From The Vault: Leona Lewis – ‘Bleeding Love’

Published: Sunday 23rd Oct 2016 by Joe

Almost a decade ago, a young lady from the UK was taking the world by storm with her first original single.

This week’s From The Vault salutes said starlet; Leona Lewis and her 2008 smash ‘Bleeding Love’ is our pick.

Helmed by hit-making extraordinaire Ryan Tedder, ‘Love’ was service as the lead single from Lewis’ debut album ‘Spirit.’

Singlehanded, the song silenced the then-mounting critique levelled against  The X Factor, which claimed nothing tangible could come out of such talent shows. Indeed, with its universal acclaim and colossal chart trajectory, the cut gave the Simon Cowell-machine and Lewis a buoyant boost in credibility.

Released exactly 9 years ago in the UK, the song was a record-breaking chart-topper on home-soil. For, it actually charted in three different years – from 2007 to 2009 – and sold over one million copies in Great Britain. It went on to top the tally in over 30 countries in 2008, including the US, Australia, Canada and France.


Melina Matsoukas directed the first version of the video which showcases the highs and lows of several relationships. It has been viewed over 140 Million times on YouTube.

A second version was released, directed by Jessy Terrero, and is known as the US incarnation. Currently at 114 Million views, it was nominated for a VMA in 2008.


It’s unfortunate that Leona’s reign atop of the charts ended so abruptly – thanks to politics, poor decisions, and sub-par material.

Because, from our vantage point, she is among the best vocal talents the industry has to offer. Still.

With Lewis’ reportedly a free agent after parting ways Island Records, hopefully the right choices will be made to bring her back where she belongs… on top.

Your thoughts?

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  1. Chica October 23, 2016

    She’s finished and has been for years. She’s a nice enough girl but she didn’t have what it takes to be ‘the next Mariah or Whitney. I said it from the start and I’ve been proven right.

  2. The Kpop Guy, Matt~ October 23, 2016

    Beautiful song, hate when tyra serenades me with it though. uncomfortable

  3. Danzou October 23, 2016

    They tried their hardest to make ha the new Whitney but hey. You can’t recreate magic.

  4. #JACKIE October 23, 2016

    I used to love this song but like most televised talent show winners, she didn’t have the IT factor or staying power.

  5. Wonder Woman October 23, 2016

    This and Better In Time are everything and more

  6. RhiRocks October 23, 2016

    She ruined her own career , her personality n brand was boring as fcuk.

  7. Mark111 /.\ October 23, 2016

    Her issue was too many ballads. No one wants to buy more than one albums full of slow songs. Sad cause she was the first UK chick to really kick off that decade. Plus they tried too hard to make her the new Mariah Carey.

    • Danzou October 23, 2016

      They were making her Whitney not Mariah.

    • Sandra October 23, 2016

      Adele is still slaying with ballads, extra weight and the styling of a middle aged mum.
      I loved bleeding love and the original video…. I actually still love it.
      Leonas problem is the same as Arianas which is hype. They both were pushed and peddles as the next Whitney and Mariah but they just wasn’t. This along with a few bad choices and (Leona at least) the road is ending. I find with both of them (except for bleeding love) that they lack passion and emotion and more often than not seem to be singing by numbers. I’m personally not sure if Leona can ever restart a career because she doesn’t have the presence to pull off a catch basic pop song with an accompanying video. I think she should go the r&b route, get some adlib training and soulfulness, big name produces and an image overhaul and maybe she can impact the market again, but Leona as currently is is over.

      • Danzou October 23, 2016

        Adele is only successful because she’s fat and white.

      • DTG October 24, 2016

        Right, because fat white women are all the rage on the pop charts and in the media.

  8. Teflon Boy October 23, 2016

    Let’s not split hairs, they were definitely trying to make her the next Whitney, Mariah, Celine.., aka the next Big Voiced Diva. However, what people often fail to recognise about those three is the level of steeliness and ambition that sat alongside their pristine vocal ability. Leona has always been incredibly passive regarding her career and it has showed (and continues to show) in her so-so performances, dull image and lacklustre song choices. She has a beautiful voice but there has always seemed to be a lack of either passion or interest from her.

  9. cocobutta October 23, 2016

    She and her team messed up too many times with single choices. The amount of superb material that didn’t get the push we wanted ultimately pushed us away.

    • Citi October 23, 2016

      Yes! I love her music and not all of it was slow. “I Am” is an amazing album. If “fire under my feet” had been picked as an olympics anthem, she wouldve had a chance at a comeback. No one gave her a chance after Simon blacklisted her.

  10. MusicFan103 October 24, 2016

    Everybody with a big or good voice is not a star. That is likely her case. People have called her bland and boring for YEARS!

    She needed a big hit on her second album since her debut only had one #1 and another Top 20. The singles from ‘Echo’ I believe was the name of her 2nd album did not perform half as well.

    That being said, the music landscape transformed into the EDM Pop realm right after and then she was left in the Pop dust. I don’t think I can recall her talking voice, one interview, etc.

    I feel like the talent competitions need to do better work overall for their winners. Like dropping them is the business, but it is wrong on more levels since they made you have ratings, but I guess if you don’t sell they can no longer waste money or time on you. How sad. Especially for The Voice winners who like never ever in USA get fame. #PoorThem.

    I don’t think Leona can come back, certainly not bigger than “Bleeding Love” she is older and the industry is biased, especially to females.

  11. e Nowqd Redv dibut it ash trjoan ivy blobukz Need UK timely Ukuno eremixi October 25, 2016

    Not that many people know who she is

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