Miley Cyrus Readies New Rock Album

Published: Tuesday 31st May 2016 by David

Miley Cyrus‘ ‘Bangerz’ is to receive a little sister…in a matter of weeks.

News on Miley’s new musical baby below…

The Rock duo Stepfather have teamed up with the entertainer to create a new LP which is set for release “in the next couple of weeks.”


An official release is yet to be set and fans can expect the LP to steer clear of the Hip-Hop flavoured sounds she delivered on the aforementioned ‘Bangerz’ which birthed the cut ‘Wrecking Ball‘, originally penned for ‘Lemonade’ pourer Beyonce.


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  1. HailBeysus May 31, 2016

    Miley’s coming to scalp bitxhes again! She been looking good lately as well.

    • Bev048 May 31, 2016

      She is a MOCKERY of what she was in the pop/country days. People do not take her seriously. She’s a clown.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      Yes and I love that boyish haircut on her, giving me Dionne Warwick teas

  2. Abel Minaj (Arianator Barb) May 31, 2016

    That dead petz mess was an abomination and i have strong feeling this won’t be much better

    • Cake like Lady GaGa May 31, 2016

      MESS! not when it sounded 745515652 times better than the pink shitt. you better thank the pope for the new streaming rules or else Nicki Garbage still wouldnt be platinum

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      Jose, ignore the Fake like Lady Caca Stan. We still don’t know her.

  3. King B May 31, 2016

    Everyone doesn’t want to release in Q4? Anyways, I need more competititon for Bey. Where’s Gaga, Katy, Pink, and Britney new releases? Well for Xtina, this is a great year for her, winning the Voice and a successful festival concert. Hopefully the album too! iTunes: #1 Lemonade.

  4. S****** Blonde May 31, 2016

    Someone needs to stop her from releasing music.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      The ONE thing we can agree on.

  5. Weezy Tha Goat/ Zayn is ? May 31, 2016

    Oh so she’s switching gimmicks ok gotcha.

  6. Royalkev May 31, 2016

    Hmmm, Miley’s obviously going from her ‘Can’t Take Me Home'(‘Bangerz’) to her very own ‘Missundaztood’ era. For her sake, I hope something comes across as organic for a change this time around!

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016


  7. Liam May 31, 2016

    Well she use to do pop/rock before and that’s where her voice truly shines… I like she’s completely experimental and her dead petz album was dope IMO! I’m looking forward to see what she brings cause all weird antics aside no one can say this girl ain’t talented she writes and coproduced her music as well

  8. LmfaoHoe May 31, 2016

    B**** is a culture vulture. I won’t forget how in 09 she knows Beyonce but didn’t know Jay Z or knew a song from him at all (like you aint gotta like or be fan of Jay, bit to say you dont know the man is a reach)..yet only two years later acts like she been into R&B n Hiphop like b**** was fake n I knew it, basically stopped associating with Mikewillmadeit n other rappers too… whites always wanna use the culture to make themselves look more edgy ✋

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016

      GATHA HA!

  9. JOHNVIDAL May 31, 2016

    Only good thing I can think about this girl is that she is vegan, which is great. Talent wise, she has none.

    • RihNavy May 31, 2016


  10. Theman May 31, 2016

    She can sing.

    • billy moore June 18, 2016

      i agree. country music is where she should be because that’s where her roots are and that’s where her streanth is.

  11. Pete May 31, 2016

    Miley can lick a sandbox clean.

  12. Reddish tran ivy blokz Need UK timely May 31, 2016

    Does destiny hope miley cyrus know anything about hip-hop or r&b music

  13. Billy Moore June 14, 2016

    When will she make a Country album?

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