New Song: Fleur East – Sax [A Must Hear!]

Published: Friday 6th Nov 2015 by Sam

As X Factor “moments” go, few can rival Fleur East’s breakout performance of ‘Uptown Funk.’ Smartly, then, she has cooked up her own take on the sound with the deliciously addictive ’Sax.’

Big, booming, and busy, the Electric cut (which was co-written by East) features funkified production and ample swagger to match.

Touted as a huge break-out hit, set off the explosive track after the jump…

Via JV:

Heavy on the metaphors, the track showcases a flirty Fleur in fine form as she throws down the gauntlet to a potential bae. The seismic saxophone rift is rich and sounds much fuller and more robust than those featured on some of this Summer’s big hits. A subtle, but positively impactful point of difference. 

The pre-chorus sees the singer chant “baby, baby I’ve been waiting for someone to blow my mind”…and blow our minds she does. 

A certified smash!

[Click here to read our EXCLUSIVE preview of Fleur’s debut album ‘Love, Sax and Flasbacks’ ]

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  1. Mr ???? November 6, 2015

    S’aight like fam… Not all that

  2. Barb-wire November 6, 2015

    She can keep it…

  3. Everyone’s A Critic November 6, 2015

    A cheap attempt to imitate an annoying song, Uptown Funk. Extremely annoying, sounds like a song that would play at an ASDA Christmas party.

    I HATE IT- so unoriginal

    • Lorax November 6, 2015


      You’re too kind.

      More like COSTCUTTERS or Ali & Rahman’s groceries!

  4. Lorax November 6, 2015


    Her upcoming album WILL FLOP and she will be a distant memory by 2018.


    • AJ November 6, 2015

      Yet when a white imitation Mariah Carey I.e. Ariana Grande released a saxophone heavy funky track is innovative? Now that’s what I call double standards

  5. Taylor Tori Azalea November 6, 2015

    Let me leave this here
    ‘1989’ by Taylor Swift has sold more records than Beyoncé’s last two albums combined.

  6. londontru November 6, 2015

    Very very well written pop track should be a definite top 5,
    i see fleur as a celebrity shes been in the industry ages. so at this point its about having fun and making some quick p.
    good luck girl !

    • Mr ???? November 6, 2015

      Fleur has been in the industry for two minutes…

      Mariah has been in the industry for “ages”

  7. lolhart November 6, 2015

    Perfect for drunk dancing at a Christmas / New Years party and nothing more. The people who think this basic girl is going to be a global star are more disillusional than Ora fans.

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