K. Michelle Reveals Album Cover, Tracklist, & Release Date For ‘Kimberly: The People I Used To Know’

Published: Friday 13th Oct 2017 by Sam

K. Michelle is at long last ready to roll with her fourth studio album.

Officially christened ‘KIMBERLY: The People I Used To Know,’ the set has a confirmed release date of December 8th.

Arriving via Atlantic Records, the project promises an even closer look into the world of the ever-candid starlet.

With the LP now available for pre-order, K has unwrapped its official cover (above) and tracklist.

Coming in at 22-songs, the set features guest appearances from Chris Brown and Jeremih.

See which other cuts make-up the record below…


1. “Welcome to the People I Used to Know”
2. “Alert”
3. “God, Love, Sex, and Drugs”
4. “Make This Song Cry”
5. “Crazy Like You”
6. “Kim K”
7. “Takes Two” (feat. Jeremih)
8. “Rounds”
9. “Either Way” (feat. Chris Brown)
10. “Birthday”
11. “**** Your Man”
12. “No Not You”
13. “Giving Up On Love”
14. “Help Me Grow (Interlude)”
15. “Heaven”
16. “Run Don’t Walk”
17. “Industry Suicide (Interlude)”
18. “Talk to God”
19. “Brain on Love”
20. “Woman of My Word”
21. “Outro”

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  1. Coolio October 13, 2017

    Ok q4 about to be lit.

  2. The Wig Snatcher October 13, 2017

    Not interested.

    • ROyael October 13, 2017

      YOU have to be if you made a comment about it when you could’ve just scrolled

  3. Fancy BISH October 13, 2017

    Flop: The Numbers I Used To Do lol

    • ROyael October 13, 2017

      HER music sells hun #tryagain ? reciepts are all over billboard’s website

      • Fancy BISH October 13, 2017

        I’m trying to hold in the kii kii lol…let me make this clear…gold is gold, platinum is platinum! You’re saying K Michelle is gold like Birdman’s toilet or what? Cause from where I’m looking, she’s gold like those little jewellery stands in the middle of the mall lol…hardly at all…I don’t see certifications!

  4. ??? October 13, 2017

    lol not crazy about the cover, but shell get my coins lol

    • ROyael October 13, 2017

      YOU don’t like it because you don’t understand what it means. IF you don’t understand then it’s not for you

    • DS October 13, 2017

      It’s actually a rip off of Demarchelier’s photograph of Christy Turlington in the early 90’s for Harper’s Bazaar.

  5. Kaz October 13, 2017

    Flop….and that cover? Eh. Lol. And that amount of tracks is overkill. Usually when an album has that many songs, they’re mostly filler and not great. Fewer Quality > More Quantity.

    • Royael October 13, 2017

      You’re a fan?u wasted your time to hate for what? Her music never flops because unlike your broke ass and your fav , we actually buy her music! Their are 16 tracks & the rest are interludes. So stfu. Everyone loves her music PRE-ORDER KIMBERLY:THE PEOPLE I USED TO KNOW NOW!! Available for pre-order everywhere , release date Dec 8th ? mad ass!

      • Kaz October 13, 2017

        Everyone loves her music? LMFAO, chile bye. If everyone loved her, she’d be doing much better than she has…and she’d be on another level. She isn’t. She’s one step above doing chitlin’ circuits, chile. Not everyone loves that ratchet, country accent voice & ratchet c*** behavior on tv. Lol. Her albums haven’t even sold as much as Tamar’s Love & War did first week in sales. AND she doesn’t get Grammy nominations. So clearly, not everyone loves her. Stay delusional, tho. Lol….

      • miamommy October 13, 2017

        I love it ! Already pre ordered

      • miamommy October 13, 2017

        Tamar ain’t f****** with K Michelle period?yall Tamar fans love to talk about those three Grammy nominations but sus didn’t win not 1 ?hell nobody’s checking for her the albums she dropped since lovenwar have flopped????

    • Cassandra October 13, 2017

      Tamar broke fans should keep quiet when people are talking about songs, sales, music videos, concerts etc. You guys are so basic alway talking about Grammy she did not won..lol use your time promoting Bluebird , K ! Michele is doing great as an artist, business woman etc. Ijs

  6. DanYiel Iman October 13, 2017

    What I like about K.Michelle her crowd always buys her music she doesn’t worry about a charts recognition!!

    • Kaz October 13, 2017

      Her crowd must not be that big, cuz she still doesn’t do good numbers LOL. She’s in the same boat as every other R&B artist. Only difference is, she doesn’t happen to get Grammy nominations for her work, tho…


      • JC October 13, 2017

        Opening week numbers:
        Rebellious Soul – 72,000 (traditional sales) #1 R&B Albums #2 BB 200
        ABWAH – 84,000 (traditional sales) #1 R&B Albums #6 BB 200
        MITV – 54,000 (traditional) 59,000 (include streams) #1 R&B #2 BB200

        Can’t Raise a Man – RIAA Gold Certification

        These are not bad numbers for a female R&B artist that has not had crossover success. The thing is that K. Michelle has a LOYAL fan base that consistently purchases her music compared to other R&B female artists who have had more mainstream exposure and their album sales do not equate. I’d rather have a dedicated fan base than one that is only dedicated on sites like TGJ but can’t not when it really ocmes down to it.

  7. K. Martin October 17, 2017

    Tamar fans, let it go already. Tamar was informed by Charlemagne on the Breakfast Club that “Bluebird” only sold $26,000 copies. Also, the last album flopped horribly. Also, Vince’s money is Tamar’s lifeline because of her expensive taste. Tamar’s last two cds didn’t go “aluminum tin foil status.

    K. Michelle is making money from CD sales, royalties from writing songs, concerts, Jack Daniels, her show, restaurant and etc. K’s upcoming CD will do great.

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