New Video: Gucci Mane & Nicki Minaj – ‘Make Love’

Published: Wednesday 29th Mar 2017 by Sam

Nicki Minaj keeps her feature flood flowing with the video for Gucci Mane‘s ‘Make Love.’

The whimsical clip is the latest in a long list of releases the rapstress appears on ahead of the release of her own new album.

Really, though. What are you waiting for?

Check out Gucci and Onika in action after the jump…

Your thoughts?

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  1. Suicide Blonde is 35 March 29, 2017

    The visual won’t help the song it’s not even in the Top 200 on iTunes

    welcome to

    That’s all SAMANTHA does is update us with Nicki news!


    • Your Mother March 29, 2017

      Thank you for saying that. No Frauds is 84 on the Hot 100, Lol

      • Rosy March 29, 2017

        If that was rih flopping so hard on hot 100 this site would report it people got wind of her nasty conniving attitude and its showing in her performance on billboard let’s just say with all her money remy came out the winner she buried Nicky’s career the so call peasant that’s what nicki call remy not even drake can save her

    • Ciah’s Turtle March 29, 2017

      & all you do is comment on posts about ppl you hate to love.

    • HiHiElsie March 29, 2017


      • Rose March 29, 2017

        People just tired of the same old looking blow up Barbie same sound same nakedness this is what little girls seeing and thinks it’s cute I’m happy rih grew out of that foolishness to be naked all the damn time even Kim changing her self nicki pushing 40 and it looks stale and tired

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) March 29, 2017

      I actually agree with u. Nicki is done. First Kim bodied the h0 then Remy put the nail in her coffin

      • Electrikblue March 29, 2017

        What do you mean by done? Cause clearly she’s still booked. Y’all just wish she was done. Silly rabbits.

      • Caleb March 29, 2017

        Yes, Remy bodied her on track but you’re kidding yourself if you think Kim ever bodied Onika on anything. In fact Nicki bodied her time and again on tracks like Romans Revenge and Monster. Kim could never drag affect Nicki the way Remy did.

  2. CT March 29, 2017

    Like the beat song but the video???!!

    Hahahhahah I took two ” Ha’s” off just to laugh

  3. Ciah’s Turtle March 29, 2017


  4. lele March 29, 2017


  5. LadyEmpress8 March 29, 2017

    S***! Nicki is killing it. Why you kids mad?? Stay pressed and mad.

    • Truth(yaaasss honey) March 29, 2017

      Wake up

      • LadyEmpress8 March 29, 2017

        What makes you think im not.

  6. Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 29, 2017

    Where is the post about No Frauds tanking down 70 spots on Billboard?

    • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 29, 2017

      Lol she is done

      • LadyEmpress8 March 29, 2017

        You tried it.

  7. Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 29, 2017

    BTW, Swalla, that song that TGJ and every other urban site got paid to hype up debuted at #98. So all that hype was in vein.

    • Slayty is Chained to the Rhythm March 29, 2017

      Not me putting in my email wrong multiple times.

      • Beautiful Barb March 29, 2017

        Worry about Chained To The Flop making absolutely no impact b****!

  8. BubblePopElectric March 29, 2017

    Nicki looks stunning anf snatched. Gucci looks healthy and happy. I’m here for this spring time bop

  9. meme March 29, 2017

    Its Nicki SZN….here for every bit of it.

  10. Max March 29, 2017

    This Why Nicki’s three singles FLOPPED.
    She’s too busy chasing that hot 100 entries record by releasing 25362728188 forgettable singles at once

  11. meme March 29, 2017

    Nicki looks gorgeous, but I cant believe they did her entire verse with 1 scene. She just sat there and bounce entire 2 mins. They could of atleast had her stand and walk around the grass. Who the directed this?

  12. B_Roni March 29, 2017

    Wow remy was right, she really got back with Gucci after he dogged her out. Smh

  13. Stephy March 29, 2017

    More trash by the self proclaimed “Queen Of Rap”

  14. Wonder Woman March 29, 2017

    B**** bye this trash came and went back in January or Febr, LMAO First quarter about to end on Friday And this struggle b**** already has 7 singles and only one top 20 scrap that only one top 40 and motherfucking features Drake……..

    • JustCoastWitHa March 29, 2017

      And what is it exactly that YOU have ?

  15. CT March 29, 2017

    Teeth commercial

  16. Kwinzy March 29, 2017

    A-list groupie.

  17. RhiRocks March 29, 2017

    Nicki is so insecure , all she says in every song is “rap queen ” she’s really dying for that title. A queen should never have to state she’s a queen every time! Just look at Beyoncé you don’t see her singing I’m a queen.

    • Ciah’s Turtle March 29, 2017

      ‘Diva’ never came out? ‘Bow Down/Flawless’ never came out? Feeling Myself never came out?

      • Oh March 29, 2017

        You don’t read or comprehend English. The commenter said “all the time”
        Nikki is always bragging about being queen. Beyonce had moments and well deserved moments at that.

      • RhiRocks March 29, 2017

        Please state where in those lyrics in all the songs you mentioned she says she’s a queen ?! Bow down Came out in 2013 15 years into her career. Bey has never verbally said she’s the queen except for her tour the Beyoncé experience where she said make way cos the queen b is about to sting. The media and her fans gave her that name. And the rest is history

      • Ciah’s Turtle March 29, 2017

        @oh The b**** never said “all the time” anywhere in ha comment. Bey’s my girl, I’m well aware of what she gives. Check your hairline before you come to me.

        As for you @RhiRocks, Idc when it came out and I don’t need justifications. Just know what you’re talking about before commenting. Simple.

      • RhiRocks March 29, 2017

        What kind of self drag is this! Listen here you hood rat ! Beyoncé never called her self a queen! Have you ever heard her say “im a queen” in her songs like nicki says ” queen of rap” which is actually in the lyrics. Honestly girl get a education

      • Ciah’s Turtle March 29, 2017

        @RhiRocks, Bi+ch.. my point is Beyoncé HAS sung about being the queen. It’s just not as often as Nicki. That was my reason for correcting you in the first fvckin place.

      • crimsonREDD March 29, 2017

        Umm Bey never called herself Queen of R&B or something genre -based to disrespect other R&B queens, past & present. She’s a queen in her own rite. She’s not one to throw shade or be petty at her competition. She’s humble and embraces other female entertainers that opened doors for her like Tina Turner. Nicki only gets by because there’s not as much competition in the female rap genre. Nicki acts as of sales makes her the creme de la creme of rap which is a JOKE. She’s the most arrogant celebrity out who gets by based on her looks. Her barbz are all yes men who don’t criticize her because the industry planted seeds in stupid ass barbz heads, like yourself, that she’s the only relevant femcee out. This is a bold ass lie. There are plenty of successful and more talented femcees out doing their thing but constantly being shunned by Nicki’s fame whoring to be #1. She’s very insecure and the more y’all keep praising her for mediocrity and industry-funded “accolades”, she’ll become a more evil, more catty, and more greedy human being. Kinda like a sick person who don’t realize they’re sick.

  18. LadyEmpress8 March 29, 2017

    @Lmfao….I hit on the link and seen. SMDH

  19. Queen Of Billboard (Barb) March 29, 2017

    The Queen looks so good ??

  20. Danzou March 29, 2017

    once again a nicki post filled with misogynistic f.aggot men. exactly what banks was talking about.

  21. Triumvirate March 29, 2017

    Y’all BEEN saying Nicki Minaj’s 15 minutes of fame is up for like 5 years, mane. Give it up…Find some new ish to say.

    The girl is not going anywhere…she’s gonna have her rises and falls on the charts…but don’t be delusional.

    Bash her looks or something…but the “she’s done” argument is about as tired as some of you waiting for the train to get to that thankless job at Wendy’s.

    • 6Flykiid March 29, 2017

      ?? thank you! How they comment on every single one of her posts saying the same damn negative ish ?? low key they love ha! I mean give the kid something original at least.. “she’s fake, she a h**, her 15 mins are up, she dont write” ? we get it.. i like my tea scorching tho! Give me something fresh, they can keep that cold ass’ recycled lipton they’re serving.??

  22. C. NELSON March 29, 2017



  23. RihYonce March 29, 2017

    I like the song. The both looked good in the video but Nicki’s scene was dumb why did they have her sitting down the whole verse like damn she could’ve at least stood up and looked cute or something ? I could’ve directed a better video than this lmao

  24. DanYiel Iman March 29, 2017

    Sadly her style is a RIP/OFF of Lil’Kim!!

    • Triumvirate March 29, 2017

      Sadly…Lil’ Kim’s style is ripping off Marilyn Monroe, Zsa Zsa Gabor and every other famous white woman. Kim BEEN hated herself. Y’all so quick to call her QUEEN…when she NEVER represented y’all. She thinks she’s some White woman in Beverly Hills. Y’all can keep gassin’ Auntie Ruckus if you want to….

      • crimsonREDD March 29, 2017

        Kim represented strong, beautiful, talented black women with Ladies Night. There will never be anything iconic like that with Onika around. Ever.

  25. Ocean8 March 29, 2017

    Not surprised TGJ hasn’t posted Riri 29 #1 on the dance chart. Happily post hot 100 entries tho right!

  26. March 29, 2017

    why the nicki haters the usual lot are always the first to comment, sigh anyways love the song and video, she doing her thing.

  27. Snatch March 29, 2017

    Wow, so I’m guessing that this and all the other recent film clips are being paid for by the Sunglasses brand she keeps wearing.
    These latest videos are trash, colourful and fun yes, but with about as much effort and creativity put into them as a lyric video.

    Yes Nicki we see your shades, you got so many pairs! Kikiki

  28. crimsonREDD March 29, 2017

    How you do expect Nicki to grow as an artist and person if you keep okaying her b*******? I notice she gets a special kind of hate that’s incomparable to other entertainers. Barbs need to be honest and start doing some constructive criticism. The song is tired, the video is tired, everything is tired. It didn’t even need a video! She’s just milking the fame angle to make Shether go away but it won’t! I honestly don’t know how Onika lives with her self, all that success and still people see right through her. She offers nothing to hip hop. Just admit you don’t like criticizing her because YOU FEEL she’s the only relevant female rapper.

  29. JoJ March 29, 2017

    Honestly, i lyk nicki, i really do, but this thing of featuring on everyone’s shitty song is so annoying. Shes no rihanna, she doesnt make everything a hit. She apparently doesnt have a good ear for a good track either. Or maybe she doesnt get called to feature on good material coz shes the industry rat and no one likes her except aspiring rookies lyk jason derulo. As a pre-fan this is a real turnoff for me, i want quality trash, not quantity trash from u onika.

  30. Junior in Jamaica March 30, 2017

    She looks flawless and the shots at Remy are hilarious.

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