J. Cole Reveals He Is Married…By Accident

Published: Tuesday 19th Jan 2016 by David

J. Cole has tied the knot…secretly.


Surprising news below…

In a recent conversation with ‘Creed’ director Ryan Coogler Cole’s “secret” was unearthed when the creative made the mistake of quizzing him on the matter….before it had been announced publicly.

How he did it?

By asking him the following question.

How did getting married change you?


A nervous Cole then responded with…

Oh. What is that?! That was like one thing not to do.

Coogler answered with…

They didn’t know?

To which Cole answered…

They do now.


News of his romantic union surfaced as he sets his sights on the forthcoming Grammy Awards ceremony and continues to celebrate the success of his latest LP ‘Forest Hills Drive 2014.’

Your thoughts?

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  1. Christina Aguilera January 19, 2016

    I used to secretly love him but nown #ItsOver.

  2. Pray for the youth January 19, 2016

    Omgawsh… Well I read that wrong. Here my dumbass is thinking “how the hell did he get married on accident?” I had this tea a long time ago though. *goes back to sleep*

  3. Barb-wire January 19, 2016

    Lol thank you Mr Coogler! I certainly had no idea but Kudos to him for not messing around with these fame hungry thots.

  4. Biting Truth January 19, 2016

    Haven’t been a fan of J. Cole since he turned hipster.

    • Kayla C January 19, 2016

      You’re absence is detrimental

  5. Jamie January 19, 2016

    Why secretly though?

  6. blue January 19, 2016

    im sorry but he is famous he isnt a celebrity…we just dont care past the music.

  7. blue January 19, 2016

    thought he got married by accident

  8. Walker January 19, 2016

    Celebrities kill me with these “secret” marriages and kids. The truth always wind up coming out in inconvenient ways. Just admit that you’re married (Janet, Usher, Eminem) and don’t create a bogus scenario to cover up that your baby was conceived out of wedlock (Brandy). No one cares. It’s the LIE and the pretense over something not even that serious that makes me hate you.

  9. Liam January 19, 2016

    Some artist prefer ppl to just focus on their music and not their private life which I respect!

  10. Linear January 19, 2016

    They’re public figures. Their private lives are going to be put into the public sphere to some degree. That’s just part of the gig. But it would be less of an issue if they were just honest and didn’t go through such elaborate means to keep basic things hidden. Now J. Cole is going to be hounded about his newly uncovered marriage for a while. If he had just admitted that he was getting married, it wouldn’t be news at this point.

  11. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music January 25, 2016

    Good for him and his wife. I like his music

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