ did not come from nowhere. She is all smoke and mirrors. The fact you think shading artists who good at what they are PRIMARILY supposed to do in comparison to modelling is something to be proud of?

      • Tyler March 11, 2015

        I dont ever recall Rihanna entering the game as a model. It might be her side hustle, but the last time I checked she was a SINGER.

      • Rihboy March 11, 2015

        But she is doing both and still thriving very well in both. I’m still lost at your point. She can do either! She has done either. She is paid handsomely for either. She has been awarded handsomely in either. Your point is what now? She has several platinum albums and several hit songs. She is thriving in both classifications. The line doesn’t stop there. she has flourishing endorsements at all corners. Why you mad! Cuz her p**** poppeth and beys don’t?!!!

    • (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

      Lmaooo !!! She can do anything !!

  21. Skyfall March 11, 2015

    Rihanna looks amazing omg, absolutely stunning. All these wanna be ass models should take notes. (Kendall, Cara, Hailey etc)

    • I Stan For Myself March 11, 2015

      Cara does not need to take notes from anyone. She is a hugely sought after real model by profession.

  22. SMH March 11, 2015

    Beyonce could never. Yeah, I said it.

    • Slay_Hive March 11, 2015

      Beyonce is a singer/entertainer. Plus her Vogue Covers are bestsellers. 😉

  23. The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

    Is that why Beyoncé has to perform at the Grammy to her first top ten hit in almost 6 years??? <<<<<< UMMMMM 5 #1 albums that are all nearly x2 platinum???
    “6 years since we’ve had a decent Rih album…” ➡ #6YearsAgo #LastDecade Kiii <<< I know. How sad….

  24. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    “Is that why Beyoncé has to perform at the Grammy to her first top ten hit in almost 6 years??? <<<<<< UMMMMM 5 #1 albums that are all nearly x2 platinum???" ➡ #6YearsAgo 😆

  25. The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

    #6YearsAgo <<< Rated Flop 🙁

  26. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    “Is that why Beyoncé has to perform at the Grammy to her first top ten hit in almost 6 years??? <<<<<< UMMMMM 5 #1 albums that are all nearly x2 platinum???" ➡ 😆

  27. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    Rated Flop > 4Lop kiii

  28. blue March 11, 2015

    the girl is stunning, can see why she might be the first woman of colour to be the face of dior

  29. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    Love you Beysus. ♥ 😆

    • The Beysus Impact March 11, 2015

      Love you too! Xxx

  30. I STAN(D) FOR TALENT March 11, 2015

    Gosh, I hope Sam makes or allows David or Rashad to make an article about Rihanna being the face of Dior and that she’s the first black woman to do so.

  31. Tyler March 11, 2015

    Lol @ Sam!
    Yeah, she might not look like a bag of cats in that pic but wshe sure does sound like one bwahaha

  32. robyn March 11, 2015

    Like Beyonce said #Flawless. Its funny how sam keeps on shading Rihanna but she gets the upper hand All da time but when he sings praises at other they tend to Flop dismally LoLllllll. I like Rashad and David better. By the way I wasn’t refferin to Beyonce whn I said other artistz

    • Tyler March 11, 2015

      Beyonce had the best selling female album of 2013…So of course you werent talking about her.

      • Skyfall March 11, 2015

        Which isn’t saying much.

      • Tyler March 11, 2015

        Ya know thats really funny coming from you considering the fact that, “Beyonce” had better sales than the general majority of Rihanna’s albums but Mkay.

      • AnnaMaeKeatingsNewWig March 11, 2015

        That’s quite a feat since she only had 2 and half weeks to sell it in 2013 and it still came out on top

  33. whenindoubtthetruthwillout March 11, 2015

    What’s a “chiwawa”?

    If you are going to publish a blog at least use a dictionary instead of being so lazy/dumb!!!!!!!

  34. ENOUGH ONIKA March 11, 2015

    THiS should be her full time job. Her music is whack, but photoshop pics are hot though!

    • Tyler March 11, 2015

      Ikr! Instagrams Next Top Model lol

  35. Lyric March 11, 2015

    SLAYSAGE. I usually don,t reply in comment but come tha F…. on this is it! Please stop it Queen RiRi.. Can’t wait til u slay slay this era

  36. SLAYRIAH CAREY (TOUR DE FORCE) March 11, 2015

    I can’t breathe!!! S-L-A-Y

  37. How Many Drinks March 11, 2015

    Nice contouring but her era seems all over the place.

    • LB March 11, 2015

      FourFiveSeconds has just crossed the 1 million sold mark this week and still in the top 5, it’s doing fine.

      • How Many Drinks March 11, 2015


      • How Many Drinks March 11, 2015

        I mean her era in general doll. Its like she does not know which project she is promoting. I am getting Roc Nation mess vibes.

      • LB March 11, 2015

        But the numbers say she is on track. Her single is performing well.

      • How Many Drinks March 11, 2015

        Numbers were not even on my mind to be honest. I’m talking about the roll out. But technically her numbers are not up to scratch in comparison to her last eras either.

      • LB March 11, 2015

        But the numbers do not show any sign of a faltering era considering her single is still performing well. The numbers are not on your mind? So essentially you’re admitting to making a baseless statement, OK, thanks for clearing that up.

      • How Many Drinks March 11, 2015

        Its not a baseless statement. Its my personal opinion. You know like how when you accused Beyonce of being scared based on nothing? That the album was ‘never’ coming based on nothing. People have their own perception of things, you should know.

  38. LB March 11, 2015

    “Maybe she should just be a model”, but she is, it is her second job. It is called diversifying your portfolio.

    She has received a fashion icon award and a music icon award, clearly she is good at her jobs.

    Modelling is part of her portfolio, I don’t why people are mentioning the obvious.

  39. RihHive March 11, 2015

    B**** it’s Rihanna!

  40. Lyric March 11, 2015

    No one else can lay me flat like this. R8 I’m waiting hurry on up ..

  41. hives scared of R8 March 11, 2015

    Gorgeous!! So wait, she should give up singing and be a model according to haters??? Not when she sold 150 million records ww,received 8 grammys and an icon awards.I could see if she was struggling like ciara.Rihanna is winning in music and fasion.She kills your basic t***** favs in modeling ,thats why you are bitter,pressed and seething kiii

  42. (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

    The hate is so real !! But anyway goo Rir !!!!

  43. 내가 제일 잘 나가 March 11, 2015

    It’s funny, I see hives in here talking about bleachyonce’s vouge issues being best sellers….
    What they fail to realise is that people thought t*********’s isuuses were a special of the National Geographic.

    • Tyler March 11, 2015

      Yeah, a special of the National Geographic that people actually spent their valuable time, energy, and money BUYING…not one that topped the WORST sellers list, like RihNeanderthal’s for example.

      • (Rihyonce) March 11, 2015

        Why you so pressed by rihanna this is why rihanna fans don’t give beyonce credit because yall don’t give rihanna credit!!
        Plain and simple forever throwing shade !!!
        Beyonce and rihanna are both doing well stop bringing two great black artist its useless and dumb !!

      • Tyler March 11, 2015

        Stop lying.

  44. 내가 제일 잘 나가 March 11, 2015

    Rihanna doing covers in south Korea and now China. Home girl likes my people!!!!
    We love her too

  45. @rihicon March 11, 2015

    is there even a need to respond to misspelled shade? what is a “chiwawa”?

    and I love these pics. I don’t very much care for the bag tho

    • @rihicon March 11, 2015


  46. Stephy. March 11, 2015

    She looks beautiful.

  47. rihanna used up w**** March 11, 2015

    Her nose and forehead are nasty. Next. Women in Asia look way better. I am on vacay in Thailand and she cannot touch the average Thai girl waking around. And there is hair is real too. Did 455 take the world by storm?

  48. rihanna used up w**** March 11, 2015

    455 did not slay even though she has been away fro 2 years. Her peaks in all her markets Euro, Aus and UK / UK singles are not impressive. It took a while for her to peak high. Even still, Bruno mars song and taylor swift have bigger singles. Her movie is projected to tank. All these covers mean nothing, really. Katy tours make more money than hers, not to mention beyonce’s/

    Her rival, Rita Ora has just been signed as the face of Coke, and there are more rumoured projects too. She also has a movie called Southpaw in the summer and She will be on Empire next week.

    I am telling you…….Rihannna is done. She won’t dominate and once her Radio play dries up….HA HA

  49. rihanna used up w**** March 11, 2015

    BTW Rita Ora covers have oustold her. That why she keeps booking em. 2015

    L’ official
    Instyle UK

    More to come

  50. CherylSoldierr March 11, 2015

    Cute. Waiting for American oxyegen to leak

  51. RICHIE_RICH March 11, 2015

    She looks good. I see you RiRi!!!!!!!!

  52. robyn March 12, 2015

    A lotta people are hating on rihanna for no aparent reason. And she isn’t afraid of realising R8 she just doesn’t want it to clash with the home soundtrack. I think R8 wil b realesd after the home soundtrack it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out so haters stay pressed as always. Rih is looking fabulous

  53. JOHNVIDAL March 12, 2015

    Doing what she does best LOL

  54. #JACKIE March 12, 2015

    Very ugly

  55. Satsuki K. March 12, 2015

    that fringe is clearly not enough to cover that huge forehead of yours riri

  56. girlbye March 12, 2015

    Beyhive mad as f***! Which is pretty normal especially if your not beyonce and doing something international or edgy. #Staypressed

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