Monica Announces ‘Code Red’ Release Date / Previews New Song

Published: Monday 2nd Nov 2015 by Sam

Monica fans are in for a treat this Christmas.

The R&B songbird is set to reward her loyal supporters with the long-awaited release of her eighth studio album ‘Code Red.’

A number of release dates had been touted this year, however an uncertain shade of grey defined when exactly the LP would land at retail.

Well, wonder no more because ‘Code Red’ now has an official impact date.

Find out when the project is being unwrapped after the jump…

Taking to Facebook today, the Grammy winner confirmed December 18th as the LP’s due date. She also shared a snippet of a new song along with the announcement:

Bucking the trend of releasing a stream of singles and then the album, Monica is instead embarking on 22-city US tour from next week and wrapping in NYC on December 13th. The trek, which features special guest Rico Love, has been christened the ‘Code Red Experience.’

It appears Mo’ will use the shows to premiere new music to fans first live. It’s a refreshing strategy and one that, we’re sure, is designed to re-connect her with fanbase so as to place her at the forefront of their minds come the release of the music.

It’s ambitious and will still need to be teamed with a single, visuals, a radio push, and the usual promotional practices. Still, it’s an exciting roll-out in what can become a very samey/formulaic business. On paper, at least, it also seems smart given the obvious Christmas sales component.

What do you think…?

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  1. Dev November 2, 2015

    I think…


    I commend her for trying though, just like all the other Black R&B singers who “try” today but never sell because the majority of Black people don’t support and buy their albums but then moan and b*tch when a White Soul singer like Adele slays! KIII. 😉

    • TR November 3, 2015

      I have to agree because I won’t be buying.. However it’s not because of the color of the artist or myself, some of them simply can’t sing anymore.

  2. HUR November 2, 2015

    I’ve always loved Mo, but, recently it feels like she’s just singing a LONG ass song! it all sounds the same, sound likes shes over singing it, and boring!

  3. Barb-wire November 2, 2015

    Awww 🙁 She’s gonna flop but I wish her the best. Good luck sis, you’re going to need all the luck you can get and maybe a miracle (depends on what works). Luv u

  4. What now November 2, 2015

    Funny how that “Monica Stan” suddenly packed his s*** and left now that Monica is finally releasing. He’s embarrassed to see her numbers so now he’s hiding under a new alias.

  5. HOWYOULIKEIT November 2, 2015

    Monica does NOT have a bad album. I have them all and they are all masterpiece. You can always hear that she is real
    Playing Inside from the boy is mine

  6. Cory November 2, 2015

    Real fans care about music not numbers. Pure vocals.

  7. Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2015

    Ya gotta stop with that b******* black people don’t buy albums; I know quite a good handful blacks that still running to the stores (walmart,best buy,target) to buy albums. Why blame sells on the consumers when ya know damn well the industry is isn’t what it used to be, it’s technically f***** up. We are living in a day age where anybody can just cop the whole LP off the internet ! Back in the days of the 60s,70s, 80s,90s, and early 00s you weren’t able to do that. And yes they were bootlegs but not like how it is today. Top of that the only reason why Adele selling is because she’s been pushed and shoved down our throat (which is a good way cuz she actually has talent) but come on now there are plenty of good artists out there especially underground and you can find all of them right on YouTube! I’m talking about real singers vocalist rappers and musicians. But again it’s not black people or white people or Hispanic people its the damn industry point blank.

    • Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2015

      Tell them (excutives, record labels,management industry) to fix and resolve the problem and then maybe all of our faves can finally slay all together. Finally put an end to this pity party and Stan Wars so that everybody can win at the same damn time.

    • The Truth. November 2, 2015

      Also, to add to your point, WHITE PEOPLE DON’T BUY ALBUMS BY BLACK ARTISTS like they should. Everyone always tries to pin the fault on black consumers, or lack thereof, but I know many black people that have bought Adele, Justin Timberlake, and Taylor Swift albums – contributing to their high numbers. When it comes to white artists doing hip-hop or R&B, everyone supports their music (Eminem, Macklemore, etc.) including black people.

      Why is it that Luke James, Jazmine Sullivan, and Ledisi don’t get that kind of support from white people? Or what about Anthony Hamilton, Musiq, and Leela James? Alot of their stuff is better than Sam Smith and Adele. The only people that keep these kind of BLACK R&B ARTISTS making money is BLACK CONSUMERS!!!! But no one wants to talk about that though.

      Why do you think Tamar did such low numbers this time around? I guarantee you that most of those 30,000 album sales she had came from black people and very little came from white consumers.

      • Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2015

        Just like your user name you said no lies whatsoever. I always get upset with people blaming s*** on black (with no proof while stereotyping us with bs) and the artists you mentioned are excellent examples of the bs that’s happening to not only the genre but the culture as whole smh.

      • Lmfao_Hoe November 2, 2015

        Speaking of Tamar very true indeed, and this site paid it dust smh. That album was very good and had such a great vibe.

  8. Kitty Puurrzz November 2, 2015

    Monica is NOT concerned with #s. It’s about the QUALITY of the album & i know Code Red’s content will be AMAZING.

  9. MUSICHEAD November 2, 2015

    Monica doesn’t have to work that hard to sell an album because she already has a fan base. As long as her first single connects with the fans, they will definitely buy her music (I e. So Gone from After The Storm, Everything To Me from Still Standing). However, when her fans don’t connect with her first single she fails (i.e. Everytime The Beat Drops from Makings of Me, Every single from New Life). She just needs a strong urban ballad and the Adult Urban audience will surely support her like they did Tyrese and Janet.

    • Ok November 2, 2015

      Shes been flopping post 1998 so shut up

  10. Kitty Puurrzz November 2, 2015

    Monica is lowkey the QUEEN of R&B. No debate.

    • Ok November 2, 2015

      Queen of r&b? Lmaoooo stop monica doesnt even have certified albums in australia,switzerland,france,germany etc hell she barely broke through in the uk in the uk alone she has 6 top 40’s and 1 silvet album so please monica is no one’s queen

    • Ok November 2, 2015

      Queen of r&b stop it !! Monica doesnt even have certified albums in australia,switzerland,belgium,france,germany etc hell she barely broke through in the uk in the uk alone she only has 6 top 40’s and 1 silver album and dont even get me started on her u.s stats her u.s stats is horrible with her over shipped and over certified albums lmao And she only sold 5 mill in the u.s so how is she is r&b’s queen?

  11. Theman November 2, 2015

    Monica has a loyal FANBASE. This is very smart. She can promote her album on the tour & she can release a new single. Her new song has done fairly well on Urban radio. She’s a very solid artist. Shut up with the flop shyt. It’s annoying damn. BLK people don’t purchase as much music as others. Has any other R&b artist outside of Beyonce even gone gold? It’s absurd. Radio hinders many artists too, because, they don’t play them. Labels should also start promoting their artists. Lastly, being a great singer isn’t enough, just because you can sing doesn’t mean that people will like the material. It has to resonate with the gp.

  12. 4everBrandy_Ci November 2, 2015

    I have to jump in and defend Monica because it’s frustrating to see the black artists not getting the respect and support they deserve!!!! Monica is a vet in the r&b game and I have always respected her art and music. I haven’t been a huge fan of hers but I do acknowledge what she has done in music. People need to stop making f****** excuses and support the music and stop being idiots and think for themselves. This is why the music industry is a FAILURE. I need for people to wake the f*** up and look at what’s going on. The white artists are able to sell records but the black artists are struggling to get the same recognition and acknowledgement!!!!! I have bought a few r&b albums that are great bodies of work over the past few years. For example, Brandy 2/11, Keyshia Cole Woman To Woman, Tamar’s both albums Love And War, Calling All Hearts. I mean it’s ridiculous how these albums are overlooked because of the music industry’s b*******! Those albums are real and heartfelt r&b music!!!!! It’s disturbing to see how people really don’t appreciate the music and instead of supporting they would rather download or just support mediocre b*******. Seriously, things need to change and Monica will get my support! She’s been slaying me and I feel like she deserves the success. #CodeRed

  13. cocobutta November 2, 2015

    Its a Code Red order.

    Haters be envying her 20 years in the industry. Mo and served her time and will continue to make music for loyal ones who love her voice like.

    Respect it and move on cus its a Code Red Situation.

  14. ajm265 November 2, 2015

    Again as a Monica STANN she will be just no matter what the numbers are. What do people expect. She paid for her own damn video this is her last album who RCA so they don’t care. She’s doing fine. Over the last year she gained 1.2 million followers on Twitter with decent promo she will do 50k. With no promo she still will do better than most R&B artist that are out. Her fans need to know she has an album out and it will be okay. And I’m sure now that she’s acting again she will no wait as long to put out the next album hopefully with a different label

    • Hur November 3, 2015

      She will Absolutely NOT do 50k!
      remember this post.

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