Sam Smith Suffers Vocal Hemorrhage

Published: Tuesday 28th Apr 2015 by David


‘Stay With Me‘ singer Sam Smith has pulled the plug on the Australian leg of his tour, doing so after learning news set to shock and surprise his fans.

He revealed the following in an Instagram message:


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  1. MC&WH April 28, 2015

    HAHAHA! Real vocal “slayage” anyone??

    • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 28, 2015

      waiting for the second Album, but as the male Adele I’d probably have to wait another 4 years

    • myra April 28, 2015

      Chie this always happens to these white so called soul singers! All that trying to sound black and they cant handle it! Where is this fools vocal coach?


    Sam is so sweet, I mean Sam Smith… lol


    waiting for the second Album, but as the male Adele I’d probably have to wait another 4 years

  4. TheElusiveLamb April 28, 2015

    Awww. Ppl just don’t realize what those artists and their vocal cords go through. I hope he heals quickly.

  5. …. April 28, 2015

    funny how this always happens to yalls favourite white singers. the ones y’all swear are the true real singers with so much soul.

    • blue April 28, 2015

      doesnt it just prove that he actually uses his voice and not mime to a dead mic?

      • …. April 28, 2015

        it proves he has terrible technique and needs proper training. that’s what happens when you do too much. 13months in game and your pipes already can’t take lmfao. but that’s that ‘soul’ and ‘real sanginggg’ to y’all though.

  6. truth tea April 28, 2015

    He lost a stone in 2 weeks. No way was this natural or healthy. Now he has ‘vocal issues’?

    • ENOUGH ONIKA (NEW & IMPROVED) April 28, 2015


    • Al April 28, 2015

      Too much c***

  7. Only (NICKIARA) April 28, 2015

    How long was the D*** he sucked
    #dont deep throat


    songs I’m obsessed with now
    we belong together
    smash into you
    raining men
    Te amo
    high school

    • TheElusiveLamb April 28, 2015

      WBT & Satellites >>>>>>>

      • I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 28, 2015

        we belong together is really good

  9. Centurion April 28, 2015

    I bet the insects don’t even know what hemorrhaging means, but neither does their queen.

    • Only (NICKIARA) April 28, 2015


  10. truth b told April 28, 2015

    Funny how he cancels his tour in a country that bans lip synching… hmmm. suspect.. he is an auto tuned lip synching artist.. #FACTS

  11. Bella3 April 28, 2015

    Get well soon. ❤

  12. Adelephant April 28, 2015

    Aww he really is following Queen Adele’s footsteps.

  13. Jamie April 28, 2015

    Didn’t Adele do the same exact thing only to be with her beau? Whatever Sam Smith.

  14. cocobutta April 28, 2015

    Using that head voice on dance tracks without full vocal technique adds to the pressure on chords. He’ll improve that with a good coach.

    But as some have said just shows he is using his vocal live.

    Get well soon and REST IT.

    • credits April 28, 2015

      Head voice? I thought this dude was always using falsetto?! correct me if i am wrong….

  15. myra April 28, 2015

    Gurl why is that when these white soul singers try to sing like black folks this always happens? lawd why dont this fool stay in his lane and get a VOCAL Coach! They teach you how NOT to damage your instrument.

    • Jay April 28, 2015

      What does being white have to do with anything? It doesn’t matter how much vocal training you have, your vocal chords over time will wear down & just because someone is white doesn’t mean they can’t sing soul music. Get over that. Soul music or any other music in that sense can be listened to/sung by anyone.

  16. Rihicon April 28, 2015

    you don’t go on extensive tours when you have a powerful voice with equally powerful songs(unless you pre record or lipsync)! it’s asking for trouble.

  17. JOHNVIDAL April 28, 2015

    Similar to what happened to Adele. Just a couple of years singing hard and being real huge music stars and they quickly need a couple of years of vocal rest? Girl Whitney, Mariah or Celine (all of them better and more impressive voices obviously btw) kept singing non stop for years at a way more demanding level and their cords didn´t fail after just one album 🙂

    • TheElusiveLamb April 28, 2015

      LOL you are so f****** shady

  18. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 28, 2015

    music is awesome, it really does

  19. I STAN(D) IN LINE FOR HYDROQUINONE) April 28, 2015

    why’s did Mark Thot trying too hard to neutralize my efforts

  20. credits April 28, 2015

    A lot of people above are making comments about “white soul singers” and them “trying to be black” but maybe if we supported our black r&b soul artists more, these singers who are “trying to be black” (as stated) wouldn’t be dominating the genre alone. Instead all i see on here are comments filled with hate and “flop” and “irrelevant”when the fact of the matter is most of those “irrelevant flops” are right up there with Sam smith and Adele vocally and if not, they are vocally superior. Luke James and Jazmine sullivan are a perfect example. Listen to their voices, stream an album or something…

    • myra April 28, 2015

      Yes jazmine, kwabs and luke outsing both of them and I buy and support them all but your right, we need more to Buy and support black artists…

  21. Casual-T April 28, 2015

    Sounding good and singing properly are two separate things. He needs to work with a vocal coach to make sure he is providing proper breath support, tone placement, and vowel pronunciation while singing.

  22. Kelendria April 28, 2015

    Probably from choking on d*ck

  23. @FutureCIARA April 28, 2015


  24. i got a saggy ass April 28, 2015

    I’m so sick of this adele clone. I don’t know what it is about him but I don’t care for him or his music. #next

  25. You wanna love it right better then my money April 30, 2015

    Hope he get better

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