Official: Adele’s ’25’ Certified Diamond

Published: Monday 26th Sep 2016 by Rashad

For many record labels and artists alike, the status of the music industry – in terms of sales –  is disheartening to say the least.  In fact, numbers are so abysmal, just last week we proposed the idea of reintroducing (and redefining) “silver” certifications just to acknowledge the sales achievements of those struggling to cross the “gold” threshold.

Throughout all of suggestions, guess who remains unbothered?  Adele.

It’s already well known that her latest album, ’25,’ not only set the record for highest first week sales of any album in history, but is also sitting as the best selling album of 2015 and 2016 (to date).  Since then, those mega-sales have combined and gifted the songstress with her latest diamond album.

According to the RIAA, ’25’ has been certified diamond in recognition of 10 million units shifted since its November 2015 debut.


In addition to ’25’s certification, this week its predecessor – ’21’ – is 14 times platinum while ’19,’ the album before it, is now 3x platinum.

‘Hello’ – the first single from ’25’ – is now 7x platinum while its follow-up, ‘When We Were Young,’ is platinum.  ‘Send My Love (To Your New Lover)’ is well on its way to joining the club. (source)



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  1. IG @ MIXEDBOY September 26, 2016


    • ? September 26, 2016

      When will Beyonce

      • Shae September 26, 2016

        CONGRATS. This all with SOLID vocals and music and not dressing like a H OE or vulgar lyrics.

    • Harry September 28, 2016

      Only Britney and Adele did this historic achievement after 2000.
      This is great.
      When will Beyonce, Rihanna and Lady Gaga?

  2. Queen Barb September 26, 2016

    Perfect illusion fell out of top 40 this week

    • Ughhhh September 26, 2016

      Don’t bring that mess to a Diamond certified post! We are talking about Adele! Gaga will never have an Diamond certified album.

      • BangBang September 26, 2016

        She has one already the fame monster.

      • Ughhhh September 26, 2016

        Oh shît you’re right, thanks for the correction. I would have never guessed

      • OMG Logic!!! September 26, 2016

        @BangBang Gags does NOT have a Diamond certified album. That is some next level delusion. The Fame Monster has sold over 10 million copies but not in the US alone.

  3. Meme September 26, 2016

    I’m not hating but we praise and support her, when there are plenty sisters who sings way more soulful than her but can’t get an album out because they don’t fit the “look”. We drag out black artist, pit our sister against each other, and make fun of them but run to support Adele. Yes Adele is talented but there is no reason why Jill Scott can’t go diamond as well.

    • Credits September 26, 2016

      I came here to write the same thing about Jazmine Sullivan. ‘Mona Lisa’ and ‘forever don’t last’ were slept on.

      • Xavier Hall September 27, 2016

        I agree !!!!!!!!!!

    • BeyKnowlesBest September 26, 2016

      or jasmine Sullivan who has put out nothing but good soul music since she came out, she’s fat like adele shes beautiful like adele she sings bwtter then adele but I forgot she’s not white enough to sale like adele …smh idc how much adele sales whitney was and always will be the voice of ALL time rip sis!

      • Adele Stan September 26, 2016

        Jazmine does not sing pop music like Adele and her voice isn’t as mainstream sounding. The comparison is tired.

    • LmfaoHoe September 26, 2016

      My sentiments exactly. Like Adele but if then always preferred Amy Winehouse. But there are plenty of sistas that deserves shine too as ya mentioned with Jasmine, Jilly from Philly, ect. So much slept on artists.

    • RihNavy September 26, 2016

      Why can’t Rih go platinum without a deal? Where are her diamond albums?

      • LOL September 27, 2016


  4. FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 26, 2016

    Diamonds in pure sales or with streams ??
    Cause in no way you can praise adele and put down rihanna

    • FC/JC September 26, 2016

      Pure sales baby, Units!

      • RihNavy September 26, 2016

        When will Ciara moves more units than the one between her legs, baby?

  5. RihNavy September 26, 2016

    When will #PurchasedPlaquesHanna? Even my fave Beyoncé has a diamond album, diamond singles, ACTUALLY performs and sings live. She’s like a prima ballerina. Her voice always on point bih AND she WRITES her own musid too. She’s the black Adele tbh

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 26, 2016

      Diamond album ? Which one please ? And the receipt too please ?

      • SMH September 27, 2016

        Lol there is no receipt because it’s not true.

    • Joenysmith September 26, 2016

      You are delusional. What album by beyonce is diamond? Which single is diamond? None stop including her sales with destinys child cause as a solo artist shes no where near diamond or even selling 20/30 million with 2 albums. She hasnt even sold 100 million records as a solo artist. Adele has diamond singles and diamond albums. And also Adele actually writes her own lyrics and music. Beyonce pays to have writing credits

      • ?Yellow Diamonds? September 26, 2016

        The hive… so funny! ??? I’m in stitches.

      • HailLegendBeysus September 27, 2016

        Lol Beyoncé passed 100 million record’s year’s ago. Her album sales alone are 37.5 million and I Am Sasha Fierce sold 35 million singles alone 44 million if you count Telephone. Her Total record’s sales are at 152 million Worldwide.

      • LOL September 27, 2016


    • Sandra September 27, 2016

      Beyonce does not sing live during all of her concerts.

    • SMH September 27, 2016

      Lmao now you know damn well beyonce does not have a diamond selling album, single or anything. The only diamond she has is on her finger. That’s gotta be the funniest thing i’ve heard yet. And her total album sales as a solo artist are barely 110 million. She hasn’t even sold 20 million total albums in the U.S. yet. Boy, you beyonce fans really do live in an alternate universe lol.

      • HailLegendBeysus September 27, 2016

        Lmfao! Talk about delusion. Beyoncé never sold no 110 million album’s in her career. She sold 37.5 million as a solo artist and an additional 36 million with DC for a total of 73.5 million album sold.
        Do seriously expect anyone to believe Beyoncé only sold 75 million total records when She sold 35-44 million singles during I Am Sasha Fierce era alone plus the 8 million albums it sold!?!? She was the most certified female artists during the 2000s with over 60 Gold/Platnium certifications according to the RIAA and Billboard and that was with 3 albums. The only delusional one here is you lmfao!

  6. No favs, just here for the music September 26, 2016


  7. RihNavy September 26, 2016

    Beyoncé is a Black Bill Gates in the making and you’ll deal.

    • FASHION_ICON ~ Anti&Lemonade September 26, 2016

      Then what Oprah will be ?

      • Amerikkka’s Most Wanted ~ Tyler September 27, 2016

        There can be more than one black mogul

    • ?Yellow Diamonds? September 26, 2016

      Nope ????

    • OMG Logic!!! September 26, 2016

      I don’t think you realize how rich Bill Gates is. Thighyonce is struggling peasant compared to him.

    • SMH September 27, 2016

      Um, Bill Gates doesn’t struggle to keep up with his competitors.

  8. FC/JC September 26, 2016

    Watch this turn into a Beyonce vs Rihanna post in the comments following…..

    • RihNavy September 26, 2016

      HŒ DON’T SUB-COMMENT, comment in my post so I know it’s real. This isn’t twitter, and I can expose you as quick as Ciara chopped off that peen. DON’T play with me.

  9. BangBang September 26, 2016

    Omg! Omg! Omg! I love this woman! Her voice is ????????

  10. RihNavy September 26, 2016

    Where is Victor, Viv and Alyssa when you need them? I KNOW your TEA, keep it real cute before everyone REALLY knows why @Matt & @Jackie don’t Fock with you.

  11. Del September 26, 2016

    Congrats to Slaydele! Two straight diamond sellers, wow!

  12. RihNavy September 26, 2016

    FC/JC come out heaux! I’m not Molly or #Jacklyn

  13. ?Yellow Diamonds? September 26, 2016


  14. Christian September 26, 2016

    Adeles career reminds me of Shania Twains There three albums are similiar in sales and achieved alot of the same success!

  15. OMG Logic!!! September 26, 2016

    If the Grammys aren’t a bunch of shills, she’ll win Album of the Year.

  16. RhiRocks September 26, 2016

    This album was s*** , only worthy song is hello

  17. Ak September 26, 2016

    Congrats girl, that’s huge. Pure sales and all.

    • Ak September 26, 2016

      None of that streaming bullsh*#.

  18. Skyfall September 26, 2016

    Come on b****!!

    Death at people saying the album wasn’t good, just because it wasn’t as good as 19 or 21 doesn’t mean it’s not good, but the album showed growth and the GP and Critcs liked it.

    Side note. When will Janet and Michael get their Diamond Certifications for Rhythm Nation 1814, Off the Wall, and Bad?

    • HailLegendBeysus September 27, 2016

      That has to do more with their team or label sending in for the request of a Diamond Certification. Both of Mariah’s Diamond album’s have sold about 8.7 million and are certified Diamond.

      • TRAVON AUSTIN September 27, 2016

        Get the facts please. RIAA counts BMG music clubs and pure sales. Soundscan does not count BMG music clubs. Mariahs albums sold like hotcakes in the 90s. Her Diamond certifications include BMG music clubs not shipments. Her first album is shipments and BMG. They didn’t track her first album until 1 year later because the Soundscan began in 1991 not 1990(Mariahs Debut). Her Diamond albums are legit and she is so close to a third with her debut being certified 9x platinum in 1999. Mariahs back catalog hasn’t been updated in over 10-15 years. Ok

      • TRAVON AUSTIN September 27, 2016

        @HailLegendBeysus No shade but didnt want to start a facts war with the lessers falsifying facts. I love you babe!!!

  19. Theman September 27, 2016

    Nah, this album is very good. It sounds different from her last record. She is very deserving. About the comparisons, she does not sound like Jazmine. She has a more mainstream voice. Congrats to her. She’s an awesome talent. This album is very good..

  20. SnowTruth September 27, 2016

    Just throwing a little info out there! Beyoncé’s first album DIL moved approx. 18 Million units , 10 of which were domestic! Destiny’s Child’s “Survivor” also a Diamond record. That gives her 2. Just saying. And Yasss F***-it-up Adele!!

    • SMH September 27, 2016

      Lmao stop. lying. Dangerously in Love just hit the 5 million mark THIS YEAR. And Survivor is barely 4 million. Stop it.

    • BEY>RIH September 27, 2016

      @Smh its obviously a troll, dumb bítch

  21. The kpop guy, Matt ~ September 27, 2016

    Congrats are in order. I’m one of the 10 million people who PURCHASED the album but honestly, it was not as good as people made it out to be. Lemonade and Anti were better

    • Kris September 27, 2016

      Yes, I am one of them as well! I believe Adele is a phenomenal artist but after listening to 25, I have come to realize she has very little offer, including that voice of hers. Heard her sing live and it is nothing compared to her voice on the albums. I don’t get the Aretha and Whitney comparisons… she certainly doesn’t have the range. Debroah C**, J. Sullivan and Jill Scott on the other hand does, yet they’ll never receive the same recognition of Adele. -/ I said before… she’s a phenomenal artist but I’m not interested in hearing her next album. This album solely sold off the hype of the last one.

  22. J-Mar September 27, 2016

    Congrats adele

  23. HailLegendBeysus September 27, 2016

    Congrats Adele!!! Heard she will be taking a 10 year break from touring, so she can raise her child.

  24. Mad-on-her September 27, 2016

    And she hasn’t even released the best song from the album yet. Water Under The Bridge could be her next No1 and help 25 inch closer to sales of 21.

  25. Adele’s Husband September 27, 2016

    Death at beehive and Navy suggesting that the album was not good. When we were young, water under the bridge, million years ago, sweetest devotion and remedy says ‘hello’. Don’t try to downgrade Adele. At this point she’s iconic. Her songs will be played decades from now

    • Sandra September 27, 2016

      I have all of Adele’s album and i will say that the best for me is 19, i liked 21 less and hardly listen to 25.
      I don’t think that anyone is trying to downgrade her success its more that people are giving their opinion. Adele reminds me of Dido in some senses, middle of the road music for (majority) middle class non offensive people, kind of like Dido Although her music is nice for a mood she doesn’t take any risks musically or vocally

    • SMH September 27, 2016

      They’re only upset because those two will never see a Diamond selling album in their careers.

  26. Danny Bey September 27, 2016

    Y’all love to claim “Beyonce been in the game 20 years and still never had a diamond album” but then don’t wanna include her Destinys Child sales in the same breath. It’s that kind of logic that will get Donald Trump elected I tell ya.

    • SMH September 27, 2016

      Because the RIAA doesn’t include group sales with a solo artist’s sales, that’s why. You don’t get to inflate her sales by adding Destiny Child sales just because she can’t achieve these type of sales on her own. Diana Ross’ sales don’t include The Supremes, Paul McCartney’s don’t include the Beatles, and MJ’s don’t include The Jackson 5. Beyonce doesn’t have a Diamond album, with or without Destiny’s Child. Deal with it.

      • Danny Bey September 27, 2016

        Don’tconsider her group years when you’re talking about her solo sales. Double standard. Simple as that.

  27. Dem Lessers September 27, 2016

    The last female to get a diamond album was Britney. Straight into the history books like my fave, well done!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 27, 2016

      Wasn´t Norah Jones later on?

      • Dem Lessers September 27, 2016

        She didn’t go Diamond in the US only Canada. If she did please share.

  28. LOL September 27, 2016


    • BEY>RIH September 27, 2016

      Girrl, Drake and Frih are still playing catch-up to Lemonade’s pure sales.

  29. whenindoubtthetruthwillout September 27, 2016

    So Adele is now officially the biggest selling artist in the world!!!

    • JOHNVIDAL September 27, 2016

      She´s been such thing since 2011. Nothing new.

  30. Nowqd Reddibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi September 27, 2016

    Good for adele

  31. JOHNVIDAL September 27, 2016

    Congrats to her. Outstanding success. The type we hadn´t seen since Celine, Mariah and Whitney.
    That said, no, I don´t think the album is as especially great as to deserve such huge difference with any other release of the last few years. But overall I´m still happy that someone could do this again with just music and real universal appeal.

  32. wayno September 28, 2016

    Crazy how these stans can’t allow ADELE to be celebrated instead of bringing their jealous and envy to her parade



    BACK TO BACK DIAMOND…. Rihanna can sing about them and Beyonce can wear them, but ADELE IS THE ONLY ONE WHO PUTS THEM ON THE WALL

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