Bobbi Kristina’s Death Ruled A Homicide

Published: Monday 27th Jul 2015 by David

Bobbi Kristina‘s death has been a ruled a homicide.

Shocking news below…

The 22-year-old’s passing was announced yesterday evening and has now been ruled a homicide by officials who believe she was murdered.

TMZ reports:

Law enforcement sources tell us, both the D.A. and the cops are treating the mystery as foul play, and Bobbi Kristina’s boyfriend, Nick Gordon, continues to be a person of interest.

Although months have separated the incident in which Bobbi Kristina was found submerged in her bathtub from her death Sunday, law enforcement is confident there will be no problem finding a direct link between the 2, and they have felt from the beginning there was foul play.

Click here to learn more about more Gordon’s tie to Bobbi’s death.

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  1. Skyfall July 27, 2015

    Get that b****!!!!!!

  2. Molly July 27, 2015

    Nick used and abused Bobbi smh he must be taken down.

    • Faf July 28, 2015

      Exactly “person of interest” I understand law process but he’s he only one ever implicated CLEARLY he abused her and drowned her

      Sad bc he had ppl thinking she committed suicide And her bestfriend Alex was telling everyone she would never do that

  3. DEL BEY July 27, 2015

    scandalous, still can’t believe she’s gone

  4. Gee July 27, 2015

    Sad and whoever is responsible should be brought to justice.

  5. lolhart July 27, 2015

    For the sake of the families, I hope this is not homicide. The last thing they need is a long drawn out investigation and trial which will probably not result in a conviction.

  6. sorry4theessay July 27, 2015

    That story is not true for one! The initial autopsy found no evidence of blunt force trauma and not one charge has been filed by the DA! Do better tgj, I mean since when has TMZ been a credible source? I also wish you guys would stop trying to do the same thing the public did with Whitney and Bobby! Family,fans, etc didn’t want Whitney to take personal responsibility and look what happened? Now they need a scapegoat for Bobbi’s death and they have one because people are gullible as crap and don’t take the time to do research for themselves, just take bloggers and social media words as stone!The family,her “friends” and anyone else who was close to her and watched her self destruct!

    • King z July 27, 2015

      Tmz is not m**! Tmz has long been a credible source cited by even the likes of abc and cnn

      • sorry4theessay July 27, 2015

        I could cite TMZ on a research essay right now and would lose points because of citing them as my source,some professors would even make me rewrite the whole thing.ABC and CNN? Really? So why are they doing an YouTube cat report right now,but did little to none about the 10 marines killed a week ago? If you take the fluff that most of these news corporation spew and add in their agenda,You’d understand news is more entertainment that it actually is news! More importantly, a blog that interviews celebrities and has a following as large as tgj shouldn’t have to or need to post stories from that bloody rag called TMZ!

    • rosy July 27, 2015

      I agree that family neglected bobbie christina so they will blame anyone else but,themselves crack family the poor girl did not stand a chance

      • sorry4theessay July 27, 2015

        She most certainly didn’t and it’s sad! Stop trying to place the blame solely on Nick,her family members,mother,and father all failed her! There’s no reason why Bobbi shouldn’t be here right now focusing on her life goals!If Nick did in fact kill her and I use if likely,than Whitney is at fault as well,she should’ve never moved that guy into her home and did drugs with her teenage daughter! Bobby should’ve got off his chunky ass and been a better father and the browns/Houston’s should’ve been a stronger support system. But these pop fanactics don’t like to see the truth..ignorance is bliss they say!

  7. king z July 27, 2015

    so yall really finna play like yall don’t know pat and gary killed her and using nick to take the fall?

    they killed whitney because they knew she was worth more dead than alive and followed suit with her heiress.

  8. Sandra July 27, 2015

    It’s all so sad and horrible 🙁 RIP Bobbi Kristina.

  9. JOHNVIDAL July 27, 2015

    Just RIP baby.

    PS: I can´t stand misogynistic and/or homophobic views (or any type of injustice really) so if this were be the result of some kind of man-attacks-his-partner situation it would be the last straw.

  10. @JanetCIARA_ July 27, 2015

    What a sick twisted b******!
    His mom should be put in jail too, For putting her son off on somebody else family and not properly raising him…. Greedy Heifer! Cant stand parents like that. If she would have taken care of her responsibility maybe Nick dumb a** wouldnt have became a no good leech to the Houston family. Something is wrong in that boys head, He never fully developed. May Justice be served

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