Did You Miss It? Alicia Keys Performs Medley At UEFA Cup Final

Published: Tuesday 31st May 2016 by Sam

Alicia Keys’ comeback campaign led her to grand (yet random) stage over the weekend – the UEFA Champions League Final in Milan.

The soccer extravaganza is one of the most-watched games in the sport, which perhaps explains why Team Alicia viewed it worthwhile.

However, after watching the showing – which saw her perform a medley of ‘Girl On Fire,’ ‘Empire State Of Mind,’ and new single ‘In Common’ – we share a different view.

Watch below…

Despite her heartiest efforts, the audience were dry as toast.

And we doubt it’s because Alicia didn’t deliver; because she actually served up a generally decent showing.

From where we’re standing, she’s just not the type of artist one would expect would be enlisted for such an event. Historically, such spectacles skew more towards the over-the-top, show-stopping, and highly choreographed acts. All traits folk don’t associate with “Alicia Keys.”

More broadly, we’re beginning to worry about the performance of ‘In Common.’ It’s such a bop, yet doesn’t seem to be gaining the momentum it deserves. Sure, it was launched softly, but there’s no denying that after performing it on several major stages (such as The Voice, SNL, and now this) it should be doing better? Like, as at writing, it has yet to chart on the Billboard Hot 100 – which is mind-boggling given the dizzying height of success she’s enjoyed in the past.

If she really does intend to drop an album this summer, we say a remix of ‘In Common’ featuring a charting name would be a smart play. Or christen it a buzz single and go all out with its follow-up (i.e. radio and sync deals).

Your thoughts?

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  1. yelyaH the Alternative Queen May 31, 2016

    wow. all that screaming (T_\\\)

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      It’s not nice to talk about your fave like that sis. You’re a fake stan. Anyways, Rosie endedT you.

  2. 2bad2bme May 31, 2016

    Was she almost late? Because she look like she just literally woke up!

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016


    • HALF AMAZIN May 31, 2016

      The first live performance of “In Common”, the video, promo, this…clearly she going for a stripped down era –the opposite of Girl On Fire. She was doing too much last time…trying to be edgy and mainstream. I personally don’t need/want that from her. She’s giving me back Diary Alicia. Introspective artistry Alicia. She needs not sing outside her range because it sounds like screaming not vocal growth. She clearly has a lane and I hope she stays in it, otherwise I don’t see anyone checking for it

  3. Expired….Boooop! May 31, 2016

    She is talented no denying. But she comes up with once every 6/7 years hits, one hit wonders from a album. No one even knows about her new song, Common is such a lacklustre title, especially with Drake, Beyonce dominating her area she had to come with something inspiring. This era is a fail an not happening.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      How is it a fail, when it JUST ZStarted?! People like you, that don’t give artists a chance are the exact reason why they can’t succeed today.

    • Jamon May 31, 2016

      “”One hit wonder from a album”
      Alicia Keys albums have always had multiple hits.
      Songs in a minor: Fallen, women’s worth, how come you don’t call me
      Dairy of Alicia Keys: U don’t know my name, if I ain’t got you, diary, karma
      As I Am: No one, like you would never see me again, teenage love affair
      Elements of Freedom: Unthinkable (I’m ready), try sleeping with a broken heart, doesn’t mean anything
      Girl on Fire: Girl on fire, fire we make
      Billboard Number 1 features: Empire state of mind, my boo
      Plus 15 grammys

  4. Jo May 31, 2016

    Please remember, Alicia is known for slow burners. She normally doesn’t shoot straight to #1. Just give her some time. I also think she needs a story to draw people back in. She’s super private and we don’t allow that from artists anymore.

  5. Cinnamon Girl May 31, 2016

    Sade is probably the only artist that can pop up every 10 years and drop a hit album. Alicia Keys just doesn’t have the luxury of doing that plus the scandal with Swizz Beats hasn’t helped her at all. Her star has been fading ever since she got tangled up with a married man. I don’t see her career doing any better

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      The MOST logical thing you’ve EVER said. Now, do us a favor and disappear from this site.

  6. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ May 31, 2016

    Could have done without “Girl on fire”. It’s her worst song.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      You’re surgeon is even worse though! Kiiii

  7. JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2016

    She did great. What were you guys expecting? She´s a singer/SONGWRITER over any other thing. Also, don´t understand teh few comments here talking about long 10-year-hiatus. Alicia has never disappeared like that. Funny that there´s literally only ONE example of someone who does that successfully and you use it against Alicia. Even is she doesn´t sell a damn thing anymore she has had a fantastic career and great sales and HUGE hit singles too, and based only on R&B.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      S*ck this d*** from the back sis

    • What Now May 31, 2016


  8. Coolness May 31, 2016

    She did okay and kudos to team for booking such a big stage. Wow, I didn’t know ‘In Common’ has yet to chart on The BB Hot 100 ?. It did quite well on iTunes when it was released initially.

  9. Gee May 31, 2016

    Alicia will be finish its just things are starting off slow this go round but I am sure things will pick up for her in due time.

  10. Stefano May 31, 2016

    it’s just that people here in Italy (especially people who likes football) don’t even know who she is. apart from me obvs. loooveee Alicia go girl

  11. Bravo!! May 31, 2016

    The type of R&B Alicia going for is dead now… Only Beyoncé, Rihanna, & white artist can sell R&B now of days. Rap replaces R&B music. Rapper are bigger than R&B singers & some Pop singer these days.. Basically Alicia keys career is over. My favorite artist is Mary J Blige. I can really say Mary career is over…

  12. Lisa jones May 31, 2016

    I never really liked Ak. Overtime she won me over. I was all for her empowerment thing. We all knows what happened after that. She needs to show us who she is, but that hair tie and her music lately is not the bussiness. Go back to your talent no gimics.

  13. Yes girl May 31, 2016

    Her first two albums are classics, everything else after that were amazing as well. Let’s see what this album has to offer.

  14. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 31, 2016


  15. Theman June 1, 2016

    She was great. She’s getting back into the mix.

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