Drake Announces ‘Summer Sixteen Tour’ With Future

Published: Monday 25th Apr 2016 by Sam

Drake is revving up a colossal campaign for his new album ‘Views From The 6.’

Due April 29th, the set’s cover was unveiled early morning. Fast forward a mere matter of hours and the LP’s accompanying tour has been announced.

Christened the ‘Summer Sixteen Tour,’ the Stateside trek features Future, with whom the rapper released mixtape ‘What A Time To Be Alive’ last year.

With anticipated for ‘Views’ at fever pitch and US sales for ‘Alive’ sitting at over 500,000 (1 million with steaming), the jaunt serves a smart synchronised push for both projects.

Find out when Drizzy and Future are heading to a city near you after the jump…

Drake. Future. #SummerSixteenTour. Tickets on sale Friday 4/29.

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Tickets go on-sale April 29th – the same day ‘Views’ arrives. One has to wonder if there’ll be an album/tour ticket tie-in.

Whatever the case, it’s officially Drake season!

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  1. Maurice April 25, 2016

    Ciara will be very happy about this 🙂

    • FC/JC April 25, 2016

      “Panda” By Desiigner just went #1 on Billboard Hot 100. I think Ciara will be more happy about that. ^_^

  2. Rihboy April 25, 2016

    ?? no drake!

  3. LOL April 25, 2016




  4. #JACKIE April 25, 2016

    No ones here for FLOPture anymore.

    • Maurice April 25, 2016

      no shade, but why do I always see you hating on every artist other than Ciara? I get that you stan for her, but how exactly can Future be a flop if he’s selling x7 in first-week sales alone, not even including the fact that he’s touring arenas, not nightclubs.
      I like Ciara and I’m always gonna be here for her music, well, at least listen to it and see if I like it, but facts are facts. Ciara has become a socialite more than anything these days. I miss 2004-2006 Ciara — she phucking slayed me. But now, she’s so confused musically. Sad really.

  5. Duffster Lovato April 25, 2016

    LEMONADE is #1 on US & UK itunes charts, Formation is #31

    • HailBeysus April 25, 2016


    • Hmmm… April 25, 2016

      Good. iTunes wanted to be salty and delay her release for 6 hours. But it’s cool. It’s cool.

  6. HailBeysus April 25, 2016

    DEATH!!! Beyonce is at #7 for worldwide Itunes position and is charting in 123 countries kiii!!!

    • iSpeakTruthNoFallacy April 25, 2016

      I see you using the site I gave you. You better use it to stan for your fave!

  7. Duffster Lovato April 25, 2016

    Formation is now at #24

    • HailBeysus April 25, 2016

      Kiii sis this tea tho!!!!
      Formation #24, Sorry #41, Hold Up #48, 6-Inch #54, Freedom #74, Don’t Hurt Yourself #77, All Night #85, Pray You Catch Me #98 and Sandcastles #100.
      ????? Come through motha!!!

      • Rihboy April 25, 2016

        Kii! These mild strides wil be bitter sweet and short lived once Drake drops. We know week 1 everything sky rockets into the top 10.

  8. Keri Qween April 25, 2016

    Views gonna snatch Lemonade

    If it makes #1..it will be short lived . Drake gonna knock her off 2nd week

    I hope Lemonade sells.that 1 million first week they been bragging about

    • RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2016

      Drake will do well, but what about Anit? Now that’s the gag?????

  9. HailBeysus April 25, 2016

    Lemonade is now #1 on 41 countries ???? Lemonade coming for AntiSuccess ww sales in a week.KIII!!! IF SHE GOES #1 IN MORE COUNTRIES THAN THE “DIGITAL QUEEN” ??????

    • Rihboy April 25, 2016

      Lol Beyoncé should go number 1 she has a bigger following. And debuting an album carried by a movie and a divorce gimmick. I’m sorry I refused to be hexed watching that mess. But as always Beyoncé cannot drop an album it’s out bitting off of everyone, lying about her writing credits, or throwing a little divorce talk in there. Knowing she will remain Jay’s doormat. Don’t get too excited. Drake big brother coming.

      • RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2016

        You don’t even believe that mess you wrote.

        Don’t be salty at the hive or Beyoncé. We don’t need you to watch it enough have already.

      • HailBeysus April 25, 2016

        Lmfao the excuses!!! I remember the Slavi saying Rihanna wasmore international than Beyoncé back in 2015 ahahahaha bad week for the Nazis

      • RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2016

        Chile a hot a** mess…… They said RiRi was the bigger artist but then say Beyoncé has a bigger following lmao

      • Annalise April 25, 2016

        o_0 @Rihboy… Sis you’re so problematic! jrjewjkknkr! LMAO, How can you crown Rihanna the digital queen and talk about her being the number one selling digital artist, but then turn around and say she has less of a following than Beyonce… so that makes her mediocre album sales acceptable. KI

      • Annalise April 25, 2016

        Let’s not talk about ‘gimmicks’, when Rihanna deliberately USED her ex-boyfriend Drake to get her current single to top the charts. Let’s not talk about gimmicks when Rihanna conveniently released an official statement on her abusive relationship with Chris brown the same week that Anti was originally going to be released last year. Let’s not forget about how she ‘dated’ TRASHvis Scott around the same time as her puma debut, and even kissed him in public to get her sportswear to sell.

        We could even rewind all the way back to Rihanna’s first single when her publicist leaked that fake story about her and Jay to get PonDeForehead to sell! #GIMMICKanna

  10. HailBeysus April 25, 2016

    LEMONADE IS #1 IN 52 COUNTRIES ??????????????????????????????????????????

    • Who gonna check me boo?? April 25, 2016

      But I thought Prince was gonna block her ???????? well I guess there ain’t no 460 here

      • Keri Qween April 25, 2016

        Worry about prince and drake . well be waiting for those million copied y’all said she’d sell first week

  11. Who gonna check me boo?? April 25, 2016

    The girls are maaaaaaad and I’m living for it!!!!! You guys are so mad that you spamming a post from one of the guy that use you fave as a c** bucket.
    Well let me tell you this You haven’t seethe yet you gonna seethe. I though she was about to flop what happened ????
    Critical acclaim accross the board, heading for a record breaking 6th #1 album all that without even trying. She dropped the movie on Saturday night and haven’t even show her face since. Snatching your faves effortlessly as always. She is the QUEEN AND YOU WILL DEAL WITH IT

  12. HailBeysus April 25, 2016

    The ultimate kii here is the fact Formation has been out since Feb 6 and was FREE all you.needed was an email and bam!!! They sent you a link!! It is currently #8 on Itunes and charting in several countries! FUXKED UP DAY FOR THE NAZI’S HAHAHAHAHAHAHAGAHAGAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAGAHAAH

  13. Rihboy April 25, 2016

    Debuts always go to number 1 on iTunes. You guys are a ki! When this s*** dies off next week I’ll be back to see the egg on the face once her singles plummet. And her album take a back seat to drakes.

    • Who gonna check me boo?? April 25, 2016

      Didn’t your fave debuted down there with that 469 tho??? Keep cute

  14. BOOBIE April 25, 2016

    He can keep it

  15. ???Chile, take this “Itty Bitty Piggy” to the market and make sure you hold her hand while crossing the street!??? April 25, 2016

    Awww, look at that! It’ll be futures first time headlining arenas….off of the Ms.e of someone else’s of course. Kinda like how he was only at fashion week in Paris off of Ci Ci’s name, but what do I know?

  16. What Now April 25, 2016

    I will be going.

  17. zeroing Tran uk anti bloper honioey love but it okay girl April 26, 2016

    Cool to see them going on tour

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