From The Vault: Melanie C & Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes – ‘Never Be The Same Again’

Published: Sunday 17th Jan 2016 by Joe

What happens when two artists from the two of music’s biggest girlbands join forces? Apparently, smash hit bliss!

This week’s From The Vault pick is Melanie C‘s ‘Never Be The Same Again‘ featuring the incomparable Lisa ‘Left Eye’ Lopes.

A rather unlikely pairing on paper, it quickly becomes clear upon listening to ‘Same’ that the ladies were onto winner. Released in early 2000, the track served as the third single from Sporty Spice’s debut effort ‘Northern Star‘ and saw her showcasing a radically different facet of her artistry. Especially when compared to the sugar-coated sound that defined “Spice Mania,” which took over the globe (with the firmest of grips) during the latter 90’s.

Rhett Lawrence produced the track which he co-wrote with Chisolm and Lopes – who was in the midst of expanding her brand following TLC‘s blockbuster album, ‘FanMail‘.

The track proved to be a huge European success for the duo, hitting #1 in the UK and #5 in Germany. Sadly, it didn’t chart in the US but fared very well in Australia where it reached the second position of the ARIA chart.

With its futuristic feel and modern-design elements, the video for the single was very much carved in the vein of what could be seen on MTV in a post-Matrix reality.

Lensed by Francis Lawrence, the visual presents Melanie in a sterile, Feng-shui environment meditating to music, running (no doubt to the top of the charts) before being joined by Left-Eye for a synchronised Tai-Chi session. The latter dubbed as captivating “choreography” in itself.

With this collaboration, the girls showed that mixing Spice with touch of TLC can yield the most delicious of results. We yearn for more out-of-the-box pairings such as this. Hopefully, today’s top talent will do away with the rigid politics and oblige.

Your thoughts?

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  1. AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 17, 2016

    YASSSS this was everything! I was living for Left Eye’s karate solo. #ICONIC

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 17, 2016

      *TAI CHI 🙁

  2. Taylor Tori Azalea January 17, 2016

    Who and who?

    • Arfa January 17, 2016

      What have done in besides being a power bottom biitch

    • Arfa January 17, 2016

      What have you done in your life besides being a power bottom biitch @taylortoriazaleabiitch

  3. Indie January 17, 2016

    What an absolute classic!!! This was such an exciting colabo, thank you TGJ for posting this!

  4. bertus January 17, 2016

    What an absolute classic!!! This was such an exciting colabo, thank you TGJ for posting this!

  5. Meteorite January 17, 2016

    I love both Lisa and Sporty Spice, but honestly had no idea they did a song together!?!? Was it not released in the states?
    Just bought it on iTunes. Very classic 90’s feel

    • AnnaliseKeatingsNewWig January 17, 2016

      Coinz well spent 🙂

    • Kev Kev January 18, 2016

      This song is the bizness! It was released and played in Canada but in the states only a few stations played the promotional single.

      This was a time when artists (no matter how bizarre the collaboration looked on paper) took risks. It wasn’t about who’s squad sold ww albums, or had instagram followers. It was just about creating HOT music.

  6. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music January 17, 2016

    This was a great song back in the day. Rip Lisa left eye lopes

  7. eric January 18, 2016

    I don’t remember this song or video; both are nicely done. I learned something new today.

  8. stan January 18, 2016

    too bad it didn’t do well in the us, but this song is still a classic! we need to have more of this kind of collabs.

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