Hot Shots: Beyonce Turns Up On Tumblr

Published: Thursday 7th May 2015 by Sam

Cop a gander of Beyonce!

The ‘Blow’ belter serves playful fierce in the newest snaps she’s shared with fans on Tumblr.

Though notoriously private, Queen Bey has developed a penchant for giving folk a window peek into her life via social media.

With a new album with husband Jay Z reportedly due imminently, we imagine we’ll be seeing more from Mrs Carter in the weeks ahead.

Pending then, peep more pics below…




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  1. Special Delivery May 7, 2015

    DAMN she still could get it. ????????????????

    • know this May 7, 2015

      She don’t want it boo boo…

    • Pat May 7, 2015

      Basic and tries way too hard!

  2. Kendall May 7, 2015

    She is so gorgeous. Love that she has the most followers on IG for posing against a wall most of the time.

  3. Monica Stan May 7, 2015

    She looks f****** fierce. Poor Nicki and Rihanna could never.

    • Brandy May 7, 2015

      Why are you guys holding my comment for moderation, that’s really a low blow.

      • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig May 8, 2015

        Cos you’re annoying af

    • (Rihyonce) May 14, 2015


  4. XXX May 7, 2015

    And shes officially the most powerful celeb mom by…. Smoking Hot!

  5. Charlieyoncé May 7, 2015

    Sweet Lord Almighty! Beyoncé needs to STAHP slaying us like this though ❤️❤️❤️


    American queen is the new American dream. Oh, what it is to be an American woman and have so much power! You’d have lessors that you don’t even know hating from a distance because they’re to scared to hate in front of you. Now tell me that ain’t a kii, a true one at that.

  7. Jino May 7, 2015

    Queen of Tidal.

    • Molly May 7, 2015

      Lol Tidal is a flop tho.

      • Monica Stan May 7, 2015

        LMAO a Ciara Stan can’t call anything a flop. You’re delusional girl!!!

      • Molly May 7, 2015

        But Tidal is a flop even the hive knows that kii. But how is Monica doing? Seems like the only good thing she’s good at is getting knocked up.

      • Monica Stan May 7, 2015

        Mo is sure as hell selling more than 22k

  8. Molly May 7, 2015

    Yaaaaaas Queen! She looks 23 get it girl.

  9. Quinton251 aka Lil Wayne Stan May 7, 2015

    She is such a beauty. ????????

  10. Brandy May 7, 2015

    She looks ok.

    • Molly May 7, 2015

      She looks better than Brandon Norwoods monkey lookin ass.

      • Brandy May 7, 2015

        How does that 20k taste?

      • Monica Stan May 7, 2015

        Both look better than Ciadamsapple

      • Brandy fan May 7, 2015

        You have the audacity, with your T***** fav.

  11. Keri Qween May 7, 2015

    My grandmother has a pair of highwaisted jean shorts like that

    • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

      That’s bc you’re grandmother is only 35 #BrendaHadABaby

      • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

        You’re just mad because you couldn’t fit into a pair

      • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

        I fit in mine hun. You sound mad bc they don’t make clothes big enough to fit your hog legs, prime rib stomach, and bloated bowling pin shaped body. Squeak on Moby Dickk. ????????????????

      • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

        Your thinking of Mooriah


      • Pat May 7, 2015

        @TheElusive, Rotfl!!!!!!

  12. TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

    Body tight, weave fresh, makeup light; I see why haters mad. The woman is absolutely FLAWLESS! #ItsKingBBitches

  13. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    She’s always had a beautiful hourglass figure.
    Her waist-to-hip ratio>>>>>>>
    And that outfit is FIRE!!!!!!!

  14. SMH May 7, 2015

    She looks basic af. Rihanna could give her a tip or 20 when it comes to fashion.

    • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

      She can’t dress for nothing maybe that’s why the house of ghetto failed.

      • SMH May 7, 2015

        Exactly lol.

      • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

        She looks like someone’s delusional aunt who’s still trying to dress “young and hip”.

    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      And that’s the only thing Rihanna could EVER give Beyonce a tip on.

      • bria May 7, 2015

        Rihanna beats her at everything

        Her so-called vocals always absent when it matters, inaug

        Precious Lord was a mess and just showcased her backstabbing low life nature

        Beyonce is beyond basic she just has her Ty Ty led brigade that bullies others

        Her contribution to society and this dragging culture that she is at the forefront of is a travesty to humanity and our otherwise great legacy

        But what more can be expected of sn immature insecure clown

        Here is your queen, carry on

        The met chair didmt even acknowledge her please look at mw dress that was off theme

        Like someone aptly points out while bey is making the news rihanna is making history

        Epic was a success, 1St black lead

        Rihanna in top 5 of bestselling females of all.time

        Beyonce and her bought and made up accolades is transparent to most but still.worshipped by few, its a free world carry on

      • bria May 7, 2015

        Rihanna Rihanna Rihanna don’t yall get tired of talking about her.dag

        Yall know who The real deal is

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        Everything expect:

        •Actually knowing how to hit anything beyond a C5 Note.
        •Being the only female artist with 5 Consecutive #1 Albums and 142 million records sold.
        •Having 17 Grammy WINS &
        • Being the most nominated female artist in history
        •Being RIAA’s Top Certified Artist of the Decade & NRJ Artist of the Decade
        • Being named Billboard’s Female Artist of the Decade, Top Radio Songs Artist of the Decade & Artist of the Millennium •
        • Having 3 Golden Globe nominations, 3 #1 Films, & $994M WW Bo
        •Selling over 300k albums in the first week.
        •Selling more albums with 5 albums than with 7.
        •Managing her own record label.
        •Being one of the top five most successful female tour acts of all time.
        •Being the highest paid entertainer PERIOD.

        •Actually knowing how to keep a man.

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015


      • bria May 7, 2015

        Blah blah blah

        And she still out on the stroll like the rent is due

        Is that dirt on the carpet, ewww and yuck, too self absorbed to notice that and that the smoke and mirrors (and bullying) not working like it used to

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        LIES! You said that Rihanna beats Beyonce in everything lol….BUT hun who is about to release their 8th album with only 10 Million sold in ten years?
        Meanwhile, you can TRIPLE Rihanna’s networth and Beyonce’s still worth more.
        Beyonce’s made more money in 1 YEAR ALONE than Rihanna’s has in her whole entire existence #IndustryPuppet

  15. TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

    Anyone find it funny that when Kershaw Kentucky calls someone fat when his body is the poster child of hypertension? Anyone else find it funny when he calls something a flop when his Birdie fav has “albums” like No Wings Allowed that hasn’t even seen 250k copies fly off the shelves? Why must it slurp Marsha’s infected d*** just so someone can pay it the attention that the crack w**** who birthed him in that motel didn’t give him? Please someone make that deranged, loose booty, fat, bum, irrelevant f*** f** go away.

    • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

      You f*** wanna bring up flops I can bring up a flop for all of your faves so myself and keri remained unbothered

      And why are you so pressed with myself and mark? I just think the guy is funny #mooooooooo????????????????????????????

      • TheElusiveLamb May 7, 2015

        Why are you so pressed? I think it’s hilarious that Kershaw has had more Beyoncè albums thrown at her than she has ever sold in her career. You can continue slurping his d*** in between your squeaking though Shamu.

  16. LB May 7, 2015

    Lmao, well at least she is pretty. That’s the best I can do.

  17. SMH May 7, 2015

    And as usual, the beyonce stans are getting wet over mediocrity.

  18. LB May 7, 2015

    How much in Carbon credits is Nicki Minaj worth?
    I’m sure she was celebrating when the oil prices went to an all time low for that brief moment.

  19. Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

    @Kerri Qween
    B****, stfu! You’re just mad because The Queen Bey has edges and you dont.

    • Keri Qween May 7, 2015

      How’s your a/I/D/s coming? Nice to know your an advocate for the cause

      • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

        Lmao i’ done. We have rihicon the poverty model and now this

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        Sir, remove the tin foil hat slowly.

  20. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

    Theres ththat dusty horse haired wig again. Wearing rihannas old wardobe from the TTT album shoot wont make you younger. #midLifeCrisis

    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      Wait, dont you stan for FKA Twiggs? Opps…nope! Never mind. Thats Pon De Forehead in your avi.

      • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

        Who? How does it feel to know that CL won a poll between her and whiteyonce in who wore the tom ford dress better

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        How does it feel to know that CL has arms like a man and a face like a Cabbage Patch Kid?

  21. DEL BEY May 7, 2015

    She looks superrrrr cute, I love her hair straight like that, I think she should rock that look with a darker shade on brown for the next era!

  22. Rihboy May 7, 2015

    She turns up every day with these pointless photo shoots on every outlet. What is she trying to prove or gain? Fashion credits? Lls. No babe. Leave it for those who just have it naturally. Not these forced photo shoots.

    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      What is she trying to prove?

      That she could pull more followers than Instagrams Next Top Model *cough cough* Rihanna, without having to follow anybody back lol.

      • Rihboy May 8, 2015

        Despite the fact she was absent several months? Yeah completely fair! Has nothing to do with the fact she is pressed with these daily photo shoots and constant posting. Looking like a thirsty thot.

      • Marley May 8, 2015

        But Rihanna joing IG months before and couldve easily caught up to Beyonce by now if shes sooo hot on Ig. Dont be mad because Beyonce is gaining more followers at a faster pace. Shes even overtaken Kim.

    • Marley May 8, 2015

      And still has more followers than Rihtryhard mess.

  23. fatusankoh May 7, 2015

    Omg queen bey look so flawless she look so fine look younger than her age haters are seething she is beter looking and younger than their favorite

  24. bria May 7, 2015

    These gay black men and their ‘ dragging’ of black women, besides beyonce, is a problem

    Do you have any other intersts or ambitions in life besides tearing down hard working black women, and other women, in the name of beyonce.

    What’s next as this behavior is pathetic and i am glad more people realize who and where its coming from

    Your sexual.preference is not the issue your dusgusting bbehavior and thus dragging hobby is, happy people dont live to berate and tear down others

    Seek help

  25. Monica Stan May 7, 2015

    Damn near ALL of beyonces pics on IG have over 1M likes. Rihanna can barely scrape 400K on hers. Damn b**** can’t even get people to like her pics.

    • The Legend May 7, 2015

      Kii Kii

  26. bria May 7, 2015

    And please leave rihanna and all others out of it, oh but you can’t, sad

    Carry on, im out
    And fyi beyonces reported worth is just that your hunty is actually in debt , time will tell it, remember you heard it here first

  27. Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

    I was left sad when i found out that CL is going to feature in beyonces tv show. Be careful Chae-Rin. Don let her thieve your sweg, style and artistry and claim it as her own before your debeut in the usa starts

    • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

      What!?? Your fave is bowing down to the Queen Bey?? Thats news worthy lol


      • Kelly kelly | CL is coming May 7, 2015

        I dont actually care who clít she has to lick or coçk she has to suck. I just need her to debuet with bigger numberes than #flopackie or at least tinmanshe

      • Tyler Makaveli May 7, 2015

        B**** you sound stupid. Sit tf down.

  28. @FutureCIARA May 7, 2015

    She looks hot, But can we get a new era already? Im here for it

  29. Steph. May 7, 2015

    I swear, her face has been looking like 2003 again. Amazing.

  30. Carry On May 7, 2015

    Paid workers on here.

  31. Antmo May 7, 2015

    I love me some bey until I die but guhhhh TGJ expose some new artist for once I need some new music in my life tired of the same stuff lol ijs don’t come for me

  32. RoyalBey May 7, 2015

    YOU BETTER POSE B****!!!!!!

  33. The Legend May 7, 2015

    The Hottest & Baddest Biitch N The Game! Music would be so boring without her.

  34. Royalkev May 8, 2015

    Yes King! B like I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ myself, I’m feelin’ my …

  35. You wanna love it right bettor then my funky money May 8, 2015


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