Report: Sony Fires Dr. Luke

Published: Tuesday 25th Apr 2017 by David

Following Fox‘s decision to slice its ties to the alleged sexual predator Bill O’Reilly, Sony Music Entertainment appears to have followed suit after it revealed that it has removed Dr. Luke from his position as CEO of one of its subsidiaries.

In 2011, Sony and Luke built Kermasobe Records to house acts the producer sought to sell to the masses.

Unfortunately for him, allegations that he drugged, raped and abused his artist Kesha stand at the heart of the label’s decision to give him the boot.

The reputable ‘Hollywood Reporter’ explains:

Now, Dr. Luke’s relationship with Sony is under a microscope, and according to one source, the two sides are in the midst of negotiating a split. Another insider pushes back on the notion of a divorce. But according to court papers, he is no longer the CEO of Kemosabe Records and the company asserts he no longer has authority to act on its behalf. A page devoted to Dr. Luke on Sony Music’s website has also been taken down.

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  1. TheOne April 25, 2017

    Come through Ke$ha!!!

  2. Slayer April 25, 2017

    Its about time.

  3. Jeans April 25, 2017

    Good. I hope Kesha comes back and Slays EVERYONE! I miss her!

  4. RICHIE_RICH April 25, 2017

    What goes around come back around my baby ?

  5. DanYiel Iman April 25, 2017

    Sorry he looks like a R***** & Hopefully she will come back & make more hits, a few of her songs make me dance dance dance ??

    • kiss it April 25, 2017

      you are an idiot. “he looks like a r*****”, this statement show how low your IQ is. dance straight off a bridge.

  6. Jason April 25, 2017

    Come on, Karma!!! ?? Bye Jerk!! Now she’ll hopefully be able to restart her career!

  7. Fancy BISH April 25, 2017

    Bye Dr. Puke lol

  8. Caribbean native April 26, 2017

    yassss kesha

  9. YoursTruly April 26, 2017

    Ke$ha is coming!

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