Chart Check [Hot 100]: Rihanna Ties Two Michael Jackson Records With #1 Hit ‘Work’

Published: Thursday 25th Feb 2016 by Rashad
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Some may argue Rihanna will never be a legend, but at the rate she’s meeting or surpassing the records of her legendary predecessors, the history books will argue otherwise.

For, despite shortcomings on the Billboard 200 side of charts, her 11 year career has seen her equal or eclipse many-a-Hot 100 record of pop music’s royalty (Whitney Houston, Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, etc).  In fact, those who need a refresher should traipse with us down memory lane for a few highlights:


As of time reporting, Rihanna is the only female artist of color to top Hot 100 this decade


Rihanna outraces Madonna for most top 10 singles amassed in shortest period of time


Rihanna surpasses Whitney Houston‘s Hot 100 top 10 record


Rihanna ties Janet Jackson & Mariah Carey‘s top 10 record

Now, it appears the ‘Diamonds’ diva has her sights set on the Hot 100 crowns of King of Pop Michael Jackson.  With the ascension of her (not Drake‘s) latest tune ‘Work’ to the tally’s perch, the songbird is just one #1 hit away from breaking two of his prized records.

Find out which below:

Last week when ‘Work’ worked its way to the #4 spot, it put her in an exclusive club of hitmakers.  In fact, she became the 8th artist in history to amass 20 or more top 5 singles.

Via Billboard:

The song [‘Work’] is Rihanna’s 20th top five Hot 100 hit, making her just the eighth artist to hit that milestone.

Here is an updated look at the acts with the most top five Hot 100 hits:
29, The Beatles
28, Madonna
26, Mariah Carey
24, Janet Jackson
21, Elvis Presley (whose career predated the Hot 100’s 1958 launch by two years)
20, Michael Jackson
20, Rihanna
20, Stevie Wonder


But, as if tying MJ’s top 5 record last week wasn’t enough, this week the diva’s Drake-assisted hit zoomed to #1 (as seen in charts below).  With it, Rih not only nabbed her 14th #1 single, but also tied the King of Pop’s Hot 100 #1’s record.

Note:  Many outlets are reporting she has surpassed his record, but such is only the case if ‘We Are the World,’ #1 single penned and performed by Michael Jackson (and others), is not included in their tallying.  MJ fans argue the charity single should not be excluded from his count as many of Rih’s trips to #1 on the Hot 100 are as a featured artist.
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This Week’s Hot 100

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  1. ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

    Two Selena songs in top 20 yaaass… #WheresFormation ?

      • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

        Iggys over here scared to release new music stfu

    • DEL BEY February 25, 2016


  2. Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

    Did she write or produce any of her hits? Because anyone can buy hit songs

    • Kev Kev February 25, 2016

      Like Beyonce does! Formation wasn’t written by her.

  3. #JACKIE February 25, 2016

    The female Flo Rida, TBH.

    • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

      Oooop not Flo rida sis

  4. rihty perry February 25, 2016

    ^^^lol at cirrror stans being the first to comment

    • Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

      Did Rihanna write or produce any of her hit songs?

      • Terny February 25, 2016

        Molly, ure not fooling anyone…

      • What now February 25, 2016

        She did help write and produce a few, but she never claimed to be the writer. Are you mad bc we can’t even have this discussion on Ciara?

      • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

        @Terny byeee bitttch that isn’t me

      • rihty perry February 25, 2016

        is cierror relevant outside of her baby daddy and nfl c** throwers?

  5. rihty perry February 25, 2016

    slay rih yu in the history books forever and work has no signs of slowing down. the gurls are forever pressed

  6. YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016

    Also, once again, as reported by ‘The Huffington Post (Black Voices)’:

    1) Rihanna is the first BLACK FEMALE ARTIST to chart at #1 on the Hot 100 on any song since ‘herself’ with Eminem in 2013 – ‘The Monster’.


    2) Rihanna is the first BLACK FEMALE “SOLO” ARTIST to chart at #1 on the Hot 100 with a song since ‘herself’ with ‘Diamonds’ – 2012.


    3) Rihanna is the ONLY BLACK FEMALE SOLO ARTIST to chart at #1 on the Hot 100 at all this decade thus far since herself in 2010 – six years ago”.


    I’m so happy for you, Rih. Now, it’s time for you to promote more of ‘ANTI’ and hurry up and release ‘Kiss It Better’ and/or ‘Love On the Brain’ along with its music videos. I want you to get that 15th and/or 16th #1 single. ;).

    • What now February 25, 2016


      • YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016

        Sis,I’m DYING to see the “Kiss It Better” video!!!


        I feel it’s going to be EPIC!

    • Forehead Fierce February 25, 2016


    • blue February 25, 2016

      impressive and sad

    • Kevkev420 February 25, 2016

      Lml u jus slayed the haters! Ppl need to back the f*** off n stop hating if u don’t her no one cares! Not even her Lmbo let Beyoncé keep influencing yah heads exactly why she ain’t even in the running to beat out those records so haters jus shush

  7. Terny February 25, 2016

    I’m actually surprised this song hit #1 it’s straight up wack #noshade and overall the weakest cut on the album.. Congrats Rihanna tho

  8. Terny February 25, 2016

    Damn Mariah is one bad mamajama talk bout any record worth mentioning & she’s there.. I love that woman! #MyFave

    • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

      She’s fat & washed up now.. Like Wendy said Mooriah has no more hits left in her.

      • rihty perry February 25, 2016

        dont come for mimi when you stanning for cierror and seloser gomez. mimi is a legend, cierror didnt last 5 years and seloser is a nobody disney artist who charts every now and then.

      • Terny February 25, 2016

        Lol.. Ure so stuck in 2013 wen Ciara MANAGED to get a top 40 hit with body party..if being washed up is having relevancy TWENTY SIX YEARS into your career, then heck yea.. But how bout Manara? Who just got kicked outta her record deal for selling like wat? 2 copies bought by u & Jackie! Hahahaha ???

      • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

        Selena has had 3 top 10s within the last 6 months were good over here sis…. And Ciara may be a flop but she’s s*** young and still has potential to score hits… While Mimi is lip syncing at concerts and pushing 50 #tired

      • Fancy BISH February 25, 2016

        Molly, you must be out your damn mind coming for Mariah when your non-singing fave WISHES TO THA GODS she had an OUNCE of Mariah’s talent…Mariah even had a hit with Bieber, while Selena’s simple behind owes her whole career to Justina lol…don’t ever forget it, Justina made that BISH FAMOUS…
        lol 🙂

  9. Taylor Tori Azalea February 25, 2016

    I thought it was Drake ft Rihanna
    Rashaad better leave all the Rihanna articles to Sam
    How’s CUNTi doin how about the tour
    I don’t see or get why the Navy is happy when this song was a fourth times a charm after 3 failed singles slash buzz singles
    Rihanna better get in formation with the other flop has been biatches lady Gaga to name one
    And the haters gonna hate hate hate
    and the flopers gonna flop flop flop
    shake it off ah ah ah I shake it off

    • What now February 25, 2016

      How many singles has Tori released since her number 1?

      • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

        Tori is the biggest overhyped flop in music

      • Taylor Tori Azalea February 25, 2016

        lmfao not me giving you this look
        I know darn well that her album sold 72K first week
        that’s more than Ciara’s last 3-4 albums
        And definitely 476557874321 more than 460

      • rihty perry February 25, 2016

        tori gives me rita ora, janelle monae tease with all these high profile appearances and flop singles and albums

  10. Forehead Fierce February 25, 2016

    Now this is some good journalism…Glad to see someone finished college and knows that tweets from twitter do not count as sources.

  11. Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

    @What now,
    None of Rihanna’s hit songs have been produced or written by her. When she write and produces a hit songs them I’ll be impressed. OAN, I heard homegirl was selling tickets for her tour for $10 at colleges campuses

  12. ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

    “With the ascension of her (not Drake‘s) latest tune ‘Work’ to the tally’s perch”


    Oooop ok Ms.Rashad

  13. YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016

    Nonetheless, as ‘WORK’ sits comfortably on the Hot 100 as her 14th #1 U.S single, as we speak…


    ‘WORK’ is #1 on the ITunes U.S Singles Charts.


    ‘ANTI’ is #2 on the ITunes U.S Albums Charts.


    ‘WORK’ is currently the most streamed song in the country and ‘ANTI’ is the most streamed album. Also, ‘WORK’ is expected to fly into a Top 3 position on the Radio Songs Charts next week with an estimated 80% increase in plays and the song has already amassed 17+ Million streams in the past several days (in the U.S) since the tracking week for streaming points ended on Sunday – the largest ever for a song after a five week period.


    Now, I’m patiently on AUNTIE BEYONCE’ to come and add her half of the slayage too!!! #BlackGirlsRock. 😉

  14. Stephon Jackson February 25, 2016

    “We Are The World” should be added towards Jackson. He co-wrote/co-produced that monster hit. And, was a featured guest vocalist as-well… The sales of that single should be added towards Jackson & Lionel’s overall single sales. Which would bring MJ’s total single sales well over the 200 millionth mark.

    • B2B February 25, 2016

      So you do agree that DC sales should count towards Beys sales?

  15. Annalise February 25, 2016

    KIIII Rasheeda you trying to get fired gurl? You realise Sam is phasing you out right? Your articles rarely hit 100+ comments, even though Davida and Samantha’s generally do. And shading his Drake article won’t stop you from ending up in the same place as Trini-Trent did. KII but dats your business, not mine.


    • YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016


      I heard T******** got fired because he was “stealing” posts from other blogs, most notably – Necole Bitchie and I remember the latter exposing this site on their blog!

      It was a mess.

      Ironically, I know somebody who actually use to chill with Samantha at University. As much as I can’t stand his unprofessional salty ass… Nigerian Boy did good!

      • Annalise February 25, 2016

        KIIIII I’m SCREAMING!! But David has done the same thing too, he stole an article from B.Scott of all people and everyone clocked him for it. I think Sam and T**** were beefing, I remember seeing the ‘Farewell T****” post and the comment section was such a KII! LMAO this blog so messy!!!

      • YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016

        LMFAOOOOOOO. I remember that post… it was a mess!

        And yes, Sam and Tr3nt were definitely beefing.

        I heard that sometime around Rihanna’s LOUD album release, Tr3nt got an invite but Sam didn’t. He’s been hating on her ever since… because his opinions on Rihanna were nowhere near as HARSH as they were pre-Rated R.

        Also, Rihanna DEFINITELY knows this site exists because I was told that they almost interviewed her in 2010 but she made some unnecessary demands and declined last minute. They’ve tried to contact Beyonce but she’s paid them absolute dust… still, Samantha loves her!

        There was a time when Tr3nt did leave and he was having this meltdown on twitter as to why and completely shading Sam… It was a KIIIII. LMAO

      • Annalise February 25, 2016

        KIIIIIIII OMG the tea you’re spilling is giving me life!!!! Sam has met Kelly and Michelle, and he’s even interviewed Beyonce’s father, her choreographer and her lead dancers… but he will never get to interview Beyonce, and it kills him. Beyonce’s camp definitely knows TGJ exists because they included a shot of the blog in one of their behind the scenes videos, so Sam still thinks he has a shot… but he doesn’t! And that Tea about Rihanna sounds legit!!! LOL!

    • YOUR MADGEsty February 25, 2016


      I heard Tr3ňt got fired because he was “stealing” posts from other blogs, most notably – N3cole Bįīchie and I remember the latter exposing this site on their blog!

      It was a mess.

      Ironically, I know somebody who actually use to chill with Samantha at University and is still mutual with him, I guess. As much as I can’t stand his unprofessional salty ass… Nigerian Boy did good!

  16. #JACKIE February 25, 2016

    The Navy has low standards. Always celebrating $1.29 singles whereas Anti is struggling to sell 500k.

    • WetterThanTheOcean February 25, 2016

      The nerve of you to say anybody has low standards when you stan for a washed up socialite

  17. TheBeysusImpact February 25, 2016

    At least Michael Jackson could sell out stadiums… ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

  18. M El February 25, 2016

    And Rihanna surpassed michael jackson with 14 number 1 are a legend rihanna.The end.

    • Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

      But did she write those hits?

  19. Taylor Tori Azalea February 25, 2016

    Lmfao at that Former
    Rihanna stan
    Beyonce stan
    Ciara stan
    Ariana stan
    Leona stan
    And soon to be former Selena gomez stan
    Needs to quit life
    Biitch has been here eversince I graced the lands of TGJ I have forever since then took leaves time after time
    and I don’t recall not seeing it’s Anti-relevant comments for more than a week
    When I have the time I’ll definitely pray for it

    • DEL BEY February 25, 2016

      TELL THAT MAID ?☕️

  20. Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

    Is Rihanna relevant outside of no talent folks?

    • WetterThanTheOcean February 25, 2016

      Does Ciara have a record deal?

  21. ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

    Mooriah and Flopri Kelly stans seething yes

  22. Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

    Congratulations to Rihanna’s team for buying number one hits for her. Since she didn’t write and produce any of her hit songs.

    • WetterThanTheOcean February 25, 2016

      Ciara’s team could never lmao

    • Anti460 February 25, 2016

      She’s credited on Work ,Rude Boy for example

  23. Duffster Lovato February 25, 2016

    If FRih’s featured singles are added the MJ’s Jackson 5 singles should be added too.

  24. WetterThanTheOcean February 25, 2016

    Why are Ciara stans talking? When’s the last time she had a #1 anything?

    • Cinnamon Gir February 25, 2016

      I Bet went platinum and she didn’t have to lie about it

      • WetterThanTheOcean February 25, 2016

        Lol aw that’s cute! When’s the last time she had a platinum or gold album though? I’ll wait!!!

      • Kii February 25, 2016

        Why is Jackie not platinum?

  25. Anti460 February 25, 2016

    Even if Rih dont write most of her songs .its only because Rihanna sung them they are hits. Whitney Houston dont even wrote her songs .

    At least she never claimed she wrote them ..not like Beyoncé being caught while lying she wrote irrepleacable …haha

  26. iSpeakTruthNoFallacy February 25, 2016

    Although I’m not a huge fan of Work, congratulations, because this feat has been years in the making. Now, I need you to work on the Kiss It Better and Love On the Brain videos. Oh and also, I need you to work on that choreo and breathing techniques for the tour…Don’t make me bring a tomato just in case.

  27. Fancy BISH February 25, 2016

    Respect to Rihanna for the #1, but Michael probably thought he was just taking a picture with a fan in that pic lol…she looks cute tho 🙂

    • blue February 25, 2016

      they attended the same event and he requested to have a private meeting with her…so he more than knew who she was

      • Fancy BISH February 25, 2016

        Well damn, I stand corrected! That had to be amazing for her, and so early in her career…please don’t take my wig and glue chile lol 🙂

      • blue February 25, 2016

        they were in japan or something. He heard she was there and his people asked her people for a private meeting. There is a video on youtube of her reaction entering and exiting the room where he was

      • blue February 25, 2016

        think it might be around the time her camp was trying to get the rights to sample his song for Dont stop the music, so i think he just wanted to know who she was

      • Fancy BISH February 25, 2016

        I saw the video on youtube…awwww…the video is called ‘Rihanna Meet Michael Jackson in Backstage Japan 2006’….that’s the exact title, spelling errors are on purpose lol 🙂

  28. Lmfao_Hoe February 25, 2016

    She probably have more hits too if she promotes Close To You, Needed Me, Love on the brain, Same Ol Mistake, Kiss It Better, and an urban hit with S** With Me. Lord shes coming for Mariah’s 18 #1s or the Beatles.

  29. blue February 25, 2016

    the most shocking aspect of all this is the fact now other black woman has had a number 1 song this decade. Like when last did a black woman whose last name wasnt fenty top the billboard h100

  30. DEL BEY February 25, 2016

    Molly remains theee most despised person on TGJ, no one likes yo ass, no one claims yo ass, you keep jumping from stanbase to stanbase and STILL no one wants you. #HangitUp b****

    • ??Queen Molly?? February 25, 2016

      And you’re obsessed

  31. LDN Chick February 25, 2016

    Yet her album hasn’t even hit 400k WW and she’s selling tour tickets for $10. Screaming!!! The thing that makes you legendary is a healthy balance of everything. The Navy boast about 14 hits but she falls so short elsewhere… especially raw talent.

    • blue February 25, 2016

      up until this album rihanna had great touring numbers, great album sales and great single sales. So what are you on? Also the album has sold 400k already and if you add the tidal numbers then its at 800-900k excluding the samsung 1mil downloads.

      • LDN Chick February 25, 2016

        Receipts for these WW numbers and I’m sorry but Rihannas all smoke and mirrors. She can’t sell off her talent and star power as this era have proved. Work took too long to go to #1 so she hasn’t had that hit to save her like she normally does. Plus, the song is forgettable. It’s not a huge hit on the level of We Found love she always needs a massive debut single to carry her era.

      • Kii February 25, 2016

        How long did it take for work to reach #1?

    • Realtalk February 25, 2016

      Mad props to Ri but by today’s standards MJ would have 100 or more #1s!!!! Ri’s projects are well A&R’d but by no means are her songs or any others currently being released legendary. Today is full of good for the moment songs nobody is making anything close to Rock With You.

      • blue February 25, 2016

        people keep saying things like this but if its so easy to get a number 1 song then why is it that only rihanna is achieving such feats.

      • shakira stan February 25, 2016

        By today’s standards mj won’t get any 1_song …cos music has changed considerably and his sounds are outdated

      • JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2016

        Total agreement. Rihanna is NOTHING compared to what the likes of Michael were in their day. Michael would easily have more than 30 #1 singles in the USA with the current system and cheap singles-oriented industry we have now.

      • Realtalk February 25, 2016

        If you do some research you’ll find that there was a time when music was so good that Taylor Swift and Rihanna wouldn’t have even been invited to attend the grammies let lone winning one. This Taylor cd is the WORST Album Of The Year of all time!!!!!!!! Do people actually think that Work is such a great song that people will be playing 3 years from now?

  32. blue February 25, 2016

    isnt the fact that it took it 4 weeks to build up the airplay, streams and sales to reach #1 a testament to its longetivity and worthiness? Look at zyan? This song is performing due to its popularity not by rihanna’s name

  33. shakira stan February 25, 2016

    Rihanna is more legendary than beyonce and work is better than anything from beyonce discography .
    Case closed now bye.

  34. Skyfall February 25, 2016

    I swear y’all believe every rumor. Tickets aren’t selling for $10 and her album has sold more than 400k WW already.

  35. Annalise February 25, 2016

    NOT Rasheeda removing my T***** video ????

    #NowPlaying – Usher – Truth Hurts

  36. Oscar February 25, 2016

    “Notably, spins for “Work” were boosted in its first day by hourly plays on participating iHeartMedia and CBS Radio pop, rhythmic and R&B/hip-hop stations.” -Billboard

  37. JanStan February 25, 2016

    While impressive no one cares about the most #1 singles. Did we ever talk about Michaels record before this? Or Beatles or Janets number of #1s? Of course not. Its the kind of thing that’s mentioned in passing when discussing things of actual merit.

  38. JOHNVIDAL February 25, 2016

    LOL All of this wouldn´t be irrelevant if all those cooked #1 hits weren´t fake, forgettable and had been accompanied by blockbuster albums and real recognition as an artist.
    It´s not the case so all this will be forgotten the moment her career is over. It has almost been over recently already. They are just managing to give her a few more hit singles by releasing crap music again (they suddenly forgot that more mature route they were trying for her last year seeing how nobody was buying it because she hasn´t got talent). Nothing else.
    The others in those lists are tremendous artists who will always be acclaimed. People aren´t stupid.

  39. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!! 1989 is officially the album of the year!!!!!!!! February 25, 2016

    Lukas graham with the song seven years, should be number 1 soon! That’s actually a song you can listen too over and over .

  40. Anti(hives scared of R8) February 25, 2016

    Mj approved Rihanna yet these bitter pest still trying it. Kiii Rashad is getting his revenge.Keep dragging sam ugly ass.

  41. RihannaLand February 25, 2016

    Rihanna is winning. How do you hags feel including your hating ass Sam.

  42. Naomi February 25, 2016

    That forehead though

  43. King Mark111 /.\ February 25, 2016

    Hi haters. What did Beyonce block again?

  44. yesterday was Aaliyah 37birthday to the good music February 26, 2016

    Thought it Drake feat Rihanna song. Nice

  45. 14nos1’s queen February 26, 2016

    They keep putting her down saying her song is trash, she can’t be a legend yet she is the only black topping billboard hot100 since the past 6years. If its so easy to top chart why aren’t other black artist who y’all claim to be more legendary than rih topping chart? Janet Jackson releases an album this year non of her crack the top ten. Whitney Houston couldn’t get a hit before she die, if Mj was he will not get a hit in this era of music, mariah Carey can’t get a hit too even thrashyonce so y’all should stfu!!! Music is revolutionary, music change, every artist is talented & unique in there own way.

    • dfdf February 26, 2016

      Well the problem is most people are 99% followers. What ever they see they follow. This is the same formula that worked with Beatles, Britney Spears, any damn boy band.

      Rihanna and Beyonce are heavily promoted in media, and other sources and there for their success is in favor of them. Most people just partake in Rihanna because she the popular girl. If you asked them what is there favorite performance or what do they love of Rihanna most people draw blank.

      So ask your elf why are other black legends that clearly are putting out better albums and perform better then Rihanna aren’t getting on the charts. Im pretty sure you will say she more popular or people like her more.

  46. Nycole February 26, 2016

    Rashad You in danger love,

    Someone must be on vacation.

    Because the fact that you have written a fact based shade-less article acknowledging Rihanna’s accomplishment on this website has me completely shocked. Made me drop my pearls.

    Kudos to you.

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