Taylor Swift’s ‘Reputation’ Album Sells 700,000 – In One Day

Published: Saturday 11th Nov 2017 by Sam

Taylor Swift is cementing her ‘Reputation’ as one of Pop’s most formidable forces.

For, her new album is flying off shelves at a feverish rate.

Full story below…

Billboard (citing data collected by Nielsen) reports that the hotly anticipated project has sold around 700,000 copies in the US on its first day at retail. [It’s notably being kept off streaming services until further notice]

The incredible feats lends credence to forecasts that have the LP on course to power past the 1 million mark during its first week.

If (or, more likely, when) the album hits that milestone, it’ll serve as Swift’s fourth consecutive body of work to do so.

It’s also on track, all within one week, to become 2017’s highest selling album yet.

Say what folk will about Swift, but the slay is real.

Look out for her when she makes her first televised performance of the “era” on Saturday Night Live. 

Your thoughts?

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  1. mr.m November 11, 2017

    I still can’t get over the fact that ppl BUYS her music
    WHAT A MESS!! LOL!! that bish is so basic and below average
    I even prefer Britney spears music over her ANY DAY!!

    • DanYiel Iman November 11, 2017

      As do I , I haven’t purchased any of her music ?, the songs I do have I taken from YouTube!!

    • Jasmine November 11, 2017

      I think you are too old to understand. You outed yourself as an old head when you bring up Britney Spears. I don’t listen to Taylor’s music so I guess I am an old head too. The only difference is I could care less what people buy or don’t buy. It not worth analyzing.

  2. cocobutta November 11, 2017

    Her pulling power is ???

  3. T-SWIFT BABY November 11, 2017

    when will beyola ever see such sales like the house of the legendary adele n swift? selling pxssy not workin?

    • Jasmine November 11, 2017

      Bey sold over 60 million records when she was called Destiny’s Child. Taylor wished she could be on Bey’s level of commercial accolades but she will never be on Bey’s level. Bey has also sold over 100 million records as a solo artist on top of her artisty as Destiny’s Child so don’t act like some pigeon clucking pigeon dropplings towards Queen Bey when Bey stings and sh|ts all over your fav’s sales.

      • MAW November 12, 2017

        So you compare a band to a solo artist? Oh man. Taylor’s previous album sold more than 10 millions, how many for Beyoncé previous one? Oh yeah, barely 5 millions, try again. The last time Biteyoncé has reached a top 5 single was in 2013 with Drunk in Love (thanks to Jay-Z participation) when did Taylor has a success? Oh yeah, barely since a while and still today with her 2 last singles. What more can I say? Enough of this fake b****, it’s time for y’all to open your eyes.

  4. Notyou November 11, 2017

    Yeah, I was in target today & saw all the white girls flocking to it! ??? they had a HUGE display in front of the store ?.. its just odd to me because ive never seen them do that for a “colored” artist?.. our s*** gets put right in the back of the electronic section on an end cap ?.. then again i live in racist a*s long island, NY ?

    • Belladonna November 11, 2017

      I don’t think it has to do with race as a Business they have to promote whats going to make them the most money + the money they put in for promotion. Target is not like a label they can’t promote you just because they believe in you they have to think about the bigger picture. Now if Drake had decided to go with Target instead of Apple I think they would have did it for him. And I think they would have done it for Beyonce for Lemonade (maybe?) but other then that there’s no one else that’s black that could give them there money back. And 50cent & Lil Wyan who can’t sell anymore, but when they could sell they weren’t family friendly but those two don’t count anymore.

      • Notyou November 11, 2017

        @Belladonna so if Taylor swift was black, do you think she’d be selling records at this rate? ? be honest! I understand that its merely a business move on targets part but I’m looking at the bigger picture here. & Drake is half white, so of course they’d give him his own dis play like Taylor, it would probably be much smaller though (can’t give a “negro” too much shine )?.. Seriously though, Kanye is the one to blame! ☻

      • Belladonna November 11, 2017

        Well @Notyou I reall had to think about that & the fact of the matter is if you make music white people like you will sell the most albums not because what white people like is better but because there’s more white people then black people I googled & they said it’s over 37milllion black people in America compared to the over 180million white people & 70million hispanics & 11million East Asians, that’s a big difference & most of the people of color make less money then whites so if you want a fanbase that’s going to get you to 10million in America your going to need to appeal to a lot of white people I’m not saying you need to appeal to white people to be successful but if you want to be big like MJ or Madonna or Adele or Taylor you need whites but Beyonce last two albums have more black appeal & they did good but she didn’t do Adele or Taylor numbers. But times are changing young white kids love Hiphop that’s why it’s doing so well on Streaming now + it’s cheaper to subscribe to a streaming Service Witch lets a lot of people of color that doesn’t have a lot of money can stream. So it’s complicated.

    • TGJ’sTrash November 11, 2017

      please don’t use the word “colored”…yuck

      the pC term is OF color

      • Notyou November 11, 2017

        @TGJ’sTrash ? hence the quotation marks smart guy. ??

    • Jasmine November 11, 2017

      @Notyou Ignore that ugly fat pigeon troll Belladonna. That Uncle Tom toms every chance it gets. Responding to an Uncle Tom is a waste of time because it only knows how to put white people on a pedastool and bow down since it feels like a lesser.

      • Belladonna November 11, 2017

        You are so crazy you only want to see color because you don’t understand the real Business data so you make up things that make you feel better.

      • Notyou November 11, 2017

        @Jasmine ????❤

  5. Faf November 11, 2017


  6. Belladonna November 11, 2017

    I’m so happy for her!!!!! But I wish they didn’t post this so early like they said in the article, every store hasn’t put in there first day numbers yet. But 700k is still an amazing number.

    • Jasmine November 11, 2017

      Of course you are happy Uncle Tom. Every post on here about white artists you are on here praising them but posts about black artists you are quick to hate on them.

      • Belladonna November 11, 2017

        I love Beyonce & Rihanna & JLS from the UK, I loved Chris Brown before he was a women beater & homophobe & I loved Trey Songez before he was a homophobe but I don’t like music that’s sexist & Homophobic or artist that’s sexist & Homophobic so I cant listen to most urban music. When more Urban Artist stop being ass hole I’ll listen more.

  7. Taylor swifts number 1 fan!!! November 11, 2017

    “It’s also on track, all within one week, to become 2017’s highest selling album yet”

    Shows how low album sales are this year. Taylor Swift comes in and slays the world.

  8. GurlWepa1989 November 11, 2017

    Without steaming, just wow!! #LegendaryLane

  9. Jay November 11, 2017

    White people praise Mediocracy! Im not surprised at all *Shrugs

    • Carlitos November 11, 2017

      I’m not a fan of Taylor’s, but this race b******* is getting on my nerves. If you’re so pressed about it, why don’t you support and BUY albums of black artists rather than complaining? If y’all on here complaining and pulling the race card put in half the effort in purchasing albums rather than streaming them, you’d solve the freaking problem!

      • MAW November 12, 2017

        Thanks Carlitos, you spoke for me

  10. Colby November 12, 2017

    Stats show that black people dont buy music. Its even more evident now that Spotify is out and is dominated by hip hop and rap. Most of the songs you find in Spotify’s top 10 you wont find in the Itunes top 20. Because white people are buying music and black people are steaming music. All these people claiming white privilege are the same ones that wont go out and buy a Beyonce or Rihanna album when its released. Keep trolling the internet claiming support but when you need to put money on the table you are no where to be found. Its time US black people stop blaming white privilege and start blaming ourselves for the decline of our music. If Taylor can get hundreds of white girls to stand in line why cant we have hundreds of black girls to the same for our artists? Its time to assume responsibility. And lastly…Congrats Taylor for your achievements.

    • MAW November 12, 2017

      What a perfect cliché, unbelievable

  11. Bad_B November 12, 2017

    @Colby you are right! Black folks dont buy music. We expect white people to support our black artists while we sit at home. Sadly white people will never support our artists as much as they support theirs. So this white priviledge b/s is utter nonsense. What a convinient excuse. The problem with our race is we always want stuff done for us, and never take any responsibilities. Most importantly black people dont even like black people. Good R&B music has died on us because its not being bought by white people anymore and us black people cant be bothered to buy, as always. We think so lowly of artists like Rihanna and as a result she’s on the decline before shes reached her true potential. No talent this. No talent that. But white folks appreciate taylor for the basicness she is and shes selling millions. Dear black people, not everyone should be some big voiced diva! So shut tf up about white priviledge as if you really care about black artists as a whole and not your personal faves. Not that i like taylor personally, i think this is her worst album but she has her audience and thats what it is. I wish the best for her.

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